I’m Going On Sabbatical. Bye.

Self Experimentation is something I like to pride myself on.  I can’t say that I alway come up with these things myself.  I’m am the sum of what I’ve learned and experienced.  This includes the influences I allow into my life.

Last month there came a point in time where things were moving way to fast for me….

I just moved to downtown Toronto and for a small city boy like myself…life sped up faster than a Lambourghini at 150 miles an hour with no brakes.

I can’t lie though.

The last two months have been a spectacular adventure for myself. I’ve been going out on weekdays (GASP), hitting the dating scene, and filling up my nighttime hours with social events amongst overall tomfoolery.

I even partied on a Sunday.  Yes my friends I partied on a Sunday….TWICE.

It was fun. I loved it. But…

The going out, the partying and the dating had taken a toll on me. My productivity suffered. I had to endure several hours of extra cardio to make up for the abundance of calories I had taken in the form of wine amongst other alcoholic beverages.

I was getting up later than I wanted to.

Staying up longer than I planned.

All of this combined with developing a boot camp business that is still in its infancy and working on top secret projects with extremely intelligent fitness experts…pretty much had me floored.

To top it all off I am leaving for a two month trip around Asia in October…and NOTHING was done.

I Was Spinning Out of Control and Something Had to Give.

It came to the point where I had woken up 2 hours past my alarm, brushed my teeth, looked in the mirror and said,


The next words that came out of my mouth were, “THAT’S IT”.

Enter “The Sabbatical”

I then proceeded to eliminate all distractions out of my life (women included) and spent the next week in total grind mode.

No going out.

No dating.

Just me, my clients, my projects and my workouts.

It ended up being the MOST productive week I have ever had in my albeit short lifespan.

To do’s got done. The Boot Camp was seeing progress after two months of low season.

I was starting new projects such as my Sculpted in 6 program I’m running at boot camp and I finished a good portion of the “Top Secret” project.

My Productivity Went Through The Roof and I Could’t Be More Happier

Look, I’m a pretty extreme guy and I love self-experimentation.

I do think that everyone who is working out should be in a constant state of self experimentation.

– It was after I went through 7 different ways of eating until I found Intermittent Fasting as the best fit for my lifestyle.

– After 5+ years of doing circuit training I finally gave bodybuilding workouts another shot and it’s changed my body in ways I wouldn’t even imagine (transformation blog post up soon).

Hey, I once put myself on a protein shake diet for a full month.  No foods.  Just protein shakes.  It was the worst month of my life and probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever done to my body.

Yet if I didn’t try it then I wouldn’t have known.

Now because I got such great results with the first week of sabbatical I decided to take it further:  A full 6 week sabbatical until I leave for Asia in October.

Why I’m Going On Sabbatical

I was chillin in San Diego at my boy Dave Sinick’s loft. It was Dave, Alex Maroko and me just shooting the shit about everything from women to Wiz Khalifa.

I thought I was pretty cool when I told Alex about my week long sabbatical until he ultimately dropped the bomb…

He’s been on sabbatical for a full out 4 months.

My exact words?  “WHAT?  4 F***** MONTHS?”

Listen, it would be different if I heard it from a guy that had no choice of women in his life but Alex is…different.  He’s got choices.

Dude would be Rico Suave if Rico Suave were Jewish.

So a 4 month (and counting) sabbatical is a pretty big deal if you ask me.

I was teetering on the edge of actually going through with this…

So When I Heard About His Own “Sabbatical” Journey I Thought, “Why not?”

I have so many reasons to do this.  Most of which have to do with progressing as a person and pushing my career forward.  So 6 weeks without going out, no booze, no dating and all business is pretty attractive to me at this moment.

I also have a lot on my plate that needs to be done:
– I have to set up my boot camp business to ensure it runs smoothly without my involvement.
– I have to finish more components of my world changing project that’s due out in January.
– I have to plan out my two month Asia trip 🙂
– I’m running and supporting my 6 week Sculpting Program at my boot camp.
– More blog posts and more cutting edge fitness content for you because your awesome and you deserve it.
– I have 6 weeks to change my own body before I hit the beaches of Thailand therefore I’m doing the Sculpting program with my clients.

Lot’s of quality projects I got going on and a lot of reasons to stick to this sabbatical.

Where Do I Think This Will Take Me?

My guess would be that after these 6 weeks are done I’ll get a better understanding of myself.  I’ll be tested in ways that I’ve never been tested before and it will lead to my growth into the ultimate man I can become.

I’ll also be productive enough to finish the things I set out to do in the list I gave you above.

Yes I am giving up the nightlife of one of the best cities in the world.  In fact, the week I decided to do my sabbatical it was the final week of the Toronto Film Festival.

Yes I am giving this up for now.

In my case short term pain will equal long term gain.

Plus I’ll have plenty to enjoy when I hit up my second home Hong Kong.  I’m sure I can delay my wild ways until then.

With that I’ll leave you with a video we shot in San Diego.

This has nothing to do with fitness.  It’s kinda actually kinda weird if you ask me.

It was so weird that I had to share it with you:

Wish me luck on the sabbatical 🙂


Ps. I’m working on a blog post that will probably challenge a lot of beliefs and probably make a lot of people mad at me. Can’t wait to share it with ya.

Pps.  Did you know that I got my first article published on Livestrong.com?  Check it out down below:

—> Top 20 Muscle Building Foods aka. My first of many Livestrong.com articles <=== Click here

Facebook comments:


  • Wanda says:

    Hey Dan!

    Kudos to you going on sabbatical! I know from experience it takes a lot of guts and determination to do this given you’re super ambitious, driven and obviously a workaholic (but you love your work so kudos to that too).

    I only attended one of your bootcamp referred by my gf, Ellen Robb… I was the girl who teased about your bear claw move and took the liberty of renaming it the sexy cat crawl 😀

    I get your blog updates and every once in a while peer at it to speculate on some health motivation tips. Job very well done with all your accomplishments thus far and I’m sure theres more super goodness to come of it. All the best to your 6 wk sabbatical and have a safe and awesome trip in Asia.


    • NinjaMan NinjaMan says:

      Hey Wanda of course I remember you. How could I forget the sexy cat crawl?

      Thank you for all the compliments. I really do appreciate it. I have a lot of good content coming up soon so keep reading 🙂


  • Rob King says:

    Hey Dan,

    Enjoy man. I am sure it will be an amazing experience.

    Keep me posted and all the best dude.


  • Randy Woody says:

    Dan, smart self analysis and great move on your part. You will come out farther along than 1 year of plugging along. Great post.

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