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Ninja Ab Combo: Renegade Rows and Ab Wheels

What’s up my ninja. I’m just taking a quick break from a new project to give you an ab combo that’s been working for me like gangbusters.

Note: If someone can explain to me what word “gangbusters” mean please leave a comment down below.

Been working hard on my body (esp. my abs) because I’ve committed myself to doing a half nekkid photoshoot in June.

Booking a photo shoot has been a big time motivator for me as I get in shape for the summer and if you are looking for a big kick in the butt to get in shape for summer I suggest you do the same.

Big Time Commitments = Big Time Results.

It certainly helps that even though I’m in a daily calorie deficit (other than cheat days) I’m not feeling the “diet pains” people usually experience when cutting down.

It has a TON to do with my intermittent fasting style of eating and also an easier way to track my calories and macros but more on that a little later…

Today I’m going to show you two ab exercises I’ve been doing lately that have been really cutting out my abdominals like…gangbusters 🙂

How To Build Six Pack Abs

Hey there…hope you are doing awesome. Today Brett Campbell (author and writer for Oxygen Magazine) drops by and shows us how to build a good set of 6 pack abs.

I know Brett from my fitness masterminds I attend every 3-4 months.  This guy definitely knows what to do and how to help his clients sculpt a nice flat stomach.

If you want a firmer midsection then take a few minutes to read this blog and watch the video below.

3 Lower Ab Exercise Circuits and Our New Trainer

Hey there…hope you are doing awesome.

I’m pretty excited right now because we just hired a new trainer for our women’s fitness boot camps we run in Markham.

Her name is Irina and she’s going to be awesome. She just had her first class yesterday and she did AWESOME!

One of the reasons I hired Irina is because she definitely knows what it takes to get her body into shape…her other career is in fitness modeling.

That means she always has to stay in shape and get into even BETTER shape when she does photo shoots.  And Irina does it all naturally WITHOUT all the drugs and other dangerous stuff people put into their bodies.

So to get Irina into great shape and have her abs nice and lean for the photo shoots we developed 3 quick and different lower ab circuits for her.

How to get back in shape in ONLY 1 hour a week

Okay…now for the past 2 weeks I’ve been asked by everyone and their momma about how they’ll be be able to get back in shape in ONLY 1 hour a week.

Now by saying that, it may seem to be a little hypey but it’s the truth. These are the very same workouts I use for the clients in my women only boot camp.

You are probably asking, “Now why would you even think that I need to get back in shape?

Well the fact is…I don’t. I can only talk about the experience I have had doing consultations with thousands of women. The one thing they want most in the world is just to FIT BACK into their old clothes from a couple years ago. Seriously!

No one really comes to me and says, “Dan, my goal is to look like a SUPER MODEL.” And quite honestly…that’s just a unfair image fed to us by TV people and advertisements…just sayin.

One Minute Metabolism Maximizer workout

Hey there mah ninja!  I just got back from Vegas where I was meeting with a bunch of fitness experts.  I feel like my brain is going to explode with the amount of information I learned this weekend. I can’t wait to share some of it with you.

Vegas was pretty awesome. I got to create some new relationships with really cool and really smart people:

Quick Ten Minute Workout to Elevate your metabolism and BURN FAT

Hey there my Ninja!  I am about to jump the plane to Vegas to meet with my fellow fitness experts and get edumacated.  Before I did that I wanted to share with you a quick 10 minute workout I do with my female clients.

*Editors note –  I did this video back when I was doing Movember (where you grow your mustache for in support of prostate cancer research) so I will look a little disgusting in this video.  Just a warning.*

Usually this can be done in the comfort of your own home and it is a great workout for those that are strapped for time but want to get a quick workout in.  Doing this workout intensely will help elevate that metabolism and if you do it hard enough…you can be burning calories in your sleep.  Check it out below:

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