How I Got Photo Shoot Ready Using An Intermittent Fasting Diet

Hello my ninja!  Check this video on how I used an Intermittent Fasting Diet to get into my best shape for a photo shoot.

The End Result:

What’s next?

Not quite sure yet.  The next step is to figure out how to maintain this while still living an awesome lifestyle.  I’ll probably do another shoot in 6 months (or train to dunk a basketball) but for now I’ll revel in the fruits of my labour 🙂

Thanks for all the support!

Your ninja,


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  • Dan, right on! This is why you’re the “Fat Loss Ninja”. Thanks for the inspiration. Can’t wait to see what you’ll tackle next.


  • Tracey says:

    Just watched the video, the photo story at the end is awesome. It shows how the changes over time are really subtle but end with amazing results. Excellent motivation to be consistent. Also I thought your advice on how getting is shape is simple but not easy is so true! Congrats to you on that photo shoot, you have got to be proud of that you look awesome. I am now a dedicated fan of intermittent fasting, I have had great results using it over the last few months. Once you truly understand IF, it is like a secret weapon in weight loss.

  • Eddie says:

    Amazing job Dan! Great video and great results, very impressive. I’m cutting down now too and doing pretty well so far. Out of curiosity, what was your final weight at the end of your cut? Also how tall are you? I’m trying to get over the mental hurdle that to get very lean I’m going to have to get much lighter than I’ve been in a long time.

    • NinjaMan NinjaMan says:

      Thanks Eddie!

      I went from 177 to 164 in weight. I thought 167 to 170 was enough but alas we always need to lose a little bit more than we *think* we need to. Just make sure when you do the cut that you’re strength keeps maintaining it’s level. If it dips down too low then you may be cutting calories too much.

      Hope this helps!

      • Eddie says:

        Thanks for the reply my ninja!

        Hmmm…could be cutting calories a bit much. I’ve gone from 177 to 163 in 10 weeks, although strength has been steady. I’m 5’11” and I already feel like 163 is too light, although I wouldn’t mind getting a bit leaner. Time to rethink and reload…

      • NinjaMan NinjaMan says:

        If you’re strength is staying steady then your calories should be pretty fine on your cut. It all depends on how you think your body looks. I thought I would be fine at 167 but I really had to get to 164 to see some real definition. It’s amazing what a couple pounds can do.

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