Discover Kourtney’s Secret To Losing 43 Pounds and 8 Dress Sizes

What’s up my ninja.  You probably already know that even though I’m a ninja I still train clients…and lots of them.

Kourtney has been with our Markham Boot Camp for a little over a year know and she has completely transformed her body.

In this interview you’ll discover…
– How Kourtney used IF and the boot camp to drop 43 pounds and 8 dress sizes.
– How she applied an Intermittent Fasting into her daily lifestyle.
– Her secrets to grocery shopping and eating out.
– How she incorporates weekly cheats into her diet.
– How she incorporates alcohol into her diet.
– Why she likes to workout with an empty stomach.
– The most important factors to her transformation success.

To satisfy most learning abilities we’ve provided the interview in audio format that can be downloaded or you can read the interview right below.

Click the play button to hear the interview.

Right click on this link and choose “Save Link As” to download the above MP3.

7 SNEAKY Diet Tips (Ninja APPROVED)

Hey there my ninja. In the last blog post I showed you a quick little ab combo that I’m using to get into “photo shoot ready” shape.

Do you remember the last thing I mentioned?

Ultimately your abs (and your body) will be built in the kitchen.

Working out with weights will build the foundation for a lean looking body but the fat and the excess weight must be burned off using your nutrition plan.

That’s reality.

But dieting doesn’t have to be hard and with a couple of tips you can make your diet easy to follow and…fun 🙂

Today I’m going to give you a couple of diet tricks that have been really working well for me during my 8 week cut for the shoot.

Honestly I’ve done some really extreme things to cut down before. This time around is by far the EASIEST cut I’ve ever had to do. A lot of it has to do with living an Intermittent Fasting lifestyle.

The other part that makes dieting a little easier are the next tips I’m about to show ya:

Ninja Ab Combo: Renegade Rows and Ab Wheels

What’s up my ninja. I’m just taking a quick break from a new project to give you an ab combo that’s been working for me like gangbusters.

Note: If someone can explain to me what word “gangbusters” mean please leave a comment down below.

Been working hard on my body (esp. my abs) because I’ve committed myself to doing a half nekkid photoshoot in June.

Booking a photo shoot has been a big time motivator for me as I get in shape for the summer and if you are looking for a big kick in the butt to get in shape for summer I suggest you do the same.

Big Time Commitments = Big Time Results.

It certainly helps that even though I’m in a daily calorie deficit (other than cheat days) I’m not feeling the “diet pains” people usually experience when cutting down.

It has a TON to do with my intermittent fasting style of eating and also an easier way to track my calories and macros but more on that a little later…

Today I’m going to show you two ab exercises I’ve been doing lately that have been really cutting out my abdominals like…gangbusters 🙂

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