Japan Relief Charity Boot Camp $97 Unlimited Boot Camp

Hey there…hope you are awesome.

A couple days ago I sent you an email telling you about the new Japan Relief Charity Boot Camp We are running in April.

Well, we did our own little charity boot camp this last Saturday for one of our boot camp members Maria.

She’s doing the Enbridge Ride To End Cancer and we were hoping to raise at least $2000 for her charity..

…we did better than that.

We had 100+ people in the building for the charity camp and were able to raise $2100 for Maria! I always say it, “People..are..AWESOME.”

Metabolic Workout Transformation

After doing my metabolic workouts and taking up an Intermittent fasting lifestyle I’ve taken my body from a lump of coal into…not quite like a diamond but it’s getting there.

Check out the before from after Christmas…

And with a little touch up, here is the after pic so far..

I feel pretty good about it and I know I still got more fat to burn.  It’s always good to see the progress.


Metabolic Workout of the day

Hey there…hope you are doing awesome.

And if you are not doing awesome (which is pretty surprising considering you read this blog) then check out my new ninja cat…

Ain’t she so cuuuuute.  Actually I don’t have a cat. I’m allergic to them.  It was just a really cool picture I wanted to share with you 😛

I wanted to blog quickly about my metabolic workout plan.  I’m busy with organizing my Charity boot camp we are running this Saturday as well as another Charity camp for the Japan Relief fund.

So instead of hearing me babble on, here is my workout:

Dave Ruel’s FREE Metabolic Cooking Report

Hey there…hope you are doing awesome.

If you are anything like me…you love to eat. You also love to stay lean..combining our two loves can be a bit..frustrating.

It’s a reason why losing weight is so tough to do. We have this natural urge to put something in our mouths every couple of hours that dropping pounds can be a challenge.

And to compound the problem…cooking for fat loss isn’t that easy. And usually the food that “experts” recommend us to eat ends up being bland and boring.

Thanks to my friends David Ruel and Karine Losier you can cook food that doesn’t taste like carboard.

Totally random blog post…

What is up my fellow Ninja…hope you are doing awesome 🙂

I came back last night from a Fitness Conference in Cali and it was a BLAST! I’ll be coming out with a blog post about what I learned in Cali next week.

It’s honestly so great to be around 400+ positive minded people who are all focused on achieving more for their lives and giving more to their clients.

In fact here are a couple pictures of my time in Cali…

41 Ways To Live A Lean Body Lifestyle

Hey there…hope you are doing awesome and doing what it takes to get into incredible shape 🙂  The warm weather is just around the corner so that means we are gonna be wearing less clothes and showing more of our body in the next couple of months.  So we can agree that now is the time to get into shape right?

The Charlie Sheen Tiger Blood Workout aka. The Hangover Workout

Hey there…hope you are doing AWESOME-TASTIC today.  We all know that Charlie Sheen likes to party and I’m pretty sure you like to have a little fun every now…I mean…not like “Charlie Sheen” Type of Fun but “Normal, have a few drinks here and there” type of fun.

And I’m not going to lie, I like to have a couple drinks here and there too.  It’s just part of my lifestyle 😉

This workout is for those days that you go a little far  with the drinking and need to bring your body back to normal.

So do this workout to SWEAT OUT all that partying you did the night before 🙂

3 Lower Ab Exercise Circuits and Our New Trainer

Hey there…hope you are doing awesome.

I’m pretty excited right now because we just hired a new trainer for our women’s fitness boot camps we run in Markham.

Her name is Irina and she’s going to be awesome. She just had her first class yesterday and she did AWESOME!

One of the reasons I hired Irina is because she definitely knows what it takes to get her body into shape…her other career is in fitness modeling.

That means she always has to stay in shape and get into even BETTER shape when she does photo shoots.  And Irina does it all naturally WITHOUT all the drugs and other dangerous stuff people put into their bodies.

So to get Irina into great shape and have her abs nice and lean for the photo shoots we developed 3 quick and different lower ab circuits for her.

My Current Transformation cont…

What is up my NINJA.

Days and weeks like this it remind me of how it is like to be a trainer and the things you are supposed to tell your clients like:

It’s not the scale that matter…it’s the inches lost.

So my scale weight went back up to 177.6 lbs (from 175.6 last week) BUT

My measurements went down across the board:

Chest -.5 of an inch

Waist – .25 of an inch

Hips -.5 of an inch

My abs are getting there ever so slightly.  Whoever said this fat loss thing is not a journey is a flat out liar.

I’m heading to the OC in a couple of weeks so after today there will be no cheat days.  Just straight up good eating until I leave.

So here are my workouts for the week:

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