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The Complete Guide To Intermittent Fasting

Note:  During this post I use a number of references on intermittent fasting that I’ll touch upon:

IF – Intermittent Fasting
– A person that incorporates Intermittent Fasting into their lifestyles.
– When you eat in a style that incorporates Intermittent Fasting.
BS or BS’er
– Breakfast Skipper
– Average Frustrated Dieter
– Forced Grazers – who forced themselves to graze (eat 5-6 times a day) and eat breakfast because they thought it was the right thing to do.

Like most trends that catch on fire…in the past few years none have been more widely discussed and debated than the Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle.

As of right now there could not be a wider spectrum of opinions on IF.  I am obviously bias to towards IF because I was able to easily transform my body and live a healthy lifestyle through the use of these IF principles we will be talking about.

110 Ways To Change Your Body This Year

Hey there…hope you are doing great and having an awesome day.

I really do believe that this year is going to be your fittest year ever. It really doesn’t take much. I know that once you make that decision to get fit and take action…

…the world will move out of your way and give you the plan to get you in shape.

Wherever you are, just know that you can always be better, and health and fitness is a constant journey. Remember you have everything inside of you for greatness; it is up to you to tap into that and reach your true potential.

My favorite fitness girls from Katrina Hodgson and Karena Dawn

It is my goal in this article to give you many quick tips that you can implement in order to change your life and live in the body you deserve to be in.

Trying to do every one of these tips in the first week would be overwhelming, I recommend reading them all over a couple times and then find 2-5 the first week to incorporate into your life.

The BIGGEST Nutrition Lie Part 2

Continued from Part 1…

So I decided to try out this experiment by eating three meals a day, split apart 4 hours each with a 16 hour break in between.

Martin Berkhan calls it 16-8 Intermittent Fasting but I personally try to stay away from the word “Fasting” as it tends to scare a lot of people.  I just called it “The New Rules of Eating”…at least for the time I was doing the experiment.

The BIGGEST Nutrition Lie Part 1

Heeyyyyy there…hope you are doing awesome.

I just got back from sunny Punta Cana and I had amazing time down there. It was nice to get away knowing that it was snowing like crazy back home in Toronto…then when I got back I had 10 cm of snow waiting for me at my doorstep…ahhh shoot!

At least in Punta Cana I got 2 things crossed on my “bucket list” crossed off when I was vacationing:

1) PARASAILING…where they strap you to a parachute and drive you around in a boat while you are suspended 100 meters in the air…fun stuff…but I was scared like heck because I am a little afraid of heights.  Hey you only live once 🙂

And my most favorite thing I did in Punta Cana….

2)SURFING …I’ve always wanted to do this since I was a little kid but never got the chance to…until now. Now I know why I’ve always wanted to do it…because it is one of the BEST FEELINGS IN THE WORLD. They took us to this little deserted place called Macau beach in Punta Cana.

Then they pretty much gave us a little lesson in how to get up on the surf board…

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