This is probably my most controversial video ever but if you can get the concepts you will save yourself from a lifetime of dieting frustration and crappy results. If you liked it and it made sense please share it with your ninja’s 🙂

Hey, what’s up, my ninja. It’s your boy Dan Go, and today we’re at Metabolic Mondays.

Today we are going to talk about the one diet that rules all. If you’re looking at this and you’re wondering who this guy is, I just watched The Hobbit, so, yeah, Gandalf came to mind when I was working on this Metabolic Mondays post, and that’s supposed to be Gandalf and that’s supposed to be his cane. When he’s in The Lord of the Rings movie, he has that one cool line where he says, “You shall not pass,” and then he jams that cane down and then all this crazy stuff happens. So, yeah, that’s pretty much where the inspiration came from. I hope I didn’t scare you with that. 

We’re gonna talk about one diet that pretty much goes against, flies against the face of pretty much all the stuff that you see out on the Interwebs and also in books and all this kinds of stuff.

I’m gonna tell you that there really is, I’m gonna say there really is no one diet—and we’re gonna actually be talking about this—there really is no one diet that rules all.

This is exactly what this video is all about. I’m gonna show you exactly what I mean.

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