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FLN Client Spotlight – Heidi’s SECRET To Losing 43 Pounds & Dropping 5 Dress Sizes

What’s up my ninja!

Every month I do FLN  (Fat Loss Ninja) Client Success interviews.  In these interviews I interrogate my clients into revealing their own little tricks and tips they’ve used to transform their bodies.

These clients either come from my Markham Boot Camp or from my online coaching program.

NOTE: My ninja online coaching program is not open just yet.  I’m just focusing on a couple of my clients before opening up more spots to everyone else.  Stay tuned for that.

And today we have Heidi Hernandez from Markham, ON, Canada.

Interview With JC Deen Of JCDFitness.com

JC Deen Interview

Hey Friends!

I honestly feel amazingly blessed to be able to surround myself with other fitness experts.  It just makes me that much better as a trainer when I spend one hour each day reading up blogs to find new ways on how to get you into amazing shape.

The one blog I go to on a regular basis is JC Deen’s blog at JCDFitness.com

I feel as if he is one of the most underrated fitness experts out there and his philosophy on training and nutrition really jives with my lifestyle.  It doesn’t hurt that he’s an intermittent fasting practitioner that been coached by the likes of Martin Berkhan.

The Fat Loss Ninja Interviews Top Strength Coach Nick Tumminello

Nick Tuminello – Author, Contributor to Men’s Health Magazine and T-Nation.com…and overall badass…just sayin.

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