How To Fight Your Stubborn Belly Fat (BRAND NEW)

dan-bef-aft-2012 (1)I have a confession to make …I hate dealing with stubborn fat areas on my body.

I know, “Hate” is a strong word but if you’ve ever dealt with issues with your stubborn belly fat you’d be saying the same thing.

As you know by now, I wasn’t blessed with the greatest genetics in the world.

Back in my “fatter” days when I was over 40 pounds overweight I couldn’t even fathom the thought of having abs and if you asked anyone around me ..they’d agree with you.

In fact, when I told a girlfriend (now “ex”) about how I was gonna have six pack abs she just laughed at me and told me it was next impossible especially from where I was starting from.

Needless to say, she’s not in my life anymore.

I, along with many others, would be relegated to the fact that we’d always have that little “pooch” at the bottom of our stomachs regardless of how much we worked out or dieted.

Well, thankfully I was dead wrong.

The TRUTH of the matter is that losing the last 10 pounds is totally different than losing the first 20 (or 40 in my case).

In fact, if you’ve eaten clean and counted your calories you’d know that it becomes a law of diminishing returns.

You can eat under your daily maintenance level of calories for months on end only to stay stuck in some dreaded plateaus.

The fact is that losing the last 10 pounds takes a different approach and that specific approach is one that I’ll be talking about in today’s blog.

So Why is it SO HARD to Lose the Last 5-10 Pounds Off of Your Body?caveman

Essentially, we all have our own caveman DNA working against us.

You see, from an evolutionary standpoint, there is simply NO real benefit to being extremely lean.

Quite the opposite—people who stored fat efficiently we able to survive longer and live to pass on their efficient fat storage genes.

Which means that only the cave people who were good at storing fat tended to live through famine, and passed the fat-storing genes on.

Generations later, we’re all walking around with super-high fat storage efficiency in a world where food is now in abundance all around us.


What Can We Do To Combat Our Evolutionary Fat Storing Habits?

When it comes down to the final 5-10 pounds of stubborn fat on your body it really relates back to the hormonal environment in your body.

One of the hormones that we undoubtedly want less of is Cortisol.

cortisolWhat Is Cortisol?

Cortisol is a hormone that the adrenal gland secretes in response to stress. This stress can be in the form of life stress, lack of sleep, and obviously bad dieting habits.

It’s also one of the main culprits of on your body that stimulate fat gain in your abdomen.

Now it would be easy to say to someone to just stress less and the belly fat will go away.

But that’s not the case.

In the case of eliminating cortisol you need to fight fire with fire.

It’s  a matter of finding which hormones work well against one another.

When it comes to cortisol (and belly fat), you need look no further than Growth Hormone.

Also known as Human Growth Hormone or simply GH, is produced in the pituitary gland and is responsible for muscle growth, and fat loss among other things.

Growth Hormone is also known as the celebrity hormone that people will pay hundreds of dollars a month to inject into their bodies for faster fat loss and muscle building.

Little do they know that we can produce growth hormone naturally in our bodies without the use of expensive injections.

More specific to this blog, growth hormone is actually one of the most effective hormones in the world to offset cortisol.

How Do We Produce More Growth Hormone In Our Bodies?ku-medium

While producing growth hormone in our bodies may seem like a daunting task it really isn’t. It just comes down to a few modifications to our diet and one little trick I do in my exercise programs.

I’ll reveal the first two here but won’t go into detail as we have discussed these in previous blogs of mine:

3 Ways To Boost Growth Hormone

1. Delay your first meal of the day to 12pm or later to increase the fasting period.
2. Workout in a fasted (aka. empty stomach) state. Do this on BCAA’s to avoid losing any muscle.

And lastly…

3. Produce More Lactic Acid In Your Body

GH is released as a response to the production of something called lactic acid.

Lactic acid is a waste byproduct of some of the chemical and metabolic processes that happen during exercise.

So, if you do exercise in a specific way, you can produce MORE lactic acid, which will then produce tremendous amounts of growth hormone as a result. That growth hormone surge will also help to work against your high cortisol levels.

How Do You Produce More Lactic Acid in Your Body?

I learned this trick from a good friend of mine who is amazing at helping people lose the last few pounds off of their bodies.

What it is is an unusual style of exercise that can actually produce even MORE lactic acid than is generally possible with other types of exercise.

It’s called Lactic Acid Training and this type of training utilizes slow lifting speeds and faster lowering speeds.

The philosophy of this type of training is that lactic acid is primarily produced during the “concentric” or positive/lifting phase of an exercise, and not so much during the “eccentric” or negative/lowering phase.

In general terms we are slowing down the lifting portion of the exercise and speeding up the lowering portion of it.

squatAn example would be one rep of a Squat (using a lower weight):

1. You’d lower the weight of the squat down with a 1-1.5 second cadence
2. You’d lift the squat up using a 4-5 (excruciatingly tortuous) second cadence.
3. Repeat this for 8-10 reps

Performing exercises with these extended concentric movements is going to create a tremendous amount of lactic acid, which in turn is going to prompt your body to produce fantastic amounts of growth hormone.

And that growth hormone is going to help you manage cortisol and fight belly fat.

And if all THAT wasn’t enough, lactic acid training is also just a great fat loss training methods, so you’ll lose fat overall.

If you want to fight your cortisol issues, you need growth hormone.

And for that you need lactic acid training.

Utilizing this method, you’re one step closer to fighting off your belly fat for good.

Pretty cool eh?

One guy that is a MASTER at pinning “good” hormones and specific exercise up against the “bad” hormones that cause regional fat storage is my friend John Romaniello.

And in his awesome program Final Phase Fat Loss, provides you with specific types of exercises and workouts to combat:

1. Estrogen, “man boobs” and lower-body fat (combatted with “Density” training and Testosterone)

2. Insulin, and your “love handles (combatted with “Dynamic” training and IGF-1)

3. And of course, Cortisol and belly fat (combatted with specific “Lactic Acid” training and Growth Hormone)

Full Disclosure: I have used this program twice in the past and while it is incredibly effective it is one of the hardest fat loss systems I’ve ever done on my body. This program is definitely NOT for beginners.

If you struggle with “problem area” fat storage and you’re not a beginner at training then this is THE program to set you free.

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