The Fat Loss Ninja Does Asia

When I sat down to write this blog post I was pretty prepared to give you the low down on all of the things I experienced while vagabonding across Asia.  But once I started, I came to the realization that there was no freaking way that I could encapsulate everything that happened during that trip.  NO freaking way.

How can one person summarize an entire two month trip where my latest nights were my greatest nights and every day brought a new perspective on life?  

The answer is:  You can’t and you don’t.

The beautiful dock in Koh Phangan, Thailand Photo credit: Me

So I did the next best thing:  I combined all of the experiences from my trip and made a video of the best PG-13 moments on my Asia trip.  In a couple of minutes you’ll see me in all of my glory as I ride elephants, make lanterns float in air, party my ass off (obviously), and a ton more.  But before skipping to that…

Cardio 101 – How to Use Cardio for Faster Fat Loss

Hey there, it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged last and I meeeeeesed you my homie!

As you know, I’m a guy that tends to go all out in everything he does and these past 4 months have been a Tale of Two Extremes:

In November and December I went traveling/backpacking for 2 months. The entire trip was spent relaxing, partying and exploring the plethora of sights in Hong Kong, Taipei, Phillipines and Thailand.

The picture on the left is your boy (me) having a blast on Maya Beach where they shot Leonardio Dicaprio’s movie “The Beach”.  This place was like something out of a movie (no pun intended) and it had this Ninja all choked up because it was so beautiful.

And that was just one part of my trip.

I’ve seen so much in Asia and journaled about most of it that I’ve got an EPIC blog post waiting to be posted with all the debaucherous video’s, pictures and details.

That’s gonna come a bit later.

On the other side of the extreme:  The most recent months of January and February have been spent in a 12 hour a day total grind mode:  John Romaniello (my co-author) and I launched our Intermittent Fasting program Fat Loss Forever to thousands of people across the world.

This program has been a passion project for the last year and a half because I’ve always wanted to bring the Intermittent Fasting method into the mainstream as a viable tool for to lose weight.  To see it come to fruition and have thousands of people rave about the program is surreal and I’m GREATLY appreciative.

Yet, since the launch of the FLF program instead of answering questions about IF, the #1 question I seem to always receive is what type of cardio should one do with program.  This comes somewhat surprising to me since the current trend in the fitness industry has all but tried to vilify cardio much like they have tried to make carbs the enemy in the past.

So I decided to do a little blog post on it…that eventually turned into an ENTIRE GUIDE on how to do cardio for fat loss.  Oops.

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