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Your Bodies “Set Point” (The Temperature Theory)

There are tons of concepts in the world of fat loss but none may ring more true than the one I’m about to tell you about today.

It’s called the Fat Loss Temperature Theory.

This won’t take too long because the concept is very simple to explain.

Now this may sound weird but…

Take a moment and visualize your body as a big thermometer…

3 Reasons To Eat 3 Meals A Day

Hey there…hope you are doing awesome.  I really don’t know what it is with me and 3’s these days.  In the last two blog posts I talked about 33 Things I Learned About Intermittent Fasting and Other Random Thoughts and then I posted 33 Tips Mental Toughness and Being Awesome.

Maybe 3’s my lucky number?  Anyyywaaaayss…

After i adopted an Intermittent fasting lifestyle I’ve decreased the total number of meals a day I take in.  There are so many reasons for this; all of which I’ll be taking about in this blog post.

It’s kinda funny when I talk about eating 3 meals a day to the uneducated.  I get weird looks and people start to get into debate mode or make excuses for themselves in regards to their frequent feeding schedules.

When did eating 3 meals a day become so vilified and When did 5 meals a day become the norm for fat loss?

Can You Do Intermittent Fasting And Paleo?

One of the questions I’m asked frequently is what to eat when on an Intermittent Fasting (IF’er) type of lifestyle. Since I prefer simplicity and putting the least amount of thought into my food, I truly believe that Paleo and Intermittent Fasting are a match made in heaven.

When you think about the main concept of Paleo and the main concept of IF…we are really taking things back to the way we normally ate millions of years ago.

Interview With Dr. Peter Osborne On Gluten Sensitivities

Hey you…hope you are doing great.  Today I’m going to let you in on a little diet trick that has allowed me to burn more fat, become less bloated after meals and increase my energy throughout the entire day.

This little conversation changed my life:

You see…when I was in California for a fitness conference, during lunch I ate a salad with a small piece of crunchy garlic toast that came with it as a side.  I don’t normally eat bread but it was my “cheat day”…so I decided to eat the piece of garlic toast…

Top 5 Fat Loss Supplements Interview With Rob King

Hey there…hope you are doing super awesome.

So…how’s it going? Summer’s already started but the question is…have you? Have you started to make the moves to getting into better shape? Do you have your fat loss exercise plan laid out? Do you have your nutrition plan laid out? Are you following your plan?

If you are then awesome..*HIGH FIVES*…and if you are not…

…then IT’S OKAY.

You still have enough time to change your body just in time for July/August. The only thing is…you gotta start and you gotta start now. Invest in that program. Buy that book. Join that boot camp.  Apply that knowledge. Get your goals in place and start now. I trust in you and I know that anything you put your mind to you can accomplish.

What’s happening with me? Well…I’m glad you asked 😉

How Insulin and Eating Frequently Negatively Affect Your Fat Loss

Here’s a little email I sent out to my girls who are doing my 6 Week Transformation Domination Contest…okay so I added the “Domination” part…it just sounds cooler.

I also posted this picture on my Facebook profile and subsequently had a bunch of bodybuilder type dudes comment on it…

This picture ended up getting responses from them like:

Yah dude…eating that way really works

Oh yeaaaahhh….Broooo eating 5 meals a day is like the best way to get lean….word…homie

Little did they know that I was actually MAKING FUN of the whole eating 5 meals a day myth.

Oh bodybuilders…they can be so silly at times.

If you have been reading my blog you know that this whole eat 5-6 meals a day  frequently  for fat loss is TOTALLY FALSE and VOID of any factual evidence supporting it.

It is actually much easier and MORE EFFECTIVE for fat loss to eat 3 meals a day instead.

Top 7 Benefits of Doing Intermittent Fasting

Hey there…it is Ninja Dan here and I hope you are doing great. This awesome weather in Toronto is making me verrrrry happy and I hope it’s doing the same for you wherever you are 🙂

On Thursday I get to leave for Vegas for my quarterly Mastermind meetings with some of the best fitness experts in North America and I am psyched!

I just really hope I don’t end here again….

When I talk to my girls at boot camp they always say the same thing, “You are going to Vegas again?!?

All I can say is that I’m truly blessed I have this opportunity to travel and meet some of the best fit pros on the planet. If you know me then you know I pride myself on being surrounded by really cool people that can help me evolve. That’s part of the reason I love hanging around my boot camp clients so much…

They are so motivated to achieve their goals that it actually pushes me harder to achieve mine.  It’s also a reason why I’m joining them in our 6 week Total Body Boot Camp Transformation Contest. Achieving your fitness goals becomes much faster and easier when you do it with a motivated group of women.

I may even join them for a workout or two 😉

My girls working hard towards their summer fitness goals

Now you’ve probably heard me talk about Intermittent Fasting before and if you haven’t heard it from me you have probably heard it in the news because it’s a HOT topic in the fat loss community.

First things first: What is Intermittent fasting?

Ninja Diet Hack #1 – Clean out your pantry

Hellooooo there….hope you are doing awesome and had an amazing new year! It’s 2011 and it’s time for you to FINALLY fit into that sexy body you deserve. This is the year you will buy newer sexier clothes 1-2 sizes smaller than you are used to wearing…because YOU CAN.

It’s too easy to get caught up in the bad eating habits of the holidays.  The trick is just to stop…completely stop treating every day like it is the holidays and start eating healthy and normal again.  Once you do that you’ll start to gain some positive momentum.

Option B is not even an option for us.

The BIGGEST Nutrition Lie Part 2

Continued from Part 1…

So I decided to try out this experiment by eating three meals a day, split apart 4 hours each with a 16 hour break in between.

Martin Berkhan calls it 16-8 Intermittent Fasting but I personally try to stay away from the word “Fasting” as it tends to scare a lot of people.  I just called it “The New Rules of Eating”…at least for the time I was doing the experiment.

The BIGGEST Nutrition Lie Part 1

Heeyyyyy there…hope you are doing awesome.

I just got back from sunny Punta Cana and I had amazing time down there. It was nice to get away knowing that it was snowing like crazy back home in Toronto…then when I got back I had 10 cm of snow waiting for me at my doorstep…ahhh shoot!

At least in Punta Cana I got 2 things crossed on my “bucket list” crossed off when I was vacationing:

1) PARASAILING…where they strap you to a parachute and drive you around in a boat while you are suspended 100 meters in the air…fun stuff…but I was scared like heck because I am a little afraid of heights.  Hey you only live once 🙂

And my most favorite thing I did in Punta Cana….

2)SURFING …I’ve always wanted to do this since I was a little kid but never got the chance to…until now. Now I know why I’ve always wanted to do it…because it is one of the BEST FEELINGS IN THE WORLD. They took us to this little deserted place called Macau beach in Punta Cana.

Then they pretty much gave us a little lesson in how to get up on the surf board…

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