Ninjaman’s Fitness and Fat Loss Predictions for 2011

Helloooooo what is up my Ninja!

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, Holidays…whatever…Just be happy! 🙂

It is time for me to look into my crystal ball and make some predictions for the year of 2011. All of my predictions are based on where I see the fitness and fat loss industry going for the next year and beyond.

What helps the fact is that I am a part of a group of high level fitness experts from all over North America. The group is lead by THE FITNESS expert Craig Ballantyne or Braig Callantyne as he likes to be called. The knowledge I get from these guys and gals is priceless…If you are reading this then you are mucho appreciated my friends.

Btw the very last of my predictions is my MOST FAVORITE out of all of them.

17 Things I learned in 2010

What’s up my Ninja! Hope you are doing awesome. It’s about that time of year where I sit back and reflect about everything that has happened in the past year. All the triumphs…all the mistakes…all the tears…all the laughter…all in this post.

I was going to do blog on “How to Avoid the Holiday Weight Gain” but that gets really boring after awhile.  I mean, why say things that can be said in a couple words: Eat less, don’t eat crap and keep exercising.

So I took all of the things I learned in the past year and put them all into this one post so that you can take the lessons I learned this year and apply them to your own lean body lifestyle.

The BIGGEST Nutrition Lie Part 2

Continued from Part 1…

So I decided to try out this experiment by eating three meals a day, split apart 4 hours each with a 16 hour break in between.

Martin Berkhan calls it 16-8 Intermittent Fasting but I personally try to stay away from the word “Fasting” as it tends to scare a lot of people.  I just called it “The New Rules of Eating”…at least for the time I was doing the experiment.

The BIGGEST Nutrition Lie Part 1

Heeyyyyy there…hope you are doing awesome.

I just got back from sunny Punta Cana and I had amazing time down there. It was nice to get away knowing that it was snowing like crazy back home in Toronto…then when I got back I had 10 cm of snow waiting for me at my doorstep…ahhh shoot!

At least in Punta Cana I got 2 things crossed on my “bucket list” crossed off when I was vacationing:

1) PARASAILING…where they strap you to a parachute and drive you around in a boat while you are suspended 100 meters in the air…fun stuff…but I was scared like heck because I am a little afraid of heights.  Hey you only live once 🙂

And my most favorite thing I did in Punta Cana….

2)SURFING …I’ve always wanted to do this since I was a little kid but never got the chance to…until now. Now I know why I’ve always wanted to do it…because it is one of the BEST FEELINGS IN THE WORLD. They took us to this little deserted place called Macau beach in Punta Cana.

Then they pretty much gave us a little lesson in how to get up on the surf board…

Two Unique Exercises to flatten your belly (Video inside)

Heyyyy there…how’s it going?  I’m in the airport right now waiting for my flight to Punta Cana.  Just wanna say thank you to everyone that sent the birthday love my way on November 30th.

The best part about my birthday?  It means that “Movember” and I can shave off my mustache I have been growing for charity.  In fact here is a real time picture of me in the airport sans the mustache…

Yeah I know…it’s not that much of a difference but trust me…if you saw it me up close you would think it brings my sexiness factor at least two levels down.  At least!

Now that I’m operating at 100% sexy I can breath easy and enjoy my trip in sunny Punta Cana 🙂

My Top 7 belly busting SUPER foods

Heeyyyyy there…hope you are doing awesome 🙂

I wanted to send you this quick little Friday post. I’m headin off to Punta Cana this Sunday and I wanted help you navigate through the next couple of weeks aka. “The Holidays”

“The Holidays” is where everyone packs on the pounds in the belly…they say the average North American gains about 15 pounds of fat during “The Holidays”

So this list will help guide you through that time and will help you lose the belly fat instead of gain it during the holidays.

Top 7 Foods for blasting that belly fat

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