Rule Of Thumb: Don’t Believe My Bull Sh*t…

Hellooo there my friend…hope you are doing great and having fun. In this moment…I have The Weeknd playing on my Beats By Dre headphones (shameless plug), I’m sitting at my dinner table with a perfect view of my backyard while I’m writing out this blog post…life…is awesome.

Btw go do yourself a favor and download The Weeknd album House of Balloons by clicking the balloon picture below…

It’s one my albums that’s on heaaaavy repeat…it’s also free.  Even though it’s a little on the emo side, it has cocaine references, and it has profanity…

It’s still GOOD music.

Perfect for chilling out, doing the “nookie” and blogging.

Things are a little craze on my end…I love it. I don’t know if I told you…I’m FINALLY moving to downtown Toronto in August. It’s been a dream of mine since I was in High School to live the “City Life” and I’m finally doing it.

I’m addicted to the energy of downtown…and quite frankly…after living my whole life in the ‘burbs…it’s a welcome change. I’m still going to miss my house, being close to my uptown friends and my family…I’ll always have lots of love for them and I promise to visit 😉

In late June, I head to New York to work on my “Top Secret” project that I CAN’T talk about or I’ll get abducted by ninja’s…then I’m off to San Diego in September for mastermind meetings and then…drum roll please….

I go on my two month soul searching trip to Asia (Thailand, Hong Kong, Taipei and wherever else the wind takes me)

I seriously miss this place and the people in it

What I value most in my life is new experiences, especially travel…so I can’t help if I get giddy like a little school girl when I think of what is to come in the near future.  It’s quite disturbing.

It’s funny though…one side of me is getting excited while the other part of me is trying to stay grounded because I know I have a lot to accomplish and get a lot of projects to get DONE before I leave on my trips.

It’s the yin and yang…I don’t want to get too up or too down. I always try to stay neutral to look at things rationally.

Today I saw a status message from one of my fitness buddies Scott Tousignant that said…

If you can’t read that tiny picture (no thanks to my horrible photoshop skills)  it says…

I see too many “Puppets” in the fitness industry. Don’t be afraid to express yourself & your uniqueness. Where’s your heart & passion? What are your “True” thoughts and feelings? …just some food for thought.

The funny thing is that when I woke up this morning…this was the EXACT thing on my mind. Call it law of attraction…call it fate…but when I saw this I had to write out how I felt…

How Insulin and Eating Frequently Negatively Affect Your Fat Loss

Here’s a little email I sent out to my girls who are doing my 6 Week Transformation Domination Contest…okay so I added the “Domination” part…it just sounds cooler.

I also posted this picture on my Facebook profile and subsequently had a bunch of bodybuilder type dudes comment on it…

This picture ended up getting responses from them like:

Yah dude…eating that way really works

Oh yeaaaahhh….Broooo eating 5 meals a day is like the best way to get lean….word…homie

Little did they know that I was actually MAKING FUN of the whole eating 5 meals a day myth.

Oh bodybuilders…they can be so silly at times.

If you have been reading my blog you know that this whole eat 5-6 meals a day  frequently  for fat loss is TOTALLY FALSE and VOID of any factual evidence supporting it.

It is actually much easier and MORE EFFECTIVE for fat loss to eat 3 meals a day instead.

My Favorite Fitness Blogs

Hey how’s it going?

I just got back from Vegas a week ago and my wheels have been spinning ever since. I’m heading to New York in June to work on a super top secret project that I can’t talk about yet…because if I did….I might get abducted by ninja’s never to be seen again.

Now we wouldn’t want that to happen to lil ole me right?

This top secret project has me going to Port Perry, ON visiting fitness expert Yuri Elkaim (who is apparently getting a lot of flack from the fitness industry over his new Amazing Abs Program) and in the next couple of weeks I’ll be having a sleep over at uber fitness expert Scott Tousignant’s house.

When everything is set in stone, I’ll be able to break my silence regarding this project but for now…I’ll just have to keep you in suspense…


The Vegas trip was awesome.  During the trip and I had the opportunity to meet some smart people…most of whom I’ve been idolizing since I came into the fitness industry…and now most of whom have become great friends.

Of course…we might have had some fun while we were in “Sin City” but as they say…What happens in Vegas…goes on Roman’s blog ==> You won this round Vegas

And that is where I will start this blog post.

The Bounce Back Effect – Why We Get Results And Then Fall Back To Our Old Ways

I’m about to get a little woo-woo on you…and this conversation might be a little uncomfortable but it’s something we have to talk about.

There is this crazy thing that happens in one persons life when they actually start to get results called…The Bounce Back Effect.

Top 7 Benefits of Doing Intermittent Fasting

Hey there…it is Ninja Dan here and I hope you are doing great. This awesome weather in Toronto is making me verrrrry happy and I hope it’s doing the same for you wherever you are 🙂

On Thursday I get to leave for Vegas for my quarterly Mastermind meetings with some of the best fitness experts in North America and I am psyched!

I just really hope I don’t end here again….

When I talk to my girls at boot camp they always say the same thing, “You are going to Vegas again?!?

All I can say is that I’m truly blessed I have this opportunity to travel and meet some of the best fit pros on the planet. If you know me then you know I pride myself on being surrounded by really cool people that can help me evolve. That’s part of the reason I love hanging around my boot camp clients so much…

They are so motivated to achieve their goals that it actually pushes me harder to achieve mine.  It’s also a reason why I’m joining them in our 6 week Total Body Boot Camp Transformation Contest. Achieving your fitness goals becomes much faster and easier when you do it with a motivated group of women.

I may even join them for a workout or two 😉

My girls working hard towards their summer fitness goals

Now you’ve probably heard me talk about Intermittent Fasting before and if you haven’t heard it from me you have probably heard it in the news because it’s a HOT topic in the fat loss community.

First things first: What is Intermittent fasting?

Osama Bin Laden dead? (I have to get something off my chest)

Hey there…hope you’re awesome.

When I woke up this morning Facebook was a buzzin with the news that Osama Bin Laden had finally been captured and killed.

I can honestly say that I was pretty relieved to find out.

But that kinda leads me to my next question, “Where are the pictures?

For all we know…he could be chilling with Tupac. We need pics!

I’m not going to start turning this underground fat loss newsletter into a political squawk box but honestly…I need proof.

I’ve seen some pics that were passed around on the interwebs but from what I gathered, these pics were photoshopped a long time ago…so they don’t count.

So why am I ranting about this?

When I’m looking for a real fat loss program that actually works I always look for proof in the form of photo’s and videos of people.

It’s not an exact science but it works.

How can we believe things if we don’t have actual evidence of the fact?

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