One Sneaky Trick To Do More Push-Ups and Pull-ups

In yesterdays challenge blog post I did a pushup and pull up challenge and I kinda surprised myself with the results.

Being totally honest, I did get some shit from my Facebook friends in regards to my pull-up form and I do agree with them to a point; I should have went full on pull up with a wider grip.

AND after a twitter conversation with my homie @cliftonharski we both decided to test ourselves on a week by week basis in the pushup and pull-up challenge WITH proper form of course.

Doing this will not interfere with my current fat loss program and there could be a chance it increases my “Hawtness” factor aka. Heat Score from a 7.9 to a full on 8 ūüôā

At the very least, I’ll be pretty proud of myself by being able to do both of these primal exercises in an easier fashion, especially the pull-up. ¬†That exercise has been the bane of my existence since I started training.

My goals for the challenge are 25 wide grip pull-ups with proper form and 60 pushups in about 4 weeks.

Today, I’m going to give you one quick (yet sneaky) trick I’m going to use to increase your reps for both exercises. ¬†But before let’s show you how to do them proper:

I Challenge You To a DUEL!

If I were to choose two upper body exercises that MUST be staple in your fat loss program, they would be:

The Pushup and The Pull up.

And quite frankly, I hated them both.  

That is…until I got better at them.

Why Is It Important To Do More Pushups and Pullups?

Because they are the only exercises that condition and strengthen all of your upper body muscles at ONE TIME.

They are also important because they are a marker of your current fitness level.

Anyone who has went from being out of shape to getting into better shape knows: ¬†It’s just easier to lift a weight when you have stronger muscles and less fat on your body. ¬†

The LEANER you get, the better you’ll be at doing both of these.

Does this mean that if you DON’T do an insane amount of pushups and pull-ups that you’ll be overweight and out of shape?

No.  Like everything they take time and practice.

But having the ability to do more of them will CERTAINLY help you get leaner in the long run. ¬†Trust me on this one…I’m a ninja.

The TOUGHEST Interval Training Program (only 4 minutes)

Once all my sets and reps are done, I often find myself slowly walking to what I can only describe as…”The Death Machine” aka. The Treadmill.

As I inch closer to my nemesis, I can hear thoughts in my mind going through each and every¬†excuse as to why I shouldn’t do them‚Ķall of them WEAK.

I just know that all I gotta do is step foot on that treadmill and the rest will take care of itself.

Each step is a battle against my own thoughts.

It’s times like these is when I have to “bitch slap” my lazy inner child and just do it.

When I finally step on the treadmill, the “ninja-like” focus takes over.

It’s go time.

R. Kelly once crooned, “My mind is telling me noooo, but my body‚Ķmy booodddy is telling me yeeeesss

Well, that’s EXACTLY how I feel about the following interval training program I’m about to share with you.

The Bulgarian Split Squat – The Anti Asian Butt Sculptor


Being Asian sometimes comes with having a certain type of genetics. ¬†More specifically, about 99% of Asians suffer from Flat butt syndrome (it’s a curse I’m far too familiar with).

The good news is: ¬†It’s completely curable.

Try this exercise out in your workout today to round out your flat butt for the summer time.  Even if you are not Asian it will certainly add a bit of roundness and sculpt to any butts lagging in those departments.

How To Warm Up 101 – Your Dynamic Warm up Routine

Warming up is a lot like….sex.

Wait, let me specify that: Warming up is a lot like…the foreplay that happens before sex.

You do foreplay right?

Quick, Take a second and think back to the last time you had sex. ¬†Okay, now take another second and wipe that smirk off your face ūüôā

“Really think about it: Think about the last time you “did it”.

Did you take the time with the foreplay; starting with some slow kissing, teasing each other bit by bit to the point where the both of you just had to rip off your clothes and get it on?

Or did you just take one look at your partner, took your clothes off and start banging like a jackrabbit with no compassion or appreciation for what they wanted?

If you did the former – you are probably in their thoughts constantly, wondering about the next time the two of you are going to get it on again.

If you did the latter – You may not be having sex in this period of your life OR if you are having sex, your partner is just not satisfied with your performance.

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