My Photo Shoot Diet

photo-15-300x300Yesterday was a gorgeous day in downtown Toronto. It started with a walk down Dundas square followed by a delicious chicken stir fry and some kale chips I baked earlier.

I’m getting myself ready for the photo shoot I’m doing with my team on May 11th and the leaning down process couldn’t be easier.

<== The photo to the right is my Transformation from LAST year.

Readers often ask, “Are you paleo?” “What supplements do you use?”, and “What do you eat every day?

No, I don’t consider myself “paleo” but I love my veggies and always have a quality meat in every major meal.

The supplements I take are fish oils, vitamin D, BCAA’s, a pre workout supplement, aniractetam (brain enhancer recommended by my friend Abel James) and a little protein powder.

On this plan I pretty much eat the same food, stay away from fruits until after the shoot and very minimal nuts (due to the high caloric content).

One of the keys to eating on a fat loss plan (especially for a photo shoot) is to keep things fairly the same.

If I was in maintenance mode then I would be eating a variety of meals but usually when I find something that works I usually stick to it.

Note: The maintenance plan will be coming in another blog post.

In my case it means protein, fats and veggies and minimal carbs.

Here’s my daily meal plan:

6:30am – Each day I try to get up at 6:30am. I love mornings. Everything becomes better when you get up early. Everything.

This is what I call “magic time” and it’s where I get my best work done.  I drink 1 liter of water, and consume my vitamins, meditate and do some writing.

I’m definitely do not care for eating breakfast first thing in the morning.

Instead, I’m more energized and creative on an empty stomach. I usually follow a 16-hour fast between dinner and breakfast.

8am – Workout with BCAA’s (Branched Chain Amino Acids) and pre workout supplement.

10am – Get some more work done. I usually go over the measurements from the challenges we run at my Markham Fitness Center or follow up on some emails.

11am – Post Workout Protein Pancake Time
* Scoop of protein
* Half cup of steel cut oats
* Half cup of egg whites

Blend them all up then pan fry it. It’s like eating a protein filled pancake.

12pm – Eat my 1st meal
* Chicken or fish
* Tons of veggies (involving broccoli, kale, peppers etc)
* Olive oil to cook

4pm – Eat my second meal
* Chicken or fish
* Tons of veggies (involving broccoli, kale, peppers etc)
* Olive oil to cook

8pm – Eat my third meal
* Steak
* Tons of veggies (involving broccoli, kale, peppers etc)
* Olive oil to cook
* Baked Kale Chips or Baked Brussel Sprouts

9pm – Optional Protein Shake
* Cup of protein powder
* Half cup of almond milk
* Water

10pm – Brushing and flossing my teeth

You’re probably wondering why I put brushing and flossing in there. Well for me I have a tendency to overeat my calories at night.

Brushing and flossing is a signal for me that the feeding time is over and if I did eat after that I’d have to brush and floss all over again.

As we all know, I ain’t got no time for that 😉

The honest truth is that when you’re in serious fat loss mode, whether your dieting down for a photo shoot, or just getting lean for the summer it’s best to keep things as simple as possible.

If you’re always wondering what your next meal is going to be or from where it will come from then it will just further complicate things.  Planning ahead and eating the same, if not similar meals, has always worked out for me.

When you find something that works stick with it until you’re done leaning out.

Keep it simple and you’ll get into a lean body in no time,

Dan “I ain’t got time for that” Go

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