Renegade Rows and Ab Wheels

Ninja Ab Combo: Renegade Rows and Ab Wheels

What’s up my ninja. I’m just taking a quick break from a new project to give you an ab combo that’s been working for me like gangbusters.

Note: If someone can explain to me what word “gangbusters” mean please leave a comment down below.

Been working hard on my body (esp. my abs) because I’ve committed myself to doing a half nekkid photoshoot in June.

Booking a photo shoot has been a big time motivator for me as I get in shape for the summer and if you are looking for a big kick in the butt to get in shape for summer I suggest you do the same.

Big Time Commitments = Big Time Results.

It certainly helps that even though I’m in a daily calorie deficit (other than cheat days) I’m not feeling the “diet pains” people usually experience when cutting down.

It has a TON to do with my intermittent fasting style of eating and also an easier way to track my calories and macros but more on that a little later…

Today I’m going to show you two ab exercises I’ve been doing lately that have been really cutting out my abdominals like…gangbusters 🙂

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