Today, I’m going to be giving away 5 FREE copies of the entire 6 Minute Superhuman System, and I’ll tell you exactly how one of those free copies can be yours (it’s extremely easy to enter and everyone has the same fair chance of winning).

But first, we want to show you EVERYTHING you’ll get when you win:

The Complete 6-week
6 Minute Superhuman System




Your Six Week 6 Minute Superhuman Program

Component 1: Six Weeks of 6 Minute Superhuman Workouts You Can Follow Along With ($197 Value)

In only 6 MInutes or less you’ll get in your increase your strengths, speed, flexibility and energy using the proven Peak Performance Formula. Every single week we will progress in the program together and each week you’ll get brand new workouts that build upon the last. Not only that, but you’ll be going through each exercise and workout under the instruction of yours truly – and doing many of the workouts along with me and my 6MS workout partner. It’s like having your very own 6 Minute Superhuman team at your disposal to train with anywhere you want whether it be at home or in the gym. The workouts can be watched on your computer, iPad, iPod or iPhone, for an amazing 6MS workout available right at your finger tips.




Program GuideComponent 2 The 6 Minute Superhuman Program Guide ($197 Value)

Not only will you have 6 weeks worth of progress-based follow along videos, but you’ll also receive our guide that will take you by the hand and show you exactly what workouts to use and when the perfect time would be to use them. It doesn’t get any more easier than this. All you have to do is press play and become an enhanced human being.







The Self Myofascial Release Videos#3 The ULTIMATE Self Myofascial Release Program ($97 Value)

You’ll get more follow along videos where you’ll discover EXACTLY how to apply the first principle of the Peak Performance Formula in Self Myofascial Release to decrease your pain, bulletproof your body from injuries and increase your body’s natural physical potential. You’ll discover the power of two inexpensive massage tools that are used every day by high level athletes to keep their body’s in top physical shape.





The Neuromuscular Activation Videos#4 Your Neuromuscular Activation Exercise Library ($97 Value)

Your body cannot work properly if you don’t wake up it’s own nervous system. The videos in the Neuromuscular Activation workouts will show you exactly which exercises to use right before any physical activity to have you operating at your best. The beauty is that you can do these anytime and anywhere with no equipment necessary. These workouts are the ultimate “wake up call” for your body and are essential if you workout on a regular basis.





The Dynamic Mobility VideosComponent 5: Your Dynamic Mobility Exercise Library ($97 Value)

This is the final piece of the puzzle when it comes getting your body to work at its most optimal condition. The over 50 Unique Dynamic Mobility exercises were designed to activate your dormant muscles and work INSTANTLY bring your body back into a highly efficient functional movement environment. The best part is that these exercises do not require any type of equipment and can be done anywhere.





6MS Upper Body Specialized WorkoutsComponent 6:  6 Minute Superhuman Upper Body Primer Workouts ($67 Value)

Do you hit the gym and ever focus on more upper body specific lifts? This is the perfect 6MS program that will get your chest, back, shoulders, biceps and triceps INSTANTLY ready to hit new personal records, break your lifting plateaus and finish off your sets STRONG with enhanced muscular endurance. This is perfect for the gym enthusiast doing bodybuilding or powerlifting workouts.







6MS Lower Body Specialized WorkoutsComponent 7: 6 Minute Superhuman Lower Body Primer Workouts ($67 Value)

This is the perfect 6MS program for those hardcore lower body lifting days. Doing this 6MS workout will give you complete confidence when attempting PR’s (personal records) in your squats and deadlifts. Like the upper body workouts they’ll also end up giving you more muscular endurance to endure those heavy volume days to finish off each and every set stronger than the first.







VIP Coaching MemberComponent 8: EXCLUSIVE Access To Our VIP Coaching Group ($197 Value)

I’m very much a hands on type of guy and I put my stamp on every single program I put out there. When you purchase the 6 Minute Superhuman system I will literally take you by the hand and coach you through the entire program through my private coaching group. Once you invest in the 6MS system you’ll get an invitation to our members only VIP coaching group where I can answer all of your questions and even update you constantly with new 6MS workouts along the way.




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In the meantime, if you missed either of the below two updates, do NOT pass Go, do not collect $200 until you do:

==> 3 Workout Sins You Must AVOID
==> 3 Pre Workout Strategies You NEED to “Redesign” Your Body

Stay Ninja,














What’s up my ninja! It’s your boy Dan here again and today I want to share with you one of my favourite Cardio Strength workouts with a couple of weird (but effective) exercises.

If you watched my videos or seen the success stories on my blog you’ll know that Cardio Strength is one of the BEST fat burning workouts for busy individuals.

The great part about them is that they don’t take any longer than 20 minutes to complete and they are so intense they’ll leave your metabolisms fired up for days.

Watch it in the Youtube Box down below:

If you dug the video feel free to press those Facebook and Twitter buttons to share with your ninjas. Thanks for watching!

If you dug the video feel free to press those facebook buttons and share with your ninjas. Thanks for watching 🙂

If you fail to plan then you plan to fail” – Benjamin Franklin

Stop Failing to Achieve Your Dreams and Discover My Proven Goal Setting Plan to Help You Get What YOU Want Now.

In this online coaching program – that was available ONLY to members of my Markham  Boot Camp Training Facility – you’ll get a complete blueprint for setting your goals and vision for the rest of this year and beyond.

This proven system – that I’ve mastered after over 8 years of daily use – has not only allowed me to build my ideal body but it also enabled me to help my clients achieve their physique goals faster with laser like focus.

And they did it by taking the time to do the exercises laid out for you in today’s Metabolic Monday video.

One more thing: Before building a house you need a firm foundation to build it on. Without a firm foundation the house will fall at the slightest gust of wind.

Doing this goal setting exercise will create that foundation for your body. It will take some thought. It won’t be easy.

But in the end, if your goals are important to’ll take the time to complete them.

Set yourself up for success by putting 100% into the goal setting exercise I laid out for you. I promise you
won’t regret.


There she was staring at me from across my desk. She was an Asian girl no more than 5 foot 2 inches and even though she was 33 years old she looked no older than 21.

It was then I decided that it was time to drop the bomb…

“I’m not here to be your friend and tell you that everything is gonna be alright. If I did that I wouldn’t be doing my job. I’m here to be your coach and tell it like it is….

Plain and simple: You are lying to me.

Most importantly…

You are lying to yourself.”


If this video helped you out in any way please do us a quick favour by pressing those little Facebook and Twitter buttons below to share it with your ninja’s. Thank you!

If this video helped you out in any way please do us a quick favour by pressing those little Facebook buttons below to share it with your ninja’s. Thank you!

It was Saturday morning and I surprisingly woke up at 7am to do one of my 30/15 fat loss cardio workouts at my local gym.

I wasn’t there for more than 7 minutes before a 50-ish year old lady came in, grabbed a stability ball and started doing crazy bouncing sit-ups on the ball…

Seriously, I’ve never witnessed someone doing ball crunces/situps/bouncing like this ever before.

And at the worst time of the day when the disks in your low back are at the greatest risk of herniation from such a movement.

If you want a lean stomach then this is possibly be one of the worst and least effective ways of getting it…


Hey there, hope you are had a fantastic weekend.

Things have been pretty CRAZY on my end:

I’m opening up a brand Markham Fitness Facility, getting a new car (my lease is up) and starting the writing process on my new book/video program “Dynamic Warm ups aka. The 21st Century Warm Up.”

Here’s a quick pic of my soon-to-be new digs:

It’s kinda overwhelming to have all that stuff on my plate but I kinda like it that way 😉

Labour day is coming and summer is almost officially over. Did you come in this year at your leanest body or did you fall off the wagon just a bit?

If you did fall off the wagon I’m here to tell you…it’s okay.

One thing I keep on telling my clients is to enjoy your lean body in the summer but to treat Labour Day as if it was New Years day.

It’s a reset button of the highest order.

The parties die down, the kids are back to school and your schedule becomes a little normal as opposed to the summer time.

It’s one of the BEST times to refocus your energy and start getting back into shape.

Remember the fire, motivation and take no prisoners attitude you had when you determined on January 1st to drop those last couple of pounds and get into a new pants size?

It’s not too late.

Regardless of whatever happened in the past you have the power and the ability to change your current body no matter what obstacles are in your way

There are plenty of difficult obstacles in your path. Don’t allow yourself to become one of them.” – Ralph Marston

And that is why we are using September to springboard ourselves into fitness success.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Whatever your goal is write it down and set a deadline.

2. Write out a To Do list of what you think is necessary to get to your goal. Here are some
– Follow a proven fitness program
– get a coach
– surround yourself with people with similar goals
– track your calories
– always eat whole foods
– throw away all the junk in your fridge/pantry

3. Get started by taking action. Start knocking those to do’s off your list.

My friend, treat Labour Day as if it were January 1st. We don’t have to wait until next year to get the body we know we deserve.

We can’t change what has happened in the past but we can definitely do something about it right now and that’s the only thing that matters.

In the words of the great George Elliot, “It’s never too late to become what you might have been“.

Labour Day is coming and let’s do this together.

As usual I’m always here to help in any way I can 🙂

Talk soon my friend,


Ps. I’m testing out a new trick with my nutrition clients called freedom dieting. It’s looking pretty darn successful and I’m working on a video that will give you the EXACT details on what’s really working in today’s nutrition world.

That’ll be coming next week. Talk then!

Pps. Say hello to my friend Thor.  He’ll be joining me very soon on one of the videos 🙂

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If you enjoyed this video please share it with your friends and family by clicking those cute Facebook and Twitter buttons down below.  Thank you my ninja!

This is probably my most controversial video ever but if you can get the concepts you will save yourself from a lifetime of dieting frustration and crappy results. If you liked it and it made sense please share it with your ninja’s 🙂

Hey, what’s up, my ninja. It’s your boy Dan Go, and today we’re at Metabolic Mondays.

Today we are going to talk about the one diet that rules all. If you’re looking at this and you’re wondering who this guy is, I just watched The Hobbit, so, yeah, Gandalf came to mind when I was working on this Metabolic Mondays post, and that’s supposed to be Gandalf and that’s supposed to be his cane. When he’s in The Lord of the Rings movie, he has that one cool line where he says, “You shall not pass,” and then he jams that cane down and then all this crazy stuff happens. So, yeah, that’s pretty much where the inspiration came from. I hope I didn’t scare you with that. 

We’re gonna talk about one diet that pretty much goes against, flies against the face of pretty much all the stuff that you see out on the Interwebs and also in books and all this kinds of stuff.

I’m gonna tell you that there really is, I’m gonna say there really is no one diet—and we’re gonna actually be talking about this—there really is no one diet that rules all.

This is exactly what this video is all about. I’m gonna show you exactly what I mean.


“Will YOU Be My Next Success Story?”

Yes, I want YOU to be my next success story. I also know that in order for that to happen you’ll need to take a small leap of faith and decide to place your trust in me and my programming.

I mean, sure, I’ve got a ton of impressive science and even more awesome jokes, but what else am I really bringing to the table?

Introducing…the only thing that matters:


You see, what you may not know is that despite all of the blogging, videos and writing I actually train hundreds of clients on a weekly basis in my very own Transformation Center in Markham, ON.

I carry 11 years of personal training experience and because I’m able to train on a regular basis I humbly admit that I get still better every single day.  So I’m no desktop jockey who hides behind a computer screen.  I live this day in and day out.

In addition to that, tens of thousands of people have put their faith in my products and services, and many more have utilized the expert advice I regularly share on, the Globe and Mail, Maximum Fitness, and the National Post.

Now, I don’t say any of that to pat myself on the back, but rather to show you that I KNOW what I’m doing and I’m here to help you, too.

Fact is, I’ve already helped hundreds of people just like you with the same body type, same age, same gender, and same obstacles you’re facing feel ten years younger, gain confidence, and achieve the leanest, athletically gifted, proudest body of their life.

And the testimonials that you see below are just a small sampling of the many success stories that have flooded our inbox over the years, each ranging anywhere from just 25 short days to 12 weeks apart, each achieved by the very same principles that you learned in the last blog post.

Fitness Expert INSTANTLY Experiences Incredible Performance Gains With the 6MS System


523779_451916021514231_2049287555_n“Hi Dan,

I’m very happy to have been part of your test group. Worked out very well for me, and I’ll definitely be a continued user of these warm-ups.

Before 6MS my workouts were hard to get through, and I generally had a bit of anxiety over them knowing that I’d be painful during and afterwards. I was using a short yoga session after each workout to keep from getting too stiff and when I failed to do this, I really felt uncomfortable and stiff.

After the 6MS routine I noticed a number of positive changes. First off, my stamina during the workout was much better. Secondly I had little if any pain during the workout. I experienced a significant decrease in the amount of post-workout stiffness.

I was able to increase my workout intensity and do harder routines/exercises. Most importantly, my post workout pain was minimal to nonexistent.

To anyone else who is considering this 6MS program I’d say the following: Do it! These are things I wish had been impressed on me years ago when I was running track & cross country in college.

I have no doubt that this would’ve helped me to prevent or mitigate many of the injuries which affect me now. They only add 5 minutes to my workout time and they allow me to work harder with less negative impact on my body. No downside that I can see. I will be a firmly committed follower of this program for the rest of my life!”

Jonathan Woodman


2679_1132214505953_3109998_n“Before doing 6MS I struggled to complete some aspects of my workouts. I either had to rest or do an easier version of some exercises. I often felt my muscles were weak, sore and shaky for a day or two making it difficult for me to exercise at the intensity level I desired. I experienced pain in my knees on numerous occasions when doing exercises like lunges or squats.

After I started the 6 Minute Superhuman system I found that I recovered a lot faster from muscle soreness and didn’t feel so depleted. My knee pain was gone or greatly diminished. I was also able to finish my workouts without resting and noticed I was working slightly different muscles due, I believe, to being able to have better form and use a fuller range of motion.

With the 6MS system I noticed a difference. First it is short making it easy to implement but more importantly the pain in my knees was reduced or completely gone and I was able to complete each exercise in my workouts with better form and intensity.

This program also made me a believer in the self massage techniques. I have always heard how great a massage is but had never experienced it myself until I started using this. It has become my favorite part of the routine and I believe it contributes greatly to the success of the program. The 6 Minute Superhuman system is definitely something I will continue to use before my workouts.”

Teresa Chipman

yeeshinBefore doing 6MS I was doing 2-3 Boot camp classes per week. Only casually stretched and did no massages before.After doing the 6MS routine, my muscles aren’t as tight during and after the workouts.

They aren’t as fatigued, which is what has helped me attend a minimum of 5 boot camp classes per week for our transformation program. I am sure that the classes alone have helped me drop the weight and build some muscle, but I believe that using the 6 minute superhuman routine has definitely helped. The dynamic mobility drills prepare my muscles for whatever routine each class brings. I actually have some muscles now, as small as they are.
Make sure you do it! It will elevate your body to a higher level. It is beneficial in many ways.”

Yeeshin Loh

baseball“Prior to your the 6 Minute Superhuman routine, I’d often fail to complete a proper warm up. I knew what to do and I’d do a few dynamic movements, but I always told myself I didn’t have enough time.I used to have a lot of issues with my hip flexors. I was so tight that they would pop, or the tendon would incorrectly glide through.

After the Self Myofascial Release portion and dynamic mobility moves, that all went away! I feel perfect now, which is important as a center fielder; I need my hip mobility.

My body feels great and I even scored a 290/300 on my physical fitness test (past results were 260/300)

Your workout is only as strong as your weakest link. If you aren’t using the 6 Minute Superhuman system, then your workout will be the equivalent of trying to drive your car with the e-brake on.”

Victor Kizer CSCS

“My workouts prior to using the 6MS system always took a little to get going. i had age related pain in pretty much everything that bends and it always took some time for that to go.

After performing the 6MS my workouts were fully productive, no time spent getting ‘comfortable’. six minutes up front to make the back end 40 more productive!

If you are on the fence about the program do it! The self massage is a revelation and getting the old body going will make the rest of your workout more productive. Six minutes well worth spending.”

Gareth Peck

Bottom line, I’ve been creating programs that yield incredible results for years, and my upcoming 6 Minute Superhuman system is by far our most cutting-edge, tediously designed program to date.

Are you ready to benefit from the latest fat-burning research and the BEST information we’ve ever compiled in to one program? Are you ready to be our next success story?

If so, watch your email very closely because later in the week I’ll be GIVING AWAY a bunch of copies of the entire 6 Minute Superhuman System for FREE.

In the meantime, if you missed either of the past two updates, be sure to get yourself up to speed at the links below because they’re awesome (just like you):

==> 3 Workout Sins You Must AVOID
==> 3 Pre Workout Strategies You NEED to “Redesign” Your Body

Talk soon,


TopSecretfolderYou know The Sins.

You’ve heard my story.

Now it’s time to share some of my secret weapons.

Now saying “Secret Weapon” is a bit misleading. It makes it sound like I’ve discovered some mystical powers that magically transform your body.

But you know by now that such things just don’t exist…

What I did find were methods so powerful and precise that using them was like mounting a “surgical strike” to enhancing your body both instantly and permanently.

And this secret weapon is called the Peak Performance Formula.  It can be used anytime, anywhere and is one of the BEST pre-workout boosters you’ll ever apply on your body.

The best part about it is… it only takes under 6 minutes to complete.

Peak Performance Secret #1
Utilize the POWER Of Self Myofascial Release (SMR)

Self Myofascial Release is the process of massaging yourself using either a foam roller or lacrosse ball and it is by far the best way to heal your poorly functioning fascial tissue.

The best part is that you don’t need to pay a massage therapist $60 a session and up to do it.

In fact many of my clients do not feel the need to pay for massage therapists after applying the SMR techniques in the Peak Performance Formula.

The beauty of it is that can do SMR in the comfort in your own home or in the gym and it will help heal your old injuries, prevent any new ones and increase your body’s ability to lift, move, run, throw and jump.foam-roll-lacrosse-ball

SMR smoothes out the dysfunction in your fascial tissue so your muscles are always working at it’s best peak efficiency all day long.

If you choose to NOT treat your fascial tissue with SMR it’s like carrying around a backpack of heavy rocks with you everywhere you go that holds you back from doing tasks, eventually creating pain in the entire body.

Choosing to neglect doing self myofascial release is like saying you don’t mind living life or doing your workouts halfway and I think we can all agree…that is DEFINITELY not the case.

When you apply SMR to your body right before any physical activity you are essentially fixing your current fascial issues, healing old adhesions and dysfunctions in the muscle and creating an environment were your body operates at its BEST.

When this happens you actually have MORE strength, speed, flexibility and power because your muscles will fire off in the way it was meant to. You’ll also experience MORE energy than ever before because your body will be moving more efficiently FREE of any dysfunction in your muscle tissue.

Peak Performance Secret #2
Neuromuscular Activators (NMA’s)

A Neuromuscular Activator (NMA’s) is a type of warm up raises your core body temperature, wakes up your nervous system and gets your entire body prepared for any type of stress you place upon it.

2418846247_084cdc0bcf_oThink of this type of warm up program like a “shot of espresso” but for your body.

Obviously you are aware that your body has a nervous system and after a long period of rest your nervous system needs to do certain exercises to “wake it up”.

NMA type exercises do a great job of turning on the switch for your body energizing it for the task you place in front of it.

NMA’s do another job for your body: Lubrication of your joints.

NMA’s release something into your body called synovial fluids that lubricate your joints and make them more pliable for your workouts.

You’ll notice that the warmer you hit a workout you (and your joints) will be more “ready” for the task.

NMA type of warm ups consist of full body movements that warm up, lubricate and wake up your body so that it is ready to operate at peak efficiency and the BEST part about them is that they only take 40 seconds to complete.

This is the second principle of the Peak Performance Formula and a key aspect in getting your body to perform at its best before any physical situation.

Peak Performance Secret #3
Dynamic Mobility Exercises

This is the third and FINAL principle of the Peak Performance Formula.

Dynamic Mobility exercises are short stretches and muscle activation techniques where the main function is to give your body full range of motion as well as activate the muscles that have become dormant due to the “sitting” nature of today’s workplace.

Dynamic Mobility exercises are, and should be, an ESSENTIAL part of your workout program and, simply put, they allow your joints move freely.elbow-to-instep-lunge-c-ex

Their function is to repair and regenerate parts of your body including the cartilage.

They do this by increasing your mobility through repair of your joints so you can have the range of motion you were meant to have.

MOST importantly Dynamic Mobility exercises help slow, and in most cases, REVERSE the aging of your joints through the transport of detoxifying synovial fluids into your the key areas of your body.

You especially NEED to do the full body Dynamic Mobility drills BEFORE your workouts and sports because they will activate the dormant muscles and the short stretches give your body maximum range of motion, which give your body the best peak environment to work in.

Dynamic mobility essentially improves the way you move throughout life. I cannot stress enough how much better mobility equates to strength and success in any physical activity you do.

The Wrap Up

Now you KNOW what’s keeping your body in pai and holding it back from its ultimate physical potential along with my top 3 strategies to overcome these limitations and actually feel better, stronger, faster and more mobile than ever before.

As you can see, it’s ALL strategy and every single piece of the puzzle makes a huge difference and the great part is that you don’t need any longer than 6 minutes.

Are you ready to experience just how fast your body can be enhanced when you unlock the power of the peak performance formula right before your workouts?

Just imagine boosting your strength, speed, flexibility, power and energy while making your body bulletproof to injuries in the time it takes to get a coffee at Starbucks. That’s why I made 6 Minute Superhuman. It’s a program proven by research to reverse your age and boost your performance without the use of any pills or potions in ONLY 6 minutes.

Until Friday May 31st you can get these exact workouts and more for 50% OFF and as a cool BONUS you’ll also get the 12 Week Rapid Fat Loss Program called 20 Minute Ninja FREE when you grab 6 Minute Superhuman.

Click the image to reverse your age, enhance your body and save 50%.



Next => Complete 6 Minute Superhuman Program To Reverse Your Age and Unleash Your Body’s Ultimate Potential


bad-computer-posture-dude5If you’re serious about working out and staying in your BEST shape then you are going to need a body that is fully optimized and working without dysfunction.

After all, there is no point to looking good if you don’t feel good and usually BOTH go hand in hand.

Unfortunately, years of intense workouts, job stress, sedentary habits like sitting and just “aging” in general has taken its toll.

Now we are forced to be content in dealing with pain in our back, knees and/or shoulders and living in a body that is getting weaker and slower as time rolls on.

What most people don’t realize is that by modifying a few things they are doing (or not doing) in the gym they don’t have to deal with these issues ever again.

Most of the population seem content on accepting age related body dysfunctions that they DON’T realize that they can reverse their age and turn on an entire reservoir of athletic capacity they never knew they had

…simply by avoiding the workout mistakes of millions of gym-goers around the world.

That’s right, You CAN Reverse Your Age and Feel and Perform BETTER Than You Did as a Teenager

Unfortunately, the harsh reality is this:  Whether you know it or not you, right now you are currently being held back with some form of pain or dysfunction in your body.

On the other hand, the fortunate reality is that it’s not your fault (and I’m going to correct it).

Yes, there are a number of things the mainstream media has taught us about the human body that are, quite frankly, completely wrong, and then plenty of other “hidden discoveries” you simply aren’t aware of…all of which are holding your body back in every physically conceivable way.

Do you want to know why most people are working out and living in “broken bodies”?

Here are the top 3 reasons:

SHOCKING Workout Sin #1:
You’re Not Massaging Enough Yo!

What most people don’t realize is that their Fascial Tissue is HOLDING them Body Back and Keeping them in Pain.

What is Fascial Tissue and how does it relate to your performance?


Your fascia tissue underneath a microscope

Fascia is an tissue which re-organizes long the lines of tension imposed on your body, adding support to any misalignment and contracting to protect you from further trauma.

To get a better idea of Fascia picture in your mind a sword.

Fascia is the sheath that goes over the sword to protect act as a protectant. Fascia is your sheath protecting and covering every single muscle on your body.

It has been estimated by researchers that if every structure of the body EXCEPT the fascia was removed, the body would STILL retain its shape.

Fascia has the potential to alter your organ and tissue physiology significantly. Any strains in your fascial tissue can slowly tighten your body causing it to lose it’s overall ability to perform under any stress.

Fact: Your Fascial Tissue Affects EVERY Aspect Of Your Life

If your fascial tissue is poor, a tightness will spread over you like a pair of stinky socks or that ugly Christmas sweater that grandma knit you. No offense Grandma.

Your flexibility and ability to move will be inhibited inevitably setting you up for more weakness, pain and limited range of motion.

Most of the Population is Suffering From Poor Fascial Tissue

The sad fact is that 90% of the North American population is operating with poorly functioning fascial tissue due to their jobs and namely their “sitting” lifestyle.

These “fascial restrictions” are so mutinous that they begin to pull the body out its alignment or in other words it throws your body out of balance resulting in bad posture.

This results in 90% of the population operating in a “biomechanically inefficient” body that uses up MORE energy throughout the day than it really should.

The restrictions of your fascial tissue create pain throughout the entire body and numerous studies allude to this fact.

One study reported in the European Spinal Journal (ref 1) has found that pain felt in specific areas of the body can be frequently related back to having actual adhesions in the fascial tissue.

Things get even worse when they go to the gyms in their poorly functioning bodies and put them through 45 minutes to an hour of intense workouts.

An extremely HIGH percentage of people suffer through pain and loss of motion due to poorly functioning fascial tissue and the intense workouts they do on top of them.

It’s not a secret either. If you look around you 9 times out of 10 you’ll find a person with some sort of pain in their body and it’s mainly due to having poorly functioning fascial tissue.

One way to avoid this problem is to massage your fascial tissue on a regular basis or at the very least right before you do any workout session.

Now you may be thinking this, “I know I should get more massages but massage therapists are expensive I don’t have the money to pay them every time I need a rub down

Well I’m here to tell you that you DON’T need one.

This can be easily remedied by applying the first principle of the Peak Performance formula.

But more on that later….

SHOCKING Workout Sin #2:
You Don’t Warm Up Before Exercise OR Even WORSE..
…You End Up Warming Up the WRONG Way.

A lot of people disregard their warm ups as boring and just a waste of time. When it is, in fact, one of the most IMPORTANT aspects of your workout

start-a-car-in-cold-weatherNot warming up properly (or doing the wrong one) is like taking a car that’s been sitting in the dead of winter for 8 hours and turning on the ignition and immediately taking it drag racing.

These days your average joe is waking up, going to work, sitting on their butts staring at a computer (while killing their posture) and then hitting the gym for a seriously intense one hour workout WITHOUT effectively warming up their bodies.

A recent study done (ref #2) by Arthritis Research UK and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy asked 2,583 adults and 1,022 children across the UK asked about their physical activity levels over the previous week.

Just one in five active people said that they ‘always’ warm up and cool down when doing exercise. Some 24 per cent said they ‘never do’. The main reasons given by those who don’t warm up were ‘can’t be bothered’ (28%) and ‘it’s not important’ (27%). Three quarters (74%) of people who never warm up have not been shown how to do it.

The same study said that many people in the UK may be increasing their risk of injury and joint problems like osteoarthritis in later life by not starting their exercises with a proper warm up.

The RIGHT warm up prior to any physical activity does a number of beneficial things such as preventing injury, improving performance, raising your core temperature, reducing your muscle stiffness and getting your heart rate up to a workable rate.

It’s primary purpose is to wake up your nervous system to be ready for any type of strenuous activity.

What you must know is that warming up is an ESSENTIAL part of your workout and it doesn’t have to be boring either.

There is a way to get your body warm as well as release a essential fluid your body naturally produces to have it moving freely without obstruction.

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The Last SHOCKING Workout Sin:
You STILL Do Static Stretching

Static stretching was a very popular method used to get your body supple and

Keep in mind that I said, “Was”.

It was also thought to be useful in preventing injuries.

“Was” being the primary word in both cases.

Static stretches are stretches that are usually held for 30 seconds to a minute at a time.  

If you go to your local gym you’ll probably find a section with its members doing all sorts of them in a specific stretching area.

However, the reality of things is that new research proves that static stretching is detrimental to performance and sets up your body for injuries.

One study on static stretching published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research (ref #3) found that when college athletes used static stretching as a warm up before testing their vertical jump.

What they found is that their vertical jump performance is diminished for 15 minutes if performed after using a static stretch program 

When done before any physical activity (especially weight lifting) static stretches actually weaken your muscles and this “weakening of the muscles” can possibly expose you to greater chance for injury.

Want a little more proof?

Look no further than our friends in Scandinavia…

The authors of the study done in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicinal Science (ref #4) examined articles published over a 44-year period to determine the effect static stretching has on athletes’ strength, power and explosive muscle performance while they’re engaged in their sport.

It was discovered that static stretching BEFORE exercise had a negative impact on athletic performance regardless of the subject’s age, gender or fitness level. 


Here’s why static stretches DO NOT work:

Traditional stretches, like when people bend over to touch their toes or stretch their legs on a fence, often cause the muscles to relax rather than tighten — which is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what is needed for physical activity.


Stretching *may* increase the range of motion they can attain, but NOT their ability to stabilize in these new positions.

Doing this will limit your performance in any physical activity you choose to perform.

It’s like getting in your car and putting on a seatbelt that doesn’t function: You think you’re protected but you’re really NOT.

Only the true fitness experts all agree that if you still choose to static stretch before any kind of physical activity that you’re probably better off not doing it at all.

Fortunately, all of these things can be solved simultaneously with one particular extremely well researched resource…and we’ll tell you all about it tomorrow.

Do you want to overcome these 3 limiting factors
and begin living in a FULLY Optimized Body?

If so, make sure you tune in for tomorrow’s update because we’re going to be sharing the 3 things you MUST do to ensure you never go a minute without burning fat. We’ve covered the problems, now it’s time to get to the solutions.

In the meantime, if you did not check out yesterday’s update, get the full “story” HERE.

Talk soon,



1. (Schleip R et al. ligament subfailure injuries lead to muscle control dysfunction” (M. Panjabi). European Spine Journal 2007; 16: 1733-1735)


3. (J Strength Cond Res. 2007 Feb;21(1):223-6.)

4. (Scand J Med Sci Sports 2013 Mar;23(2):131-48.)

919524_4207603728643_353039908_oWe’ve just wrapped up the filming of our photo shoot and I gotta say that I’m freaking relieved that it’s over and done with.

As we wrapped up the shoot, I sat back with a beer in my hand just smiling. The hours of hard work in the gym coupled with the strict dieting all paid off and at first glance at the photos, I gotta say that I’m pleased at how they came out.

The one aspect of the shoot that I was really pleased with was my workouts.

This time around my workout program incorporated a LOT of heavy lifting. THis time around I hit the gym and every single day PR’s (personal records) were broken in my bench, squat, deadlifts and pullups.

This made me a happy ninja. Even though my workouts were at times brutal my body was responding incredibly with more strength and stamina than ever before.

I honestly feel as if I have the cheat code to fitness. 

My body is impervious to injuries.  It is stronger.  It is faster.  It is more flexible and agile AND it has way more energy than before.  

But It was a far cry from where it was back in my 20’s.

It wasn’t always this way…

SupermanYou see, back when I was 21 years old I thought I was “Superman”.

No, I didn’t think I was able to fly nor did I think I would have x-ray vision (that would’ve been great in college) but I thought that I’d always have a healthy functioning body that would never “age” and that I would never be seriously get injured.

I also came from a small town in Ontario called Markham which at the time was almost like a spitting image of Smallville back then.

On my free time I was always looking for ways to push my physical limits in every single way possible. Whether it was lifting weights, playing sports, and just causing trouble when I was a kid.

At times we’d be so crazy that we’d pretend to be stuntmen and have one of our friends drive a car full speed while I’d hold onto the top for dear life. It’s surprising that I didn’t break a neck back then.


What you probably don’t know about me is that I have a high tolerance to pain.

All throughout my life I had never went a day without having some sort of pain my lower back or shoulders.

And all of the time it was my own fault.  I didn’t take care of my body like I needed to and I pushed my limits in the gym way too far.

I had battled all of these nagging debilitating injuries for most of my college life just thinking that it came with the territory of being active.

Sorry to say but I was dead wrong.

After years of submitting my body to one intense workout after another it came to a point where I was in so much pain that i had to stay away from the gym.  

For a guy who found salvation in working out with weights this was a very depressing point in my life.

The fact is that we just don’t do the things to take care of our bodies until we are forced to.

But this was actually a blessing in disguise.  

The time away from the gym really gave me a chance to research and find out the best ways not only to keep myself in the gym but to also increase my performance at the same time.  I poured my time and my depression into another passion:

Human Performance.

And what it really comes down to is doing the things necessary to make your body operate in the way it was naturally meant to operate.  

After years of sitting on your butt staring at your computer screen or commuting to and from work your body slowly starts to deteriorate.  Your glutes don’t fire off like they should.  Your fascial tissue is all out of whack.  And your posture starts to resemble that of an old man with hip surgery.


And then we still take these broken bodies into the gym for 45 minutes of intense work.

How do I know?

Well this is exactly what happened to me 8 years ago when I was forced to stop going to the gym.

The Ultimate Fitness Cheat Code

If you intend on working out, being active, living life without pain and operating at your full physical potential then these next upcoming blog posts will be some of the most important articles you’ll ever read.168722_1841614084082_1352461746_2118409_3540759_n

We are going to take your body from where it is right now and turn it into a high performance machine using a simple 6 minute pre workout secret used by all high level athletes across the world.

It is what I call the “Ultimate Fitness Cheat Code” or Becoming a 6 Minute Superhuman.

A simple 6 minute sequence that you can do right before your workouts or first thing in the morning that will instantly increase your strength, speed, endurance, and flexibility while healing old injuries and making your body impervious to new ones.

And that’s what I’m here to teach you over the course of the next week: exactly how to program YOUR body to always operate at its fullest physical potential 24/7/365.

Tomorrow, we’ll be back to discuss several critical limiting factors currently keeping you in pain and constantly weaker than it really should be.

Once you get a firm grasp on those factors, you’ll be well on your way to turning your body into a enhanced physical machine.

Talk soon,




photo-15-300x300Yesterday was a gorgeous day in downtown Toronto. It started with a walk down Dundas square followed by a delicious chicken stir fry and some kale chips I baked earlier.

I’m getting myself ready for the photo shoot I’m doing with my team on May 11th and the leaning down process couldn’t be easier.

<== The photo to the right is my Transformation from LAST year.

Readers often ask, “Are you paleo?” “What supplements do you use?”, and “What do you eat every day?

No, I don’t consider myself “paleo” but I love my veggies and always have a quality meat in every major meal.

The supplements I take are fish oils, vitamin D, BCAA’s, a pre workout supplement, aniractetam (brain enhancer recommended by my friend Abel James) and a little protein powder.

On this plan I pretty much eat the same food, stay away from fruits until after the shoot and very minimal nuts (due to the high caloric content).

One of the keys to eating on a fat loss plan (especially for a photo shoot) is to keep things fairly the same.

If I was in maintenance mode then I would be eating a variety of meals but usually when I find something that works I usually stick to it.

Note: The maintenance plan will be coming in another blog post.

In my case it means protein, fats and veggies and minimal carbs.

Here’s my daily meal plan:

6:30am – Each day I try to get up at 6:30am. I love mornings. Everything becomes better when you get up early. Everything.

This is what I call “magic time” and it’s where I get my best work done.  I drink 1 liter of water, and consume my vitamins, meditate and do some writing.

I’m definitely do not care for eating breakfast first thing in the morning.

Instead, I’m more energized and creative on an empty stomach. I usually follow a 16-hour fast between dinner and breakfast.

8am – Workout with BCAA’s (Branched Chain Amino Acids) and pre workout supplement.

10am – Get some more work done. I usually go over the measurements from the challenges we run at my Markham Fitness Center or follow up on some emails.

11am – Post Workout Protein Pancake Time
* Scoop of protein
* Half cup of steel cut oats
* Half cup of egg whites

Blend them all up then pan fry it. It’s like eating a protein filled pancake.

12pm – Eat my 1st meal
* Chicken or fish
* Tons of veggies (involving broccoli, kale, peppers etc)
* Olive oil to cook

4pm – Eat my second meal
* Chicken or fish
* Tons of veggies (involving broccoli, kale, peppers etc)
* Olive oil to cook

8pm – Eat my third meal
* Steak
* Tons of veggies (involving broccoli, kale, peppers etc)
* Olive oil to cook
* Baked Kale Chips or Baked Brussel Sprouts

9pm – Optional Protein Shake
* Cup of protein powder
* Half cup of almond milk
* Water

10pm – Brushing and flossing my teeth

You’re probably wondering why I put brushing and flossing in there. Well for me I have a tendency to overeat my calories at night.

Brushing and flossing is a signal for me that the feeding time is over and if I did eat after that I’d have to brush and floss all over again.

As we all know, I ain’t got no time for that 😉

The honest truth is that when you’re in serious fat loss mode, whether your dieting down for a photo shoot, or just getting lean for the summer it’s best to keep things as simple as possible.

If you’re always wondering what your next meal is going to be or from where it will come from then it will just further complicate things.  Planning ahead and eating the same, if not similar meals, has always worked out for me.

When you find something that works stick with it until you’re done leaning out.

Keep it simple and you’ll get into a lean body in no time,

Dan “I ain’t got time for that” Go


Summer is coming.

And after a winter time of “bulking” and lifting heavy it’s time for me to cut down into the lean ninja I know myself to be.

But it ain’t gonna be easy. We all know that.

So I’m about to do something that will invariably put my feet to the fire and kick my ass into gear to get into the best shape I’ve ever been in.

Even better than last year.

Before I do that I wanna give tell you a little story I told my clients in our 6 Week Transformation challenge …

…who btw have lost a total of 213 total lbs in only 3 weeks. IMPRESSIVE.

Now onto the story…

Before you make your goal to change any part of your life whether it is your body or your career you gotta do this…


crossfitLast week I mentioned that there is a way to do Crossfit without totally wrecking your body. It’s what I call SMART CROSSFIT training. And honestly it’s what I consider the ONLY way to do it.

If you do Crossfit and don’t want to wreck your body then put your info down below and let’s get started.



Screen_shot_2011-03-04_at_9.08_.38_AM_Howdy there, it’s your ninja Dan here and today I wanna talk to you about this interesting study I found relating to Crossfit today…

Before that I want to thank everyone that applied for the Beta Tester position for the Dynamic Warm Up program.

I didn’t realize how many people would be psyched to do it (over 60+ people) and the selection process was hard especially with all those good answers on bacon (inside joke).

Alas I’ve selected my 5 and you will get an email coming very shortly in your inbox with the deers on the program.

As for Crossfit….

Many trainers hate it.

Many people (like the people who take it) LOVE IT.

They love it so much that the term “Cult-fit” has been making the rounds among the inter webs.

Reminds me of the old training joke…

Q: How do you know someone is taking Crossfit?


To hear the interview please click below and turn up your speakers!
Download this interview

Dan: What’s up, my ninjas? It is your boy Dan here, and I have an incredibly special guest with me today. His name is Kevin Larrabee, and he actually—along with Leigh Peele, I believe John Berardi, and another fellow, he actually has one of the top fitness podcasts in iTunes.

I’m not gonna talk too much about Kevin. I’m gonna let him kinda let us know what he’s all about. Kev, thank you very much for getting on the interview, and, if you can, let our ninjas know where you started from, what you’re all about, and also what your mission is.

Kevin: Oh, absolutely. Thanks for having me on. I guess to give you the background, talking about the fitness industry, it was something that I definitely wanted to get into as I was in high school. Growing up, I was really overweight; I was obese. I was at the point where I was pushing two-ten with no muscle mass, two-ten, and as a fifteen-year-old, I think.

Some switch kinda flipped where I was sick of being overweight, I was sick of being the fat kid, so I started doing what anyone would normally do. Not knowing a lot about exercise, I started running a lot, I started eating more fruits and vegetables, I started having less fried food, I stopped going to McDonald’s, stopped eating the chicken fingers and stuff like that, trying to get more really basic nutrition stuff going, because I was fifteen or sixteen, and I didn’t really… All I knew was the good food that people have been saying has been good food forever.


If you want to grab your very own copy of John Romaniello’s Superhero Fat Loss then just visit the link down below:

==> John Romaniello’s Superhero Fat Loss Program

What’s up my ninja!  I just did this FLN client success interview with one of my Markham boot camp clients Lis Aguilar.  Find out how she uses Intermittent Fasting and our boot camps workouts to help her shed 26 pounds and drop 3 dress sizes.

Click the arrow button to play.


Dan: Okay, Liz, did you hear that?

Liz: Yes.

Dan: Awesome. So, what’s up, my ninjas? It is your man Dan Go, and we’re actually here with another client success interview. Now, we did this call before, and, unfortunately, my recording system did not work, so we are gonna try to this again.

We have Elizabeth Aguilar on the line right now. She’s been my client for…how long have you been my client for, Liz?

Liz: Since January, so seven months now.



Being Asian sometimes comes with having a certain type of genetics.  More specifically, about 99% of Asians suffer from Flat butt syndrome (it’s a curse I’m far too familiar with).

The good news is:  It’s completely curable.

Try this exercise out in your workout today to round out your flat butt for the summer time.  Even if you are not Asian it will certainly add a bit of roundness and sculpt to any butts lagging in those departments.


Warming up is a lot like….sex.

Wait, let me specify that: Warming up is a lot like…the foreplay that happens before sex.

You do foreplay right?

Quick, Take a second and think back to the last time you had sex.  Okay, now take another second and wipe that smirk off your face 🙂

“Really think about it: Think about the last time you “did it”.

Did you take the time with the foreplay; starting with some slow kissing, teasing each other bit by bit to the point where the both of you just had to rip off your clothes and get it on?

Or did you just take one look at your partner, took your clothes off and start banging like a jackrabbit with no compassion or appreciation for what they wanted?

If you did the former – you are probably in their thoughts constantly, wondering about the next time the two of you are going to get it on again.

If you did the latter – You may not be having sex in this period of your life OR if you are having sex, your partner is just not satisfied with your performance.


When I sat down to write this blog post I was pretty prepared to give you the low down on all of the things I experienced while vagabonding across Asia.  But once I started, I came to the realization that there was no freaking way that I could encapsulate everything that happened during that trip.  NO freaking way.

How can one person summarize an entire two month trip where my latest nights were my greatest nights and every day brought a new perspective on life?  

The answer is:  You can’t and you don’t.

The beautiful dock in Koh Phangan, Thailand Photo credit: Me

So I did the next best thing:  I combined all of the experiences from my trip and made a video of the best PG-13 moments on my Asia trip.  In a couple of minutes you’ll see me in all of my glory as I ride elephants, make lanterns float in air, party my ass off (obviously), and a ton more.  But before skipping to that…


Hey there, it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged last and I meeeeeesed you my homie!

As you know, I’m a guy that tends to go all out in everything he does and these past 4 months have been a Tale of Two Extremes:

In November and December I went traveling/backpacking for 2 months. The entire trip was spent relaxing, partying and exploring the plethora of sights in Hong Kong, Taipei, Phillipines and Thailand.

The picture on the left is your boy (me) having a blast on Maya Beach where they shot Leonardio Dicaprio’s movie “The Beach”.  This place was like something out of a movie (no pun intended) and it had this Ninja all choked up because it was so beautiful.

And that was just one part of my trip.

I’ve seen so much in Asia and journaled about most of it that I’ve got an EPIC blog post waiting to be posted with all the debaucherous video’s, pictures and details.

That’s gonna come a bit later.

On the other side of the extreme:  The most recent months of January and February have been spent in a 12 hour a day total grind mode:  John Romaniello (my co-author) and I launched our Intermittent Fasting program Fat Loss Forever to thousands of people across the world.

This program has been a passion project for the last year and a half because I’ve always wanted to bring the Intermittent Fasting method into the mainstream as a viable tool for to lose weight.  To see it come to fruition and have thousands of people rave about the program is surreal and I’m GREATLY appreciative.

Yet, since the launch of the FLF program instead of answering questions about IF, the #1 question I seem to always receive is what type of cardio should one do with program.  This comes somewhat surprising to me since the current trend in the fitness industry has all but tried to vilify cardio much like they have tried to make carbs the enemy in the past.

So I decided to do a little blog post on it…that eventually turned into an ENTIRE GUIDE on how to do cardio for fat loss.  Oops.


Hey there my ninja!

I’m doing something a little different at the bloggity blog here.

It’s no secret that I’m a little bit of an information junkie and if you are reading this blog post I’m sure you appreciate the occasional knowledge bomb from time to time.

I’ve been itching to do a complete blog post on my 2 month trek to Asia except I have some projects that need to be completed.  It’s gonna have the whole trip from day 1 to 60 along with some videos of all the cool (and stupid) stuff I did down there like:

Sightseeing, eating grasshoppers, riding and feeding elephants, partying and doing a bunch of stuff I wouldn’t recommend anyone else to do.

So until that happens I want to give you my top 5 Fitness Reads of the week.

All of them are thought provoking as well as what I like to call “easy reads”, which means that after you are done reading them you don’t notice how much time passed by.


Hey you…Happy Monday!

Right now you are probably gearing up to the new year and ready to follow through on your new years resolutions.

STOP right now.

Look, research shows that 83% of people that make resolutions never stick to them.

The fact is: Resolutions are WEAK.

They are just things that we hope to attain and if we don’t it just becomes another thing that we didn’t follow through on.

Don’t let this happen.

This year let’s try something different.

This year let’s set a MISSION for ourselves.


There are tons of concepts in the world of fat loss but none may ring more true than the one I’m about to tell you about today.

It’s called the Fat Loss Temperature Theory.

This won’t take too long because the concept is very simple to explain.

Now this may sound weird but…

Take a moment and visualize your body as a big thermometer…


Hey you!  I know I haven’t been posting lately and I totally blame it on the fact that I’m having the time of my life here in Asia.  I have 5 more days left on this epic trip and I plan to make the most of it.

I did this article awhile back for and it’s based on my top 20 Ninja Muscle building foods.

This particular article had 3000+ likes and 250 total comments.

Suffice it to say…it was EPIC.


Hey you…hope you are doing awesome.

I just got back in to my 2nd home in Hong Kong.  I already miss Thailand and I’m planning another trip this coming week.

I told you I’d have a nice little present for you to celebrate my birthday here it is 🙂

It’s a free report on the 111 Ultimate Laws To Looking and Feeling Awesome.


Once all my sets and reps are done, I often find myself slowly walking to what I can only describe as…”The Death Machine” aka. The Treadmill.

As I inch closer to my nemesis, I can hear thoughts in my mind going through each and every excuse as to why I shouldn’t do them…all of them WEAK.

I just know that all I gotta do is step foot on that treadmill and the rest will take care of itself.

Each step is a battle against my own thoughts.

It’s times like these is when I have to “bitch slap” my lazy inner child and just do it.

When I finally step on the treadmill, the “ninja-like” focus takes over.

It’s go time.

R. Kelly once crooned, “My mind is telling me noooo, but my body…my booodddy is telling me yeeeesss

Well, that’s EXACTLY how I feel about the following interval training program I’m about to share with you.


If I were to choose two upper body exercises that MUST be staple in your fat loss program, they would be:

The Pushup and The Pull up.

And quite frankly, I hated them both.  

That is…until I got better at them.

Why Is It Important To Do More Pushups and Pullups?

Because they are the only exercises that condition and strengthen all of your upper body muscles at ONE TIME.

They are also important because they are a marker of your current fitness level.

Anyone who has went from being out of shape to getting into better shape knows:  It’s just easier to lift a weight when you have stronger muscles and less fat on your body.  

The LEANER you get, the better you’ll be at doing both of these.

Does this mean that if you DON’T do an insane amount of pushups and pull-ups that you’ll be overweight and out of shape?

No.  Like everything they take time and practice.

But having the ability to do more of them will CERTAINLY help you get leaner in the long run.  Trust me on this one…I’m a ninja.


Hello my ninja!  Check this video on how I used an Intermittent Fasting Diet to get into my best shape for a photo shoot.

The End Result:

What’s next?

Not quite sure yet.  The next step is to figure out how to maintain this while still living an awesome lifestyle.  I’ll probably do another shoot in 6 months (or train to dunk a basketball) but for now I’ll revel in the fruits of my labour 🙂

Thanks for all the support!

Your ninja,


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The 5 Exercises We Used For the Video Were:

1. Glider Reverse Lunges
2. Glider Pushups
3. Glider Mountain Climbers
4. Glider Spider Climbers
5. Glider Prowler Pushes

Don’t forget to press those buttons below and SHARE this Vlog post with your friends, family, animals and ninjas!

Fat Loss Ninja Approved 🙂

What’s up my ninja!

Every month I do FLN  (Fat Loss Ninja) Client Success interviews.  In these interviews I interrogate my clients into revealing their own little tricks and tips they’ve used to transform their bodies.

These clients either come from my Markham Boot Camp or from my online coaching program.

NOTE: My ninja online coaching program is not open just yet.  I’m just focusing on a couple of my clients before opening up more spots to everyone else.  Stay tuned for that.

And today we have Heidi Hernandez from Markham, ON, Canada.


What’s up my ninja.  You probably already know that even though I’m a ninja I still train clients…and lots of them.

Kourtney has been with our Markham Boot Camp for a little over a year know and she has completely transformed her body.

In this interview you’ll discover…
– How Kourtney used IF and the boot camp to drop 43 pounds and 8 dress sizes.
– How she applied an Intermittent Fasting into her daily lifestyle.
– Her secrets to grocery shopping and eating out.
– How she incorporates weekly cheats into her diet.
– How she incorporates alcohol into her diet.
– Why she likes to workout with an empty stomach.
– The most important factors to her transformation success.

To satisfy most learning abilities we’ve provided the interview in audio format that can be downloaded or you can read the interview right below.

Click the play button to hear the interview.

Right click on this link and choose “Save Link As” to download the above MP3.


Hey there my ninja. In the last blog post I showed you a quick little ab combo that I’m using to get into “photo shoot ready” shape.

Do you remember the last thing I mentioned?

Ultimately your abs (and your body) will be built in the kitchen.

Working out with weights will build the foundation for a lean looking body but the fat and the excess weight must be burned off using your nutrition plan.

That’s reality.

But dieting doesn’t have to be hard and with a couple of tips you can make your diet easy to follow and…fun 🙂

Today I’m going to give you a couple of diet tricks that have been really working well for me during my 8 week cut for the shoot.

Honestly I’ve done some really extreme things to cut down before. This time around is by far the EASIEST cut I’ve ever had to do. A lot of it has to do with living an Intermittent Fasting lifestyle.

The other part that makes dieting a little easier are the next tips I’m about to show ya:


What’s up my ninja. I’m just taking a quick break from a new project to give you an ab combo that’s been working for me like gangbusters.

Note: If someone can explain to me what word “gangbusters” mean please leave a comment down below.

Been working hard on my body (esp. my abs) because I’ve committed myself to doing a half nekkid photoshoot in June.

Booking a photo shoot has been a big time motivator for me as I get in shape for the summer and if you are looking for a big kick in the butt to get in shape for summer I suggest you do the same.

Big Time Commitments = Big Time Results.

It certainly helps that even though I’m in a daily calorie deficit (other than cheat days) I’m not feeling the “diet pains” people usually experience when cutting down.

It has a TON to do with my intermittent fasting style of eating and also an easier way to track my calories and macros but more on that a little later…

Today I’m going to show you two ab exercises I’ve been doing lately that have been really cutting out my abdominals like…gangbusters 🙂


Complexes are a lot like achieving success in life.

Your version of success may be different than others but the succession of steps remain the same.

Every exercise and every situation is a step towards the direction you want to head to.  And you can’t skip the steps.

That’s just not the way life is.  Usually one step leads to another series of steps to the accomplishment of your ultimate goal.

But here’s the rub:  Every single step you take gets harder and harder and harder.

Each step requires you to focus even more to accomplish the task.  Each step is a greater fight against that little voice in your head telling you to stop.  That it’s not worth it.  That’s it’s “okay” to quit.

Every step becomes a fight against your own comfort zone.  Every step will push you into levels of uncomfort you have never felt before.  Because if you are doing this right then you should feel uncomfortable.

If you don’t feel it then it’s a sign that you just haven’t challenged yourself enough.

Complexes are tough and like life, complexes are hard.

But the payoff is SWEET.


In yesterdays challenge blog post I did a pushup and pull up challenge and I kinda surprised myself with the results.

Being totally honest, I did get some shit from my Facebook friends in regards to my pull-up form and I do agree with them to a point; I should have went full on pull up with a wider grip.

AND after a twitter conversation with my homie @cliftonharski we both decided to test ourselves on a week by week basis in the pushup and pull-up challenge WITH proper form of course.

Doing this will not interfere with my current fat loss program and there could be a chance it increases my “Hawtness” factor aka. Heat Score from a 7.9 to a full on 8 🙂

At the very least, I’ll be pretty proud of myself by being able to do both of these primal exercises in an easier fashion, especially the pull-up.  That exercise has been the bane of my existence since I started training.

My goals for the challenge are 25 wide grip pull-ups with proper form and 60 pushups in about 4 weeks.

Today, I’m going to give you one quick (yet sneaky) trick I’m going to use to increase your reps for both exercises.  But before let’s show you how to do them proper:


Hey you it’s Dan and I’m writing to you from Phuket, Thailand.

I just got back from a quick dip in the pool and some tough negotiations with the local vendors here in Patong city.

It’s funny because when I negotiate I’m usually doing it just for the fun of it.

Because the currency is so low I’m saving only about a dollar or two in Canadian currency (or 200 dollars Thai baht).

It’s all part of the experience 😛

While I was on the plane here, I remembered this theory I once heard from Brad Pilon that is starting to make a lot more sense to me.

This will only take about 3 minutes to read yet it could change the way you think about weight loss forever.

I’d say that is a good 3 minutes invested.

So here it is…are your ready?

It’s called…


Well to say that I am overwhelmed by the response to Friday’s blog contest is an understandment. More than 200 passionate replies before I shut it down yesterday.

And I sat there yesterday reading each and every one of them and got to hear some incredible stories.

Congratulations to the winners (all of whom were notified and confirmed via email), and even for those who weren’t selected (hey, we only had 5 free copies to distribute to over 200 applicants), a HUGE congratulations to you as well!

You have inspired me – each and every one of you who sent an email – and I just can’t thank you enough. I know this program is going to be a game changer in the industry and YOU are the reason I wanted to bring it out into the world. You are my inspiration and I feel so fortunate to be to have an impact on your life.

Believe me when I say that I am humbled by how many people have decided to take this journey with me over the last two days, and come tomorrow, I’m going to make sure to take care of every last one of you with a BIG discount on the program during my 3-day pre-sale.

And speaking of the pre-sale, we’re we are now officially less than 24 hours away — Tuesday, May 21st here we come!

Important Answers to Important Questions:

As you can imagine, over the course of the last two weeks we’ve had A LOT of questions about the 6 Minute Superhuman system come through my inbox, and right now I want to take time to answer all the most pending questions and concerns right here:

Q: What is the 6 Minute Superhuman system, and how does it work?

A: The 6 Minute Superhuman program is a combination of the most cutting edge and scientifically proven performance protocols that can be used at anytime with limited equipment to enhance every aspect of your body’s performance.

It’s particularly used effectively before a workout or doing some sort of intense physical activity. 6MS is a blueprint that was specifically designed to bring your body back to its fullest potential of performance, heal your old nagging injuries while protecting it from new ones.

The 6 Minutes Superhuman system is based on the three principles of High Performance that virtually guarantees a boost to your body’s performance by:

Self Myofascial release to repair your damaged fascia tissue and have it restored back to the way it was supposed to properly function.

Neuromuscular Activation which is like taking an “espresso shot” to the body, waking up your nervous system and releasing important fluids to your muscles to get them ready for activity.

Dynamic Mobility which activates dormant muscles and helps bring your body back to its full potential of motion and movement.

All three are combined to create the best possible workout and anti aging muscle building environment for your entire lifetime.

Achieve only one of those and you may get results…BUT only for a short while.
When you COMBINE all three of the principles and you are able to achieve a body transformation that will last you an entire lifetime.

Simply put, we combined 3 of the most used performance enhancing techniques in a simple six minute sequence so you can FINALLY achieve lifelong high performance.

There is no more excuses about age related pain and weakness.

6 Minute Superhuman will be the most important and instantly effective program you’ve ever applied to your body.

Q: If I’m a beginner, can I still use this system?

A: Yes, absolutely! In fact, the exercise principles of 6 Minute Superhuman are so simple that ANYONE can apply them to their life with ease and our workouts come with easy video instructions anyone can follow. In fact, if you are a beginner it’s better to apply the principles of this program to your body now before starting any type of other workout program. They will give you the foundation you need to make any program you choose to do more effective.

Q: Will I have to spend hours learning the program?

A: NO. I’ve done my time researching and applying the program to my own clients so you don’t have to spend the years I spent studying the effects of the program.

All you need to do is press play and follow along with our videos.

Q: How do I use this program?

A: The 6 Minute Superhuman program is best used right before a workout or before doing an intense physical activity. You can also use it first thing in the morning or whenever you feel like your body needs a boost.

Think of it like pressing a button on your body and unleashing your ultimate potential of strength, speed, flexibility, stamina PLUS a quick boost of energy.

The beauty of this program is that the more you do our 6MS workout, the more you enhance your body’s performance and protect it from injury.

Q: I’m not in my 20?s or 30?s, will this program still work for someone considerably older?

A: Yes, and we know that because we’ve already had plenty of people in their 50?s and 60?s experience massive success while using the program. The program is set up to have you increase your body’s performance, heal old injuries and prevent new ones—no matter what age you are.

Q: Does this program work just a quickly for women as it does for men?

A: Of course! The program does not discriminate based on age, gender, or any other factor. It works across the board. Period.

Q: What if it doesn’t work for me?
A: Then it’s all FREE.

Simply put, if you follow the 6 Minute Superhuman 6-week program exactly as outlined in the materials, and for any reason are NOT entirely satisfied with the results you achieve from your efforts, just contact us and we’ll refund your money.

It’s that simple.

I stand behind my product as a rapid results-producing, INSTANT performance program, and if doesn’t yield those results for you when followed, you get your money back. No hassles, no hoops to jump through, just a prompt, courteous refund.

Tomorrow, I will be releasing a program that is the first of its kind onto the internet and for those that grab it during the 3 day launch sale I’ll be making giving you an incredible bonus to go along with it.

When you grab the 6 Minute Superhuman program tomorrow I’ll be adding 12 Weeks of Rapid Fat Loss Ninja Workouts COMPLETELY FREE as a thank you for investing in the program.

dan_bundle +




So that means you get a 12 Week Rapid Fat Loss Program designed by none other than myself AND the entire 6 week superhuman program at my special launch discount.  I’m making it an absolute no-brainer for your body to get incredible results.

And both programs will be completely available to you when you purchase the program tomorrow May 21st.

A-Girl-Swingning-KettlebellMost people who have gained weight over a period of time feel as if their metabolisms have slowed down.

Ever hear this in a conversation with someone..

My metabolism has slowed down as I got older

When I was young I could eat whatever I wanted but when I eat now it all turns to fat

The fact is that, barring any medical issues, your metabolism is doing just fine.

It’s really the lack of activity partnered with the loss of muscle due to the fact that people are less active which results in their “slower metabolism”

Quite possibly, if we do find ourselves with a bit more fat than we are used to carrying we probably have a higher metabolic rate than ever before.

Why is this?

The extra weight we carry has a metabolic cost to it.

Due to the extra weight it takes more energy for your body to sustain itself than regularly before.

We may not want to believe this fact but it is quite true.

Add an extra 20 pounds to your body and the amount of energy you’ll need to expend has to go up to support that extra weight.

It’s just simple mathematics.

It’s when our bodies become slightly more leaner when our metabolisms actually slow down to a certain degree.

You’ll notice this if you’ve ever tried to lose the last 10 pounds and it doesn’t come off as fast as usual even though your activity and nutrition stay the same.

Thankfully, there are ways to speed up our fat loss to ensure we’ll be not only be burning fat at a faster pace but also be able to set up our bodies to be non-stop fat burning machines.

Here are 5 Awesome Ways to Train for Non-Stop Fat Loss

1. Start Incorporating a Rotation of Fat Loss Circuits12122952_10153592307516043_6249599145931514212_n

One of the biggest reasons fat loss workouts stop working is because our bodies get used to the stimulus we place on it.

We can’t keep on doing the same ole fat loss program for 5 weeks straight and hope to get a different result.

Your body responds to workout that make it highly INEFFICIENT.

What this means is that you must introduce a new stimulus to your body every 3 weeks or so to ensure your body is getting the most efficient caloric burn inside and outside of the workout.

In our transformation programs we incorporate rotating fat loss circuits that are always different from each other and always bringing new ways of stimulating your body to burn fat.

We may do a 3 week workout of 5 Minute AMRAP’s and then for another 3 weeks we’ll do a timed circuit of 45 seconds work and 15 seconds of rest.

The trick is to always do things that keep the body INEFFICIENT at doing the exercise.

Once you master this you’ll break through any weight loss plateau.

2. Increase Your NEPA (Non-Exercise Physical Activity)

This sounds so simple…because it is.

When we diet and put our bodies into a deficit we tend to move less and become overall lazier.

This may seem like it’s a reminder because it is: Start moving outside of the gym.

– Get up every 30 minutes from your chair at work and walk around.
– Take the stairs instead of the elevator
– Park farther rather than using the closest parking spot available to you
– Go for a walk after a meal rather than figure out what to munch on after

Simply put, increase the activity you normally put your body under.

The more you move the more calories you burn so get going and increase your NEPA.


3. Lift Heavier Weights (Yes, I’m Talking to You Ladies)

I always found the perfect compliment to a fat loss circuit was a solid weight training program that focused on strength.

Even if you’re lifting heavy once a week it can have amazing benefits to your overall rate of fat loss just through the muscle it builds.

And this especially goes for women.


The more muscle you can pack on your body gives, the more it will give you that long and lean look.

A good range to follow is keeping your reps mostly in the 3-5 range.

NOTE: We’ve found a difference between building lean muscle and building “bulky” muscle.  Building lean muscle has a good sweet spot of 5 reps or less.  Building “bulkier” type of muscles usually use more time under tension.  Hypertrophy aka. building bigger muscles usually occurs in the 8 reps and above range.  It’s not an exact science but it works for our girls.

We always say that every 10 pounds you add to the bar makes your sexier so train your body for strength and you’ll be setting it up for long term fat loss results in the end.

4. Add Metabolic Finishers to Your Program

Gone are the days where you’d have to spend hours on the treadmill in order to get that extra little bit of fat burn.

The key benefit of doing metabolic finishers after your workout is the fact that it retains your muscle and burns fat at the same time.

Due to its intense nature and use of a variety of fat loss tools (such as kettlebells and dumbbells) the exercises performed in Metabolic Finishers do a great job of giving your body that nice little metabolic boost at the end of your workout.

An Example of a Finisher would be a Tabata Squat and Press:
– Set a timer for 4 minutes
– For 20 seconds do a squat and press as many times as possible with good form
– Take a 10 second rest in between
– Do this for 8 rounds

This would be done right at the end of your workout and give your body that nice metabolic boost in a short amount of time.

5. STOP Creating Your Own Workouts

I recently had a conversation with a “fitness expert” and to my surprise all she does is her own workouts in the gym.

One thing I’ve constantly done in the gym is take other workout programs from other trainers and try them on myself.

This way I get to not have to figure out what I’m doing in the gym and I also get to understand how the workouts actually affect my body.

I must’ve tried out hundreds of different programs and, very humbly speaking, that’s why I’m able to create effective fat loss programs for all of our clients in our transformation programs.

One of the best ways to get consistent results and not get bored is to take someone else’s workout and actually do it.

It’s fun, it brings a new stimulus to your body and it takes the guess work out of the way when you hit the gym.

Por Conclur

Setting up your body for Non-Stop Fat Loss doesn’t have to be a hard task. Take one of these points or all 5 of them and start incorporating them into your workout routine right now.  

The result will be a body that is burning fat non-stop 24/7 365 days a week 🙂

One of the biggest misconceptions about women and fat loss has to be the myth that women should not lift heavy.

When we tell our clients to do certain lifts or challenge themselves with a heavier weight we are sometimes met with an incredulous look of, “I don’t want to do that because it’ll make me bulkier”

This could not be further from the truth.

One of the leanest girls I know is also one of the STRONGEST girls I know.

Her name is Neghar Foononi and in this blog post she’s going to show you why it’s IMPERATIVE to lift heavier, especially if you’re looking for that long and lean physique.

If transforming your body is your top priority then this is one of those articles you must read before doing your next workout.



Why Women Must Lift Heavy For Fat Loss

By: Neghar Foononi, RKC

As a fitness and lifestyle coach, I constantly get asked questions about how to achieve an optimal physique. It doesn’t matter if I’m at the nail salon or at a BBQ with friends, inevitably, people want to know…what’s the best way to change my body?

Well, first things first, I always preface my response with this:

There is no such thing as an optimal physique. There’s you, your body, and how you treat it—that’s all. 

I then follow-up with the equally important statement that the best way to change your body is the way that you’ll embrace with both consistency and enjoyment. There is no best way, really, but there is the best way for YOU. 

Within these conversations, women divulge what they want for their bodies: leaner legs, a firmer butt, arms like Madonna, or visible abs. Others detail various training goals such as completing an unassisted pull-up or a bodyweight deadlift. Often, as we begin to dig deeper, they reveal intentions that are more intrinsic and introspective in nature, such as looking to develop a healthier relationship with food, or boost their confidence through living a fit lifestyle.

Ultimately, every woman I speak to wants the same thing: to flourish. They want to look better and feel better, but they desperately want to do it without strict dieting and spending hours in the gym. They want to live a life in which fitness adds to their life rather than subtracts from it. 

What these women regularly describe to me is what I call the Lean & Lovely lady: A fit, feminine, athletic body that’s actually as strong as it looks; a healthy relationship with food—one lacking in food-related guilt; a mindset of gratitude and compassion, and an overall empowered and vibrant life. neghar-278x245

It just so happens, that I know a helluva lot about how to live a Lean & Lovely lifestyle.

In fact, I’ve spent the last several years helping women all over the world not only transform their bodies, but their lifestyles and their mindsets as well. And do you want to know the main ingredient in my Lean & Lovely recipe?


It all starts with strength

I’m not just talking physical strength, but strength of mind, and character as well. It’s all encompassing, from the inside out. When I began my fitness journey, it consisted only of running and yoga—two things that are actually quite beneficial when added to a well-rounded strength training program. But I wasn’t focusing on strength at all. I was focused completely on what my body looked like, not how it performed. 

When my mindset began to shift, and I began to prioritize strength, I noticed a few very significant and relevant things:

1-The stronger I became, the easier it was to lose fat and maintain a lean physique.

2-External strength can fuel internal strength. 

3-Strength makes everything easier.

Speaking purely scientifically, lifting weights promotes the growth of lean mass (muscle), which is an integral part of any fat loss journey. Put simply, muscle helps cultivate a healthier metabolism because the more muscle your body has, the more calories it will burn at rest. In addition to increasing metabolism, lifting weights promotes natural growth hormone production, which in turn helps reduce insulin sensitivity

Plus, lifting weights-if done in a certain way-can give you the most bang for your buck, allowing you to build strength and lose fat simultaneously. This is why I love introducing women to kettlebells: they allow for versatile, dynamic, total body, fat burning, strength building workouts—all with one tool! 

Unfortunately, I’ll often encounter women who don’t like my advice. They don’t want to get strong because they’re that lifting weights will make them “bulk up.”

They can easily be deterred from the idea for fear of being “manly” or “too muscular” so let me go ahead and allay your fears: lifting weights won’t turn you into She-Hulk overnight (although I adore She-Hulk for being the Super Heroine champion of self-love and body acceptance). 

You’ll build muscle through strength training, of course, but you won’t pack it on in absurd amounts and it won’t happen instantly.

Simply put, women do not have the testosterone necessary to support that kind of muscle growth. Plus, it takes years and years of hypertrophy focused training to achieve the kind of muscle growth that you see on body builders.

Instead, by lifting weights the Lean & Lovely way, you’ll build a lean, feminine, athletic physique—all while increasing metabolism. 

I didn’t experience a serious transformation in terms of fat loss until I started prioritizing strength, and especially once I began utilizing kettlebells. The boost in strength and metabolism helped me turn my body into a confident, empowered, fat-burning machine. 

Which leads me to the second thing I noticed once I started lifting weights regularly—the intrinsic strength. Lifting weights helps boost confidence like nothing else I have ever seen. I’ve helped timid, overweight, stay-at-home moms go on to crush feats of strength and then start their own personal training businesses.

RKCI’ve seen beginners afraid of lifting a kettlebell move on to chasing a double bodyweight deadlift while breaking out of their comfort zones.

Physical strength contributes to strength of character, which in turn boosts confidence—and there’s just no downside to that. 

Strength of body is empowering, and it’s what allows you to cultivate a Lean & Lovely lifestyle, not just a Lean & Lovely body

Now, this type of transformation doesn’t happen overnight, but when it does, it’s truly enlightening.

I first recognized how valuable strength was to me as a woman, when I bought a twin sized bed for my son. As a single mom, many tasks fell solely to me, which I had pretty much gotten accustomed to.

However, when I purchased the bed, I didn’t really think through the entire process: somehow this bed had to be moved from my car into my home. I’m sure I could have asked someone for help, but being the stubborn girl that I am, I chose to do it all on my own.

It was difficult. It was exhausting. It was, above all, empowering.

I carried that bed, awkward shape and all, from my car, up and down stairs, and into my apartment—all by myself. It’s moments like those when you realize how much strength matters.

Which leads me to my last point: Being strong makes everything else easier, whether it’s carrying heavy bags of groceries, draping a sleeping child over your shoulder, or hoisting a suitcase into an overhead bin. When you’re strong, every day tasks become less cumbersome, and it’s from that strength that your spirit truly blossoms.

With all the information out there, and the multitude of machines and weights at the gym, it can be difficult to know where to get started and whether you’re on the right path. How do you even begin to embark on a journey of strength such as this?

Well, this is why I absolutely love teaching people about kettlebells, and how utilizing them can help you build strength, lose fat, and increase confidence—all in just 30 minutes a day. It’s essentially your all-in-one strength, cardio, and mobility tool. 

To develop a Lean & Lovely physique, long bouts of cardio aren’t going to be necessary. Spending an hour on an elliptical machine won’t produce a body that looks strong. It won’t help you build muscle, thereby improving your metabolism and developing an athletic, sculpted physique.

It won’t help you lean out your abs or perk up your butt. And in some extreme cases, cardio can actually do more harm than good. You won’t do cardio in the traditional sense, but you will get very sweaty.

Other types of fat burning activity such as metabolic resistance, complexes, and finishers (or what I call “quickies”) are going to be much more effective in terms of developing a lean, strong, athletic physique. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on cardio.

In fact, I often enjoy certain types of cardio, such as long walks or bike rides along the beach in Santa Monica. Rather, I’m simply stating that strength is going to be your #1 focus. Neghar-Sled

If you love going for long runs or taking Zumba classes—hell, go for it! Just don’t do it for physique purposes or to build a Lean & Lovely physique.

Do it because it brings you joy as form of moving meditation, and you just want to incorporate more activity. Just be sure not to replace lifting weights or performing metabolic resistance circuits with cardio.

As my friend Jen Sinkler is famous for saying, when asked what she did for cardio, you’ll “lift weights faster.” 

This is where Metabolic Resistance Training and kettlebells comes into play. A typical MRT session lasts between 15-30 minutes, and you’ll always finish up feeling like a goddess.


Because MRT will help you gain strength while placing intense metabolic demand on your body. You’ll essentially be lifting weights (or performing bodyweight movements) for either reps, or time, with very short breaks in between. 

Typically MRT exercises are multi-joint, compound or combination movements and are grouped into circuits of 3-5 exercises. The concept behind this type of training is that you will achieve greater metabolic disturbance, using the entire body to achieve favorable body composition, increase work capacity and in most cases, improve strength levels.

By doing MRT with kettlebells, you ensure that you’re engaging your entire body with every single movement, and you have a greater arsenal of dynamic movements to choose from, like swings and snatches. 

(It’s important to note that MRT is only effective if you have a strong grasp of all of the movement patterns incorporated in the circuit. Because you are moving quickly, with load, and taking such short breaks, your body has to be able to perform the exercises efficiently without risk of injury.)

Metabolic resistance training, and kettlebells in particular, form the foundation of my Lean & Lovely methods, and these methods have helped women all over the world lose insane amounts of fat, while completely transforming their lives. If you’re ready to get started on that path, give this MRT circuit a try.

Above all, remember that creating a strong body contributes to a strong mind, and vice versa.

To live a truly empowered life, fitness has to radiate from the inside out. 


 Thanks Neghar.

Just gotta say again that Neghar is one of the most knowledgable women I know when it comes to building an awesome female physique using kettlebells.

If you’re ready to get into your best body and avoiding all of the frustrations of no getting any progress at the gym, check out her system she’s developed based The NEW rules of lifting for women and permanent fat loss called Lean and Lovely™

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One of the most mis-understood exercises that almost everyone uses in their Transformation Program is the Mountain Climber.

While it’s an incredibly effective way to work your abs and strengthen your core – I usually see 90% of people getting it totally WRONG.

I just did a video on the BEST way to use do the Mountain Climber to tone and hyper-target your abs.

I use a specific 3 Step Activation sequence that ensures you get the maximum effect to sculpt those abs.

Follow the sequence every time you do a stability based ab exercise and you’ll be on your way to a tighter core in no time.

One of the things I’m most proud of when it comes to my Body Transformation Center is the fact that our women just can’t stop having babies.

It’s a weird thing to be proud of I know.

One thing most people don’t know is that even though you have a baby it does not mean that you automatically have to be out of shape. In fact, the best way to go about your baby journey is to have an “All-Belly” pregnancy.

My fitness friend (and happy mommy) Lacy Arnold lays out the Top 7 mistake new moms always make when trying to lose that baby fat. If you’ve ever had a kid or are planning to have one make sure you read this entire article.


The Top 7 Mistakes New Moms Make When Trying to Lose Baby Fat
By Lacy Arnold, Author of Lean Moms

Pregnant belly with red ribbon

If you’re a mom, or about to become one, you may be worrying about what happens once your round pregnant belly isn’t so round anymore. If this isn’t your first pregnancy, you already know what happens—it gets soft.

The good news is that your belly doesn’t have to stay that way for long! If you want your pre-baby body back quickly, avoid the following mistakes:

The Top 7 Mistakes New Moms Make When Trying to Lose Baby Fat

1. Tackle weight loss like it has to happen tomorrow, and then give up when you don’t see results.

Be patient. A new baby is unpredictable and takes weeks, if not months, to get into a routine. Start small. Choose one thing to focus on at a time, conquer it, and then add in one more change or habit.

2. Don’t recognizing that your hormones are adjusting and may be out of balance for a while.

Hormones can drastically affect weight loss. Eat one half to one avocado per day to help supply healthy fats while your hormones balance. Many women find that the avocado helps with hunger, too. Your water weight will be constantly fluctuating, so stay away from the scale! Instead, choose a pair of jeans you want to fit into and use them to gauge progress.

3. Make poor food choices because you’re over-tired or in a rush.

Eat smart. Choose nutrient-dense, whole foods such as almonds, fish, green veggies, quinoa, berries, and coconut oil instead of sweets or processed foods. 

Eat often. You and your baby both need to eat every 2 to 3 hours.

Finding time for this can be tricky, but the more you become aware of it and the more you plan ahead, the easier your meals will fit into your busy schedule. Keep a bag of raw almonds or carrots in your diaper bag or purse to save you from caving into that Snickers bar or nibbling on your children’s French fries.

Cook several meals all at once and store them in the fridge or freezer for later.

4. Work out too soon after giving birth and burn yourself out—or worse, get injured.

Your body needs time to recover, especially your abs! Pregnancy stretched them to their max, and when you begin to work them too soon–before 4-6 weeks—you can develop diastasis recti (permanent separation of the abdominal muscles).

Diastasis recti require surgery to repair. If you have a C-section, your recovery time is longer than 4-6 weeks. Always make sure to follow the advice of your medical doctor when it comes to the right time to start any exercise program. When it is time, abdominal vacuums and planks are two of the best ab exercises for new moms.

KristySquatPreggy 55. Do long cardio sessions.

Short, high intensity workouts spread throughout the day are best, especially with a newborn. Get creative! Squats or walking lunges while comforting a colicky infant can help to tighten your tush and tone your thighs while soothing your baby.

6. Don’t get support with your fitness plan.

It’s especially important that you socialize with other moms and women to help prevent post-partum depression and to get help quickly if it develops. I recommend choosing a fitness program that involves the support of other women. We do much better together than alone!

7. Choose to do nothing or say you’ll begin “when the baby is older.”

You can start right now by creating a vision and goals. Then, choose one thing a week to focus on. A little progress is better than no progress. And even if you have set-backs, at least you’re mostly moving forward. You’re a mom, so it will help if you remind yourself to take baby steps.

*Bonus* Mistake 8. Don’t Meditate.

Studies have shown that moms have higher levels of stress than most top executives. Stress leads to increased amounts of the hormone cortisol, which can greatly influence belly fat. By meditating for at least 10 to 15 minutes a day (many moms do it while breastfeeding their babies), you can help keep your mindset where it needs to be and stay focused on sculpting your beautiful body and life…baby and all!

By avoiding the mistakes we discussed above, you’ll cruise on past that post-pregnancy weight loss hurdle and be slipping into those favorite jeans before your baby can even say “Mama!”

For more healthy tips to help you reach your weight loss goals, check out Lacy Arnold’s LeanMoms.

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I have to admit that I don’t like Crossfit workouts.  

There I said it.

While I still believe that they’re an incredibly effective fat loss workout, when done the WRONG way they tend to have a negative effect on your body in terms of injuries and joint mobility issues.  

In short, Crossfit workouts do a great job of getting you in shape but also do have a tendency to put your body out of commission.

Today’s blog post we’re going to show you a safe and effective way to do a Crossfit workout in the safest way possible while still reaping all of the awesome fat burning benefits that come along with it.

If you’re willing to do an intense workout and get into a banging body that’s injury free the read on…


The C2 Method – How to Burn Fat and Boost Your Athleticism…At The SAME TIME

By Travis Stoetzl, CSCS, Crossfit 1

Right to left - Rob King, Me, Travis at Crossfit San Diego

Right to left – Rob King, Me, Travis at Crossfit San Diego

I can remember when I first met Dan Go.

Maybe YOU know him?

We were in San Diego at a big fitness mastermind meeting when my buddy Rob King and I decided to head off to get in a training session.

On our way out of the hotel lobby, I can remember Dan running up to join us for our trip to the gym.

What an awesome bunch of dudes to go train with.

When we arrived, Rob looked to me for the day’s session while I turned to Dan and asked him what his plans were for the day.

Dan replied, “Deadlifts”.

I then immediately thought in my head “RESPECT!” then replied back “Cool”.

Side note – Anyone I meet that deadlifts will gain RESPECT in my book. Anyone that I meet that deadlifts while on a trip away from home gets DOUBLE RESPECT in my book.

Dan’s Note – Deadlifts are usually my response to every single question thrown at me in a gym.  ie. “How can I get in shape?” My answer – “Deadlifts” or “Hey Dan can you show me where the washroom is?” My answer – “Deadlifts”

Unfortunately for me, I had just done a heavy deadlift session a few days before so I had something else planned for that day that my buddy Rob and I decided to hit up while your boy Dan cranked out deadlifts.

And if I can recall, I believe Dan deadlifted in his socks, which got him even more respect in my book 😉

There was LOTS of RESPECT going on…

What This Has To Do With the C2 Methodc2method

In any case, what I want to talk about in this guest post is that of my “C2 Method” of programming and how it works.

“C2” stands for “Controlled Chaos” and it’s something I’ve been testing and tweaking within my programming for some time now.

In all honesty, my “C2 Method” of programming is designed to transform you into a complete badass.

And by “complete badass” I mean help you get better at pretty much everything.

I seriously can’t put it any other way than that.

To get a better feel, just think about getting increases in strength, power, conditioning, and overall athleticism all at once.

That’s what my “C2” method is all about and is designed to do (and has PROVEN to do time and time again).

How to Gain Strength, Power, Conditioning and Overall Athleticism All At Once

Well, that’s where the specifics of the “C2 Method” come into play.

In the front we’ve got your “Controlled” part of the programming, which is your structured strength and power work.

For this stuff to work the best, it needs to be consistent and progressive in nature in order for you to reap the most benefit from.

A perfect example to use for what a “Controlled” part of a workout would look like would be to look at what Dan did while we were in San Diego.

Hugh_Jackman_Wolverine_Deadlifting_Workout_Toe_Shoes_FiveFingers_Leangains-1As previously stated, Dan did deadlifts… HEAVY deadlifts.

Nothing fancy, just some good sets of deadlifts for more muscle and strength.

Not sure what his reps and sets were for that day, but he was working strength.

You can’t go wrong by doing some deads for strength.

My other TOP go-to movements for strength would include:

-Front and Back Squats
-Military, Push Press
-Heavy Weighted Dips and Pull Ups
-All of the Olympic Lifts and their Variations

Now, the unfortunate part with this “Controlled” aspect of training is how most people drop the ball by missing this key component of structured strength work.

In other words, people tend to skip it n order to do the second part of my “C2 Method” which is the “CHAOS” part of the programming.

This is used primarily to enhance your conditioning and speed fat loss while complimenting your main strength and power work.

This “CHAOS” type of training is also where you can have some real fun in being a bit more random with your programming in regards to what you do and how you do it,

However, at the same time, there still needs to be some sort of rhyme or reason to what it is your doing.

Let me explain…

For me, I have a couple of different go-to “CHAOS” training set ups that I like to use which include:

1. Interval / Pace
2. Strength-Metcons
3. Grinders
4. Kardio Kings

The 4 main set ups that I listed above are what I like to use, but as we were in San Diego, while your man Dan was pulling away at some deadlifts, Rob and I did the set up I referred to above which is called a “Grinder” set up.

This is a conditioning based set up that’s typically done in a circuit type of fashion from top to bottom.

In other words, the work has been laid out and your job is to get everything done as fast as possible.

I like “Grinders” because they will test both your mind and body with higher rep movements and more overall total volume, which is exactly why they’re so powerful to use for conditioning and getting yourself shredded.Games2012_12.4Announcement_Landscape

I refer to these set ups as “Grinders” because that’s what you do… “Grind away at completing all of the reps and movements”

In any case, to give you the full set up of what Rob and I did for our “Grinder” session, here it is:

Complete the Following For Time:

25 Strict Pull Ups
25 Barbell Thrusters @ 135
25 Kettlebell American Swings @ 70 lbs
25 Burpee Box Jumps @ 30 inches

***The loads listed are only recommendations – go as heavy as YOU can handle with good form and technique

You’d do the movements listed from top to bottom and “grind” away at the reps until you’re finished.

Dan’s Note:  Before doing any of these workouts you should be starting your workout with a 6 Minute Superhuman type of warm up.  You’ll not only enhance your strength, speed and power, you’ll also keep yourself more injury resistant.

So, now you might be wondering …How Do We Put all of This Together?

Well, can you remember back to the strength work that I told you Dan did?

If we were to combine these two together, that would make for a perfect example and set up for what my “C2 Method” is all about.

It’s a rough example at that, but one I wanted to use since this was the first time for me meeting Dan.

Either way, hopefully you get a good idea of how powerful this stuff can be for you and your results.

Because it’s NOT just about “random workouts of the day”…

The key is to make sure you’ve got yourself some structured strength work within your training programs to ensure you’re getting the most from your efforts overtime.

Don’t just be doing a bunch of conditioning stuff that’s written on a board.

You NEED Strength.

Take it from Deadlfitin’ Dan as he knows.

Now, if you liked this and want to know more, I’ve got plenty for you.


Thanks Travis.  Awesome Post.

Travis has put together 36 more “CHAOS” sessions plus tons of done-for-you structured strength work.

It’s all within his patented “C2 Method” of programming that’s inside the NEW Unbreakable Badass Blueprint Training System that he just unleashed and this week has it on a big time DISCOUNT.

If you’re looking to boost your athleticism and get ripped while avoiding the injuries then check out the next page.

Next Page ==> How to Unlock the EXACT Workout Formula to Become Your Leanest, Strongest, and Fittest EVER

dan-bef-aft-2012 (1)I have a confession to make …I hate dealing with stubborn fat areas on my body.

I know, “Hate” is a strong word but if you’ve ever dealt with issues with your stubborn belly fat you’d be saying the same thing.

As you know by now, I wasn’t blessed with the greatest genetics in the world.

Back in my “fatter” days when I was over 40 pounds overweight I couldn’t even fathom the thought of having abs and if you asked anyone around me ..they’d agree with you.

In fact, when I told a girlfriend (now “ex”) about how I was gonna have six pack abs she just laughed at me and told me it was next impossible especially from where I was starting from.

Needless to say, she’s not in my life anymore.

I, along with many others, would be relegated to the fact that we’d always have that little “pooch” at the bottom of our stomachs regardless of how much we worked out or dieted.

Well, thankfully I was dead wrong.

The TRUTH of the matter is that losing the last 10 pounds is totally different than losing the first 20 (or 40 in my case).

In fact, if you’ve eaten clean and counted your calories you’d know that it becomes a law of diminishing returns.

You can eat under your daily maintenance level of calories for months on end only to stay stuck in some dreaded plateaus.

The fact is that losing the last 10 pounds takes a different approach and that specific approach is one that I’ll be talking about in today’s blog.

So Why is it SO HARD to Lose the Last 5-10 Pounds Off of Your Body?caveman

Essentially, we all have our own caveman DNA working against us.

You see, from an evolutionary standpoint, there is simply NO real benefit to being extremely lean.

Quite the opposite—people who stored fat efficiently we able to survive longer and live to pass on their efficient fat storage genes.

Which means that only the cave people who were good at storing fat tended to live through famine, and passed the fat-storing genes on.

Generations later, we’re all walking around with super-high fat storage efficiency in a world where food is now in abundance all around us.


What Can We Do To Combat Our Evolutionary Fat Storing Habits?

When it comes down to the final 5-10 pounds of stubborn fat on your body it really relates back to the hormonal environment in your body.

One of the hormones that we undoubtedly want less of is Cortisol.

cortisolWhat Is Cortisol?

Cortisol is a hormone that the adrenal gland secretes in response to stress. This stress can be in the form of life stress, lack of sleep, and obviously bad dieting habits.

It’s also one of the main culprits of on your body that stimulate fat gain in your abdomen.

Now it would be easy to say to someone to just stress less and the belly fat will go away.

But that’s not the case.

In the case of eliminating cortisol you need to fight fire with fire.

It’s  a matter of finding which hormones work well against one another.

When it comes to cortisol (and belly fat), you need look no further than Growth Hormone.

Also known as Human Growth Hormone or simply GH, is produced in the pituitary gland and is responsible for muscle growth, and fat loss among other things.

Growth Hormone is also known as the celebrity hormone that people will pay hundreds of dollars a month to inject into their bodies for faster fat loss and muscle building.

Little do they know that we can produce growth hormone naturally in our bodies without the use of expensive injections.

More specific to this blog, growth hormone is actually one of the most effective hormones in the world to offset cortisol.

How Do We Produce More Growth Hormone In Our Bodies?ku-medium

While producing growth hormone in our bodies may seem like a daunting task it really isn’t. It just comes down to a few modifications to our diet and one little trick I do in my exercise programs.

I’ll reveal the first two here but won’t go into detail as we have discussed these in previous blogs of mine:

3 Ways To Boost Growth Hormone

1. Delay your first meal of the day to 12pm or later to increase the fasting period.
2. Workout in a fasted (aka. empty stomach) state. Do this on BCAA’s to avoid losing any muscle.

And lastly…

3. Produce More Lactic Acid In Your Body

GH is released as a response to the production of something called lactic acid.

Lactic acid is a waste byproduct of some of the chemical and metabolic processes that happen during exercise.

So, if you do exercise in a specific way, you can produce MORE lactic acid, which will then produce tremendous amounts of growth hormone as a result. That growth hormone surge will also help to work against your high cortisol levels.

How Do You Produce More Lactic Acid in Your Body?

I learned this trick from a good friend of mine who is amazing at helping people lose the last few pounds off of their bodies.

What it is is an unusual style of exercise that can actually produce even MORE lactic acid than is generally possible with other types of exercise.

It’s called Lactic Acid Training and this type of training utilizes slow lifting speeds and faster lowering speeds.

The philosophy of this type of training is that lactic acid is primarily produced during the “concentric” or positive/lifting phase of an exercise, and not so much during the “eccentric” or negative/lowering phase.

In general terms we are slowing down the lifting portion of the exercise and speeding up the lowering portion of it.

squatAn example would be one rep of a Squat (using a lower weight):

1. You’d lower the weight of the squat down with a 1-1.5 second cadence
2. You’d lift the squat up using a 4-5 (excruciatingly tortuous) second cadence.
3. Repeat this for 8-10 reps

Performing exercises with these extended concentric movements is going to create a tremendous amount of lactic acid, which in turn is going to prompt your body to produce fantastic amounts of growth hormone.

And that growth hormone is going to help you manage cortisol and fight belly fat.

And if all THAT wasn’t enough, lactic acid training is also just a great fat loss training methods, so you’ll lose fat overall.

If you want to fight your cortisol issues, you need growth hormone.

And for that you need lactic acid training.

Utilizing this method, you’re one step closer to fighting off your belly fat for good.

Pretty cool eh?

One guy that is a MASTER at pinning “good” hormones and specific exercise up against the “bad” hormones that cause regional fat storage is my friend John Romaniello.

And in his awesome program Final Phase Fat Loss, provides you with specific types of exercises and workouts to combat:

1. Estrogen, “man boobs” and lower-body fat (combatted with “Density” training and Testosterone)

2. Insulin, and your “love handles (combatted with “Dynamic” training and IGF-1)

3. And of course, Cortisol and belly fat (combatted with specific “Lactic Acid” training and Growth Hormone)

Full Disclosure: I have used this program twice in the past and while it is incredibly effective it is one of the hardest fat loss systems I’ve ever done on my body. This program is definitely NOT for beginners.

If you struggle with “problem area” fat storage and you’re not a beginner at training then this is THE program to set you free.

Next Page ==> How Fitness Model and Fat Loss Expert John Romaniello Lost Those Last 17 Pounds and Transformed His Body From Soft to ROCK HARD in Just 6 Short Weeks…


Just did a very enjoyable interview with Jay Scott from the Full Disclosure Fitness podcast. I might say that this was one of the best most free flowing interviews I’ve done with a podcaster EVER.

Check it out at the link down below:

In this episode you’ll find out:

– How a moment of pain can inspire you to make a positive lifestyle change.

– What mental strategies you can adopt to make your dreams a reality.

– How using a community and support system can lift you towards your goals.

– Why traveling alone builds so much character.

– Why your personality determines how you start a fitness program.

– How being told “no” can spur you upward to success.

– Why thinking positive really does work.

– My deep reasons for focusing primarily on women clientele.

And much, much more.

photographer-wedding-fun-photobooth3She sat there across from me with a look of despair on her face.  

How much time do you have”, I asked.

2 months and then I get married.  Can you make it happen?”, she replied with a hint of fear in her voice.

Does a bear do a number 2 in the woods?”, I stated.  

It was a rhetorical question of course.

Our girl needed to lose 30 pounds in only 2 months of time to look amazingly hot for her wedding.  

While I don’t claim to be a miracle worker, I do know that one of my unique abilities in the world is getting women into ridiculously great shape in a short amount of time.

I’m usually the guy women go to when there is a BIG event they need to look great for.  Usually it’s a wedding or getting them to fit into a nice little two piece bikini for their vacation.

It’s not a bad thing to be known for.  I’ll take it 😉

So today, I want to reveal to you a couple of the tricks I use to speed up the fat loss process and get these women super quick results in 4, 6, or even 8 weeks of time.

Things to keep in mind:
– I base the nutrition plan on the level of expertise my client has.  It goes from getting them to eat real food, to counting calories and at the highest level knowing their macros.  Everything comes in levels.

– The workouts we do are formulated in a way to increase fat loss and work synergistically with their nutrition plans

Most things we do are given at a general level and then coached down an individual level.  Take the information you learn here and apply one or two to your current plan.

So are you ready to speed up your fat loss?  Let’s do this.

Speedy Fat Loss Trick #1 – Hormone Optimization Nutritionying-yang-fasted

When eating for faster fat loss EVERYTHING counts.  

That means the amount of food that goes into your body (aka. calories) and eating foods that optimize your body’s hormones (insulin and growth hormone) ALL count towards building an efficient fat loss environment for your body.

Before coming to me my clients usually have done some damage in the form of overeating some pretty horrible foods.

So the first two weeks of our plan is to essentially all about optimizing their body by improving their insulin sensitivity by depleting their carbs.

We also have them push back their first meals a little later into the day to promote growth hormone release.  If they can’t do this then we have them workout in a fasted state for the same reason as above.

All in all this gets us faster results because we deplete glycogen and water from the body while improving their bodies ability to process fat as energy and build muscle.

This little eating trick is in addition to the carb loading, carb backloading, sometimes intermittent fasting and other little nutrition techniques we use depending on a clients situation.  

When we look at the big picture we have to understand that there are so many moving parts to a clients nutrition strategy.  

In the end we use tools like the ones stated above to optimize our clients bodies for fat loss as well as other sneaky strategies to limit the amount of calories they ingest into their bodies.

crossfit-woman-with-kettlebellsSpeedy Fat Loss Trick #2 – Metabolic Finishers

While I’m still a big believer in traditional cardio and doing interval training, they are definitely not the end all and be all of finishing a workout.

Enter Metabolic Finishers.

A metabolic finisher is an intense exercise or series of exercises performed at the end of the workout that’s designed to ensure that you’ve burnt every last drop of gas from the tank.

They burn fat, improve conditioning, are time efficient and are easier on the joints than your traditional 30 minute post workout cardio routine.

An example of a Metabolic Finisher would be a 20/10 Tabata.   

Tabata’s are 20 seconds of work with a 10 second rest period done 8 times (4 minutes total).  When done correctly they are one of the most masochistic ways to end a workout.  

We use hundreds of different variations of the Tabata in our workout but the simplest (most times best) way to perform a tabata is with one exercise over the 4 minute period.  

Squat and Press Tabata’s – 20 seconds on with 10 seconds rest in-between done in 8 rounds.  

Essentially you’d do as many squat and presses as possible in the 20 second time period while using the 10 second rest to catch your breath.  

Use a weight that is 60% of your 1RM (1 rep maximum) and put 100% intensity into the workout.

Oh, and make sure to clean up the pile of sweat you’ll leave on the ground after doing this finisher.

Metabolic Finishers are quick and a perfect addition to any fat loss program if you want to get that extra little boost to your metabolism and calorie burning.

Speedy Fat Loss Trick #3 – Rotating Your Metabolic Resistance Training Circuits

Let’s be honest:  Most ways people go about exercising to lose fat ultimately does nothing for the metabolism.

Spend 45 minutes on the treadmill and maybe burn 1/10th of one pound of fat.
<Sarcasm> Wow.  That’s amazing. </Sarcasm> 

The one research proven method of working out and boosting your metabolism is Metabolic Resistance Training.  

In fact, research has shown that a specific form of exercise called Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) can increase your metabolism for up to 48 hours post workout – that’s TWO DAYS of elevated metabolism from a single 40-minute workout.

But the HIDDEN truth that most fat loss experts don’t want to tell you is that after a certain period of time their method of © Sam Saccone 2008circuit training starts becoming less and less effective at burning fat on your body.

Why is this?

The fact is this: After a certain time of doing any type of exercise your body start to get MORE and MORE efficient.  

What this means is that your body gets used to the rest times, the movements and even the work periods to every single program that you use for about 4 weeks of time.

Eventually your body gets so used to the way you are working out that and so efficient that you end up burning less calories with less of an effect on your metabolism.

Most coaches approach this by doing more heavier weights and …shudder …more volume (30 Olympic style snatches anyone?)

How do you get around this?

The trick I use with my clients at my transformation centre is to rotate the method of circuits every 3-4 weeks with an entirely new stimuli of metabolic training.  

For example:  

The first 3 to 4 weeks we’ll use a timed circuit of 45 seconds of work with 15 seconds of rest.  

The next 3 to 4 weeks we’ll use an AMRAP circuit of 10 minutes to get as many rounds of 3-4 exercises done within the allotted time frame.

We’ve actually developed a system that ensures that the workouts never get boring and our fat loss workout formula keeps your fat burning at an incredibly high rate 24/7 …but we’ll reveal that a little later.

If your goal is fat loss then always make sure your body is kept inefficient in your workouts by varying your sets, rest, tempos and, of course, increasing the weight to ensure you keep your body in an environment that promotes fat loss.


While all of these speedy fat loss tricks will enhance the results you are looking for in the gym, the main thing I preach to my clients is …patience.

While these tips will ultimately speed up your fat loss you have to realize that Rome was not built in a day and all of the weight that you have gained in the past years WON’T come off in just a couple of weeks.  

Your results in the gym will ultimately be the result of all the actions you do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.  So burn your ships and get going.

Take these speedy fat loss principles and apply them for some better results. 

And unlike our friend in the beginning of this blog post Don’t wait until it’s crunch time to get the body you want.


and stay awesome,


Ps. I’m putting the finishing touches on the launch of my first ever 6 Week Transformation Challenge Online.  This is the same program that’s helped my clients lose anywhere from 13 to 29 pounds of fat in ONLY 6 weeks.  

I’ll be opening it up within the next two weeks and beta testing it with 50 motivated women.  

Stay tuned for more details.


We are officially 6% into the year of 2014 …are you 6% closer to those goals you set out for yourself?

In my 11 years in the fitness industry and helping thousands of clients transform their bodies, I’ve settled into some transformation principles that have helped everyone from the stay at home mom to the high performing CEO of a multi million dollar company.

My recommendation is to take the ones that resonate with you the most and discard what you don’t deem necessary.

If you jive with this list then print it out.  Choose one or two principles to apply to your life every week.  Making one small improvement every single week leads to 50 improvements for the year.

Imagine what your life would look like with 50 awesome improvements.  It would be life changing.

So are you ready?  Let’s go.

woman-training1. Use Metabolic Resistance Training as your main workout at least 3x a week.

2. Challenge yourself by using heavy weights that you can do with perfect form

3. Build your workouts around the big 5 (Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press, Pull Ups and Military presses)

4. Build your workouts around weights being the primary mode of working with cardio being secondary.

5. Do the ultimate fat loss cardio program by doing 10-12 minutes of interval training followed by a nice 20 minute jog.

The interval training releases free fatty acids into your body while the long cardio run burns them off.  If you want an amazing cardio program for fat loss my friend Rusty has one of the best here.

6. Focus on your muscles while contracting. Stop thinking taking your mind somewhere else and really focus on the contraction of the exercise to get the BEST benefits.

7. Change up everything in your workouts from the tempo you do the exercises to the exercises themselves to the sets, reps…everything. The more inefficient we make your body during the workouts the more it will be challenged to deal with the new stress.

8. Try working out in a fasted state. Again, my friend Rusty has a great blog about this here

9. Take BCAA’s with your workouts especially when working out fasted. BCAA’s will keep your muscle and give you more endurance/energy to attack your workouts.

10. GRIP your weights like they owe you money. The grip is super important because it keeps your shoulder capsule locked in thus avoiding injury. When doing any exercise make sure you grip as hard as you can. Do this and feel the difference it makes for your body.

11. Screw your feet into the ground while doing squats and deadlifts. Screw your hands into the ground when doing pushups.

12. When working out with weights wear shoes with soles that minimize the sole. The closer your feet are to the ground the better especially when doing lower body exercises. Vibram five fingers and New Balance Minimus’ are

13. Monitor your body fat levels, caloric intake and amount of activity as well. Too little body fat mixed with too little caloric intake along with TONS of activity (MRT, cardio, etc..) will stress your body out and will mess with your hormones.

14. When training save your joints by stopping one rep before failure 95% of the time.

15. Use Dynamic Mobility Warm Ups prior to each training session

16. Alleviate nagging pains and improve your body’s soft tissue by using Self Myofascial Release

17. Reduce the amount of meals you eat in a day to get a better control on caloric intake.

18. Drink a litre of water first thing in the morning. Bonus points for putting a pinch of Sea Salt in there.

19. Replace all caloric drinks with water while you are at it.

20. Get yourself under a regular eating schedule and train your hunger like a dog

21. If it jives with you then skip your breakfast

22. If you are prone to eating more at night then push your meals back a little farther

23. Become a Diet Agnostic. Understand that all diets work and all diets don’t. It’s a process of finding which one works best with you.

24. Eat high fat high protein breakfasts for greater satiety and more energy.  Charles Poliquin talks a great deal about this here.

25. Keep the bulk of your carb intake to after your Metabolic Workouts

26. Keep your workouts as Inefficient as possible by switching up the ways you do your circuit training.

Play around with density circuits, tabata’s, timed circuits, complexes etc..  Stick with one type of circuit training for anywhere from 3-4 weeks then switch it up.  The more inefficient we make your body at doing a specific modality the faster your fat loss will be in the end.

27. If you’re beginning then fill yourself up with REAL FOOD that was only bought from the outside of the grocery store

28. Know what your caloric intake is.

29. When you get the hang of that then find out what your macro intake is.

30. If you are up to it then do a 24 hour fast once a week. The benefits of fasting are too much to put into this blog post. Do yourself a favour and read Eat Stop Eat.  This book should be the one of the first books you read when it comes to nutrition.

friends-drinking-wine-eating-dinner31. Keep alcohol intake to a couple drinks a week. You cannot change your body if you’re binging on alcohol every single week. You just can’t.

32. If you intend on drinking on a particular day then minimize the damage better by keeping your diet as low fat as possible.

33. If you do drink on one day then promise yourself to hit the gym the next day and for bonus points hit the sauna to sweat out the rest of the alcohol out of your system. It also helps with hangovers.

34. Learn the art of flexible dieting. This goes along with knowing your calories and macros. When you know exactly the amounts of each macronutrient you can put into your body you can choose the meals you eat (clean or not)

35. Take your fitness and nutrition education from practitioners instead of “experts”. Make sure that the person you are listening to actually has clients they work with and test their theories on. It’s one thing to regurgitate research studies. It’s a totally different level if you are constantly testing these theories on real subjects every single day.

36. Meditate at least 3 minutes daily. For intermediate people meditate at least 10 to 15 minutes daily. Meditation has been proven to literally change your brain. Find out why here

37. Get rid of all of the toxic people in your life.  ‘Nuff said.

38. People who make complete transformations in their bodies always think, “Both”. It’s never an either or thing when it comes to changing your body. The best transformations (and least stressed out) will be those that are able to hold two separate opposing thoughts in their mind and make room to allow both of them to be true.

39. Use the acronym #NFE in your life. NFE means “No Freaking Excuses”. If you want to put a swear word in the middle then by all means go ahead.

Sure you’re a little tired. Sure you have 3 kids MariaKangWhatsYourExcuseand work a 9 to 5 job. But I’m sure you can find someone on this world who has the same situation as you do that is achieving the goals you want to achieve. If you want something bad enough in life stop making excuses and start doing something about it.

40. There is no “secret” to transforming your body. It takes a good plan, plenty of support and A LOT of hard work.

41. Understand that transforming your body is an evolution. When you reach one goal you’ll most likely start to reach for another one. It’s all about evolving yourself, your knowledge and your body. Wherever you are start now. Stop procrastinating and take the first step to go after the things you want in life.

42. When you transform your body it will look like a mountain. You’ll see all of the things you need to do and will get overwhelmed with the enormity of the task. My recommendation is just take the first step and then the next step after that. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

43. Don’t take this fitness and nutrition stuff so seriously. Avoid getting into arguments about which diet is best because they all work.  Stop criticizing other people based on their way of eating.  Everyone deserves to do what they think is best to change their bodies.  Let them be and focus on yourself.

44. Surround yourself with people who are focused on achieving the same goal you are. You are the average of the 5 people you hang around the most. Choose them wisely.

45. Love your body. No seriously …LOVE your body. Your results will be in direct reflection to how much you love your own freaking body.

46. Celebrate the small successes. You don’t realize it but you’re getting better every single day. Start celebrating each and every little (or big) success in your life.

47. Learn from your failure. Failure is not final. Neither is success. Learn from both and realize that nothing is ever final unless you make it so.

Don’t let your successes go to your head & don’t let your failures go to your heart.” ~ Will Smith

48. Own yourself and your results. Take responsibility for everything that has happened thus far in life and take total 100% responsibility.

49. Control the things you can and let go of the things you can’t.

And lastly…


50. Be an example of what you want to see in the world. Don’t shove your ideas or ideologies down other people’s throats but instead make it a point to set the example. Those that follow will follow and those that don’t won’t.

In the end this is all about being the best YOU you can possibly be. You don’t need six pack abs or need to be skinny to be loved. Be in love with yourself.

If you have some changes to make then take action and start the process to making your goals a reality. No one is going to do it for you. You gotta get up and get going.

Take *some* of these 50 ways to transform your body and start applying it right now. Take that first step and then the next step after that. This is a wake up call.

Realize that you’re an amazing human being. Start acting like it.

Ola my ninja, I’m back from Costa Rica and I have thrust myself into the cold winter of Toronto.

Just gotta say that the transition to normal city life was a bit on the tumultuous side; anytime you go from searing hot weather to minus 20 it will always be an “experience”.

But I’m alive, grateful, and ready to create …so let’s DO this.

Now everyone loves predictions and I’m no stranger.

After a good 11 years in the fitness industry I’ve seen my share of trends come and go and it’s my turn to make some predictions on the next year of fitness.

Are you ready? Let’s go.

Fitness Prediction #1 – Transformation Programs Will Be On The Rise

Transformations programs will be the hot thing in the fitness industry and for good reason:

They are INCREDIBLE at getting results. My girl Jen lost OVER 60 pounds doing a few of the ones I run at my gym (turn on images)

There is no other type of program that incorporates a trainers skill at partnering workouts, with a solid nutrition plan, while developing a community and accountability than a 4-6 week transformation program.

Heck, I do them myself and have great success with my Transformation Centre.

My prediction is that you’ll see more than your fair share of them pop up in 2014.

What You Should Do

Just make sure you are ready for them because they can be INTENSE.

Also be sure to choose the right one that fits your style of doing things and has a track record of past success to back it up.

All in all I fully recommend joining one if you haven’t already. They are the perfect storm of intense super focused results done in a group support atmosphere.

I’ll be coming out with one in February so be on the lookout for that.

Fitness Prediction #2 – Specialized Workout Programs Will Be All The Rage

You’re going to see more products come out in the fitness industry that focus on specific modalities of training whether it be TRX, Kettlebell or even dumbbell training (not sure why someone hasn’t done this yet)

You’ll even see specific programs built based on working out legs, bis, tris, shoulders, abs etc etc..

The one thing you should take away from this is that while some of these programs will be awesome (like Chris Lopez’s Kettlebell Evolution and Dan Long’s suspension revolution) they should be looked at as…


They are all tools to get you to your goal and should not be used as the primary source.

Just like you wouldn’t use a hammer as your primary tool of choice, you shouldn’t choose one specific implement to hit your fat loss goals.

What You Should Do

Use them all. It is what the fitness gods have intended you to do.

I’d recommend grabbing those specialty programs for great ideas and philosophies on how to use them …AND THEN integrate them into your  regular training.

Fitness Prediction #2 – Paleo and Intermittent Fasting (IF) Will Become The “IT” Diets of 2014 …and They Will Also Come Under HEAVY Criticism In 2014.

Full Disclosure: I love both and use both in varying ways because it keeps dieting simple and easy to understand.


The quickest way I know to get an absolute beginner to lose weight is to put them on a paleo/16-8 intermittent fasting regimen.

16/8 Intermittent Fasting = 3 meals a day

= Good to Great Results for someone starting out

It’s a neat way of eating to limit their calories and have beginners starting to eat real food (another way to limit calories).

Also, if you look at the most searched terms for diets in Google, you’ll find that paleo and IF are pretty much #1 and #2 trending.

This will not change in 2014.

They are both very effective ways to get in shape and enjoy optimal health.

On the other hand…

You will have your detractors. In fact, some of them will have been people who have stout supporters of either philosophy in the past.

They will come out with every research study and excuse in the book to debunk the eating philosophies of Paleo and IF.

What You Should Do

Take the “It is what it is” approach.

I am of the big belief that at some point of your nutrition evolution you should get to knowing how many calories your body can sustain and to a greater degree know how many macros your body needs.

And everything happens in levels:

Level One of eating for fat loss would be eating Paleo and in some sort of IF format.

Level Two would be starting to count your calories.

Level Three would be starting to track your carb and protein macros.

Level Four would be tracking your macros and advancing to the next of my fitness predictions…

Fitness Prediction #3 – IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) Will Be The NEW Nutrition Strategy of Choice For Most Trainers

If It Fits Your Macros will rival Paleo and IF as the new diet of choice for most personal trainers …but should you do it?

The crux of the philosophy is that you have a specific amount of macros that go into your body that support the body you want to have.

The advantage of this diet is that you get to fit almost any type of food into your diet as long as it fits your macros thus allowing you to be flexible with your diet.

The downside is that it is for the more advanced dieter. Preferably one that has gone through the 4 levels as stated above. It requires you to weigh out your foods, do calculations and really track your meals to a “T”.

The other downside is that IIFYM supporters see this as the end all and be all.

I would not recommend this to anyone who is just starting to diet but for the more advanced person I would let them have a go at it.

With my own clients I make sure they go whole foods and get a handle on calorie counting before even going down the IIFYM route.

There will be factions of Paleo, IF and IIFYM followers that will battle tooth and nail for their diet of choice.

What You Should Do

Choose which level on the dieting scale you are on and advance from there.

Just like stated in the specialty programs these different diets are “tools”
in your toolbox. Use them accordingly.

If you are advanced then combine them in a way that suits your own
personal way of eating.

What You Shouldn’t Do

Do not be a follower. Do not be the one to get into arguments with friends or trainers about which one is best. Do not criticize others on their diet of choice either.

Criticizing diets never helps anyone get ahead.

Each one serves its own purpose so use them as they serve you.

Diets are more like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” Book but in this case you get to combine the best aspects of each one and make it your own.

So learn all of them and have fun with it 🙂

Fitness Prediction #4 – Dynamic Mobility and Self Myofascial Release (SMR) Will Be the Staple Way Everyone Starts Their Workouts

Dynamic Warm Ups, SMR and Neuromuscular Activation will be THE way everyone in the gym starts their workouts.

There is no other sequence in the world that allows you to avoid injury, increase your strength, speed, power, flexibility and endurance in a matter of minutes.

Gone are the days of starting your workout with a light jog coupled with long (ineffective) stretches.

We know by now (and proven by research) that these types of warms ups do nothing for the body and can increase your propensity for injury.

There is a revolution towards getting your body ready dynamically and treating your fascial tissue after hours of sitting in your desk chair.

How do I know?

Almost all of the gyms here in Toronto have foam rollers available and when I walk into the gym I can always catch one or two people warming up their bodies the RIGHT way.

Sure, one or two people may not seem like a lot but a year ago I didn’t see ANYONE doing dynamic warm ups.

So I expect this number to increase in 2014.

On a side note: No one looks at me funny when I roll my butt on a medicine ball. I think they finally understand what I’m doing OR just accept the fact that I’m a weirdo.

What You Should Do

Obviously learn how to warm up your body dynamically in a timely effective manner.

Would you trade 6 minutes for a faster, stronger, more injury resistant body?

Then try this program ==> 6 Minute Superhuman

Fitness Prediction #5 – There Will Be Another Fad Fruit Or Miracle Pill That Will Rob Unsuspecting People of their Hard Earned Dollars in Hopes of Not Doing Work to Get in Shape….

…But in the end you won’t fall for it.

Now for a little bit of bad news….

There will be another crazy diet fad that will get everyone excited in hopes to not have to hit the gym or have to change their diet to Transform their body.

There is one that comes around every single year and I don’t expect this year to be any different.

What You Should Do

AVOID IT. Like the plague. Wait for at least 2 years of peer reviewed research to prove its validity.

In the end take it upon yourself that you’ll work hard and do the right things to get yourself into the shape you deserve to be in.

Fitness Prediction #6 – The Fitness Industry Will Become MORE Transparent

As we evolve so will the internet. And along with that evolution the internet will make things a lot more transparent for the fitness industry.

The internet and the fitness industry is a very interesting subject to me because most times I find people with passion putting out products that they really believe can make a difference in the world.

And on the other hand I’ll find people who put out programs and services just because it’s the most profitable thing to do at the time.

I may be judging a bit harshly but I’m sure you can see the differences pretty clearly by now.

I truly believe that the fitness industry will become way more transparent and people will start to see what separates the TRUTH from the BS.

Consumers will get smarter and we, as fitness professionals, must keep our swords sharp to keep up with the vast amount of research and information that comes into our hands and have the wherewithal to know what to do with it.

What You Should Do

For one you should stick with the fitness experts that resonate the best with who you are inside. These are the emails where you look forward to hearing from them and learning what they have to offer you and if that includes me then awesome. I love you back.

The next thing you should do is unsubscribe from the email lists that you don’t resonate with.

Yes, if that includes me then unsubscribe from here as well. The fact is that you should only be getting information from people that speak directly to what jives with you as a person.

Avoid the dreaded loop of fitness A.D.D. and stick with the peeps that speak to your heart.

You are your own person and you get the ultimate choice as to what you allow into your mind.

Make that choice and make it well.

FINAL Fitness Prediction #7 – This Will Be Your BEST Year EVER

This will be the year that you get into your BEST shape and live out your best year you’ve ever lived.

This will be the year you understand that you are never too old for anything in life.

This is the year you realize that as long as you’re willing to put some hard work and elbow grease into it you’ll know that you can achieve anything you want.

This will be the year you put INTENSE focus on your goals for 2014 (you did these right?) and every action, every workout, every piece of food that goes into your mouth will be towards the goal you set out for yourself.

This will FINALLY be the year where you get rid of all excuses and become the person you’ve always dreamed of becoming because you realize…

…that if someone had done it before then you can definitely do it.

Let’s make 2014 our BEST year yet. Stay focused on your goals and do something every single day to achieve them.

You can do this. All you gotta do is get movin.

Talk soon my ninja and make sure to do something every day that gets you closer to your goal.

Stay awesome,


Science ExperimentsIn the past 6 weeks I’ve been testing out a new theory on my body with some interesting results.

You see, I’m the type of guy that loves to treat my body as a scientific experiment.

Every single workout stimuli that I test on my body gives me a better understanding of the theory proposed in the workout.

I gotta be honest and say that some of the programs I’ve tried have utterly sucked. Like really bad.

(And it’s even worse when the author tries to convince me to promote the product.)

On the other hand some programs are just incredible and have become staples in my toolbox for physique transformation.

Example: For fat loss I love rotating around different types of circuit training that use compound movements as I’ve found that tool best for losing fat at a faster rate than most.

Another example would be physique training for creating a nice muscular tone on my body to look like those “Hollywood” superstar actors.

It’s never one or the other and it’s a big reason why I can’t stand some of the dogma surrounding the industry where people use ONE type of workout for every single situation.

Another mistake people (and myself) make is thinking that you can use only one tool to reach a specific goal.

So they go through the same old routine and motions when what their body needs is a SHOCK to the system.

Your body thrives on reacting to the different stimuli you place upon it. You can’t be caught doing the same old program every single time.

You’ll get bored and its effectiveness on your body will be reduced the more times you introduce it.

Well, admittedly this was a mistake I was making time and time again.

I’d choose the programs that worked best for me in the past thinking that I’d get the same benefit from them.282241_10150995918924450_2021998133_n

This past summer I chose to do a program that I’ve done 2 times in the past with very disparaging results.

It wasn’t that the workout sucked. The first time I did it it actually got me into photo shoot ready shape.

But, as time worn on and my body got more efficient at doing the workout my results inevitably started to suffer.

Also, boredom set in. When you’re doing the same thing over and over it just becomes redundant.

So I needed to change things up.

I needed to give a jolt to my body and especially my mind with a brand new workout.

Before, I had been doing a body part split to achieve the physique results I wanted. I’d hit up my body parts on certain days and split them up according to what was on the plan.

While this technique is incredible at building muscle and developing incredible muscle tone to your body it does start to dilute as time wears on.

The idea behind body part split training is to blitz a muscle group and let it recover for 48-72 hours.

This is “blitz, rest, and recover” model is what most of us have been taught to use to gain strength and add muscle.

…but is this the best (or only) way to train?

Enter the Visual Frequency Experiment

The dominant Eastern European Olympic teams don’t think so.

In fact, most high level athletes don’t blitz and rest a muscle to increase their performance.

pull-picHigh level Olympic Athletes train their movements daily leading up to a contest.

The “athletic community” follows a different set of rules than the typical “gym based” resistance training community.

The dominant Soviet Weightlifting teams of the 70’s and 80’s found that repetition and workout frequency was the key to rapid improvements in strength and performance.

Bodybuilding “breakdown training” was to be avoided.

When muscle breakdown is avoided the muscle can worked many more times in a given period of time.

In the case of the Soviet and Bulgarian teams…they figured out a way to train each movement with 2-3X the frequency of the Western Olympic teams.

The Result?

Complete dominance over the US and other nations training each movement less frequently.

Makes sense, right?

…they got the advantage of practicing a lift 3X more than their Western counterparts.

If this proven path to strength is right in front of us, why don’t we see more people training in this manner -vs- using a body part split?

Answer: Most people attempting this are still holding on to too many “bodybuilding principles”…which sabotages their ability to dramatically improve strength levels.

Tomorrow, I’m going to send out an email that will outline the best way to train in the gym if you want to experience the rapid results of the Eastern Bloc countries.  If you’re not on the email list then subscribe on the right.

Talk soon,


PS: You don’t have to train using Olympic style lifts to benefit from this approach.

It’s the proper programming that matters most.

So you can use these same principles to improve your bench press, squat, shoulder press, etc.

Look for an email titled “How to Avoid Muscle Breakdown to Dramatically Increase Strength”.

Pps. If you’re wondering what my results were of doing this program it’ll be in the next email as well 🙂

Myths are harmful.  They can lead you down the wrong path, hamper your results and possibly set you back in getting the body you desire.

The key is in RIGHT knowledge.

The more RIGHT knowledge you have the better you’ll be equipped to make an effective body transformation plan.

So what myths are out there waiting to trick you?

Here are five that you’re most likely to come up against.

Female Fat Loss Myth #1: You Need to Work Out Every Day

A little bit of working out will help you lose a little bit of weight, so a lot will help a lot…right? Possibly. If your “little bit” of working out involves taking a walk from your living room to your mailbox, ramping up to a jog around the neighbourhood, then everyday is a good thing.

However, if you’re pushing it hard at the gym 5 days a week, adding another two days isn’t a great idea. Not only do you increase your chance for overuse injuries, but you don’t give your body time to recover.

Recovery is IMPORTANT to getting better results because in rest is when your muscles develop so make sure you get 2-3 days of off days from the gym.

Also if you’re looking for something to do on the off days try this:

Female Fat Loss Myth #2: Coffee is Bad For You!

For many people, having to drop coffee is unbearable.

Fortunately, if you’re a coffee lover and you’re trying to lose weight, you don’t have to give up your hot caffeinated goodness altogether.

Coffee is actually a very useful when taken before your workouts and also acts as a suppressant of your appetite between meals.

So continue drinking your coffee. Just lay off the sugar 😉

WomanFemale Fat Loss Myth #3: Lifting Heavy Weights Makes Women “Bulky”

One of the biggest myths about fat loss is the fact that women should not lift heavy weights for fear of getting bulky.

What we’ve seen in our Women’s Body Transformation Centre is the quite the opposite. Women who lift the most weight with the best form will usually burn fat at a much faster pace than a girl just doing a regular fitness class.

The key is muscle.

The more lean muscle a woman has on her body the higher her metabolic rate, which in turn, leads to increased metabolism.

Couple that with a good Afterburn session at our gym and your fat loss can increase up to 3x more.

So lift heavy with good form. Your body will thank you for it later.

Female Fat Loss Myth #4: Cardio Is All You Need

Want to lose weight? Good. You’ll need to get *some* cardiovascular exercise. But don’t buy into the idea that cardio is all you need to lose weight.

If you don’t lift weights or do some sort of strength training, your long runs and aerobic workouts (ie. fitness classes) will eventually work to burn off your muscle as well as fat.

In the end, this means less strength and a lower metabolism—both which could lead to an inability to maintain a workout routine.

So keep your focus on building lean muscle over cardio and you’ll keep that metabolism rocking at a high rate.

Female Fat Loss Myth #5: Blaming Genetics for Lack of Results

Many people give up on dieting or think there’s no hope when it comes to meeting their goal weight because of their genes.

Just like you may share your father’s hair colour or your mother’s eye colour, there is a small chance you also share your parent’s body type.

However, this is no excuse for doing nothing about trying to get into shape.

Genetics plays a small factor to losing weight.

It’s really all about habits.

What I find with people who have “great genetics” and usually in great shape year round is that their eating habits support their bodies.

They may eat very structured throughout the day adhering to a good meal schedule.

They may not like eating anything sweet.

With every person I know who has a super lean body (and I know a couple) they usually have a couple habits they practice daily that support their lean body.

Stick to a healthy way of eating, exercise the right way and start incorporating some lean body habits and you should definitely see results.

Female Fat Loss Myth #6: You Have To Eat 5 Meals a Day to Speed Up Your Metabolism

Research proves time and time again that the amount of meals you eat DOES NOT increase your metabolic rate.

Research also has proven that more meals in a day leads to larger appetites throughout the day.

“University of Colorado researchers found that increasing meal frequency from three to six per day had no significant effect on metabolic rate or the amount of fat burned over a 24-hour period. But it did lead to an increase in both hunger and the desire to eat.”

SOURCE: Ohkawara K, Cornier MA, Kohrt WM, Melanson EL. (2013). Effects of increased meal frequency on fat oxidation and perceived hunger. Obesity, 21, 336-343″

Yet, trainers keep on perpetuating this myth and forcing their clients to feed themselves every 2-3 hours.

The best diet in the long term is the one that is easiest to follow.

We’ve found a nutritional sweet spot in having our girls eat 3 meals a day with a schedule that works with their lifestyle.

It helps them re-work their hunger response and allows them more food with each meal.

It’s not about eating in a certain way but it’s about making your nutrition work around your needs and wants.

Female Fat Loss Myth #7: You Gotta Do It All Alone

Greatness is never achieved alone and your transformation shouldn’t be done by yourself.

At our gym we’ve found that when women are put into a supportive environment with each other and workout to achieve a common goal their results soar through the roof.

When it comes to transforming it looks like this (don’t mind the bad drawing as I did this in my journal):28c4267665fb4530b342ddcadc7953cc

The most important factors are your habits, your identity and your overall mindset when faced with obstacles.

The environment you need to succeed at your transformation (the circle) is support from others on your journey, accountability and coaching.

If you have these things in place along with an effective diet and exercise program then your transformation practically guaranteed.

Which is a nice bridge to letting you know that we’re starting registration for our 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge.

It’s the same challenge that has helped girls in York Region to lose weight, drop the inches and get back into incredible shape.

Just like these girls…

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 10.04.56 AM

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 10.19.58 AM

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 7.38.06 AM

Registration for that starts next week and we’re super stoked for it. It’s going to be our best one yet.


Too many people make the mistake of working out on their off days when they should be resting. The truth is if you train smart you can use your off day workout to your fitness advantage.

A good off day from your workout should be used to recover muscles, correct imbalances and help your performance for your future workouts.

Today’s video will list out the top 6 stretches you should be doing on your off day:

List of Stretches

  1. Upper Posture Correcting Stretch
  2. Deep Squat hold
  3. Hip Mobility Matrix (Hamstring, Hip/IT Band and Adductor)
  4. Psoa’s and hip stretch with a Bench


If I could show you a simple exercise (that you can do in 45 seconds), and this exercise will effectively tighten your abs, strengthen your core, reduce your chances of injury and help get you a sexy flat stomach for the summer, would you try it?

Of course you would!

Check it out at today’s video:

The Best Ab Exercise You’re Not Doing (Tighten, Tone and Strengthen Your Core in Only 45 Seconds)

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 9.52.01 AMOne of the more intense and variable circuits we like to play around with at our Transformation Centre are our 5 Minute Fat Loss Rounds.

This simulates the intensity of a 5 Minute MMA round and it gives us more opportunities to incorporate different Met-Con styles within one workout. One round could be a complex, one round could be cardio focused, another round could be a ladder…there are just so many ways you can use this workout to make your program unique.

How to Do 5 Minute Fat Loss Rounds

We put ourselves through 5 minutes with 2-4 exercises per each round done AMRAP style (As Many Rounds as Possible) within the time frame. We put our girls through 5 separate rounds in a session with a 1 minute rest in between each round.

A sample workout will be available right below the video for you to try. For now check out the video to fully understand how to utilize this awesome fat loss circuit.

Sample 5 Minute Round Fat Loss Workout
– Set Timer for 5 Minutes with a 1-2 Minute REST Between Each Round.
– Do exercises and complete as many rounds as possible within the 5 minutes.
– Stop one rep before failure on each exercise
– Focus on form and your muscles activating while doing the exercise

Round 1 – Bear Crawl 20 steps forward + Reverse Bear Crawl 20 steps back (SLOW AND FOCUS ON FORM)
Round 2 – Heavy Stiff Legged Deadlift + Standing Overhead Press x 6 reps (SLOW AND FOCUS ON FORM)
Round 3 – 200 Meter Sprint + Shoulder Taps (10 reps per side)
Round 4 – Ladder Workout Start at 10 reps of each exercise and work your way down to 9, 8, 7 etc..(Dumbbell Squat + Dumbbell Back Row)
Round 5 – Dumbbell Complex (Squat and Press + Pistol Rows + Weighted Burpee) x 12 reps

…And that thing you’ll wipe off the ground is your face when you’re finished with this.

Exercise with good form and intention. Be responsible and aware when you do these exercises.

You don’t want to “just do it”. You want to do it with a purpose and focus.  Try the workout out and if you have any cool ideas on how to use this workout then drop a comment below and let me know.

Workout responsibly my ninja and talk soon.

Suffering from lower back pain has to be one of the most debilitating injuries anyone can go through and if not treated properly it can be a permanent pain in your life.

What most people that experience low back pain is that with a few exercises, reworking the form on their exercises and persistent action they can get rid of the pain once and for all.

And today you’ll see a simple 3 exercise sequence that will help start the process of alleviating that nagging pain in your back.

Once you watch the video make sure to do the exercises 30 minutes after waking as well as right before your workout and right after you do them let me know how you feel.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 8.49.19 AMThe bear crawl is an exercise you’ll see in many gyms and boot camps in the world and it will most likely be the one that people get wrong about 90% of the time.

Most people that do them come from a “MORE or faster equals BETTER” paradigm. So they race to the other end of the turf as fast as possible as if the other end of the gym rewarded them with a slice of blueberry cheesecake.

The principle we hold at our gym is that “QUALITY equals BETTER”.

That means bringing intention to what we do and doing every exercise with as much quality form as we can bring it (within our own physical limitations, of course).

So in this video we show you the way most people get the Bear Crawl wrong and then show you the much better alternative to doing this amazing exercise.

Click the video down below to watch…

injuryIncurring an injury at the gym is probably one of the most frustrating experiences you’ll have to face in your fitness journey. This is especially true if you love to train.

I’m guessing that if you’re reading this blog right now then the concept of having to stop working out is much like the idea of getting your arm cut off.

I personally think getting injured is a good thing for most people.

And no, I’m not a sadistic trainer who revels in the fact that other people get hurt. Far from it.

I believe that any situation that brings pain in your life is a great opportunity to evolve.

Like that time in my life where I had chronic lower back problems. It was once so bad that getting up and down from a seated position had to be done carefully. One false move up or down would result in massive pain.

For a period of 5 years I, quite literally, looked like a 50 year old man who just had hip surgery and…it was the best thing that ever happened to me.


The pain I felt when I was debilitated by that lower back injury drove me to learn about most of the injury prevention concepts you’ll read in this blog post.

I used pain and created an opportunity for myself to evolve, which is something you can do too.

I don’t wish you a life without pain. I wish you the strength to use your pain as an opportunity to evolve.

While some of injuries can’t be avoided, we CAN train our bodies in such ways become stronger, faster and overall increase our immunity to injuries.

So while the blog post states that you’ll get 6 Ways to Bulletproof Your Body From Injury we’re going to go in a roundabout way to it.

We’ll talk about a possible reason for your injury and then the solution to that problem.  It makes for a much more concise set up and if you’re guilty of any of the following then “avoidance” is one of the best solutions to an injured body.

So here are some reasons why you get injured and the subsequent solution to fixing it.

6 Reasons You Get Injured (and How to Solve Them)

Reason #1 – You are working out 5-7 days consecutively with no rest in between.

If you are working out in a metabolic conditioning type of fashion then going 5-7 days straight is not giving your body enough time to adequately get its rest and recovery.

This is also a reason why you may feel your strength plateau and get stuck a lifting a certain weight.

When you really get addicted to this workout stuff there is a possibility that you may want to do it all day errr day.

But that’s not smart.

Not to get into the science of it all but your workout program needs to have a recovery portion scheduled into it.

Not incorporating rest will results in plateaus, lack of progress and leaves you open to MORE INJURIES.

SOLUTION – This is very simple…get REST.  Especially if you’ve been going super hard at the gym for 5-7 days a week straight.

Allow your muscles at least a day in between of good rest especially if you’re doing metabolical conditioning type of workouts.

What you’ll actually find is that through rest and recovery your progress will be much faster.  If you’re a fitness addict, it will also allow you to understand how to live life outside of the gym.

Reason #2 – You skip doing dynamic warm ups done before your workout.


Dynamic warm ups have been proven by research to help your body get stronger, faster and avoid injuries.

But people regularly skip them because they’re either uneducated on them or just plain lazy. A good warm up is like foreplay before sex.

Sure, you could just jump right into things but by doing so you’ll end up leaving both parties incredibly unsatisfied.

SOLUTION – Start doing dynamic warm ups before your workout…NOW.  Make it a religious practice.  Commit yourself to doing it for 21 workouts straight and mark down each time you do it and each time you don’t.

Here’s a quick one you can do that only takes a little more than 5 minutes:

3 Benefits to Starting Your Workout with a Dynamic Warm Up
1. You release synovial fluid into your joints. Synovial fluid is like lubrication for your joints.
2. It preps your body for intense exercise more than any static stretch could ever do. In fact, static stretching should be eliminated from your workouts entirely.

SIDE NOTE: It has been proven multiple times that static stretching has ZERO effectiveness in helping clients reduce injury.

See below study on how static stretching is ineffective and reduces strength in participants. This is just one of many studies pointing to the idea that static stretches are largely a giant waste of time.

===> Static Stretching: The Truth

3. You stimulate your sympathetic nervous system. This is the system that creates that “fight or flight” response in your body and preps it intense workouts. Dean Somerset has a really cool way of doing this at the blog post here.

Doing a dynamic warm up pre-exercise does not take that long and will result in an increase in strength, speed, and power while making your body resilient to injury.

Reason #3 – You do not do self myofascial release (self massage) pre or post workout.

Just like people skipping dynamic warm ups pre workout, people will skip Self Myofascial release in their workouts due to not being educated and just plain laziness.

Self Myofascial Release (SMR) is the process of massaging yourself using either a foam roller or lacrosse ball and it is by far the best way to heal your poorly functioning fascial tissue.

The beauty of it is that can do SMR in the comfort in your own home or in the gym and it will help heal your old injuries, prevent any new ones and increase your body’??s ability to lift, move, run, throw and jump.

SMR smoothes out the dysfunction in your fascial tissue so your muscles are always working at it’??s best peak efficiency all day long.

When you apply SMR to your body you are essentially fixing your current fascial issues, healing old adhesions and dysfunctions in the muscle and creating an environment were your body operate at its BEST.

When this happens you actually have MORE strength, speed, flexibility and power because your muscles will fire off in the way it was meant to.

You’ll also have MORE energy than ever before because your body will be moving more efficiently FREE of any dysfunction in your muscle tissue.

SOLUTION – Do this SMR routine before your workouts. 30 seconds per side. Do the same SMR routine after your workouts but for 1 minute at a time with emphasis on holding the trigger points.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Doing the dynamic warm ups and SMR pre workout are ESPECIALLY important if you have a job that requires you to sit at a desk for long periods of time. If you workout on a regular basis and have a sedentary job then you cannot afford to skip out on these.

Reason #4 – You are exercising with Bad Form

One thing that grinds my gears is watching people program their workouts with complicated exercises before they’ve even mastered doing the 4 Pillar Moves (squat, deadlift, bench press and Chin up).

If you are a newbie, or even a veteran lifter, get a qualified trainer to watch your form and critique it.

Sure it’ll cost you a bit of money up front but the benefits will last you a lifetime when you understand how to properly lift.

SOLUTION – Start taking videos of the pillar lifts mentioned above and get a qualified trainer to critique your form.  Also practice the cues below in plank position then in your pillar lifts…

3 Cues to Ensure Our Girls Are An Exercise Correctly With Great Form
1. Grip the weight with as much strength as possible – This protects our rotator cuff and ensures our shoulder capsules close to avoid injury. It also puts our bodies emphasis on training the muscles needed.

2. Brace your abs and glutes – This creates a vice around your spine thus protecting it and also works as a great ab workout. Keep your entire body tight throughout the exercise and you’ll ensure you’ll come away from an exercise unscathed.

3. Posture, Posture, Posture – Keep your chest up, shoulders back, straighten out your lower back and keep your chin neutral. This is where having a solid workout partner or trainer comes in.

One cue I use for my transformation clients is to “Posture Up”. This little cue automatically gets their bodies into the anatomically correct position for a lift.

Reason #5 – You are consistently working out to Failure or beyond.

When you are training you must ensure that if you do any set, be it strength or bodyweight, to stop one rep before failure.

This makes sure that we develop strength, build muscle, and, most importantly, AVOIDS injury.

What does “failure” on an exercise look like?
– When you feel or see your form break.
– When you use other parts of their body to lift a weight. Example: Doing a back row and using your body as momentum to lift the weight.
– When you see your posture break while doing an exercise (rounded upper/lower back, shoulders rounded etc..)

This is not to say to avoid failing on an exercise 100% of the time. In 10% of the cases (like when trying to attempt a heavier weight) your body will go to failure. This is a rule to follow about 90% of the time.

SOLUTION – Begin the practice of stopping one to two reps before failure.  Use a trainer, workout partner, or mirror to monitor your form.  When it starts breaking then just allow yourself to stop.  Monitor your strength gains by using this particular method and see if it correlates with better numbers.

And the final and most important reason why our bodies get injured is…

Reason #6 – Your habit of sitting is slowly KILLING your body.

Sitting is a silent killer that sneaks up on you – even if you’re healthy.

First comes the PAIN. (You may already be at this stage!)

Most don’t even know why their back or neck ends up incessantly hurting, because sitting secretly causes your body’s collapse to go unnoticed…until it’s too late.

Symptoms of Sitting “Too Much”?Xray-Bad-Posture
– aching and tight muscles,
– creeping blood pressure,
– automatic tendency to weight gain (even when you work out),
– cloudy thinking and forgetfulness
– poor and restless sleep

And the problem is that repeated studies have now proven that working out does little to NOTHING to help you avoid chronic pain or disease…IF YOU REGULARLY SIT!

But that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it.

There are specific movements you can do on a regular basis to avoid the drawbacks from sitting too much that don’t involve impossible things like avoiding sitting and avoiding working out.

SOLUTION – My go-to resource for reversing the effects of sitting has to be Dr. Chris Walding from He’s come up with a system that reverses the effects of sitting quickly and effectively.  

He’s come up with bulletproof method to cure your body from the stress of sitting and he does it in a way that is non-invasive on your lifestyle.

If you’re active and you have a job that requires you to sit for long periods of time then this is the one program I’d make the investment in to keep your body working at 100%.

Find out more down below…

==> Find Out How YOU Can Protect Yourself From the Ill Effects of Sitting Immediately…)

10917334_10152999234354450_2553749099633065435_nHola my Ninja. I just came back from a month long trip in Costa Rica where my life consisted of surfing in the morning, taking a siesta in the afternoons and then surfing again at sunset.

If you haven’t been surfing before I would highly recommend trying it out. It is one of the most “in the moment” activities you’ll ever experience and if your’e a water animal like myself then you won’t mind wiping out in the warm ocean.

While I was living the lifestyle down in Costa Rica I made some pretty significant realizations. Some were personal, some were business related and some were nutrition related…which we’re going to talk about today.

The one principle that is consistent with diets is that, for long term success, they must be conducive to one’s own lifestyle.

Screw fat loss. If it’s hard to do in the long term chances are you’ll end up back where you were in the beginning.

IMPORTANT: Please note that I am talking about the long term play because in some cases, like an outlined transformation program, you should go to the extremes in following the prescribed diet to eventually find your balance.

The gist of it is that you cannot take the same strategy to different situations. It’s like using a hammer for every job around the house. It just doesn’t work and you’ll probably end up breaking a lot of furniture in the process.

In the past I have championed skipping breakfast as a viable tool for fat loss and I still stand by this conviction.

It’s easier to do, it allows for a more flexible eating window and if you work at a desk then NOT having food in your stomach can certainly help for more focus. In fact, I woke up at 6am today and it’s currently 9:57am and I’m still going pretty strong without anything but water and coffee in my system.

If you are working a job that requires you to sit for long periods of time and are fairly inactive outside of your time in the gym then having that fasting window from the time you sleep to the time you have your first meal in the afternoon is beneficial for hunger control, productivity, and, of course, fat loss.

But what if you have an active job?

What if you lead a very active lifestyle or compete in a sport that requires you to train more than 2 hours a day?

If this is the case then you must switch up your strategy.

There is an art to dieting and eating that should be flexible enough to correlate to your lifestyle’s needs.

Me, being the avid breakfast skipper, had to eat a meal first thing in the morning in Costa Rica because the demands of surfing twice a day for 2 hours per session demanded it.IMG_7683

I also had to increase my carb intake throughout the day to ensure that I had enough energy to use during my sunset surf sessions.

My strategy had to be altered due to the changes in my lifestyle at the time.

Eating breakfast first thing in the morning or skipping breakfast should be a decision that agrees with your lifestyle.

It SHOULD be flexible.

If you lead a very physical life that has you moving in an intense fashion for long periods of time* (construction work, firefighter, crab fisher etc..) then eating breakfast first thing in the morning is paramount to keeping a level of physical energy throughout your work day.

*This also pertains to people training competitively for bodybuilding competitions, Crossfit competitors, marathons etc..*

On the other hand, if you lead a rather sedentary life that is not particularly physical in nature (9 to 5 job, teaching, pharmacist, lawyer etc..) then skipping breakfast will help with focus, mental acuity, and of course, fat loss.

Wrapping Things Up

Now that you know this plan out your daily meals accordingly.

Remember that your diet plan is not the one outlined by “X” trainer or “Y” fitness expert.

Your diet plan must reflect your goals but also be conducive to living the life you lead.

Guidelines are great when choosing an eating strategy but the main idea to get across here is that you must be flexible and be able to discern personally what works for you and how you would mould it to your needs.

This is not only a great strategy for fat loss but just overall peace of mind.

What are your thoughts?

Do you agree? Disagree? Have anything more to add?

Comment down below and let me know.

Dedicated to the BEST version of yourself,


1486853_10152093348669450_528177968_nThere are so many styles in the fitness community. On the exercise side you have HIIT, metabolic resistance training, physique training, power lifting, and Zumba just to name a few.

On the nutrition side you have things like 5 meals a day, Warrior dieting, IIFYM (if it fits your macros) and, of course, intermittent fasting (my personal favourite).

This blog is not to say which one is right and which one is wrong. They are all tools. Use the wrong tools and you probably don’t have a chance of hitting your goals.

Use the right tool and you’ll hit your goals faster and more precisely than the average gym goer.

One of the biggest issues I have with the fitness industry is that people will align themselves with a specific way of doing things.

They will say things like,

“I’m an intermittent faster..”

“I follow IIFYM…”

“I’m an evidence based fitness trainer…”

…and so on and so forth.

The problem with this line of thought is that they confine themselves with one style and one way of doing things. They automatically box themselves into one way of thinking.

One philosophy to rule their lives.

To be bound by any traditional fitness style or philosophy is the sure way to be a mindless fitness enthusiast.

But, to be a practitioner and allow yourself to follow different lines of thinking is the true path to fitness genius.

Just because one person says it doesn’t mean it is the gospel. Just because science proves it doesn’t mean that it will work for you.

You have to search for your own truth. You have to allow yourself the freedom to follow different styles, to live them, to breathe them and to allow them to affect you.

This is how you can find the ultimate truth about what works for you.

Be your own science experiment. Try new shit out. Immerse yourself into different ways of thinking and different ways of getting in shape.

This to me is becoming a true individual. To not be swayed by the masses but to be influenced by yourself.

When it comes down to it the best way to stay in shape is to follow programs that fit your own lifestyle.

But to be able to do that requires HARD WORK and discipline.

You have to be able to put your head down and follow a program in its entirety to see if it actually fits your lifestyle.

You must go to your extremes to find your balance.

And in this sense, this is where you find your own truth.

Do not be a follower. Do not be one of the masses who blindly follows someone else’s gospel. Do not attach yourself to any style and identify yourself with it.

Be a seeker of your own truth when it comes to the game of fitness.

Eventually, you’ll figure out what works for you. What you’ll find in the end is that it is totally different than everyone else.

Now go out and find it.



Over the course of my 11 year career in fitness you see many trends come and go.

What is “hot” now becomes a thing of the past in just a couple of months. Yet, if I were to choose one fitness trend that will stand the test of time it has to be suspension training (or TRX training).

Suspension training works your body (especially your core) in so many different ways that it has become a staple tool in my fat loss tool box

…and the friend you’ll meet in a minute is the MASTER of everything to do with suspension training. Dan Long has trained everyone from stay at home moms to professional baseball and NFL players.

Today he’s going to reveal to you 10 reasons why you need to add suspension training to your fat loss arsenal.


I wanted something different. Something that would challenge my fitness level like no other machine, free weight, or apparatus has ever achieved.

Hi, my name is Dan Long of Tampa, FL, and my great friend, Dan Go, is giving me the floor today to share some passion of mine with you about Suspension Training.

Now, some of you may have a TRX, Jungle Gym XT, SBT, or many other apparatuses that now exist these days. If not, your world is about?to change dramatically, in a great NEW way.

Let me ask you this – Do you really know how to fully engage your Suspension Trainer (Apparatus)? It’s ok. Many don’t. First, let me tell you that I’ve been very blessed to train some of the elite of our fitness/military/sport world.

Oh, you want to know who some of them are?

dannewWell, I’ve trained personal clients like: Jayde Donavon (Entertainment Tonight-TV, and Radio Host The New Hot 101.5 Tampa Bay, Robison Cano (MLB-Yankees), Dekoda Watson (NFL-Picture on Left), Mike Jenkins (NFL-Raiders), Ben Pakulski (Top 10 Pro Bodybuilder), Pauly Shore (Actor/Comedian), Dr. Phil Spiess (Top 10 Best Cancer Surgeon in the World), USSOCOM Elite Military Police for the United States 4 Star General, Army, Air force, Navy, Marines, Swat, soccer moms, lawyers, dads, and tons more people just like you.

Can you Guess why all of these REGULAR and ELITE beautiful people hired me, and to this day, are still very close friends of mine?

Well, because I bring the TRX Disney World training of fitness into all of their lives.

Yes, Suspension Training is like being at Disney World, getting on that favorite ride of yours, blasting off into the unknown, and landing safely and pumped to do it all over again, and again.

That’s the Dan Long Suspension experience.

They didn’t hire me because of me or my hair. It was my style of Elite training that brought me more clients than I could ever handle by myself.

So, I bet you’re wondering what is it really like to train with Suspension, right?

For those of you who already use Suspension, listen up. And for those of you that are just starting, get ready for the best training experience of your life.

Suspension Training shreds calories and builds lean muscle.TRX-Dan-Long

But Why?

Because Suspension digs deep, finds those hard to reach muscle fibers, and forces them to react. Therefore, activating hard to reach core muscles, and also all those stubborn fat cells that just won’t burn.

I remember when Drew Brees (NFL) told best friend, Chris Hovan (NFL), after winning the Super Bowl, “to be the best, all you have to do is master TRX.

So after that discussion, Chris and I started Suspension Training together. One day, he asked me if I had a Metallica CD. “Of course,” I said.

Then he said “Bring it on Dan.” Oh did I bring it. I have never seen anyone in my life sweat more than Chris did during that 1 hour session that day.

He was in awe, and impressed what Suspension Training could do.

Now, I’m telling you this because Suspension Training hits over 600+ muscles all at one time, while creating this fat furnace effect. You will maintain and build lean muscle while shedding the unwanted belly fat that is the hardest to get rid of.

I’ve helped thousands and thousands get in the best shape of their life, by using the Suspension Trainer, and can’t wait to hear how you joined all of these other success stories today.


1. Doing the same BORING exercises, with the same BORING equipment, = the same BORING results.  Like our boy The Fat Loss Ninja likes to say, “Suspension training brings an INefficient element to your workouts that your body will never get used to.”

2. You are working your core with every Suspension exercise while you having FUN training your target muscle groups, enabling you to get more results out of your workout (and shrink your waistline FASTER).

dan-long-pic-2-223x3003. You are engaging over 600+ muscles at one time, will blast the most stubborn fat in area’s that seems like you just can’t reach because of the after burn.

4. You’ll look 10X’s Stronger and feel 20 years younger, while training FUN Suspension exercises that WORK. You won’t put the stress on your joints like traditional weight training does.

5. You’ll gain Flexibility, work multiple muscle groups at one time, and perform exercises that you cannot achieve on any other apparatus, machine, or free weight, period.

6. You’re going from 1 muscle group to the next, in less than 1 second. No need for different dumbbells, weights, or any machines that only work 1 BORING muscle.

7. You’ll gain and maintain lean muscle mass, with long term results, the safest way with Suspension Training.

8. Suspension exercises are for all ages, from children to grandparents. Suspension exercises will keep you in the best shape of your life, guaranteed and you can do them ANYWHERE.

9. You can go from a beginner level to advanced level in just 1 simple move with your feet. So with one Suspension apparatus, it can deliver a workout for everyone’s level of fitness.

10. You can use it anywhere.  Operate with your Suspension Trainer in the park, beach, hotel room, home, garage, etc. Weighs less than 2 lbs., so traveling with it makes on-the-go workouts easy and FUN again.

As you can see, it’s training with suspension is a verifiable no brainer.  There are just too many reasons not to start integrating this type of training into your current fitness regime.  Again, thanks to Dan for letting me post on his blog and I hope after this you’ll join the Suspension Training Revolution!

Dan Long CPT, CKMT, Creator of Suspension Revolution


Thanks Dan. My friend just gave you 10 BIG reasons why suspension training is a staple part of my clients fat loss programs.

You can’t find anything better to work your entire body in a short amount of time.

You will never look at fitness the same, after you get a taste of mixing in Suspension Training into your next workout.

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Let’s be honest:  Sometimes we look at people with lean bodies and somewhere in our minds we *wish* we had their genetics.  We compliment them on how they look and just wish it wasn’t so hard for us to lose weight.

What we must realize is that when you see someone who carries a lean body all year round …it has NOTHING to do with their genetics and EVERYTHING to do with what they do on a daily basis.

My friend and fat loss expert Tyler Bramlett totally simplifies the fat loss process and teaches you how to not only lose weight in the short term but transform your body for life.




By Tyler Bramlett


That’s the way you probably feel these days when trying to decide what workouts to do and what nutrition program to follow, right?

The FACT is that there is no shortage of information out there to teach you the best ways to transform your body. In fact in the last few years, the amount of “Body Transformation Guru’s” has grown tremendously.

But… I’m sure you’ll agree that the principals to building a better body haven’t changed, right? So… What’s the REAL ISSUE here? Why is it that there is sooo much information out there but you still can’t get the results you want?

The reason why is simple…

In his famous book Information Anxiety, Richard Wurman claims that the average weekday issue of the New York InformationoverloadTimes contains more information then people 250 years ago would receive in their entire lifetimes!!

We live in a society of information overload and this overload is causing what people commonly refer to as “paralysis analysis.” What this means is, there is so much information out there that we can’t decide what to follow.

I know you feel it, right? You’ve probably jumped from diet program to diet program or tried a bunch of different exercise programs, but do you have the body of your dreams? Do you feel like you have a handle on what you need to do to be the healthiest, happiest and best looking version of you?

My bet is NO! But… There’s good news… It’s not your fault!

Nope… You aren’t to blame for this. The fact is, we all know what it takes to get the results you want, but for some reason you don’t seem to take these steps. Why?

YOU don’t take the necessary steps because there’s too much information out there and you are always being bombarded by more and more. You habitually skip around trying dozens of different things but you ignore the basic message that’s been there all along.

Let me ask you this question…

What do you think would happen if you consistently did the following 5 things in your life every day?

1. Drank 64+ oz (1l) of water
2. Slept for 7.5 quality hours
3. Ate 10 servings of veggies
4. Went for a 20 minute walk
5. Made sure you had a good laugh every day

If you ignored everything else and just added these 5 simple habits into your life what do you think would happen?

I’ll tell you what would happen… Within a week, you would notice how amazing you now feel. Within a month, your stubborn fat would probably start to melt off and within 90 days you would become a new person.

Look at those 5 simple habits above… Do any of these habits look insanely complicated or difficult to implement? Probably not, right?

GoodHabit-BadHabitHabits serve as the foundation for permanent transformation and yet we ignore basics like drinking enough water and getting enough sleep in favor of shiny complex programs.

What I’m about to tell you could be the most important thing you’ve heard in a while…

You are the sum total of your habits! Good or bad, the habits you have today are why you look the way you look, act the way you act and feel the way you feel.

The key to real and lasting body transformation doesn’t come from flooding your mind with piles of information that you’ll never apply. It comes from consistently developing good habits.

Take a moment right now and think about the 5 habits you could form that would change your body and life. Now imagine what your life would be like 30 days from now if you consistently worked on those habits.

Feels pretty good right? Knowing that 5 small changes could rebuild you as a person and set you on the path to becoming the healthiest, happiest and best looking version of you.

The point I’m trying to make is, there are a handful of habits that if you formed them, you couldn’t help but be fit and healthy.  

Pick the right habits and you can literally transform your body (and your life) forever.

Thanks Tyler!

The story on the next page is a priceless window into why you haven’t been able to achieve the body you really want.

In it, you will learn all about why you have BAD habits, the SCIENCE behind behavioral transformation AND the 27 Body Transformation Habits that YOU shouldn’t ignore.

It’s a MUST read…

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I just had a great conversation with a very smart kid who is making big waves in the Fitness industry.

His name is Nick Pineault and people generally refer to him as the Nutrition Nerd. One thing to mention is that he’s not known as the nutrition nerd because of his propensity to wear striped dress shirts and geeky glasses …it goes far beyond that.

He has literally spent thousands of hours studying research on all things that have to do with food and fat loss.

He knows so much that talking to him is like having your own personal nutrition encyclopaedia and today he wants to give you some important information and reveal the TRUTH behind “Fat Burning Foods”.

I’ll let Nick take it away from here…


Hey Ninja’s, my name is Nick Pineault, author of Truth About Fat Burning Foods, and I’m here to tell you one very IMPORTANT message:

That no matter what anyone says …fat burning foods DO NOT exist.

Pretty ironic, I know.

But the fact is that “fat burning foods” are not what most people think they are…

If you believed the marketing and hype around certain superfoods or supplements, you would quickly be convinced that certain nutrients are absorbed into your body and then start killing fat cells on sight.

It doesn’t work that way my friend.

The REAL definition of a fat burning food is one that will help your entire body function the right way.

If you provide all the different systems inside your body with the right foods, it will be primed to burn fat seamlessly.

What’s the Hype About Calories?

To allow your body to burn off your extra fat, you need to be in a calorie deficit.

There’s no way around this.

However, anyone telling you that the only thing that matters is the amount of calories you consume has basically no understanding of how the human body works.

The kind of foods you eat will also have a huge impact on whether your body starts accumulating body fat, or using it as an energy source.

I would love to be able to tell you that you can simply choose to eat smaller quantities of your favorite processed foods to lose weight… but for a lot of people this will never work.

Fact: Fat loss is affected by every single aspect of your life

This is the one thing a lot of people fail to acknowledge. Every part of your eating, exercise AND lifestyle habits will determine how your body deals with its fat reserves.

For example, the amount of hours you sleep is shown to affect your body fat.

Sleeping enough has been linked to higher testosterone levels – a key hormone for fat loss and muscle building (1), while a lack of sleep increases your cravings and appetite. (2)

In this situation, it’s not like the action of sleeping causes your body to burn fat all night long.

What’s happening here is that sleep helps keep your different fat loss-related hormones stable and healthy. You also keep your appetite normal in the process and get the necessary energy to exercise.

The same thing can be said of fat burning foods

Pretty much like sleep, eating the right fat foods packed with nutrients will help you keep your hormones stable and optimize the way your body can use its extra fat as energy.

So generally, the more nutrient-dense foods will be the best to support your fat loss.

After all, studies have shown that most people are deficient in many vitamins and minerals:

* 80 to 90% adults in the US don’t get enough vitamin D (3)
* 34% of men and 27% of women don’t get enough vitamin C (4)
* Around 74% of adults don’t consume enough iodine — a problem that has increased by more than 4 folds over the past 40 years (5,6)
* One study sponsored by the National Institutes of Health shows that 68% of Americans are magnesium deficient. (7) *Other experts put the number closer 80% (8)
* 40% of all adults are deficient in vitamin B12 (9)

Warning: healthy food scam ahead…

I know most people reading this probably already eat a pretty “clean” and healthy diet – and that’s a good thing.

But through the hundreds of hours I’ve spent in research for Truth About Fat Burning Foods, I’ve discovered that even the healthiest foods we buy in organic stores may be faked and adulterated.

One classic example of this is olive oil:

Studies have shown that a large fraction of all extra-virgin olive oil (the healthiest kind) on the supermarket shelves have been mixed with cheaper olive oils or even refined soybean or safflower oils…

Another example is honey:

We all know that honey is a great choice of sweetener and an awesome superfood, but a recent study by Food Safety News has found that 75% or more of all the honey in the U.S. may be counterfeit and has possibly been mixed with high fructose corn syrup. (10)

I could go on and on with more examples of food deceptions like these two, but that would be too much for one blog post.

If you want to learn more about this then you can read the rest on the controversial article I’ve written here:

Next Page ==> Learn The Truth About Fat Burning Foods


(3) Devesa et al., 1999
(5) Gunton JE, Hams G, Fiegert M, McElduff A. Iodine deficiency in ambulatory participants at a Sydney teaching hospital: is Australia truly iodine replete? Med J Aust. 1999 Nov 1;171(9):467-70.
(6) Hoption Cann SA. Hypothesis: dietary iodine intake in the etiology of cardiovascular disease. J Am Coll Nutr. 2006 Feb;25(1):1-11.
(7) “Dietary Magnesium and C-reactive Protein Levels,” Journal of the American College of Nutrition, Vol. 24, No. 3, 166-171 (2005).
(8) Jaffe R MD. “How to Know if You are Magnesium Deficient: 75% of Americans Are” (transcript), 06/16/05,

It takes hundreds of crunches to get washboard abs, right?

And you don’t just have to sweat hard — you’ve gotta diet hard too.

Or do you…?

If you asked me that question a couple weeks ago, that’s the advice I would have given you. But I finally met someone who proved me wrong.

Kris Fondran is a yoga teacher with a difference. She’s also got a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science — a cutting-edge no nonsense discipline. And she’s been featured in mainstream mags like Cosmopolitan Fitness and Shape Yoga Journal.

In other words, she really knows her stuff 😉

Kris specializes in transforming bodies and lives by applying a modern scientific approach to one of the world’s oldest exercise systems.

I wanted to put her abilities to the test with one of the toughest physique goals out there. So I asked Kris to share her top exercise for getting those perfect beach abs. And I told her to make it efficient — because you don’t have time to waste!

Check it out.


Build Beautiful Abs with This Cool Move
by Kris Fondran

I can’t tell you how many times my clients and readers have asked me how to get a hot set of abs.

That beautiful “six pack” is probably the most sought-after physique goal for both men and women. And I guess they ask me because I’m in my late 40’s, I’m a busy teacher and mother of 3, and I can still rock a bikini like a 20 year old.

Sure, I get a little red in the face when they point that out. But who doesn’t like compliments?

Want to know what I tell them?

My secret to beautiful abs is yoga. And more specifically, a very cool move called Boat Pose.

Regular practice of Boat pose will help you develop the kind of strong abdominal muscles that form the base of a nice tight core. But the benefits go even deeper.

This pose will also improve the function of your digestive system. And that’s both a health and a physique benefit, because better digestion means you’re absorbing all those crucial nutrients from your food, and you’re sending them right where your body needs them.

Plus, the core strength you build here carries over to every other activity you do. So it’s great if you play recreational sports, or even if you just play around with your kids.

Are you ready to give this amazing core tightener a shot?




Keep these cues in mind while practicing Boat Pose:

– Begin flat on your back in the Supine Base Position
– Inhale and contract your abdomen
– Simultaneously lift your shoulders and legs an equal distance off the floor (about 6 inches/15 cm)
– Your arms and toes should be in alignment
– Breathe naturally for a few breaths, and release the pose on an exhalation by slowly lowering your body to the starting position.
– Repeat 10 – 20 times
– Take a few deep abdominal breaths in between each round to relax your abdominal muscles.

Try doing Boat Pose first thing in the morning because it’ll really fire up your energy for the day ahead.

And it can work the other way around too…

That’s right, you can even do this one in bed. No, not as part of some strange Tantric foreplay — as part of your pre-sleep ritual. It’s a great way to help release the tension that builds up in your body after a long day of dealing with the boss, the commute and the kids.

No matter how you decide to include this cool move in your routine, I guarantee you’ll build a strong core. And you’ll carve the sort of tight beautiful midsection that is the ab-solute hallmark of a Shapeshifter Yoga physique.


Very cool! Thanks so much Kris!

As you can see there’s no funny yoga pants, chanting or crazy contortions involved. Just straightforward targeted movements that work. And one of the best things is the established track record — yoga’s been proven over thousands of years.

I’m really excited about what Kris has to offer, because tight toned abs is just one of the benefits of Kris Fondran’s Shapeshifter Yoga.


And as a cool launch bonus she’s adding in her awesome CardioFlow Workout Program. It burns as many calories as jogging. But it’s more fun and actually reduces your “bellyfat storing hormone” called cortisol.

But this FOLLOW-ALONG video routine is ONLY available for you TODAY, when you invest in Shapeshifter Yoga. Here are just a few of the extra benefits you’ll get from CardioFlow…

  • Replace boring cardio machines
  • Reduce the hormone that stores fat on your belly
  • Get the same fat burning effects as jogging
  • Eliminate the joint wear and tear of treadmills and stationary bikes
  • Get into a mental “flow” during your workout—have FUN
  • Put your body in the exact physiological “fat burning zone”

 product-group-white   +Small

CardioFlow is Kris’ way of saying thank you for putting your trust in Shapeshifter Yoga.

Her breakthrough approach to scientific yoga won’t just help you shed the flab, lose those stubborn inches and fit into your “skinny jeans”. You’ll also start turning back the clock on aging.

You’ll enjoy high levels of energy, better sex (hell yeah!), deeper sleep, and less stress. AND — get this — she can show you how to do all that in less than 20 minutes a day, 3 days a week.

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TylerBramlettLeverMovement = Results
By: Tyler Bramlett, CSCS

In this short article I want to introduce you to a little known concept that is starting to grow in the fitness community… This concept can be the thorn in your side that is holding you back from seeing real and lasting results from your workouts…

But first, I’m sure you will agree that there is a consensus in the fitness industry that proper form and movement patterns are pretty basic and simple to understand, right?

This is the root of where the fitness industry made a huge mistake. People pay unqualified, weekend certified personal trainers ridiculous amounts of money to teach them the WRONG way to get real results.

Even worse, the mainstream fitness media is now advocating that everyone adopt high intensity training as their go to fat loss method, without any concern for establishing safe and proper movement patterns.

While I love high intensity training, the problem with this is that many of these complex high intensity movements will end up being done with bad form and will not produce the result people really want.

Here’s what I believe…

The better you move the better your results, and you already know that from 6 Minute Superhuman.

The reality is that most people’s movement, often limited by lack of range of motion hinders their ability to maximize the effectiveness of their workouts and recruit 100% of their available muscles.

When examining improper muscle control and bad movement, we see an ocean of injuries!ocean-surf-s-up-463160

Lack of full muscle activation and physical restrictions in your movement limit the results you will get in your workouts and is a formula for disaster!!

Think about it like this…

Who will get better results in their workouts?

The person who has limitless flexibility, control over each and every movement they perform and unlimited access to their available muscle fibers OR someone who has restrictions in their range of motion, poor coordination and no access to their muscles?

Ok so you know this is obvious who will get better results, right?

The reason why I have to make this point so clear is because 99% of people either don’t understand this or simply aren’t applying it…

Let me give you a visual comparison to help you further understand why this is so important. Imagine a workout where both of these ladies were instructed to do 100 bodyweight squats for time – in your opinion, who do you think would achieve greater fitness results?

Person #1 with limited range of movement to include: tight hamstrings, stiff low back, tight hip flexors, hyperlordosis from stress, severe strain from improper spine alignment, and bad form?



Person #2 with flexible muscles, proper form, control and posture alignment?

images (2)

It’s obvious, right?

The greater the contraction control and range of motion with better form the better physical performance and body transformation results you will get!

This is where most people think to themselves, “I’ll do some yoga and stretch before my workouts.”

Being on Dan’s site you should know that contrary to popular belief, stretching as a means to increase range of motion has little to no effect on increasing your flexibility. Plus it’s been shown to reduce your contraction control which is critical to maximizing the effectiveness of your workouts.

This is so important because researchers who studied the metabolism and performance of people used a proper dynamic movement routine in addition to their workouts not only boosted oxygen consumption during a workout, but also increased upper body strength, flexibility and speed, which all contribute to boosting the results you can get from your workouts!

(Reference: Journal of Sports Sciences Volume 19, Issue 9, pages 693-700, 2001)

This is such important information to know because many people, maybe even you, attribute their lack of fitness results to their genetics, their workout selection or their inability to exercise as intensely as they should.

This is just a LIE!!

Throughout my many years of teaching people how to move better the most frequent complaint and frustration I hear is they don’t quite understand why the person next to them at the gym who is doing the same routine get’s amazing results while they struggle day in and day out and still get nowhere.

The TRUTH is, it’s NOT you, it’s NOT your effort and it’s NOT your fault!!

Whether they know it or not, that annoying person you see always getting the best results was born with or worked hard on the ability to move better then you and this is what causes them to get superior results!

73442_567289626646355_399018846_nMy point is simple… Better movement = better results!

This doesn’t just apply to the gym either…

Picture for a moment, a mom sitting on the bench watching her son play baseball, she needs to lift a cooler, twist to turn around and hand it to the person behind her all while standing up from a seated position, without throwing out her back.

Now that’s a perfect real life example of control, balance, coordination and range of motion, right?

The problem is that this mom, who likely has poor movement, hasn’t ever done that before so when she lifts the cooler and turns, a STABBING pain surges through her back and she crumbles to the ground feeling embarrassed and knowing full well the damage she just caused herself!

But, it didn’t have to be this way… She could have easily avoided this injury if she had only learned to move better.

Just like this mom, many people go their whole lives never truly understanding this link between better movement and better results.

Imagine what you could accomplish if you knew how to move better, you could reduce your chance of getting injured, lift heavier weights for more reps, move through a greater range of motion causing a massive spike in the calories burned and you could get better results from all of your workouts.

So… How the heck can you learn to move better?

600150_553272758048042_544109824_nSimple… Practice staying conscious of every muscle in your body that you are using. Perform exercises that challenge your balance and coordination. And be consistent with this practice!

Spend even just a few minutes per day on the ground, with no equipment seeing how efficiently you can move from position to position.

Go from seated positions to standing, go from bridge holds to planks, move with intention and control and after as little as 7 days, you will likely notice a difference in the way you move and perform in your workouts and in your daily life.

Now go out there and get moving!!

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Tyler Bramlett is the creator of Bodyweight Flow, a 3 minute body weight exercise system used for boosting metabolism, and the founder of

In today’s article, from my friend and international fat loss consultant Ryan Faehnle, we tackle what is probably THE biggest misconception causing you to struggle with dieting and fat-burning.

In fact, everyone from your doctor right down to your favorite aunt is probably encouraging you to make this costly calorie mistake. Don’t fall for it…

Why This Calorie MISTAKE Makes You Fatter
— by Ryan Faehnle
International Fatloss Consultant
CSCS, FMS, PICP, BioSignature & PIMST
S&C Coach, Miami University, 2005 – 2011


Did you know that doctors, personal trainers, nutritionists, nurses and even the government are unintentionally (I hope…) giving you the WORST possible weightloss advice?

In fact, 99.9% of them STILL believe this outdated information is relevant, and they stick to this “common wisdom” despite a huge mountain of evidence that it’s flat out WRONG.

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, in some way, shape or form. It goes something like this…

Eat less and move more.

Sounds logical, right?

“Calories in vs. calories out.”

We’ve all heard that this simple equation is the key to getting a lean, hard body. And that substituting lower-calorie foods for high-calorie options is the key to having the body of your dreams.

100 calorie package of Oreos anyone?100-calorie-snacks1

But if this were true…

Why are “calorie-counters” still fat?

As a society, we’ve been calorie conscious for over 4 decades. And we just keep getting fatter.

So do calories even matter? Is there more that you need to know?

The fact is, the concept of calorie counting has many flaws. But one CRITICAL mistake makes it nearly impossible for you to lose bodyfat with this approach.

So what’s the BIG mistake?

Calorie counting does not take into account the hormonal effect of food.

Most people who try low calorie diets end up eating foods that set off a cascade of “fat-storing hormones.”

images (1)For example, let’s compare eating 200 calories from a high-carb energy bar with eating 200 calories from organic butter.

Which of those choices is going to make you fatter?

If you said butter, you’re not alone. 9 times out of 10, the average person will make the same guess. After all, it’s what you’re lead to believe with elaborate food marketing, pseudo-science experts, and celebrity fitness personalities.

Sure, it’s the same 200 calories, but here is what happens hormonally…

When you eat the high-carb energy bar, your body secretes insulin in response to the elevated blood sugar. Insulin is a “building” hormone — in other words it is fat-storing. It takes the sugar in your blood and drives it into fat cells, making them bigger.

The butter, on the other hand, blunts insulin, leading to a more sustained energy release and a feeling of fullness. But that’s not all, the butter actually sends signals to your body to BURN body fat.

So… same calories in both, but certainly not the same reaction in your body!

Unfortunately, many of the commonly recommended “low calorie” health foods are exactly the ones that set off that cascade of fat-STORING hormones. So no matter how low you take your calories, you end up becoming a fat-hoarding machine.

So do calories matter?

Yes, in the big scheme of things, calories do matter. BUT, the HORMONAL effect of the foods you eat is far more important.

To optimize your hormonal response to food, eat plenty of protein & tons of vegetables. Load up on healthy fats like olive oil, coconut oil, and organic full-fat butter. And reserve “starchy” carbohydrate intake to the hour immediately after your hardest weight training workouts, and ONE weekly cheat meal.

Don’t make the mistake of obsessing over the minutiae of calorie-counting without first getting your hormones in check. It will only lead to a mediocre body, endless frustration, a dead metabolism, and guaranteed rebound weight gain.

And by eating the RIGHT kinds of calories, you also prime the ONE type of cell in your body that can give you a fast metabolism and unlock near-effortless fatloss.

Check out the next page to discover what that one type of cell is, and why it’s so important if you want to have a lean body both quickly and permanently…


“Spot reduction” is an idea that’s been around for a long time. The allure of using a cream to magically reduce your thigh fat, or the promise of blasting away belly fat with countless crunches, is nothing new.

And it’s total bull, right?

Well, not so fast.

Up until very recently, I would have told you that there’s NOTHING that can actually target your personal fat zones with any degree of precision. But I recently met a guy who changed my mind.

FewWordsRyanRyan Faehnle is one of the world’s top fat loss consultants. In fact, he travels the globe training some of the top personal trainers and coaches in the fitness industry. He’s also a former Division 1 Strength and Conditioning coach for Miami State University. This guy knows his stuff.

And he’s one of the foremost experts on manipulating your hormones to accelerate fat loss with near-surgical precision.

It turns out that thunder thighs, love handles, belly pouches and man boobs can all be traced to very specific hormonal profiles.

You see, Ryan applies the most recent scientific research, along with thousands of hours of in-the-trenches experimentation, that clearly shows specific “fat zones” are directly correlated with certain hormonal imbalances.

Ryan then uses laser targeted nutrition, supplementation and exercise to realign your hormones and get rid of your most embarrassing trouble spots.

I thought this stuff was so fascinating that I asked Ryan to share his top 3 most common problems and solutions that use these hormone balancing principles. I hope you enjoy them!

3 tricks to use if you have stubbornly fat bodyparts by: Ryan Faehnle, CSCS

1. Put a strangle hold on your insulin levels to burst your spare tire

Did you know that most of the foods that are being promoted as “healthy” alternatives these days will actually add thick globs of dense fat on the sides of your

Bagels for breakfast, sandwiches on whole-grain bread for lunch, pasta to “fuel” your workouts, and don’t forget your daily glass of orange juice!

All these mainstream health foods affect a major hormone in your body called insulin. Insulin is a “building” hormone, which means it builds muscle cells and fat cells. The problem is that unless you just finished a hard weight training session, you want to keep insulin levels LOW.

Just think about it. If your day looks like what I’ve mentioned above, your body is flooded with the building-hormone insulin ALL DAY. This means you’re making new fat cells 24/7. Not good!

Insulin-generated fat stores tend to make their way to the love handle area, giving you the muffin-top or humpty-dumpty look.

Getting rid of these fat stores is actually quite simple.

Eliminate carbohydrates other than veggies from your diet except for a one-hour window after intense weight training workouts. And indulge in a single Cheat Meal once every 5-7 days.

The rest of the time, half of your plate should be protein, the other half leafy-green vegetables, and you should have a side of healthy fats such as olive oil or organic butter to go along with it.

That’s it, the optimal meal for insulin management!

2. Gulp down probiotics to take the thunder out of your thunder thighs


One of the best tricks that I have for melting fat off people’s butt and thighs is to super-dose probiotics.

Truthfully, probiotics will help immensely with belly fat, love handle fat, AND fat legs. It’s just too versatile to NOT have in your cabinet.

Probiotics are healthy bacteria that regulate nearly everything that is going on in your internal environment.

They help you break down foods, keep your immune system strong, and speed up detoxification.

Since excessive fat on your lower body is an indication of high estrogenic or toxic load on your body, it only makes sense for you to become a probiotic junkie!

If you’ve got really fat legs and you’ve never taken probiotics before, I recommend taking a hefty dose of them AFTER each of your 3 main meals per day.

You want to take them after the meals so that your stomach acid doesn’t kill too many of them before they make it to your intestines. Remember, probiotics are LIVING organisms, so we want to treat them with respect and not give them an “acid bath” by taking them on an empty stomach!

Probiotics are often low-quality amongst supplement brands (I know, I’ve seen the lab test results of many popular brands), so make sure you buy pharmaceutical grade probiotics.

16492552-men-with-perfect-abs-measuring-his-waist3. Go for quality over quantity in your workouts to carve out your abdominals

You’d probably be quite surprised if I told you that one way to get leaner is to shorten your workouts.

If you’re taking longer than 50 minutes in the gym (not counting your warm-up), then you’re making friends, not training.

In fact, if you’ve got loads of fat around your belly button, I recommend keeping your workouts to 30 minutes or less!

Now, this should not be a walk in the park; it needs to be 30 minutes of high-quality training with no interruptions, no texting, and no checking out the resident hotties.

The reason I recommend shorter workouts for burning belly fat is because many people have a problem with high circulating levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Cortisol is an important hormone for the body at certain times of the day, but excess amounts of it can create fat stores right above your beltline.

Long workouts can cause cortisol levels to go haywire, which is counterproductive to getting a lean midsection.

I recommend 3-4 short-and-sweet weight-training sessions per week along with a few intense interval training sessions sprinkled in. Keep all your training sessions to under 30 minutes and you’ll be sporting a six-pack in no time!


Wow, thanks Ryan!

As you can see, Ryan’s approach to getting rid of your trouble spots is totally no-nonsense. There’s no bro-science or silly pills and potions involved. It’s all straightforward techniques that are well researched, but that almost no one knows about yet.

The other thing I discovered about Ryan is that this cool hormone manipulation stuff is just the tip of the iceberg in his brand knew system, The Fat Loss Solution.

He’s packed all the tricks he’s accumulated while training over 5900 athletes and armed services personal — not to mention regular folks and the hundreds of personal trainers he has mentored — into a super straightforward and easy to follow plan for rapid fat loss that simultaneously builds optimal health and energy for the long term.


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Since yesterdays interview I’ve gotten a lot of comments and questions about intermittent fasting.

First things first: What is Intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting (IF) is a pattern of eating that alternates between periods of fasting and non-fasting.

I first learned about intermittent fasting from Brad Pilon author of Eat Stop Eat and to this day it is the book that I credit for changing the way I have looked at eating forever.

In fact, every year he comes out with a new update based on the growing number of research studies being done on the now popular fat loss tool.

He’s on his 7th update now and this book is stronger than ever.

2013-07-17 08.46.57

(the pic above was taken in New Brunswick with Dave Ruel, Brad Pilon and Eric Wong)

In the interview we did yesterday I realized that the audio was a little shabby so before getting into the meat of today’s blog post I want to recap what was said in the interview:

1. Intermittent Fasting is a chosen 24 hour period where you abstain from food.

2. It is a very effective tool for fat loss but can be overdone because it is a still a stress on the body just like workouts are.

3. Differences between men and women are minor. I should know this because I’ve gotten hundreds of women to do some form of IF with great results.

My last observation about fasting that wasn’t covered in the interview is that your tolerance to IF largely depends on how many calories you take during a day and this depends largely on your height.



I would not get a big 6 foot 4 dude to even try a fast because he needs a dearth of calories every day to keep him operational.

I find that tall people are most likely the ones to be repulsed by the idea of not eating for 24 hours. Understandably so.

However, I’ve found that people that are 6 foot or shorter do well with IF and can incorporate it easily as part of their lives.

So with that being said, if you are not abnormally tall, here are 7 reasons why you should incorporate some form of IF into your life:

1. Reduced Glucose/Sugar Levels – During a fast your blood sugar levels slowly lowers itself.

By fasting you could decrease your sugar input by anywhere from 15 – 30%. This means that you…

2. Improved Insulin sensitivity – When you have more insulin sensitivity your body stores more fat as energy.

Fasting drastically lowers your insulin sensitivity and also helps your lose more water retention. This means you will look leaner with less fat and less water on your body.

3. Increased lipolysis and fat oxidation – This means one thing and one thing only…YOU BURN MORE FAT.

4. Increased Glucagon – Glucagon is one of the dominant hormones in your body responsible for Fat burning.

Fasting increases the amount of glucagon produced in your body. More glucagon in your body means your body is in a better fat burning environment.

5. Fasting Increases growth hormone which leads to increased fat loss and also slows down the aging process – You are able to produce Growth Hormone by up to 6x with short term fasting and it’s one of the main hormones responsible for increased fat loss, muscle building and looking younger.

6. Fastest way to eliminate waste from the body and lower inflammation – Short term fasting actually helps you eliminate waste in your body and can speed up the healing process.

The research is too early to tell but there has also been evidence to support short term fasting in prevention of asthma and cancer.

7. It’s the Easiest way to lose fat PERIOD. – If you want to lose fat and you want to do it as fast as possible then IF is the way to go.

Not only is it fast (no pun intended) once you get the hang of doing one it gets easier.

And my friend Brad lays it all out in his updated version of Eat Stop Eat.

He’s even added 6 more chapters to the book on:

Fasting and Women

In this edition of Eat Stop Eat he shows why, when done properly, Eat Stop Eat may be the very best weight loss
option for women.

Intermittent Fasting and Leptin

He’s updated Eat Stop Eat to include some very surprising research on the connection between Leptin and fasting, exercise and some chronic diseases.

Intermittent Fasting and Exercise

In this edition he’ll tell you whether or not you need to exercise during a fast to get the most fast burning possible

Intermittent Fasting and Building Muscle

Can you build muscle while following Eat Stop Eat? ABSOLUTELY.

And he’ll tell you exactly how in this new chapter.

Intermittent Fasting vs. Longer Fasts

Brad will explain the dangers of using longer fasts to try and lose weight

Intermittent Fasting and Training

In this chapter Brad explains why fasting for too long or too often is the absolute worst thing you can do for Fat loss.

He’s even added a crazy bonus where if you get Eat Stop Eat before July 19th you’ll get a bonus coaching call where he’ll walk you through his latest edition of ESE and answer your workout/fasting related questions.

If you are not abnormally tall, want to lose fat and do it in the simplest way possible then grab Brad’s

Buy it before July 19th 2013 so you can get on the phone and get coached by the father of IF himself.

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By Benjamin Teal, PTS

First, I want to thank Dan for letting me guest post on his blog. It’s a huge honor and I’m proud to call him a friend.

That’s not a big idea,” my friend said. “Everybody and their brother has a 20-minute workout program.”

The words stung, but they weren’t unexpected.

“How is your different?”

I looked back across the room at him as my eyes narrowed.

“Because I have different science.”

“Different science?”

“Oh, yes. I have the same proof that short, intense workouts are the best thing since apple pie, like everyone else.”

I let that hang in the air for just a beat.

“But I have different science that everyone else is ignoring. And it’s going to change the game.”

crossfitBy now, it’s no secret that short, intense exercise programs work. Study after study has proven it.

One study showed how one group not only lost fat with a very specific short, high intensity workout program. They did a 20-minute routine, 3 times per week for 12 weeks. The kicker? They were specifically told not to change their eating habits.

On average, they saw a 6.7% in body fat over the 12-week study. Without changing their diets!

[M. Heydari, J. Freund, and S. H. Boutcher, “The Effect of High-Intensity Intermittent Exercise on Body Composition of Overweight Young Males,” Journal of Obesity, 2012, Article ID 480467, 8 pages]

This one is probably more familiar to you and the one the rest of this post is going to focus on:

A recent study found that doing a Metabolic Mayhem style (whole body resistance training) workout for just 4-minutes, 4-times per week had similar increases in endurance as folks who spent 30-minutes on a treadmill 4 times per week. Not only that, The whole body resistance training group also increased muscular endurance.

Here’s the coolest part. According to researchers, the 4-minute group also enjoyed their workouts more!

[McRae, G et al, “Extremely Low Volume, Whole-Body Aerobic–Resistance Training Improves Aerobic Fitness And Muscular Endurance In Females.” Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, 2012, 37:1124-1131]

It was that last observation though, that led me down a different path. But before I get into that, let me tell you a little about how my insanity often works.

I’m trained as an economist. That’s what I do for my day job. One of the first things they teach you as an economics student is to assume that people always do what’s “rational”.

That, of course, is a euphemism for “what your mathematical model says they should do”. And, in fact, I can build mathematical models for nearly every scenario under the sun to tell you what you should do.

But, once you get out of the ivory tower, you see quickly see what your model says people should do and what they actually do are very different.

There’s a psychological factor involved.

Take the two studies above. It’s clear that people should do short, high intensity workouts. The first one even suggests that you can out train a bad diet.

So Why Aren’t People Doing the Workouts?

That’s the real question that needs to be answered. The problem isn’t in designing a better workout. It’s getting people to do the workout

Which brings us back to exercise enjoyment. If you thought that reason that people enjoyed that routine was because it was short, you’d only be half right.

People, if you study them long enough, tend to do what they enjoy doing the most.

And, if you’re honest with yourself, you’re the same. But more so, you tend to enjoy the things you’re most confident about. And what are you most confident it? The things you know how to do well.

And there’s science to back this up:

Way back in the dawn of time – okay, 1986 – there was a study done that looked at self-efficacy, outcome expectations and workout adherence.

The study found that people who were more confident that they could do the workouts regularly, tended to stick to the workouts!

[Desharnais, Raymond, Jacques Bouillon, and Gaston Godin. “Self-efficacy and outcome expectations as determinants of exercise adherence.” Psychological Reports 59.3 (1986): 1155-1159.]

Once again, there’s a psychological factor involved. And this one is often very widely ignored.

In that study above, the exercises they did were burpees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, or squat thrusts. Almost everyone that’s ever spent time on a playground knows how to do those exercises.

They don’t spend a lot of time worrying about how they look doing them. And they can get right to work and focus on exercise.

There’s was a confidence about doing that workout. They had a list of exercises they were confident they could do. Add to that the fact that the workout literally lasted only 4-minutes, and you have a recipe for enjoyment.

Instead of focusing on a simple system that people are confident they can stick to, you’re seeing more and more complex systems popping up all over the place.

I Wanted To Go In The Other Direction. And The Science Is Backing Me Up.

In that same study, the exact protocol was to prescribe the intensity use for the 30-minute group at approximately 85% of max heart rate. The bodyweight resistance group wasn’t given an intensity target, only an exercise duration.

What role does THAT play on workout adherence?

A 2005 study showed that it played a big difference when your talking about overweight folks. That study looked at 16 overweight and 9 normal weight subjects. They did two 20-minute workouts on a treadmill. One was done at a pre-defined intensity. The other at a self-selected intensity.

As you would expect, the overweight group had higher oxygen uptake and a higher perceived exertion than normal weight folks during both workouts.

On the enjoyment side, the overweight group enjoyed the pre-defined intensity the same; however, there was a significant decline in enjoyment when the intensity was imposed on them.

[Ekkekakis, P., and E. Lind. “Exercise does not feel the same when you are overweight: the impact of self-selected and imposed intensity on affect and exertion.” International journal of obesity 30.4 (2005): 652-660.]

So, now we’re up to three variables that increase workout adherence.

Duration of the Workout
Confidence of Completion
Self-Selected Intensity

It Doesn’t Do Anyone Any Good If You Don’t Actually DO The Workouts.

high-intensity-interval-training-300x274That’s why I designed the Metabolic Mayhem High Definition System the way I did. It’s not just another set of short, high intensity workouts.

No, instead they’re designed on only to maximize fat in minimum time, but they’re also designed to maximize the stickiness of the program.

It doesn’t do anyone any good if you don’t actually DO the workouts.

And Then I Took It All One Step Further.

Most programs focus only on what are called “outcome” goals. You’re familiar with these. It’s the traditional “I’m going to lose X pounds by Y date” format.

What they ignore are the process goals. These are the things that need to happen between now and Y date to reach your goal.

In 1999, a study measured performance on a soccer task. They discovered that after 5 weeks, the group that used a multiple-goal strategy (outcome AND process goals) outperformed the outcome only goals significantly.

In fact, the researchers specifically state, “The benefits of adopting an outcome goal are realized only when the outcome goal is combined with the prioritization of a process orientation immediately before and during performance.”

[Filby, William CD, Ian W. Maynard, and Jan K. Graydon. “The effect of multiple-goal strategies on performance outcomes in training and competition.” Journal of Applied Sport Psychology 11.2 (1999): 230-246.]

And quite simply, better performance leads to confidence.

But the fact of the matter is that knowing what you should be doing each day in the process and then creating a plan to achieve those daily action is hard. It’s why no one is doing it.

So I did it for you.

I systemized the whole thing. This plan is delivered – not as a huge pile of PDFs for you to spend hours combing through – but as daily, step-by-step, done-for-you action plans. It’s designed to have you taking action on Day 1 rather than reading through volumes of theory.

On any given day, you’ll have a clear set of actions to take. On workout days, you’ll have follow along workouts. On non-workout days, I’ve integrated some amazing mental techniques designed to continue to increase your motivation, willpower, and most importantly, CONFIDENCE.

If that sounds interesting to you, then you’ll check out my new Metabolic Mayhem High Definition System now.


Well, we’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible. Here’s the rest…

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Here are some of the pics from my shoot:





Thanks for watching. If you jived with the video then just click here to learn more about the workouts:

One of the BIGGEST reasons cardio programs and fitness classes are not effective for fat loss is because they are missing this one critical principle of fat loss exercise.

Start applying this principle to your workouts and you’ll start seeing your fat loss plateaus crumble before your feet.

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I have something embarrassing to admit:  I am a recovering “Carb-o-phobe”

Ever since I can remember I’ve had a love/hate relationship with carbs and I’ve come to realize that they are not as bad (or as good) as people make them out to be.

The trick to “having your carbs and eating it too” is to be strategic in your approach.

My buddy Nate Miyaki, otherwise known as “The Fat Loss Samurai” is one of the main guys I get my information from when it comes to all things nutrition and today we want to reveal to you 3 Ninja Carb Tricks to Getting a Lean Body.

Take it away Nate!


3 Ninja Carb Tricks to Getting a Lean Body

By Nate Miyaki, ACE, ISSA
Contributing Writer — Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Health, T-Nation,, LIVESTRONG

downloadThere are only 3 things that scare me in this life – snakes, port-o-potties, and belly fat. I hope to rid the world of one of them.

Yet, the most formidable foe on this planet is not those slithering creatures or blue boxes of death, or even zombies. It is body fat.

That stuff is everywhere. It can sneak up on you when you least expect it. It attacks from all angles. It is definitely contagious. I’ve heard it’s even gone airborne.

The Fat Loss Ninja has been fighting the good fight against this enemy for years. Across distant lands, The Last Fat Loss Samurai has been slashing fat with a vengeance as well. With the body fat apocalypse taking over the world, and few survivors left, it was only a matter of time before our paths crossed.

The Ninja and the Samurai are joining forces and riding together on this one. And it is our duty to provide YOU with the best weapons in your own war against this unrelenting enemy.

Here are three of the most lethal weapons I suggest you use when these body fat bastards seem to be breaking down the gates.

Oh, on a side note, don’t forget to also bring a few of those paper ass gasket things for protection in battle, just in case we run into any portable outhouses on our journey. Those things are like a helmet. It is heavy, and may seem like a burden in times of peace. But when war hits, you’ll be glad you carried them along.


You read that right. DON’T go too low in carbohydrates, especially if you are strength training a few days a week (which you should be).

I know this sounds counterintuitive in this Low Carb Era.

But trust me, this is one of my most trusted tricks for sustainable rippedness. I’ve personally made the mistake of going too low in carbs in the past, and have seen the disappointment and disaster it can cause, as well as the rebounding and yo-yo’ing that follows.

Here’s the thing. We know that the overconsumption of highly processed carbohydrates has led to the rapid rise of man boobs, mufn tops, and obesity across the globe.

We also know that properly managing your carb intake is important for controlling your blood sugar and insulin levels, which in turn allows the body to maximally burn fat.

So chances are you are going to have to reduce your carbohydrate intake somewhat during a max fat loss phase.

But, and I mean a big ol’ beautiful twerking butt…there comes a point of diminishing returns.

Going too low in carbs, especially when combining that with intense strength training, can lead to a ton of physiological, metabolic, and hormonal drawbacks.

The biggest one for physique enthusiasts is muscle loss.

Getting ripped is not about just slashing fat. It’s also about building, or at least preserving lean muscle mass, along the way.

Yes, you too ladies. For muscle is what provides your body with its shape, tone, definition, and tightness. If you lose muscle, you’ll still appear soft and flabby no matter how much weight you lose.

Not to get too geeky, but while your body can become “fat adapted” at rest and with low intensity activity, anaerobic metabolism (what we use while strength training) runs only on glucose. It can’t use fatty acids or ketones.

The body will find a way to get glucose somehow. One of the back up mechanisms is to convert amino acids into glucose.

And sure enough, protein use for energy is at its all-time highest when performing strength training in a glycogen depleted state.

Keeping some carbs in your fat loss diet will prevent this. That’s why carbs are considered “anti-catabolic”.

A mismatched diet and training program are why there are many Paleo dieters, cross-fitters, and strength trainers who haven’t touched a carb since 1999, yet are frustrated with their lack of results. They still are soft and flabby despite consistent, high intensity training.

Muscle loss is not the only reason. There is more to this horror story. Low carb diets combined with anaerobic training can lead to low testosterone, impaired thyroid production, and shattered metabolic rates.

Ladies, if your thyroid and metabolic rate have slowed to a snail’s pace, you won’t get ripped no matter how many calories and carbs you cut from your diet.

Gentlemen, if your testosterone is shot, and you have to live with a non-functioning wiener to see your 6-pack, well, that just ain’t worth it baby.


What’s lost in the Carb Debate is total calories, the most bullied, yet still the most important, fat loss step.

If you are in the calorie deficit necessary for fat loss, you can STILL include some carbs in your diet and maximally slash fat.

I’ve worked with many athletes to overcome their Carbophobia, add some carbs back in their diet to better support their training, and reach all-time record lows in body fat percentage.

But how do you get the maximum fat burning effects of low carbohydrate diets with the muscle building effects of carb-based diets?

You follow both plans, just at different times of the day.

Human beings evolved on a fasting and feeding cycle.

We spent the majority of our existence fasting or eating lighter during the day while actively tracking, hunting, and gathering our food.  We spent the evening relaxing and feasting on the majority, if not all, of our daily food intake.

I suggest you do the exact same thing if you want to make slashing fat and looking awesome as automatic as possible.

During the day, you keep carbs low to control insulin levels and ensure your body is maximally burning fat.

Eating concentrated carbohydrates during the day can spike blood sugar and insulin levels and blunt fatty acid mobilization for hours. In non-“coach trying to sound smart speak”, essentially you shut down the body’s ability to burn fat with frequent carb-based meals and snack packs during the day.

By saving the majority of your carbs for dinner and eating lighter, lower carb foods during the day, you control insulin and blood sugar levels, maximize fat burning hormones and cellular factors (cAMP), and give yourself a decent stretch of time where you are optimally burning fat.

Then you feast on carbs at night to induce a hyper-anabolic environment.

Think of it as two distinct nutritional periods:

During the day hours you eat lighter so you remain in a fat burning, energy production mode (hunt mode) and during the evening hours you provide your body with the raw ingredients it needs to build muscle, store energy reserves, recover from the demands of the current day, and prepare for the tasks of the next day (feast mode).caveman-think

The plan is flexible, and there are a variety of ways you can go about doing this. You can graze on low-carb, Paleo style foods during the day. Or you can use a weapon the Samurai and the Ninja share in this fat loss battle — intermittent fasting.

In other words, you can low-carb graze and feast OR fast and feast. I don’t really give a shit. The key is The Feast.


I know you want to try it.

It sounds awesome, and like a sustainable lifestyle plan to you, rather than a miserable fitness diet you suffer through to get a new Facebook photo. And trust me, the clients I’ve worked with who switch to this style never go back to any other way of eating again.

But alas, you have a few burning questions due to lingering fitness myth BS.

Won’t eating a big meal with carbs at night cause me to store fat?  I thought we are supposed to cut calories and carbs, starve at night, and have to go to bed wanting to gnaw of our significant other’s arm to get lean?

I have to be honest. For that burning sensation, you are probably going to have to turn to Penicillin.

As for the questions, you can turn to both common sense and science.

Eating at night doesn’t make you fat.  Eating too many calories for the entire day makes you fat.  If you’ve eaten large and/or frequent meals throughout the day, and then eat another large dinner on top of that, chances are you will overshoot your daily calorie needs and gain fat.

It’s the total food intake not the distribution that is the problem.

If you eat lighter during the day and are active, chances are you enter dinner in a relatively large calorie deficit with depleted energy reserves, and even a large meal with a significant amount of carbohydrates will be used to restore energy reserves first, before spilling over into fat stores.

What sounds better – going to bed satiated or going to bed starving?

In addition, insulin sensitivity and nutrient partitioning to muscle cells improve: (1) After a strength training session and (2) After a period of fasting and/or lower carbohydrate intake. If you combine these two, the effects can be synergistic.

Basically, this just means when glycogen stores are relatively depleted (after training and/or at the end of a day of lower-carb eating), carbohydrates will be used to restock these energy reserves first, before spilling over into fat stores.

Even simpler, if you drive your car around all day and the gas tank is empty, you can and should fill up for the next day.

As for the science? Well, Nate’s a freak baby, and that’s a known fact. I’ll let da geeks handle the rest:

1. Sofer et al. 2011. Greater weight loss and hormonal changes after 6 months diet with carbohydrates eaten mostly at dinner. Obesity (Silver Spring) Oct;19(10):2006-14.

This study was designed to investigate the effect of a low-calorie diet with carbohydrates eaten mostly at dinner on anthropometric, hunger/ satiety, biochemical, and inflammatory parameters… Greater weight loss, abdominal circumference, and body fat mass reductions were observed in the experimental diet in comparison to controls.

2. Halberg et al. 2005. Effect of intermittent fasting and refeeding on insulin action in healthy men. Journal of Applied Physiology December 2005 vol. 99 no. 6 2128-2136.

By subjecting healthy men to cycles of feast and famine we did change the metabolic status to the better, implying that the mismatch between our ancient genotype and the lifestyle of the westernized individual of today became smaller.

To our knowledge this is the first study in humans in which an increased insulin action on whole body glucose uptake and adipose tissue lipolysis has been obtained by means of intermittent fasting.


While indeed it is true that to get results on a fat loss program you need to limit your carbohydrate intake, doing so too the extremes can lead to muscle loss, a significant plateau in results and overall frustration.

Ditch the myths and use these 3 Carb Tricks to get into your leanest body without all of the diet frustration.

Doing so will provide you with the freedom to eat carbs, live a normal life and still get into your LEANEST shape.

– Nate


Hey it’s Dan here.

Just gotta say again that Nate is one of the most knowledgable guys I know when it comes to nutrition, fat loss and FEASTING 😉

If you’re ready to get into your best body eating carbs and avoiding all of the frustrations of dieting, check out his system he’s developed based The NEW rules for fast and permanent fat loss called Feast Your Fat Away™

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This is a blog post that has hit close to the heart. You see, a couple years back I was held back by some severe lower back problems that ultimately put a stop on the way I worked out to simple things like just walking down the street.

What I didn’t realize is that the cause of these problems really didn’t reside in my lower back at all. They were all part of a bigger problem that I was facing that my friend Eric Lays out in this eye opening article down below.

If you suffer from low back or hip dysfunction or even feel like your body is just not working the way that you’d like it to then this is an article you NEED to read.


Stop Ignoring this Important Component of Fitness
By Eric Wong, CSCS

It’s taken me over 14 years to get my head out of the sand…

I first started lifting weights when I was 16 to build some muscle and be a better hockey player. I was always a skinny kid and took quite a beating when I was on the ice.

I’ve continued to train since because I enjoy looking lean and muscular, and it helps me be a better athlete and perform my sports at a higher level AND because when I get a good workout in, I get those endorphins flowing through my system and feel AMAZING.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

However, like most people I’ve had a few interruptions along the way…

Sometimes, I take a break on vacations, especially when the vacation involves a white sand beach and a blazing hot sun.

But the more impactful interruptions have come because of INJURY.

Because I train mixed martial arts, injuries are to be expected. However, the injuries I’ve received on the mats and in sparring are fewer in frequency and lesser in severity than those I’ve had in the weight room.

And I’m embarrassed to say that the majority of them have come because of my failure to pay attention to the “bastard child” of fitness…

That is until I had a life-altering experience one day when I was getting a boxing workout in on the heavy bag…

I’d just finished my first round and a guy wearing a big grey hoodie asked me if he could work in with me.

“No problem,” I replied, since this gym has only one bag.

He was at least 15 years my senior and had a huge beer belly.

To make a long story short, after I saw him throw his first high kick that landed on the bag with a loud SMACK, a light bulb went off in my head.

While I don’t think you need to be slim and ripped to be able to throw a hard head kick, something just went off in my head and right then and there, I knew I had to fix my hip flexibility problems for good.eric-behind-claude

You see, even though I’d been training martial arts for years, I’d always avoided throwing kicks…

The reason why was because every time I threw one, I felt like my hips were going to tear in two and I kicked with the power of a 5 year old girl after a month of after-school Karate lessons.

Embarrassing, especially since I was known as the guy who trained UFC fighters!

Call it foolish pride or whatever you want, but I used that experience to dig in, learn everything I could and apply everything I learned to finally fixing my tight, inflexible hips.

Throughout the process, I’ve followed master Bruce Lee’s advice, “Absorb what is useful. Discard what is not. Add what is uniquely your own.”


And back in August of this year, the true test of my studies was to come – my wife and I had a vacation planned to Asia, with 2 weeks in Thailand – the home of Muay Thai.

I couldn’t go to Thailand and not train Muay Thai, so this was a huge motivator for me.

After we arrived in Chiang Mai, I searched for a Muay Thai gym that didn’t cater to foreigners. I was looking for an authentic Thai experience…

I’d been using a bunch of new flexibility techniques and was feeling great, especially in Squats and Olympic lifts – getting into and out of the hole was a lot smoother and faster.

I was a bit nervous though, because this was going to be the first time I tried throwing real kicks for years, since I first decided to avoid them because of fear of injuring my hips.

I found a gym, got the class times, then arrived 5 minutes late thanks to my Chinese navigation skills.

I jumped into the class and when it came time to throw my first kick, it felt like I had a different set of hips and I had a ton of fun in the 2 hour class!

I threw kicks all class and it felt so good, not just because throwing high kicks with some oomph is fun, but because I’d finally addressed this huge limiting performance factor.

And then it finally hit me -if you want to build strength or power or keep your body healthy, instead of pushing and grinding, sometimes all you’ve gotta do is release the brakes and your car will zoom away with the pep and power it was designed to do.

That’s what having tight hips is like – driving with the emergency brake

You can give it as much gas as you want, but you’ll never take off until you release the brakes.

Before this, I’d get to doing Back Squats with 250 pounds, but then my knees would start to ache. I actually suffered from a knee meniscus injury doing Squats because I tried to push my limits.

Same thing with the Deadlift – when I got to lifting around 3 plates, my back would ache for days after. And not in that good “I had a good workout” way.

Now I see it’s just because I was putting the pedal to the metal with the emergency brake on. Not only is it a waste of energy, but it’s going to wear your body out just like it would wear your car out.

That’s why I call flexibility the “bastard child of fitness”.

It’s usually an after-thought, something you do as a cool down or if you can fit it in.

But it deserves a period of time where you really focus on it and make it a priority.

Doing so will provide you with the freedom to do what you want, whether that’s working out intensely to achieve the body of your dreams or playing a sport without fear of hurting your body and with an effortlessness that comes from “releasing the brakes”.

So if you’re ready to make flexibility a priority, check out the blueprint I’ve developed based on Bruce Lee’s advice that I call the 3D Flexibility System™:

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Today I’m writing to you from Queen Street in Toronto. As you know I have to jump around to different places in the city to get my creative juices flowing.

Queen Street can be considered the “Hipster” street of Toronto.

You have great cafes, men in skinny jeans (and beards) walking about.

It’s a pretty unique area of Toronto that is starting to really grow on me because of its laid back vibe.


By now you know I’ve got over 70 women doing my Transformation program in my gym in Markham.

I gotta say that even though this is our biggest team to date, this is one of the most focused communities I have seen come through our doors.

We’ve got our first team weigh in coming this Saturday so I’ll keep you posted on the numbers we hit.

Inside of our group though I have to let you know that we DON’T have the same general nutrition plan that everyone goes through like most gyms do.

We sincerely believe that the BEST nutrition plan is the one that is modified to your own specific needs ..and those needs change as your body does.

So very briefly I want to school you on the 3 Levels of Diets we give to our girls in our Transformation Programs.

Level # 1- Freedom Dieting










We give girls a number of meals to eat throughout the day. It’s usually 3 but could be higher depending on their height and build.

We tell them a general idea of what to eat, let them set their own schedules and usually go by portion sizes.

Other than the first week we generally like to have them eat their carbs after their workouts to promote a positive insulin response in their bodies.

Who does this work for?

The beginner dieter who usually has 20 or more pounds to lose. They are just starting (or re-starting) the journey of eating clean and this is the easiest philosophy to adopt for fat loss.

This also works well for people who are generally lean who just want to maintain their shape. For whatever reason their bodies stay lean and they don’t need to get crazy with the counting like some of us do (ie. me)

Level #2 – Calorie Counting








This the next step up from Freedom Dieting.

I truly believe everyone should do this for 3 months just to get an idea of what their body truly needs to maintain, lose weight or even gain weight.

We use myfitnesspal for this and it works pretty well and keeps things simple.

The key here is to track your foods on a daily basis, weigh yourself, measure yourself and take a picture of yourself every week to check on your body composition.

If you’re not seeing enough results then pair back by 100 calories and see how that effects your body.

Who does this work for?

Pretty much everyone trying to get into their leanest bodies (guys would be sub 10% Body fat, girls would be 15% body fat)

I pretty much used this concept, kept my protein at 1 gram per pound of bodyweight and got into my best shape.

Oh yeah, I did squats too.












Level #3 – Macro Nutrient Counting aka. If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM)

This is about as exact as it gets and for about 95% of people you really don’t have to get this exact when getting into your best shape.

Think of this like calorie counting..on STEROIDS.

You’ll pretty much weight and measure your foods and hit certain macronutrient goals (protein, fats, and carbs) you set out for yourself.

I’m currently testing this method out on myself as well as a couple of beta clients in my gym so I’ll shoot you more info as we go through it.

Who does this work for?

This works for the person who has about 5 or less pounds of fat to lose and wants to get into fitness model shape or is preparing for a fitness show of some kind.

Not necessarily what I would recommend for 98% of the population but for those that like a drastic change (like myself and my beta-testers) it’s a worthy challenge.

So what do you do from here?

Find out which one you are and start from there. Move up or down the levels with the one you feel most comfortable with.

I’d start with the first level and until it stops getting your results for a couple of weeks then move onto the next.

NOTE: Most people can get into their best shape just counting calories. Counting macros can be the most tedious thing in the world and drive one bonkers trying to figure it out.

Now the reason I sent this is because you obviously have to have your nutrition plan in line if want to visually SEE the results from any type of workout plan.

If you feel like you’re doing all this stuff right, but the scale still won’t budge…then you may need to SHOCK your metabolism with some intense metabolic training.

Metabolic STACKING (aka- “Finishers”) is one of the easiest ways to do this in just a few short minutes.

In fact, my good friend Mikey Whitfield who’s lost 105 POUNDS using this brand new scientific approach.

It’s all part of Mike’s newly updated Workout Finishers 2.0 System

And best of all, you don’t have to change what you’re currently doing!

Just plug in Mikey’s “Finishers” with ANY of your favorite workouts to double your results and create a massive “afterburn” post workout fat-burning effect…

And right now, it’s 65% off.

=> 4-Minute workout PROVEN to be better than 30 min of cardio

Talk soon,


I’ll probably be the first to admit that life isn’t necessarily all rainbows and roses…

Back in my earlier days, I was so fat that I wouldn’t take off my shirt at the pool.

Just getting started and sticking to a fitness plan was the last thing on my agenda.

The utter thought of hitting a gym and working out in front of all those “fit people” made me shutter from the sheer embarrassment.

But I did it anyways.


When I decided to quit my 9-5 corporate job to start a career doing that I loved (becoming a trainer) everyone that was closest to me told me that it was a stupid move and that I should just find a “normal” job somewhere else.

It was tough to hear that type of criticism from the people close to you but…

I did it anyways.

Again, life is not all rainbows and roses ESPECIALLY when you’re starting from the gutter working your way up. 

But we have hope.

I didn’t know it back then but I created a credo of 7 agreements in my life that drive me to this very day. 

These 7 agreements shaped my life and helped me evolve into the person that I am as I write this blog to you.

And today, I want to share all of them with you in hopes that wherever you’re starting from, you’ll be able to push through and go for what you really deserve in life. If it jives with you then I highly recommend to print it out and post it somewhere you’ll see it on a regular basis.

My 7 Agreements in Life


1. I Will Not Take Anything Personally

Most times we’re hurt by something someone said is due to our own self perception of what it meant.

Most times people when people say things it is just coming from THEIR perception of the situation. Realize this.

Change your perception of what it meant and you change your reality.

2. I Will always Do What I Say I Will do (98% of the time)

I can be brash and over commit at times but I always strive to do what I say and say what I do.

Integrity is a lost art nowadays. Be different. Be the person that stands by your word.

Just like your balls, don’t break them unless you really really need to.

..And yes even if you are a woman reading this you do have “balls” (figuratively of course)

3. Don’t Make Assumptions.

Get the whole story before pointing fingers at everyone. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt until they prove otherwise.

Remember your perception always equals your reality.

People will appreciate it even though they know themselves that they are being @sses.

4. Always Do Your Best.

Leave no stone unturned. Do everything possible to reach your goals and desires so you can look back with absolutely no regrets.

Take the motto of, “Be not afraid of dying … Be afraid of never trying”

One day, when you’re old and grey, you want to look back at your life and say with absolute conviction,

“I did my BEST”

And usually, your best will always give you amazing results.

5. Do the OPPOSITE of the Majority

I’ve talked about it in a previous blog but again, “If you want to be a success in life, look at the majority and do the opposite of them

This means being a NON-conformist.

This means having your own agenda, your own goals and your own type of success.

What you have to realize is that your strand of DNA will never, ever, ever be replicated in this world. Never.

You are unique and different than everyone else.

Start owning up to it.

Just because someone likes a Mercedes Benz doesn’t mean that you should.

Just because people “settle” for eating at a fast food joint doesn’t mean that you should.

Just because people wear a certain type of clothing brand doesn’t mean that you should.

You choose your life and that means being your OWN person. Not one of the “herd”.

Create your own style, your own way of doing things. There will never be another YOU made on this earth…ever.

Own it.

6. Dream BIG

The majority of people in this world don’t set goals.

The majority of people who set goals usually end up setting small ones that they feel they have the best possibility of accomplishing.

Have a BIGGER vision for your life.

What you don’t realize is that you are capable of much more and everyone has something inherent in them that no one else can provide.

Own up to this and set big @ss goals. You can do it.

You know why? Well…

7. If It Has Been Done Before Then You Can Definitely Do It

You have to understand that as humans we are all made equal.

Sure people can be born “geniuses” and “talented” but when it comes to long term success I wouldn’t put my money on them at all.

Sure people can be born into money or born with great genetics but I wouldn’t put my money on them either.

What I’ve noticed about these kinds of people is that they usually don’t appreciate “that which is given to them easily”

The best people in life are usually the ones who have scrapped and clawed their way to achieve their own personal success.

They came from rock bottom, dreamt big, went after it with hard work, dedication, persistence and eventually …achieved it.

What could possibly lead these people to believe that they could achieve such big goals?

They ultimately knew that if someone else had done it before then they could do it. Nothing separated them from the people they hold up in a higher regard.

They realized that everyone is human and comes from an equal standpoint in life.

And just the fact that you are reading this blog probably puts you in a higher economic bracket than say someone born into a diamond mine in Sierra Leone.

This means you have more opportunity and more means than the average person on this earth to achieve what you want.

But all that aside…

When you dream a big goal and it scares the living you-know-what out of you…

When you think of a goal that makes you super uncomfortable to talk about or even think about…

You know you’re on the right track.

When that uncertainty hits and you have all doubts creep up in your mind, just think this one thought,

“If someone has done it before then I can DEFINITELY do it.”

It’s what has driven me in my very short 10 year career in the fitness industry and I hope it helps you in whatever you choose to do.

I hope this blog post found you well but we’re not done yet…

I want to know what you thought of it. Any part you liked or didn’t like?

Let me know by dropping a comment down below.

And yes I will reply back 🙂

Your friend,


One of the most common questions I get is about fat burners and whether or not they actually work.

Well, I’m glad to say that I’ve known the guys from for a while, so when I got yet another question on fat burners, I thought I’d ask these guys.

For those that don’t know, they’ve been around for 2.5 years and are the most respected source on supplement information. So I asked them – “what are the top 5 fat burners that just don’t work?”

5 Fat Burning Supplements That DON’T Work (AVOID THESE)


Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a mixture of fatty acids, of which two of them, t10c12 and c9t11, are the most common. It is claimed that CLA can help burn fat and build muscle when taken as a daily supplement via working through a group of receptors known as PPARs.

If looking at research on animals, this is definitely true. CLA is a moderately potent fat burner in rats at modest levels of intake and extremely potent in mice (until they get fatty liver and die). That being said, CLA is also used as a good example on how animal studies don’t always translate to humans.

If we ignore the rodent research and only look at human research, it is incredibly variable, with about half the studies showing it to be useless, and the other half showing very very little fat loss (2-4 pounds over half a year). Even in studies that did show a bit of fat loss, the range was so that some people actually gained weight1,2,3.

Even under the best of conditions, CLA is extremely lackluster. Considering how unreliable the results are, it is not worth taking.


L-Carnitine is an ergogenic aid (performance enhancer) that is also sometimes used for cognitive enhancement. Since of the things limiting fat burning involves the carnitine transport, it is thought that by supplementing with carnitine, you can increase that rate.

Unfortunately, the only time that a deficiency in carnitine exists is usually for people above the age of 704,5 or vegetarians.

If not in those two demographics, it does not help reduce fat, even if obese and exercising6,7.

Garcinia cambogia

Garcinia cambogia is a fruit that contains (-)-hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which is the ingredient that hydroxycut was initially named after (if you can remember that supplement). In rats, it decreases appetite and also inhibits fat synthesis from carbohydrates.

Unfortunately, rats are far far more efficient at converting carbohydrates into fats (de novo lipogenesis)8, and the decreased appetite does not work in humans9,10.

Just like CLA, it was promising in animal studies, but was ineffective in humans.

Raspberry ketonesraspberriesG1

At least the above had some semblance of logic or evidence. There is literally no evidence at all that raspberry ketone work!

There was one study done, and it was in a petri-dish. Even then, all it did was enhance adrenaline signalling at a dosage 1000x the normal dosage11! Considering what we know about absorption and that most raspberry ketones doses are around 200mg, it will never get enough to your fat cells.

There was another study done on rats, and it noted slight weight loss at a dosage of 350mg/kg12. For a 75 kg person, that means 26grams!

Lastly, the one study that is cited as “proof” that raspberry ketone work had only two groups – one that used placebo, and one that ingested raspberry ketones alongside caffeine, capsaicin, synephrine, ginger, and garlic (ie. a fat burner, fat burner, fat burner, and two things that might augment fat burners)13. It is quite telling that they did not compare RK directly with the placebo.

Irvingia gabonensis

Irvingia gabonensis, also known as African mango, is a plant whose oil is said to burn fat and suppress appetite.

The only “evidence” for it was paid for by its producer14,15,16, and even then, was at dosages that are not practical (just like raspberry ketones). The single independent study17 was highly critical of that research, citing many issues and concerns. Most importantly, there was absolutely no reason gleaned as to why it would even work.


And there you have it, 5 popular fat burners that are heavily advertised on TV that we now know …just don’t work.

I’m not a guy that is huge on supplements but I have to admit that some of them actually do a great job on your body when it comes to fat loss, building muscle and overall health.  The list of good ones are just too broad for a blog post like this. 

If you want to know more about supplements that actually work for your body and also discover others that are just marketing BS hype, I highly recommend checking out their Supplement-Goals Reference Guide,  

This is the most comprehensive guide I have ever seen on supplements and it has been thoroughly researched to ensure you are getting the absolute truth when it comes to choosing the right supplements for your physique goals.

Next Page ==> Your Supplement Cheat Sheet for a Better Body, and a Better Life.


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Have you ever hit a fat loss plateau?

I remember hitting plateaus in the past and getting extremely frustrated. It made me wish there was a way to consistently make progress with my fat loss results. But like most people, I believed that continuous fat loss wasn’t possible. After all, everyone hits plateaus, right?


You can get continuous fat loss results…but there’s a common mistake you have to avoid. If you don’t avoid the mistake you’ll learn about a little later in this article, your fat loss will stall and you’ll hit a plateau.

I got to thinking about this after a conversation I had with my friend Tyler. He told me about his unique fix to the issue of busting through plateaus and ensuring consistent fat loss.

Tyler is a functional training and fat loss expert who has studied with and gathered information from some very diverse experts in the world. He’s learned from professional strongmen (the circus kind), a Russian special forces instructor, a Cirque Du Soleil acrobat, and more!

His training gives Tyler a very unique perspective to conquering fat loss plateaus. In fact, our conversation was so interesting that I asked Tyler to send over an article about what he calls the #1 mistake of the fitness industry.

Give this article a quick read to discover what the mistake is and how to fix it…


Avoid This Fat Loss Mistakes

By Tyler Bramlett, Functional Training Expert, USAW Sports Performance Coach

I remember years ago when I hit my first fat loss plateau…

I thought I was doing everything right. I consistently ate a clean diet and exercised at least 3 days a week. But, my fat loss results stalled no matter what I tried. I didn’t know it then, but I was making a huge mistake.

It’s the same mistake that 99.99% of people make when they face a fat loss plateau.

What is this critical mistake that stopped me and is probably stalling your fat loss too?

The mistake that 9,999 people out of 10,000 make:
They Focus On Sets, Reps, And Resistance While Ignoring Progressive Movement!

Ask yourself this question… How many workout programs use sets, reps, and resistance as the main focus of their workouts? If you think about it objectively, every exercise program out there focuses on getting results through adding sets, reps, and resistance.

While there’s nothing wrong with this approach, it eventually results in plateaus. So, if you want continued fat loss, you MUST learn how to use progressive movement technology to your advantage. Once you do, your workouts and your fat loss results will never be the same again.

Knowing about something and using it are two different things. Therefore, the rest of this article will be dedicated to teaching you the basic principles of progressive movement technology and how you can use them to bust through plateaus for non-stop fat loss results.

Before you learn how to use progressive movement, let’s go over a few basics of what it is and why it works to keep you burning fat.

Progressive movement is easy to understand when you think about a real life example. Who would have a better looking body?

  1. A person who can do rapid fire jumping lunges, clap pushups, and explosive pullups
  2. A person who can only do basic bodyweight squats, kneeling pushups, and light dumbbell rows

Obviously the first person’s body will look better, right?

That’s because of this simple principle… Form Follows Function

The greater your body functions (i.e. movement complexity) the better it will look—the better it has to look!

Your body will unavoidably change if you learn the EXACT path from exercises like basic squats to rapid jump lunges or even one-legged jump squats. Progression is the real secret to constant improvement, unlimited fat loss, and a sculpted body! You can learn how to do it (regardless of your starting point) and the amazing results can be yours!

How do you use progressive movement technology in your workouts?

It’s simple. All you have to do is start with the basic foundational exercises of the human body—things like squats, deadlifts, presses, pulls, pushes, rows, and core stability—and create a series of more difficult variations for each of the exercises.

Once you master the basic exercise, in order for you to get consistent results you MUST change the exercise to the next one up the progression and focus on mastering it. (However, you also need to start with the basics. Jumping in at a level you’re not ready for is a recipe for injury and burnout…the secret is in progression.)

Here are examples for the upper body and lower body. Once you can do 3 sets of 10 reps on each (A) exercise, simply move on to the next variation (B, C, etc.) until you can again do 3 sets of 10 reps of the new exercise..

(A) Kneeling Pushups —–> (B) Regular Pushups —–> (C) Clap Pushups

You can even break it down to more progressive movement steps like in the lower body example below…

(A) Bodyweight Squats —–> (B) Jump Squats —–> (C) One-Legged Assisted Squats —–> (D) One-Legged Assisted Jump Squats


You can create movement progressions for every single common exercise. All you have to do is start with a basic exercise like the bodyweight squat, and then create a series of steps that make the movement more difficult and more explosive.

The basic goal behind using progressive movements in your workouts is to constantly challenge yourself to make exercises harder—as the exercises and workouts change and become more difficult, your body will unavoidably change too. Say goodbye to fat loss plateaus and hello to the body you’ve always wanted!

Awesome article Tyler!

This article relates back to my own philosophy of fat loss which is: Fat Loss = “IN”effciency

If your body is too  “efficient” at doing a certain exercise or workout, then the inevitable result is minimal fat burn at best and a weak effect on your metabolism.  

NOTE: This is the very same reason why if you go to the same fitness class in your local gym you’ll find the same people in that class without any damn changes to their bodies.


The more INefficient you can make your body work at doing any exercise or workout the more demand you’ll place on it to burn more fat work itself back to get efficient again.  

As you can see, Tyler is the real deal and I know for a fact that he has helped over 500 people transform their bodies using his progressive movement techniques. His little known approach is currently only found in the most advanced training facilities and has yet to hit the mainstream …until now.

And the progressive movement techniques Tyler outlined above are just a glimpse into what Tyler’s created with his new Progressive Fat Loss System called CT-50.

He’s taken all of the knowledge he learned from his unique and interesting mentors and tested them in his private training and transformation programs to design an easy to follow system that will make it IMPOSSIBLE for you body not to change.

The idea is simple… As the workouts and exercises change (i.e. through the use of progressive Movement technology) YOUR BODY CHANGES! 

Next Page => 3 Steps That Permanently Re-Shape Your Body In LESS Than 1 Hour A Week

I’ve been meaning to do a blog post on Breakfast Skipping and the positive effect it’s had on my life as well as my clients but for a couple reasons I kept on stopping myself:

1. Would people have an open mind to really soak in the information I’m about to share?

2. Would I get trolled on by dogmatic breakfast eaters?

It’s funny how protective people can be in regards to certain meals.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve explained why I get my clients to delay their breakfast eating only to be met with the same objections and myths surrounding this topic.

Regardless of my “fears” of posting this article, I decided to do it for one reason:  Skipping breakfast has been the master key I’ve used to to creating and maintaining a lean body for myself as well as my clients.

Ever since I’ve found out about Intermittent Fasting it’s begun to free me from feeling as if I MUST eat first thing in the morning.

This may not sound like a big deal but you’ll find out why it’s been a game changer later on in this post.

Now I know what you might be thinking, “Isn’t breakfast the most important meal of the day?

Yes it is but it’s not what you think.

If you are still interested then please read on…


Hey there…hope you are doing awesome.

And if you are not doing awesome (which is pretty surprising considering you read this blog) then check out my new ninja cat…

Ain’t she so cuuuuute.  Actually I don’t have a cat. I’m allergic to them.  It was just a really cool picture I wanted to share with you 😛

I wanted to blog quickly about my metabolic workout plan.  I’m busy with organizing my Charity boot camp we are running this Saturday as well as another Charity camp for the Japan Relief fund.

So instead of hearing me babble on, here is my workout:


Hey There,

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Here’s the full scoop:

This rare half-off special is my way of saying ‘THANK YOU’ for taking action and doing what it takes to get into the body you deserve to be in.

Here’s the special website where you save 50%:


Try My System For 50% Off And Get EIGHT Free gifts!

If the 50% discount isn’t enough to have you heading to my special
‘half-off’ web site, these EIGHT free gifts will surely do the trick:

* Gift 1: The Workout Manual

You will get access to the exact rotating exercise program I use to help my clients burn up to 4 pounds a week and fire up their metabolisms so fast that they end up burning fat in their sleep.

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This is the full on details on the exact things you have to do to start losing weight with food now. You will know what to eat and when to eat it with sample Done For You meal plans as well as a comprehensive food guide.

* Gift 3: The Exercise Library

We put together all of the most EFFECTIVE exercises for fat loss into one book.  These are exercises that you can do on your own or in a gym.

* Gift 4: The Weekly Workout Logs

You will be given the day by day, week by week workouts and exercises using our printable weekly manuel.  Each and every day you will know which exercises to do and when to do them.

* Gift 5:  The Rapid Fat Loss Coaching Soundtracks

These are the soundtracks you will use to be coached through every single rep, set and rest.  You will never have to count another rep again.  This alone is worth the whole package.

* Gift 6: BBFL Nutrition Cliff Notes

The BBFL cliff notes are the bare bones quick reference for how you eat for the entire program.

* Gift 7: The BBFL Supplementation Guide

Choosing the right supplements can be hard especially with all of the misinformation out there.  We make things easy by recommending ONLY the necessary supplements you need to lose fat fast.

* Gift 8 – The BBFL Interrogations

In this 60 minute quick start audio guide, you will hear absolutely everything you need to know about burning fat. I will reveal all of my exercise secrets and even uncover information that other fitness and nutrition experts do not want you to know.


That’s a lot of goodies …and you get it all FREE when you try my entire system for 50% off.

Go here right now and claim your copy before they’re all gone!


Talk soon,


P.s. This special half off sale ends at midnight TONIGHT. I’ll most likely never offer a discount again. If you’d like to get the revolutionary Fat Loss training system so many women just like yourself are raving about…and save 50%, then go here now.


Hey there,

The special half-off sale for your Fat Loss training system ends at midnight tomorrow.


Hey there,

Until midnight on February 17th, you can get my entire Body Back Training system for HALF OFF. This is the exact same workout and Nutrition system I use to get my Women’s boot camp clients into incredible shape.


Aiiight…very quickly here it is:

10 minute circuit of Reverse Lunges with Band Pull, chirpees, and Myoatic Crunches

10 Minute Complex of Clean Pull and Press then Back Squats then good mornings.

Then I’m off to the the Air Canada Centre to watch Blake Griffen and the LA Clippers play Dan Go and the Toronto Raptors.

Then tie up some loose ends before my launch for the BodyBack Fat Loss program and then sleep.


Hey there…I am currently at home and it is FREEZING because we got some people installing a new front door into the house.  This is a random thought but I think Russian is one of the coolest languages out there.  It’s just so hardcore.  Someone can be telling that it’s an amazing day in Russian and I’d be thinking that he wants to kill me.

The only reason i’m saying that is because the door installer guys are Russian.

I treated yesterday as a cheat day because we were having dinner for my dad’s bday.  Today is gonna be fast day.

To me there are two types of intermittent fasting:


Hey there…I am on Day 3 of my 6 week project to get myself into shape.  Day 3 of 42 days of straight up serious focus on what I’m eating and how I’m working out.

Btw was anyone else watching the Jersey Shore last night?  SAMMIE IS TRIFLING!!  I really don’t know when the transition was made from the Jersey Shore to the Sammie and Ronnie show.  True trash TV at its finest.

Okay rant over..

Today is just a light day of walking on a high incline.  I’m not going to do too much in terms of workouts or circuits because my body is quite fried after a strength circuit yesterday.

I also played some basketball so that always gets me feeling really tight in the morning.

My eating schedule looks like this:

12pm – Eggs with Broccoli and Beef <=== I loves my meat

4pm – Lean Beef with Broccoli <=== I really have to go grocery shopping

7pm – Eating at Edward Street Bistro for my Dad’s birthday.  This place is known for its fresh fish…they practically bring the fish out and show you what it looks like before they cook it.

So obviously I’m getting the steak.  I just LOOOOVES my meat.

Tomorrow is CHEAT DAYYYYYYY.  And I will let you know of the destruction tomorrow.

Hey there…because it’s my blog I’m going to post my own little 6 week day by day program I’m using to get back into great shape.  I did cheat a little too much during the winter time and I have about 5-7 pounds of stubborn fat to get rid of.

I definitely won’t be doing this…

So every day I’ll be posting what I did in terms of working out and eating.  I’m treating myself as I would treat my own clients and sharing my progress day by day.


Hey there…I’ve been telling you about the awesome workout and nutrition secrets I use to get my clients into incredible shape at my womens fitness camp.

Now it’s one thing to just say it but here area real world examples of some women who have actually used the program successfully.  Quite honestly I could put all of my boot camp members testimonials up here because it’s the very same program they have used to get into incredible shape.

So here are the Real World Results we have gotten with our program:


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