Summer is coming.

And after a winter time of “bulking” and lifting heavy it’s time for me to cut down into the lean ninja I know myself to be.

But it ain’t gonna be easy. We all know that.

So I’m about to do something that will invariably put my feet to the fire and kick my ass into gear to get into the best shape I’ve ever been in.

Even better than last year.

Before I do that I wanna give tell you a little story I told my clients in our 6 Week Transformation challenge …

…who btw have lost a total of 213 total lbs in only 3 weeks. IMPRESSIVE.

Now onto the story…

Before you make your goal to change any part of your life whether it is your body or your career you gotta do this…

The SMART Way To Do Crossfit

crossfitLast week I mentioned that there is a way to do Crossfit without totally wrecking your body. It’s what I call SMART CROSSFIT training. And honestly it’s what I consider the ONLY way to do it.

If you do Crossfit and don’t want to wreck your body then put your info down below and let’s get started.



What I think about Crossfit

Screen_shot_2011-03-04_at_9.08_.38_AM_Howdy there, it’s your ninja Dan here and today I wanna talk to you about this interesting study I found relating to Crossfit today…

Before that I want to thank everyone that applied for the Beta Tester position for the Dynamic Warm Up program.

I didn’t realize how many people would be psyched to do it (over 60+ people) and the selection process was hard especially with all those good answers on bacon (inside joke).

Alas I’ve selected my 5 and you will get an email coming very shortly in your inbox with the deers on the program.

As for Crossfit….

Many trainers hate it.

Many people (like the people who take it) LOVE IT.

They love it so much that the term “Cult-fit” has been making the rounds among the inter webs.

Reminds me of the old training joke…

Q: How do you know someone is taking Crossfit?

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