How I Got Photo Shoot Ready Using An Intermittent Fasting Diet

Hello my ninja!  Check this video on how I used an Intermittent Fasting Diet to get into my best shape for a photo shoot.

The End Result:

What’s next?

Not quite sure yet.  The next step is to figure out how to maintain this while still living an awesome lifestyle.  I’ll probably do another shoot in 6 months (or train to dunk a basketball) but for now I’ll revel in the fruits of my labour 🙂

Thanks for all the support!

Your ninja,


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FLN Client Spotlight – Heidi’s SECRET To Losing 43 Pounds & Dropping 5 Dress Sizes

What’s up my ninja!

Every month I do FLN  (Fat Loss Ninja) Client Success interviews.  In these interviews I interrogate my clients into revealing their own little tricks and tips they’ve used to transform their bodies.

These clients either come from my Markham Boot Camp or from my online coaching program.

NOTE: My ninja online coaching program is not open just yet.  I’m just focusing on a couple of my clients before opening up more spots to everyone else.  Stay tuned for that.

And today we have Heidi Hernandez from Markham, ON, Canada.

Your Bodies “Set Point” (The Temperature Theory)

There are tons of concepts in the world of fat loss but none may ring more true than the one I’m about to tell you about today.

It’s called the Fat Loss Temperature Theory.

This won’t take too long because the concept is very simple to explain.

Now this may sound weird but…

Take a moment and visualize your body as a big thermometer…

Interview With JC Deen Of

JC Deen Interview

Hey Friends!

I honestly feel amazingly blessed to be able to surround myself with other fitness experts.  It just makes me that much better as a trainer when I spend one hour each day reading up blogs to find new ways on how to get you into amazing shape.

The one blog I go to on a regular basis is JC Deen’s blog at

I feel as if he is one of the most underrated fitness experts out there and his philosophy on training and nutrition really jives with my lifestyle.  It doesn’t hurt that he’s an intermittent fasting practitioner that been coached by the likes of Martin Berkhan.

The Fat Loss Ninja Interviews Top Strength Coach Nick Tumminello

Nick Tuminello – Author, Contributor to Men’s Health Magazine and…and overall badass…just sayin.

The Bounce Back Effect – Why We Get Results And Then Fall Back To Our Old Ways

I’m about to get a little woo-woo on you…and this conversation might be a little uncomfortable but it’s something we have to talk about.

There is this crazy thing that happens in one persons life when they actually start to get results called…The Bounce Back Effect.

Metabolic Workout Transformation

After doing my metabolic workouts and taking up an Intermittent fasting lifestyle I’ve taken my body from a lump of coal into…not quite like a diamond but it’s getting there.

Check out the before from after Christmas…

And with a little touch up, here is the after pic so far..

I feel pretty good about it and I know I still got more fat to burn.  It’s always good to see the progress.


17 Things I learned in 2010

What’s up my Ninja! Hope you are doing awesome. It’s about that time of year where I sit back and reflect about everything that has happened in the past year. All the triumphs…all the mistakes…all the tears…all the laughter…all in this post.

I was going to do blog on “How to Avoid the Holiday Weight Gain” but that gets really boring after awhile.  I mean, why say things that can be said in a couple words: Eat less, don’t eat crap and keep exercising.

So I took all of the things I learned in the past year and put them all into this one post so that you can take the lessons I learned this year and apply them to your own lean body lifestyle.

Your Biggest obstacle to leading a fitness lifestyle

Hey there…hope you are great!

I meant to talk to you earlier in the week but things are pretty pretty busy around here at Ninjaman headquarters.

Our main focus is to give you the best information out there to not only “look great naked” but also maintain an actual social life 😛

I’m a big believer that you can still have a social life, still be able to do the things you want to do and be with the people you want to be with….and still get LEAN.

Trust me…I’ve put myself through CRAZY things I would never do ever again in the hopes of dropping a couple of percentages of body fat.

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