Fat Loss Complex Workouts = Circuit Training On STEROIDS

Complexes are a lot like achieving success in life.

Your version of success may be different than others but the succession of steps remain the same.

Every exercise and every situation is a step towards the direction you want to head to.  And you can’t skip the steps.

That’s just not the way life is.  Usually one step leads to another series of steps to the accomplishment of your ultimate goal.

But here’s the rub:  Every single step you take gets harder and harder and harder.

Each step requires you to focus even more to accomplish the task.  Each step is a greater fight against that little voice in your head telling you to stop.  That it’s not worth it.  That’s it’s “okay” to quit.

Every step becomes a fight against your own comfort zone.  Every step will push you into levels of uncomfort you have never felt before.  Because if you are doing this right then you should feel uncomfortable.

If you don’t feel it then it’s a sign that you just haven’t challenged yourself enough.

Complexes are tough and like life, complexes are hard.

But the payoff is SWEET.

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