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Dan: What’s up, my ninjas? It is your boy Dan here, and I have an incredibly special guest with me today. His name is Kevin Larrabee, and he actually—along with Leigh Peele, I believe John Berardi, and another fellow, he actually has one of the top fitness podcasts in iTunes.

I’m not gonna talk too much about Kevin. I’m gonna let him kinda let us know what he’s all about. Kev, thank you very much for getting on the interview, and, if you can, let our ninjas know where you started from, what you’re all about, and also what your mission is.

Kevin: Oh, absolutely. Thanks for having me on. I guess to give you the background, talking about the fitness industry, it was something that I definitely wanted to get into as I was in high school. Growing up, I was really overweight; I was obese. I was at the point where I was pushing two-ten with no muscle mass, two-ten, and as a fifteen-year-old, I think.

Some switch kinda flipped where I was sick of being overweight, I was sick of being the fat kid, so I started doing what anyone would normally do. Not knowing a lot about exercise, I started running a lot, I started eating more fruits and vegetables, I started having less fried food, I stopped going to McDonald’s, stopped eating the chicken fingers and stuff like that, trying to get more really basic nutrition stuff going, because I was fifteen or sixteen, and I didn’t really… All I knew was the good food that people have been saying has been good food forever.

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