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JC Deen Interview

Hey Friends!

I honestly feel amazingly blessed to be able to surround myself with other fitness experts.  It just makes me that much better as a trainer when I spend one hour each day reading up blogs to find new ways on how to get you into amazing shape.

The one blog I go to on a regular basis is JC Deen’s blog at

I feel as if he is one of the most underrated fitness experts out there and his philosophy on training and nutrition really jives with my lifestyle.  It doesn’t hurt that he’s an intermittent fasting practitioner that been coached by the likes of Martin Berkhan.

The Plank Exercise (and 10 Variations)

When training clients I usually get asked about which ab exercise is the best to do. Let’s be honest and say that pretty much all of them work…it’s just a matter of how you use them.

Although if I was stuck on a desert Island and could take only one ab exercise with me…it would be the Plank exercise.

And no…I’m not talking about this kind of “Planking”…

I’m talking about the plank exercise where actually use your abs instead of lie down like a useless piece of you know what.

I love to do the planks at the end of my workouts due to the fact that all of my secondary muscles are already fatigued at that point. Doing the plank will force my core muscles to work even harder at maintaining that position.

I don’t like to do them for more than 2 minutes as they decrease in benefit after that. If you can do a plank exercise for 2 minutes then it is time to graduate to a higher level variation of the plank.

Jenn Aguirre’s Six Pack Abs Circuit

Hey there my ninja’s!

My good friend and fitness expert Jenn Aguirre did this little video for you on how to get your own set of 6 pack abs without doing a single crunch. She really takes us into some exercises that are both dynamic and very non-traditional exercises to get hyper focused core activation.

The Fat Loss Ninja Interviews Top Strength Coach Nick Tumminello

Nick Tuminello – Author, Contributor to Men’s Health Magazine and…and overall badass…just sayin.

The Fat Loss Ninja Invades CanFit Pro

I just made a quick trip to the annual Can Fit Pro Trade show here in good ole Toronto.

Can Fit Pro is a conference that is held all over Canada with the biggest one being in Toronto. I normally hate going to these things because a lot of the seminars…SUCK.

But the one thing I love doing is going to the trade show and thanks to my trainer Irina Andreea (in the pic below on the left) and Yoga Expert Gillian B ( I was able to get some free tickets for me and my friends.

Dear Gym (a love story)

I’m not perfect.

Something has been on my mind since Sunday and it’ really been bothering me.  It’s been bothering me to the point of sleeping and waking up with the same problem on my brain eating away at my consciousness.

It’s not a good feeling.

So I did what I always do…

I hit the gym.

The gym has been a part of my life for the past 10+ years.  If it wasn’t for the gym I really think that I’d be fat, dead, in jail or working a 9-5 job that I hate going to every single day (same thing).

It has been the longest relationship I have ever had in my life.  The gym is where I celebrate my successes.  It’s where I slay my dragons.

The gym is where I break myself down and then build myself back up.

So this is a letter to the one constant that has been in my life for the past 10 years…the gym.

Here goes…

How Intermittent Fasting Affects Weight Loss

Hey there…hope you are doing great 🙂

I’m finally moved and settled into my new Toronto condo.  One thing I forgot to mention from my 15 Things That Make Life Awesome Blog post is that my roommate can cook really really well.

The best part?  My roommate is a Paleo aficionado.

That’s right….he cooks some amazingly healthy and tasty meals.  And because of me…he adopted an Intermittent Fasting lifestyle and his weight loss results are coming fast.

It’s really cool when you make small changes to your diet and you break past some plateaus.  Since adopting IF into his lifestyle he has lost 5-7 pounds and is starting to get his abs back.

It’s just a testament to the fact that fasting and losing weight have a direct correlation with each other.

Btw here is our view when we enjoy his paleo cooked meals…

Pretty sick eh?  This view also doubles as my new office 🙂

Onto the task at hand….

Fasting And Weight Loss

How To Build Six Pack Abs

Hey there…hope you are doing awesome. Today Brett Campbell (author and writer for Oxygen Magazine) drops by and shows us how to build a good set of 6 pack abs.

I know Brett from my fitness masterminds I attend every 3-4 months.  This guy definitely knows what to do and how to help his clients sculpt a nice flat stomach.

If you want a firmer midsection then take a few minutes to read this blog and watch the video below.

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