Fitness Model Ab Workout

Have you ever had days where you say enough is enough?

Well I’m having one of those days right now.

Every time I ask the girls at my boot camp about which exercises they want more of they always say one thing…

Abs, Abs and more Abs!

So I decided to post this video I did on TV with Irina called the Fitness Model Ab Workout.

Super Trainer Irina

Use this ab circuit to tone your belly and get rid of that muffin top for the summer.

Fitness Model Workout

Hey there…hope you are doing awesome and had an awesome Easter weekend.

I just did a live TV show called Daytime Live and this was the very same workout we use to get our girls back into awesome shape for the summer.

You can do this workout at home with just a pair of dumbbells and the best part about it is that it takes only 10 minutes and has your body burning fat for 36 hours straight!

The 5 Best Fat Loss Snacks

Let’s get one thing straight:  You can’t lose weight by eating a certain food.  No foods in the  world will help you boost metabolism enough to make a significant difference.

It’s all about healthy choices and these are 5 great choices you can make when you are feeling a few hunger pangs.

Of course you could always drink water 😉

4 Minute Tabata Workout

Hellloooo there…I did this quick Vlog (that’s “video blog” for those that don’t know).

It’s on my favorite 4 minute fat loss workout in the world called Tabata’s and my special (and very simple I might add) way of doing it that will have your body burning fat for long time. Up to 38 hours to be exact.

Click on the video beeellloooooowwwwww…

Your 7 Step Summer Body Plan

Hey there my ninja! It’s here Dan and I hope you are doing awesome. In the near future I’ll be going through the steps in detail but for now I want you to get results real real FAST

It’s already getting warm…Btw if you are in Toronto anything over -1 degree Celcius is warm 🙂

I’ll be hitting da beaches and playing lots of volleyball this summer so I have been following this simple 7 step system to get my body ready for half nakedness.

Without further ado….take these..


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