The C2 Method…Better Than Crossfit?

I have to admit that I don’t like Crossfit workouts.  

There I said it.

While I still believe that they’re an incredibly effective fat loss workout, when done the WRONG way they tend to have a negative effect on your body in terms of injuries and joint mobility issues.  

In short, Crossfit workouts do a great job of getting you in shape but also do have a tendency to put your body out of commission.

Today’s blog post we’re going to show you a safe and effective way to do a Crossfit workout in the safest way possible while still reaping all of the awesome fat burning benefits that come along with it.

If you’re willing to do an intense workout and get into a banging body that’s injury free the read on…


The C2 Method – How to Burn Fat and Boost Your Athleticism…At The SAME TIME

By Travis Stoetzl, CSCS, Crossfit 1

Right to left - Rob King, Me, Travis at Crossfit San Diego

Right to left – Rob King, Me, Travis at Crossfit San Diego

I can remember when I first met Dan Go.

Maybe YOU know him?

We were in San Diego at a big fitness mastermind meeting when my buddy Rob King and I decided to head off to get in a training session.

On our way out of the hotel lobby, I can remember Dan running up to join us for our trip to the gym.

What an awesome bunch of dudes to go train with.

When we arrived, Rob looked to me for the day’s session while I turned to Dan and asked him what his plans were for the day.

Dan replied, “Deadlifts”.

I then immediately thought in my head “RESPECT!” then replied back “Cool”.

Side note – Anyone I meet that deadlifts will gain RESPECT in my book. Anyone that I meet that deadlifts while on a trip away from home gets DOUBLE RESPECT in my book.

Dan’s Note – Deadlifts are usually my response to every single question thrown at me in a gym.  ie. “How can I get in shape?” My answer – “Deadlifts” or “Hey Dan can you show me where the washroom is?” My answer – “Deadlifts”

Unfortunately for me, I had just done a heavy deadlift session a few days before so I had something else planned for that day that my buddy Rob and I decided to hit up while your boy Dan cranked out deadlifts.

And if I can recall, I believe Dan deadlifted in his socks, which got him even more respect in my book 😉

There was LOTS of RESPECT going on…

What This Has To Do With the C2 Methodc2method

In any case, what I want to talk about in this guest post is that of my “C2 Method” of programming and how it works.

“C2” stands for “Controlled Chaos” and it’s something I’ve been testing and tweaking within my programming for some time now.

In all honesty, my “C2 Method” of programming is designed to transform you into a complete badass.

And by “complete badass” I mean help you get better at pretty much everything.

I seriously can’t put it any other way than that.

To get a better feel, just think about getting increases in strength, power, conditioning, and overall athleticism all at once.

That’s what my “C2” method is all about and is designed to do (and has PROVEN to do time and time again).

How to Gain Strength, Power, Conditioning and Overall Athleticism All At Once

Well, that’s where the specifics of the “C2 Method” come into play.

In the front we’ve got your “Controlled” part of the programming, which is your structured strength and power work.

For this stuff to work the best, it needs to be consistent and progressive in nature in order for you to reap the most benefit from.

A perfect example to use for what a “Controlled” part of a workout would look like would be to look at what Dan did while we were in San Diego.

Hugh_Jackman_Wolverine_Deadlifting_Workout_Toe_Shoes_FiveFingers_Leangains-1As previously stated, Dan did deadlifts… HEAVY deadlifts.

Nothing fancy, just some good sets of deadlifts for more muscle and strength.

Not sure what his reps and sets were for that day, but he was working strength.

You can’t go wrong by doing some deads for strength.

My other TOP go-to movements for strength would include:

-Front and Back Squats
-Military, Push Press
-Heavy Weighted Dips and Pull Ups
-All of the Olympic Lifts and their Variations

Now, the unfortunate part with this “Controlled” aspect of training is how most people drop the ball by missing this key component of structured strength work.

In other words, people tend to skip it n order to do the second part of my “C2 Method” which is the “CHAOS” part of the programming.

This is used primarily to enhance your conditioning and speed fat loss while complimenting your main strength and power work.

This “CHAOS” type of training is also where you can have some real fun in being a bit more random with your programming in regards to what you do and how you do it,

However, at the same time, there still needs to be some sort of rhyme or reason to what it is your doing.

Let me explain…

For me, I have a couple of different go-to “CHAOS” training set ups that I like to use which include:

1. Interval / Pace
2. Strength-Metcons
3. Grinders
4. Kardio Kings

The 4 main set ups that I listed above are what I like to use, but as we were in San Diego, while your man Dan was pulling away at some deadlifts, Rob and I did the set up I referred to above which is called a “Grinder” set up.

This is a conditioning based set up that’s typically done in a circuit type of fashion from top to bottom.

In other words, the work has been laid out and your job is to get everything done as fast as possible.

I like “Grinders” because they will test both your mind and body with higher rep movements and more overall total volume, which is exactly why they’re so powerful to use for conditioning and getting yourself shredded.Games2012_12.4Announcement_Landscape

I refer to these set ups as “Grinders” because that’s what you do… “Grind away at completing all of the reps and movements”

In any case, to give you the full set up of what Rob and I did for our “Grinder” session, here it is:

Complete the Following For Time:

25 Strict Pull Ups
25 Barbell Thrusters @ 135
25 Kettlebell American Swings @ 70 lbs
25 Burpee Box Jumps @ 30 inches

***The loads listed are only recommendations – go as heavy as YOU can handle with good form and technique

You’d do the movements listed from top to bottom and “grind” away at the reps until you’re finished.

Dan’s Note:  Before doing any of these workouts you should be starting your workout with a 6 Minute Superhuman type of warm up.  You’ll not only enhance your strength, speed and power, you’ll also keep yourself more injury resistant.

So, now you might be wondering …How Do We Put all of This Together?

Well, can you remember back to the strength work that I told you Dan did?

If we were to combine these two together, that would make for a perfect example and set up for what my “C2 Method” is all about.

It’s a rough example at that, but one I wanted to use since this was the first time for me meeting Dan.

Either way, hopefully you get a good idea of how powerful this stuff can be for you and your results.

Because it’s NOT just about “random workouts of the day”…

The key is to make sure you’ve got yourself some structured strength work within your training programs to ensure you’re getting the most from your efforts overtime.

Don’t just be doing a bunch of conditioning stuff that’s written on a board.

You NEED Strength.

Take it from Deadlfitin’ Dan as he knows.

Now, if you liked this and want to know more, I’ve got plenty for you.


Thanks Travis.  Awesome Post.

Travis has put together 36 more “CHAOS” sessions plus tons of done-for-you structured strength work.

It’s all within his patented “C2 Method” of programming that’s inside the NEW Unbreakable Badass Blueprint Training System that he just unleashed and this week has it on a big time DISCOUNT.

If you’re looking to boost your athleticism and get ripped while avoiding the injuries then check out the next page.

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