The 3 Levels of Dieting (you don’t know these)


Today I’m writing to you from Queen Street in Toronto. As you know I have to jump around to different places in the city to get my creative juices flowing.

Queen Street can be considered the “Hipster” street of Toronto.

You have great cafes, men in skinny jeans (and beards) walking about.

It’s a pretty unique area of Toronto that is starting to really grow on me because of its laid back vibe.


By now you know I’ve got over 70 women doing my Transformation program in my gym in Markham.

I gotta say that even though this is our biggest team to date, this is one of the most focused communities I have seen come through our doors.

We’ve got our first team weigh in coming this Saturday so I’ll keep you posted on the numbers we hit.

Inside of our group though I have to let you know that we DON’T have the same general nutrition plan that everyone goes through like most gyms do.

We sincerely believe that the BEST nutrition plan is the one that is modified to your own specific needs ..and those needs change as your body does.

So very briefly I want to school you on the 3 Levels of Diets we give to our girls in our Transformation Programs.

Level # 1- Freedom Dieting










We give girls a number of meals to eat throughout the day. It’s usually 3 but could be higher depending on their height and build.

We tell them a general idea of what to eat, let them set their own schedules and usually go by portion sizes.

Other than the first week we generally like to have them eat their carbs after their workouts to promote a positive insulin response in their bodies.

Who does this work for?

The beginner dieter who usually has 20 or more pounds to lose. They are just starting (or re-starting) the journey of eating clean and this is the easiest philosophy to adopt for fat loss.

This also works well for people who are generally lean who just want to maintain their shape. For whatever reason their bodies stay lean and they don’t need to get crazy with the counting like some of us do (ie. me)

Level #2 – Calorie Counting








This the next step up from Freedom Dieting.

I truly believe everyone should do this for 3 months just to get an idea of what their body truly needs to maintain, lose weight or even gain weight.

We use myfitnesspal for this and it works pretty well and keeps things simple.

The key here is to track your foods on a daily basis, weigh yourself, measure yourself and take a picture of yourself every week to check on your body composition.

If you’re not seeing enough results then pair back by 100 calories and see how that effects your body.

Who does this work for?

Pretty much everyone trying to get into their leanest bodies (guys would be sub 10% Body fat, girls would be 15% body fat)

I pretty much used this concept, kept my protein at 1 gram per pound of bodyweight and got into my best shape.

Oh yeah, I did squats too.












Level #3 – Macro Nutrient Counting aka. If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM)

This is about as exact as it gets and for about 95% of people you really don’t have to get this exact when getting into your best shape.

Think of this like calorie counting..on STEROIDS.

You’ll pretty much weight and measure your foods and hit certain macronutrient goals (protein, fats, and carbs) you set out for yourself.

I’m currently testing this method out on myself as well as a couple of beta clients in my gym so I’ll shoot you more info as we go through it.

Who does this work for?

This works for the person who has about 5 or less pounds of fat to lose and wants to get into fitness model shape or is preparing for a fitness show of some kind.

Not necessarily what I would recommend for 98% of the population but for those that like a drastic change (like myself and my beta-testers) it’s a worthy challenge.

So what do you do from here?

Find out which one you are and start from there. Move up or down the levels with the one you feel most comfortable with.

I’d start with the first level and until it stops getting your results for a couple of weeks then move onto the next.

NOTE: Most people can get into their best shape just counting calories. Counting macros can be the most tedious thing in the world and drive one bonkers trying to figure it out.

Now the reason I sent this is because you obviously have to have your nutrition plan in line if want to visually SEE the results from any type of workout plan.

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Talk soon,


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My 7 Agreements in Life

I’ll probably be the first to admit that life isn’t necessarily all rainbows and roses…

Back in my earlier days, I was so fat that I wouldn’t take off my shirt at the pool.

Just getting started and sticking to a fitness plan was the last thing on my agenda.

The utter thought of hitting a gym and working out in front of all those “fit people” made me shutter from the sheer embarrassment.

But I did it anyways.


When I decided to quit my 9-5 corporate job to start a career doing that I loved (becoming a trainer) everyone that was closest to me told me that it was a stupid move and that I should just find a “normal” job somewhere else.

It was tough to hear that type of criticism from the people close to you but…

I did it anyways.

Again, life is not all rainbows and roses ESPECIALLY when you’re starting from the gutter working your way up. 

But we have hope.

I didn’t know it back then but I created a credo of 7 agreements in my life that drive me to this very day. 

These 7 agreements shaped my life and helped me evolve into the person that I am as I write this blog to you.

And today, I want to share all of them with you in hopes that wherever you’re starting from, you’ll be able to push through and go for what you really deserve in life. If it jives with you then I highly recommend to print it out and post it somewhere you’ll see it on a regular basis.

My 7 Agreements in Life


1. I Will Not Take Anything Personally

Most times we’re hurt by something someone said is due to our own self perception of what it meant.

Most times people when people say things it is just coming from THEIR perception of the situation. Realize this.

Change your perception of what it meant and you change your reality.

2. I Will always Do What I Say I Will do (98% of the time)

I can be brash and over commit at times but I always strive to do what I say and say what I do.

Integrity is a lost art nowadays. Be different. Be the person that stands by your word.

Just like your balls, don’t break them unless you really really need to.

..And yes even if you are a woman reading this you do have “balls” (figuratively of course)

3. Don’t Make Assumptions.

Get the whole story before pointing fingers at everyone. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt until they prove otherwise.

Remember your perception always equals your reality.

People will appreciate it even though they know themselves that they are being @sses.

4. Always Do Your Best.

Leave no stone unturned. Do everything possible to reach your goals and desires so you can look back with absolutely no regrets.

Take the motto of, “Be not afraid of dying … Be afraid of never trying”

One day, when you’re old and grey, you want to look back at your life and say with absolute conviction,

“I did my BEST”

And usually, your best will always give you amazing results.

5. Do the OPPOSITE of the Majority

I’ve talked about it in a previous blog but again, “If you want to be a success in life, look at the majority and do the opposite of them

This means being a NON-conformist.

This means having your own agenda, your own goals and your own type of success.

What you have to realize is that your strand of DNA will never, ever, ever be replicated in this world. Never.

You are unique and different than everyone else.

Start owning up to it.

Just because someone likes a Mercedes Benz doesn’t mean that you should.

Just because people “settle” for eating at a fast food joint doesn’t mean that you should.

Just because people wear a certain type of clothing brand doesn’t mean that you should.

You choose your life and that means being your OWN person. Not one of the “herd”.

Create your own style, your own way of doing things. There will never be another YOU made on this earth…ever.

Own it.

6. Dream BIG

The majority of people in this world don’t set goals.

The majority of people who set goals usually end up setting small ones that they feel they have the best possibility of accomplishing.

Have a BIGGER vision for your life.

What you don’t realize is that you are capable of much more and everyone has something inherent in them that no one else can provide.

Own up to this and set big @ss goals. You can do it.

You know why? Well…

7. If It Has Been Done Before Then You Can Definitely Do It

You have to understand that as humans we are all made equal.

Sure people can be born “geniuses” and “talented” but when it comes to long term success I wouldn’t put my money on them at all.

Sure people can be born into money or born with great genetics but I wouldn’t put my money on them either.

What I’ve noticed about these kinds of people is that they usually don’t appreciate “that which is given to them easily”

The best people in life are usually the ones who have scrapped and clawed their way to achieve their own personal success.

They came from rock bottom, dreamt big, went after it with hard work, dedication, persistence and eventually …achieved it.

What could possibly lead these people to believe that they could achieve such big goals?

They ultimately knew that if someone else had done it before then they could do it. Nothing separated them from the people they hold up in a higher regard.

They realized that everyone is human and comes from an equal standpoint in life.

And just the fact that you are reading this blog probably puts you in a higher economic bracket than say someone born into a diamond mine in Sierra Leone.

This means you have more opportunity and more means than the average person on this earth to achieve what you want.

But all that aside…

When you dream a big goal and it scares the living you-know-what out of you…

When you think of a goal that makes you super uncomfortable to talk about or even think about…

You know you’re on the right track.

When that uncertainty hits and you have all doubts creep up in your mind, just think this one thought,

“If someone has done it before then I can DEFINITELY do it.”

It’s what has driven me in my very short 10 year career in the fitness industry and I hope it helps you in whatever you choose to do.

I hope this blog post found you well but we’re not done yet…

I want to know what you thought of it. Any part you liked or didn’t like?

Let me know by dropping a comment down below.

And yes I will reply back 🙂

Your friend,


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