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Hey there my ninja!

I’m doing something a little different at the bloggity blog here.

It’s no secret that I’m a little bit of an information junkie and if you are reading this blog post I’m sure you appreciate the occasional knowledge bomb from time to time.

I’ve been itching to do a complete blog post on my 2 month trek to Asia except I have some projects that need to be completed.  It’s gonna have the whole trip from day 1 to 60 along with some videos of all the cool (and stupid) stuff I did down there like:

Sightseeing, eating grasshoppers, riding and feeding elephants, partying and doing a bunch of stuff I wouldn’t recommend anyone else to do.

So until that happens I want to give you my top 5 Fitness Reads of the week.

All of them are thought provoking as well as what I like to call “easy reads”, which means that after you are done reading them you don’t notice how much time passed by.

I’m Going On Sabbatical. Bye.


Self Experimentation is something I like to pride myself on.  I can’t say that I alway come up with these things myself.  I’m am the sum of what I’ve learned and experienced.  This includes the influences I allow into my life.

Last month there came a point in time where things were moving way to fast for me….

The Fat Loss Ninja Invades CanFit Pro

I just made a quick trip to the annual Can Fit Pro Trade show here in good ole Toronto.

Can Fit Pro is a conference that is held all over Canada with the biggest one being in Toronto. I normally hate going to these things because a lot of the seminars…SUCK.

But the one thing I love doing is going to the trade show and thanks to my trainer Irina Andreea (in the pic below on the left) and Yoga Expert Gillian B (www.GillianB.com) I was able to get some free tickets for me and my friends.

Dear Gym (a love story)

I’m not perfect.

Something has been on my mind since Sunday and it’ really been bothering me.  It’s been bothering me to the point of sleeping and waking up with the same problem on my brain eating away at my consciousness.

It’s not a good feeling.

So I did what I always do…

I hit the gym.

The gym has been a part of my life for the past 10+ years.  If it wasn’t for the gym I really think that I’d be fat, dead, in jail or working a 9-5 job that I hate going to every single day (same thing).

It has been the longest relationship I have ever had in my life.  The gym is where I celebrate my successes.  It’s where I slay my dragons.

The gym is where I break myself down and then build myself back up.

So this is a letter to the one constant that has been in my life for the past 10 years…the gym.

Here goes…

15 Things That Make Life Awesome

Hey there…hope you are doing awesome!

There were two inspirations for this blog post:

One was the fact that Nate Green posted this on his blog and I loved the idea so much that I decided to “poach” it.

Btw grab his free 136 page Hero Handbook on his website. It’s a guide I use to be a complete hero in my own life.  You can grab it completely free at the link below…

==> The Hero Handbook by Nate Green

The other inspiration was this book that my trainer (and boot camp business partner) Irina gave me:

This book pretty much sums up my life at this moment.

So going along with the theme today…here are the things that are awesome in my life.

Rule Of Thumb: Don’t Believe My Bull Sh*t…

Hellooo there my friend…hope you are doing great and having fun. In this moment…I have The Weeknd playing on my Beats By Dre headphones (shameless plug), I’m sitting at my dinner table with a perfect view of my backyard while I’m writing out this blog post…life…is awesome.

Btw go do yourself a favor and download The Weeknd album House of Balloons by clicking the balloon picture below…

It’s one my albums that’s on heaaaavy repeat…it’s also free.  Even though it’s a little on the emo side, it has cocaine references, and it has profanity…

It’s still GOOD music.

Perfect for chilling out, doing the “nookie” and blogging.

Things are a little craze on my end…I love it. I don’t know if I told you…I’m FINALLY moving to downtown Toronto in August. It’s been a dream of mine since I was in High School to live the “City Life” and I’m finally doing it.

I’m addicted to the energy of downtown…and quite frankly…after living my whole life in the ‘burbs…it’s a welcome change. I’m still going to miss my house, being close to my uptown friends and my family…I’ll always have lots of love for them and I promise to visit 😉

In late June, I head to New York to work on my “Top Secret” project that I CAN’T talk about or I’ll get abducted by ninja’s…then I’m off to San Diego in September for mastermind meetings and then…drum roll please….

I go on my two month soul searching trip to Asia (Thailand, Hong Kong, Taipei and wherever else the wind takes me)

I seriously miss this place and the people in it

What I value most in my life is new experiences, especially travel…so I can’t help if I get giddy like a little school girl when I think of what is to come in the near future.  It’s quite disturbing.

It’s funny though…one side of me is getting excited while the other part of me is trying to stay grounded because I know I have a lot to accomplish and get a lot of projects to get DONE before I leave on my trips.

It’s the yin and yang…I don’t want to get too up or too down. I always try to stay neutral to look at things rationally.

Today I saw a status message from one of my fitness buddies Scott Tousignant that said…

If you can’t read that tiny picture (no thanks to my horrible photoshop skills)  it says…

I see too many “Puppets” in the fitness industry. Don’t be afraid to express yourself & your uniqueness. Where’s your heart & passion? What are your “True” thoughts and feelings? …just some food for thought.

The funny thing is that when I woke up this morning…this was the EXACT thing on my mind. Call it law of attraction…call it fate…but when I saw this I had to write out how I felt…

The Bounce Back Effect – Why We Get Results And Then Fall Back To Our Old Ways

I’m about to get a little woo-woo on you…and this conversation might be a little uncomfortable but it’s something we have to talk about.

There is this crazy thing that happens in one persons life when they actually start to get results called…The Bounce Back Effect.

Totally random blog post…

What is up my fellow Ninja…hope you are doing awesome 🙂

I came back last night from a Fitness Conference in Cali and it was a BLAST! I’ll be coming out with a blog post about what I learned in Cali next week.

It’s honestly so great to be around 400+ positive minded people who are all focused on achieving more for their lives and giving more to their clients.

In fact here are a couple pictures of my time in Cali…

Ninjaman’s Fitness and Fat Loss Predictions for 2011

Helloooooo what is up my Ninja!

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, Holidays…whatever…Just be happy! 🙂

It is time for me to look into my crystal ball and make some predictions for the year of 2011. All of my predictions are based on where I see the fitness and fat loss industry going for the next year and beyond.

What helps the fact is that I am a part of a group of high level fitness experts from all over North America. The group is lead by THE FITNESS expert Craig Ballantyne or Braig Callantyne as he likes to be called. The knowledge I get from these guys and gals is priceless…If you are reading this then you are mucho appreciated my friends.

Btw the very last of my predictions is my MOST FAVORITE out of all of them.

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