Transformation Clients

Here are a couple of Transformations I’ve done using my Ninja Fat Loss systems. We’ll be starting 6 week challenges in the upcoming year so for all coaching inquires please contact:

FLN Client Barron Lau – CEO Of Round 5 “The Official UFC Collectible”

– Hong Kong, Hong Kong


“I have always generally been quite active and healthy, working out fairly consistently and maintaining a healthy diet. I’ve always had a lot of knowledge about training and nutrition as well. I could never get my body to drastically change in order to meet my goals until Dan Go introduced me, what I now believe, a more advanced level of training and performance with the introduction of his 6 Minute Superhuman system.

I believe there is a lot of general information on exercise widely available on the market. But the information out there is the “for dummies” version which if followed is a general mass market health plan and very old school . However Dan Go’s nutrition and training concepts I believe are on a completely different advanced level, the new school way of thinking. Dan Go’s plans produce immediate results in a way that can be integrated into a realistic lifestyle which allows you to actually sculpt your body to any degree you wish no matter how general or very ambitious your goals. Thanks DAN!”

Ninja UPDATE:  I just got this email from Barron.  Apparently his transformation is creating fans in Hong Kong 😛

FLN Client Heidi Hernandez

– Markham, ON


I didn’t really have a fitness life, it was non-existent. I didn’t play any sports, or participated in any physical activities.

To be honest, I thought I was fine and didn’t think I had anything to worry about. I didn’t have any interest in working out or getting in shape.

What kind of results did I get?

Weight – I went from 155lbs down to 114lbs (43 Pounds LOST!!)

Dress Sizes – I went from a size 12 down to size 2 (5 Dress Sizes!!)

Inches from body – I don’t know exactly how many inches, but I know I was once a pant size 30-32, and now I wear size 25

The way you feel day to day – I feel more energized and motivated from the moment I wake up and it continues throughout the day.

The Markham boot camp helps me to burn that excess energy and relieve any stress which allowed me to develop a better sleeping pattern and which in turn reinforces my energy level the next morning.

Jenn L.

– Markham, ON












For the last 4 years, I have either been pregnant or on maternity leave. I used this as my excuse to be lazy and eat all the things I never used to allow myself. I eventually reached the point where I could no longer use “baby weight” as an excuse. I made a few attempts at starting an exercise program on my own, but quickly lost motivation when I wasn’t getting the results I wanted.

I joined “Go Girl Bootcamp” in February 2013, and in only four months I lost OVER 50 lbs!!!

The support and motivation I received from the coaches and other GGBC members, in addition to the amazing workouts, was exactly what I needed to get back on track and stay focused. I honestly don’t think I’d be where I am today had I not found Go Girls Bootcamp.

To reach your goal, whether it be losing weight or increasing your fitness level, it takes a combination of diet and exercise. There is no “magic pill” that will get you there; you have to find a program that motivates you, challenges you and most importantly, something that you enjoy.

I found all of these things when I joined Go Girl Bootcamp. The coaches push me when I need the encouragement, high five me when I reach my next goal, and all within a fun, supportive environment that welcomes women of all fitness levels. It’s the closest thing to “magic” you’re going to find.

Rosie Metayer 

– Markham, ON












I have always been fit, and toned through out my life, but never have I seen these outstanding results that I have gained using this program !

I joined Go Girl Bootcamp 6 years ago as a member after my second pregnancy, to kick start my workout regime as I had hit a plateau and continued with Go Girl Bootcamp thereafter I had my 3 child. The rest is history they say because I would not ever turn back!

After taking the First Transformation Program offered, I lost 47 pounds of my unwanted baby fat!

I look better now, that I am a mother of 3 then I did when I was in my twenties! I’m weighing in my low 130 range, and am back into my size 5/6 pants from when I was in my teens!! It’s unbelievable when I look at myself in the mirror and see a new leaner, stronger and sexier me. I can actually see definition in my arms, and abs, and overall…my body looks toned and I look and feel great!!

If you are looking to get fit, this is the place to be…a proud community of women who come together and push themselves and each other, a great atmosphere with women who are there for the same things, for a healthier lifestyle, get leaner, feel fantastic and of course Get Sexy!

 Lina Della Serra

– Markham, ON












I joined GO GIRL Transformation Center at the end of 2010 after a stress filled year with no physical activity. I had gained 14 pounds in one year and was frustrated and afraid that this was the mid-life spread that was now creeping up on me, but I also knew that this was an excuse and I needed to do something. I surfed the net and found Go Girl Bootcamp, I read Dan’s and Rosie’s testimonials and decided to give it a try with very little expectations. Little did I realize just how significant that decision would be for my life.

I remember my first trial class, I was so exhausted all I could think of was how I was going to get through the class and how could I ever sustain a workout program this intense. Well 2 1/2 years later I am still here and now find it hard to stay away on the off days!

Since I joined I have lost 28 pounds of fat, I dropped 5 jean sizes, 8 inches off my waist, 4 inches off my hips, I feel energetic and on my way to feeling and being fitter and healthier than I have ever been…and that includes my 20’s! It has also changed my limiting beliefs about what is possible for my body.

I have changed my perspective on exercise as well, and no longer look at my workouts as only a means to burning calories, but an opportunity to grow stronger, to feel revitalized and energetic, to push beyond my limits and to simply enjoy the opportunity to move and share space with a community of woman that inspire me with their own stories and successes everyday.

These woman, lead by the amazing trainers are the reason that I have began to take on fitness challenges and train for races that I thought would never have been possible at this stage of my life. I am so grateful to the amazing trainers and every girl that i have worked out with at Go Girl for believing in themselves enough to show up …for it gives me the courage to believe and to show up for myself!

To any girl that is thinking about joining I would can only say you write your own life story …. what do you want yours to say?

Sara Larson 

– Markham, ON












When it comes to Bootcamps, the GGBC program is far superior than all the rest. Guaranteed!

At GGBC there is a common thread between the members, new and old. Everyone may be there for different reasons, (to lose weight, get in shape or to get a great workout), but we all support each other with no judgement.

We encourage each other to work at your own pace; especially if you’ve just started or go a little bit harder, one step farther, giving it that 100%. With the encouragement and support from our trainers, Dan (owner and founder of GGBC), Rosie and Stephanie, everyone is guaranteed to feel stronger, fitter, leaner and more confident in their lives.

We learned the importance of writing down our goals, posting pictures of ourselves and how it makes us accountable. Once you start seeing the changes in your body, you understand why this is so important and a key to your success.

I have lost 17 lbs, 9″ overall, 4 dress sizes and 8% body fat. For a women in her mid 50’s, that’s damn impressive!Showing you anyone can do this with hard work, commitment and support from an amazing team.

Without the support of all the girls at BC I don’t know how this would have been possible. For that I say “thank you”.

If those looking for an exception workout, support system, strong friendships, GGBC is the place to be. It may not be the cheapest but I guarantee you it’s worth the investment …. Isn’t your health worth it?

If I don’t know you, introduce yourself, cause I’d love to workout alongside you. Success = GGBC

Pamela Seto

– Markham, ON












My life before joining GG transformation centre was being active the as much as I can. I joined a gym 2 years prior to GG which meant going to the gym 3-5 times a week and if not the gym, doing some kind of physical activity.

I can confidently say that I lost 35-40 pounds on my own. When I joined GG just over a year ago, I felt like my weight hit a plateau and really wanted to build body strength and tone; I haven’t looked back since!

Since joining GG, I participated in my very first program with the SI6 second group of girls. I lost 8 pounds which was my goal and 2 inches off my waist.

If you’re on the fence about joining, JUST DO IT!!! Don’t ever doubt yourself; when you join GG Transformation Centre, you will automatically be welcomed and supported by not only amazing and dedicated trainers, but also fellow members who will support you 100% and push you to be the best you can be.

Shelley Baba

– Markham,ON












Before joining GGBC my fitness regimen consisted of hot yoga, ballet, walking on my treadmill and occasionally something offered by my local community center. After I had my first child to when my third child was about 3 years old, my physical activity was very sporadic to non existent. So, at the time I thought I was doing pretty decently (it was a vast improvement over the previous several years!). I realize now that I was mistaken.

I started GGBC on a one month trial deal. At the time I was not optimistic it was something I was going to stick with. There are so many things that separate GGBC from others places. The encouraging, supportive and motivating environment is the stand out for me. The coaches, Dan, Rosie and Steph do an amazing job creating this but I’ve always been amazed by the women that you are surrounded with every time you do a workout. When you’re tired and your muscles are burning there is always someone there saying “You can do it!”, “Come on, just one more!”, “Great job!”, etc., etc., etc. And the workouts create results – I’ve never been in better shape!

I am stronger, more energetic and feel great! Because of these things it has also given me the confidence to try other new things.

This past winter I learned to snowboard, something I was always scared to learn because I thought I would just injure myself. In the past I was never able to run, my knees would hurt after even 1 km. Now, I run pain free and recently, just completed my first Spartan race. I never dreamed I would ever do that! I am also able to do more active things with my kids – now they have to keep up with me!

This has been the only thing that I’ve tried that has actually changed my body. Although I was never really ‘overweight’, I always had the ‘muffin top’. This has been greatly reduced and my pants size has gone from a 4 to a 0!

If you want to look and feel great – put any excuses aside and just go for it! It may very well be one of the best decisions you could make in your life!

Amanda Bass

– Markham, ON












Pictures Speak A Thousand Words! But they can also invoke so much emotion!

But before I get to far let me introduce you to the girl on the left above (aka BEFORE). She’d (past tense because she’s gone) been around for the last 6 years pretty steady….busy really busy being a mom, having a career, being a wife, the social coordinator, the cleaner, the renovator, also a dabbler of gyms, personal training sessions, a season of sports here or there and flirting with the idea of wanting to get fit.

She lacked the motivation, commitment, drive and that little spark, that catalyst that push to get the wheels and cogs of change in motion.

Now I’m the girl in the picture on the right! It’s been an amazing ride! I transformed, I participated and owned the programs!! Sexy in six is right! The support, the high fives and the smiles!! I am extremely proud to say I lost 34 pounds in ONLY 12 WEEKS!!

My nutrition has changed. I have met some of the most supportive and positive people in my life in addition to the support at home from my family, my close friends, and some really supportive colleagues at work!

The positive energy is all around me! I just need to keep that around take it in and just acknowledge that there will be negative energy, but recognize it and not let it deter me from my ultimate goals! I’ve lost a net 46 pounds during my journey and the good news is I am still working to see where I can go! I feel great and I know I am not done yet! My size 14 labels are now size 8 or size 10 labels. Results don’t lie!!

My state of being has changed: I am transformed! Now onto the next phase! I have found a program that works for me; if you don’t believe then look at my picture it does speak a thousand words! If I can do it you can too!

Andrea Case

– Markham, ON












My fitness level was very low before joining GGBC. I was lucky if I got to the gym or a yoga class once every 3 months. Fitness was last on my to-do list! I tried to kick-start things several times, but I always found an excuse not to do it. Once I found GGBC I was ready to make a change and boy am I thrilled that I did it!!!

Since joining the program in Feb/13 I am down 30+ lbs and 20+ inches!!! I feel amazing…I am down from a size 12 dress to a size 6! The biggest accomplishment for me is the size of my jeans…I was wearing a size 14 at times and I now fit into a size 8….this has made me so happy!!!

In terms of how I feel my fitness level is now…WOW I feel so strong now. I honestly feel like a bit of a fitness junkie! I want to get to class every other day, I push harder and lift heavier every chance I get. I’ve never felt so strong in my entire life—this is all because of what GGBC has done for me; I NEVER would have been able to do this on my own, it’s that plain and simple!!!!

To anyone that is thinking of joining I say…DO it NOW….don’t wait!! My only regret is that I did not join sooner…I seriously wish I had done this years ago; but I know that I had to be ready.

GGBC has been life changing for me…Dan, Rosie and Stephanie are real fitness hero’s in my eyes, I can’t thank them enough!!! The members at GGBC have also transformed me in so many ways with their encouragement and inspiration each and every day!!!! My final piece of advice is ‘Go Girl…you can do IT’!!!!!

Jocelyn Luk

– Markham, ON












“Prior to joining the Go Girl Transformation Centre, I had a very active lifestyle playing competitive tennis. While playing for Western & U of T’s varsity tennis teams, I often struggled with overuse injuries, as my body was unable to handle the physical stress of the sport.

I felt as though I was not as agile and strong as I wanted to be. I decided to join Go Girl Transformation Centre to improve my fitness and strength, and have seen great results! I have gained agility and endurance, shown by being able to run down more balls on the court that I would have previously given up on.

Because I am stronger now, I no longer struggle with the same arm and shoulder injuries that have held me back in the past, and this has improved my self-confidence. To anyone that wants to join, I would say…GO FOR IT! There is nothing to lose, and only new friends and a better health, to gain.”

Lianne Chu

– Markham, ON












Before joining Go Girl I was always unhappy with my weight and how I looked. I never thought I could ever have the will power to eat healthy, or even just live a healthy life style. I already had an athletic look but my body was never really toned to go with it. I never really thought about what I ate or just made a lot of justifications with my self so I would feel okay about what I’m eating.

Before joining I was very lazy and made up a lot of excuses for not going to the gym or doing something active. Like everyone else I said it will be a new years resolution. It took almost two months in the new year but I eventually joined the boot camp and I absolutely love it.

After taking the program I saw amazing results. I lost a little more than 15 lbs. total and went from a size 10 to a size 6. I honestly never thought I could ever drop in size because I’ve never been lower than size 10 since high school, either up or back down to ten. I’ve also gotten some comments from people and that always makes me feel good.

Joining Go Girl could be one of the best decisions you make if you’re looking to join a gym. When I joined I knew I wanted a boot camp style because of the variety of exercises and the class setting. I found that this was everything I was looking for plus more.

The support from the trainers and from fellow members has been amazing from the beginning, even when I didn’t know anyone. All the members of the transformation center has been very supportive and motivating. I also like the fact the all the trainers know your name, making the classes more personal. I have never regretted joining and am always looking forward to go to the next class.

Cristina Lisita

– Markham, O












My story at GGBC started few years ago when I decided to challenge myself and try something new. I had no idea what I was getting myself into and being a bit skeptical I kept my gym membership. Just a loss of money, I never went back to my regular gym!!!

I had always been active, the problem was not that I did not know what to do; it was that I did not have the discipline and motivation to follow through. This is where CCGB made a difference. The trainers Dan, Rosie & Steph are very friendly, very dedicated and inspiring.

They have their own success stories that keep everybody motivated. The girls are amazing, always supportive and pushing themselves to the next level. Every session is different and meant to get you, as an individual, to your potential.

Going back to my story, after I took a break from exercising during my second pregnancy, I knew that the CGBC is going to be the solution to losing the “unwanted baby fat”, and I was right.

I lost over 25 pounds in less than 4 months and the best part is that I kept it off since. I strongly believe that signing up for GGBC is one of the best things that I have done for myself.

Sheena Yap Chan

– Markham, ON













So as you all know, I have recently join a bootcamp that has literally given me results that I never thought was possible. I wanted to share my experience and why I think a body transformation can transform your life but for starters, here is a before and after photo of me that I wanted to share!

I first joined the bootcamp with a friend because she did not want to go alone and since it was only a one month commitment, I decided to accompany her. I ended up staying while she stopped after the one month.

The workouts were insane and the diet was difficult but I followed it anyway and within a month, I could instantly see the results.

People started telling me how good I looked and I started buying more clothes because for once, I had the body that I have always wanted but never thought was possible. Before, I was always conscious of my body just because I never had the “perfect body.” I was always worried about what people would think if I wore a certain dress or a certain shirt but now all those worries are gone!

It wasn’t only my body that transformed, it was also my life. I was more confident in myself and I started to attract things in my life that were positive. I was aware of what was possible and that I can achieve anything if I have a set of goals, a system to follow and a great support system to lean on. My bootcamp has all of that and more!

The group of ladies are awesome because they always push to your limits and when the workout is done, we all give each other high fives because we have completed the workouts together!

Go Girl bootcamps have not only changed my life but they have changed so many women’s lives as well. Every time I go into the gym, I always hear a woman with a great success story of how they were able to reach their target weight and complain that they have to buy a whole new wardrobe because all their old clothes are too loose. Wouldn’t that be a great problem to have. If you want transformation, I suggest you start with your health because when your body is healthy everything else will follow.

A body transformation can transform your life!

Jenn Smith

– Markham, ON













I’ve been with GGBC for about 4 years. It’s seen me through some important life events, most recently, the birth of my little baby.

Thanks to the GGBC trainers and the other girls, I was able to continue exercising up to my due date and felt really healthy. They were always encouraging and supportive; I never felt like I was taking the journey alone.

I was able to return to exercising a couple of months after having my baby and I felt like I was coming home to a family. It was such a fantastic and motivating environment.

By my baby’s 6 month birthday, I had lost most of my baby weight and was featured on the Marilyn Dennis wearing a bikini!

There is no way that I would have accomplished that without the love and support of my GGBC family!

Nisha Thomas

– Markham, ON












Before joining the Go Girl Transformation Centre, not only was my physical fitness completely different, so was my lifestyle.

I felt sluggish, I would sleep for infinite amount of hours and be exhausted, I would eat without second thought continuously all day long.

I found myself shying away from photo’s because I was so unsatisfied with how I looked in photo’s and with myself. I knew what I wanted my end result to be, I just did not know how to get there.

After ONLY 2.5 MONTHS, I have lost 24 POUNDS!! Looking back at pictures of me just earlier in the year, I am glad I made that first phone call to GGBC.

I always wanted to do it, but would put it off “for tomorrow”. When tomorrow comes, you will wish you had started yesterday, but it’s never too late to start today! I have gone from a snug fitting Size 10 to a Size 4!!!!

Could there be any better reason to buy new clothes than this? I had more energy, I became more active. I enjoyed sports when I was younger, but then as I used to say “life happened”.

Well, life will always continue to happen, but I found a way to incorporate GGBC while balancing full-time school, two jobs and volunteering.

It is not impossible, you just need to want this for yourself.

The trainers/coaches are the absolute most supportive people that I could have ever imagined. In traditional “military style” boot camps, there is a lot of negativity and harsh yelling; I did not need my self-esteem and ability knocked down any further, I was just fine doing that on my own. Dan, Rosie and Steph, they constantly push me to believe in myself.

Kourtney Madeley












“I’d always been bigger but that was when I noticed the biggest changed. Within a span of a year and a half, I gained a lot of weight. At first I didn’t notice, and that was the worst part. I didn’t realize where I’d gone, and it wasn’t until I came home and started to look at my travel pictures and tried to try on my old clothes and then I realized that I had really not been paying attention and it got a bit out of hand.

Since joining boot camp I’ve gone down about 43 pounds, and I’ve gone from a size 18 to a size 10.

Now I LOVE going shopping, buying new clothes for my new body!

I couldn’t have done it without the support of Dan, Linda, Rosie, Janet and all of my GGBC’ers who work out with me every single day.”

Heidi Hernandez

– Markham, ON




Before bootcamp, I didn’t really have a fitness life, it was non-existence. I didn’t play any sports, or participated in any physical activities. To be honest, I thought I was fine and didn’t think I had anything to worry about. I didn’t have any interest in working out or getting in shape.

After doing the Markham boot camp I lost 41 pounds and dropped 10 dress sizes! I don’t know exactly how many inches, but I know I was once a pant size 30-32, and now I wear size 25.

I feel more energized and motivated from the moment I wake up and it continues throughout the day. Bootcamp helps me to burn that excess energy and relieve any stress which allowed me to develop a better sleeping pattern and which in turn reinforces my energy level the next morning.

I also noticed that I feel more confident in my body. I am in better shape than I was ever before. I am addicted to bootcamp.

Shopping has also been great. Before, shopping was difficult because I would wear baggy, loose fitting clothes to hide my body. Now, I don’t feel like I have to. I am fitting in clothes that I would never have worn before, and it looks good!

Gurpeet Mangat-Desai












My fitness life before GGBC consisted of doing cardio 3 times a week. Since joining GGBC I’ve lost 34 pounds and have dropped down from a size 14 dress to a size 4!

I feel much more healthier and most importantly…after doing boot camp I feel as if I can accomplish anything I set my mind on.

I would tell anyone who wants to join go girls to note that this isn’t just any other bootcamp class: It is a place where you feel comfortable regardless of where you are starting at or even if you do not know anyone. Everyone is friendly and encourage one another throughout the workouts. Dan/Rosie/Linda encourage you to push harder each class so you are giving 100%. Dan is amazing and I know for a fact that him pushing me and following up kept me on track and reach my goal.

Thank you Dan!

Liz Aguilar


I just had the baby, so it was really hard for me to do fitness, but then I noticed that I was relatively big, and I wanted to lose weight, so I went to the gym and I tried to do that on my own. I didn’t really see any results, and, food wise, I was still eating the same things. I didn’t really pay too much attention to that. And then I just noticed I wasn’t going anywhere.

I couldn’t see myself in the future. When we would take pictures, I just couldn’t. When I would see myself, I was like, “That’s not me. That’s not who I was.” I looked like a completely different person. I just couldn’t stand seeing my picture.

Since joining the Markham boot camp I’ve lost about at least 25 pounds. I went from a size 14, now to a size 8.

I have a lot more energy. When I follow the nutrition plan, I notice when I followed the nutrition plan and incorporated the veggies, the protein, and I stayed away from a lot of the sugar and juice, no pop, you notice just a drastic change in your body and just energy wise. I have more energy to do a lot of things.

Mona Moineddin












I gained 40 lbs during my pregnancy and I only lost 20 lbs after delivering my baby. After 7 months struggling to lose all my excessive weight, I heard about Go Girl’s Markham Boot Camp.

I did their 14 Day Fat Flush Program and as soon as I started, I noticed improvements in my body. I even noticed that I became another person by having a good mood and gained lots energy to look after my baby.

After going for 2 months to the Markham boot camp I was already at the weight of before my pregnancy but at that point I was so addicted that I could not quit. I decided to continue going to the class and now it has been my fifth months being with this amazing group and I am 10 lbs under the weight of before pregnancy.

I had never seen this much weight loss in such a short period of time in my entire life. I have been getting lots of complements on my body being so toned and in shape without suffering myself with a tough diet.

I feel so good and sexy right now and I would highly recommend this amazing boot camp to anybody who is really dedicated to lose weight and wants to feel good about herself.

Dan and his amazing team are very knowledgeable and they know what they are doing.

Come and join today, tomorrow is already too late.

Valerie O’neil Gahagan

– Markham, ON












Before I joined GG Boot Camp in September of 2012, my fitness level was mediocre. I didn’t belong to any recreational sports, although I had joined a few fitness programs in the pass. The only exercise I was getting on a regular basis was taking my dog for walks around my neighborhood.

So far, just from attending 3 Boot Camp classes a week I’ve lost 10lbs, my goal is another 10lbs by the end of January. Now, I’m wearing a size 5 in dress pants and small tops. My size 11 skinny jeans are too big now and require a belt!! The one thing I’m enjoying the most, is my energy levels are at steady and constant high level.

I no longer come home and fall asleep on the couch after work. I have energy all threw the day and evening. Working in a fast paced environment, the energy I have now has only given me much greater success to accomplish my daily duties. The best part is my colleagues, clients, friends and family have all noticed such a positive change.

Anyone who’s considering joining, I’d say “Take the Leap” It’s the best gift you’ll give yourself this year!!! Not only am I more confident, I’m feeling better and happy in my own skin now. I cant wait to reach my personal goals, and see how I feel and look then. It’s been all about personal success and accomplishment for me.

The trainers, Dan, Linda, Rossie and Stephanie are all wonderful and even though they will accommodate you and your fitness levels, they will also work with you so you reach your fitness goals.













I was the type of person to work out hard at the gym about 2 months a year. Generally I was active but lately very lazy. After joining Go Girl Boot Camps for just 3 months, I lost 10 pounds and 4 inches. I feel stronger and more energetic, just overall amazing.

Now my weekly schedule includes working out, even when I’m tired I go because I know I will feel great after. I am happy with my progress, now I just want to maintain my weight and build my strength.

You have to join, it’s amazing how happy it makes your body feel!













I was able to wear my wedding dress with so much confidence! and Iloved it! I actually wouldn’t stop posing for pictures! It was such a good day!

Before joining Go Girl I was working out at a gym with a trainer – but once the cost became too much, I lost motivation to go the the gym as often. Not motivated to workout at a high level on my own, so I joined the boot camp.

Since joining my fitness level has become so much higher! People comment all the time about how much I’ve changed the shape of my body. I’m not a huge believer in stepping on a scale, however I believe my clothes when I put them on and they are too big! At least 2 pant sizes! I’ve become addicted to attending boot camp! It’s a very big part of my week. Don’t be scared away by the first few classes, it will get easier, it will make a difference. All the girls in the room will help you out and motivate you on days that you don’t want to be there!













After seeing pictures of myself this summer and being really unhappy with how I looked, I decided it was time to make some changes in my life. September 2011 I began to revamp my eating habits, and get back to my old athletic self. We have everything I need to use at home, getting over the intitial slump of starting again was extremely difficult. After two months of inconsistent workouts with minimal results, I found Gogirl Bootcamps. That’s when everything changed! The atmosphere of training with women of all ranges in abilities is what pushes me to keep going! The trainers each have their own unique way to get through to you so you never feel like your falling into a rut with the same old boring routine. For the first time in my life I feel encouraged and motivated and truly believe that my body will be Honeymoon-ready at the end of July! Make the decision to join us, and let us support you on your journey to a healthy, and sexy body!


– Markham, ON












I started at the boot camp and have not looked back! It has been the single best thing I have done for myself in many years.

Before I joined the boot camp I was working out 4 – 5 days a week at the gym and totally frustrated with my results. Nothing had changed in over a year and I was giving it while I was working out. When my transformation began I weighed 152 lbs and within 3 weeks of starting the boot camp I had already dropped 8 lbs, another 3 weeks later I was down 12 lbs and my body was really starting to change shape. I attribute my success to this program as it does not allow your body to plateau given that we are changing things up all the time together with the nutritional program and the trainers pushing us to do our personal best.

In May I joined the 6 Week Transformation Contest that Dan organized. I originally wanted to try it so I would understand what our clients were going through and to fully understand Dan’s program. I also wanted to shed another 10 lbs and tone and define my body.

At the end of the 6 weeks I had dropped 11 more lbs and several inches off my hips, waist and thighs. I now weigh in at 131 lbs nearly 4 weeks after the transformation.

In total I lost 22 pounds and 2 dress sizes!

If you are serious about results than you owe it to yourself to try Go Girl Boot Camps. You CAN get to where you want to be if you are determined and dedicated. The support that you receive from the other women in the club, Dan, and the trainers is inspiring.

I hope to see you at the camp!

Assunta A

– Markham, ON












Before boot camp I did little to no fitness activity. I was very lazy and unmotivated, I would sit at watch t.v. for hours instead of working out. After working out with the boot camp I have lost 11 lbs, my whole body is more toned and I went down two dress sizes! Boot camp is motivating and fun. I love the group dynamic and it has proven to have great results.

Margaret Bennet

– Markham, ON









“Fitness was definitely not a priority before joining Go Girl since I was busy with my career and raising my family. However, once my youngest went off to university it dawned on me that it was time to start looking after my 50+ year old body and I had run out of excuses!

The first class was a killer – I wasn’t sure I would survive the trial but once I got through those first few classes – I could already feel a difference in my body. Our trainer was also a great motivator – he kept reminding me to focus on my goals and go at my own pace.

After six months of training and following a healthy eating plan, I lost 21 inches and almost 31 pounds of fat off my body.

My body has become noticeably leaner and the side benefit was that I needed to buy clothes two sizes smaller!

My life is still focused around my family and my career but I definitely have more energy as I approach my day. The class is not easy but I leave each one feeling that the training is building my strength improving my fitness level.

Go Girls Boot Camp is a serious exercise class with excellent results. All the women at the Boot Camp are friendly and work very hard.  Their trainers have the ability to focus on each person in the class to make sure they are doing the exercises with the proper form and at the same time challenges them to move to the next level when he feels they are ready.No more excuses – it is time to join!

Helen Law

– Markham, ON












“Before the Thornhill boot camps I went to goodlife few times a week but didn’t have the same motivation I have with Thornhill boot camp because I’m doing same routine over again and again.

I definitely saw results from the bootcamp. I was more energetic and I feel much healthier. My metabolism had gone up, body got toner, lost some inches off my waist and hips, gain some muscles on my arms and  a lot of people complement on how I look.

I feel more energetic and more confidence about my appearance. My eating habit is much healthier and I’m aware of what I eat now.

If you are thinking of joining boot camp definitely give it a try cuz it doesnt hurt to try. But I guarantee you that you wont be disappointed with the results you will gain from bootcamp.”

Irina C.

– Professional Fitness Model












“I have always been very active and athletic but it got harder to fit into my schedule when I started working full time. Sports for me have always been the most fun and exciting way to stay in shape but when there is no time for sports, you have to resort to the gym. Since I didn’t enjoy the gym and had no motivation to go, I was paying for a membership that I was using a few times a month. I would have spurts of motivation throughout the month but they never lasted longer than a week or 2 max. My fitness life was basically non-existent and it was starting to show.

When I did make it to the gym, I would only go if there were classes. I went to all the different classes like body pump and toning classes, tried the salsa and latin dancing ones, and even went through a phase where I really enjoyed cycling. But nothing ever lasted because they all became so repetitive. I also didn’t like how they all had the same pace and if you could do better than everyone else, you would still have to maintain the pace of the class. It wasn’t a very challenging atmosphere and I slowly stopped showing up.

When I joined boot camp my main areas of concern have always been my stomach and thighs. I have a small upper body so when I put on weight it goes directly to my upper thighs, then my stomach. I felt results (pain) after the first bootcamp class, and that’s how I knew it was going to work.

I saw actual results after 2 weeks of doing the classes 2 times a week. After the first month I noticed a lot of my work pants and jeans weren’t as tight on me and I had to start wearing belts. My favorite part was that my legs looked leaner and longer and my bum was rounder and perkier 🙂 Overall I looked toned, lean, and a lot healthier and got so many compliments from everyone.

If you’re sick of routine and want a challenge you have to come try this bootcamp! It has everything from high intensity exercises, to great ab workouts, and the most effective circuits out there. The trainers are always introducing new exercises and workout routines, look out for you to make sure your form is perfect, and are always encouraging you every step of the way. I LOVE IT and hope I never move because I don’t know what I’ll do without this class.”

Renee Jones

– Thornhill, ON












“Before the Thornhill boot camps I had just had my third child and found I was not taking any “me” time. I was not getting as much exercise as I would have liked, it was hard to find the time. My kids were not old enough to really participate meaningfully with me in any sports. I was not interested in going to a gym and doing the “stereotypical workouts”.I wanted to be pushed and get motivation from others and I wanted results.

have certainly seen results. I have lost a lot of inches and gained a lot of muscle everywhere. My “baby fat” (you know that last 8-10 pounds that just doesn’t seem to want to go away after your pregnancy) is GONE. It didn’t take long, but it did take a lot of hard work.   

Boot camp has changed my life around significantly. It is now a part of my weekly routine and I look forward to going.   My whole lifestyle has changed because of it. I eat much more healthy and so does my family as a result. I walk more places instead of driving.I have much more energy and I feel great. My husband is envious.

It is a great exercise regime and I just can not say enough positive things about the whole experience, especially the correct fitness and nutrition guidance that Dan gives each of us.   I really think that Dan knows what he is doing and has researched each and every exercise that we do, and each fitness routine that we do, so that we maximize the potential benefit for the hour work-out. I do know that not many boot camps (if any at all) use such effective training methods that Dan integrates into the workouts (Tabatas, for example). They will hurt, but they work!  I am so glad I just did not join a gym. Thanks Dan. ”

Margaret Singh

– Markham, ON












“Before training with the Markham Bootcamp, my exercise consisted of walking on Nordi Track for half an hour, stationery bike for 10-15 minutes, doing various exercise tapes, hula hoop, skipping. I occasionally did a dance tape `Zumba`which was a little hard at the beginning but a lot of fun.

When I joined the Markham boot camp, I was a little hesitant as I did not know what to expect and I did not think I would be able to perform the exercises. But my main goal was to try to lower my cholesterol without medication and to tone all over.

After the first month, I was hooked and excited that I was able to complete the exercises to the best of my ability. Now, my arms are quite toned, I have lost some of the ripples along the sides and the upper back has also toned. I enjoy the challenge of the different exercises but the harder I have to work, the better I enjoy it as working hard makes me feel more energized. I also enjoy the stability ball exercises as well as using the kettlebells.

I would encourage anyone who wants to join as we have to take the responsibility of looking after our bodies – no-one but us can do it.  If you want to look and feel good, you have to get moving. Boot camp will make you feel more vibrant and energized. If you join the class with the right attitude, it will work wonders. 

I have found Dan as well as his other Markham boot camp trainers very dedicated and they will all do their very best for each member to reap the best results.

Most of all, don`t let age be a deterrant in joining boot camp – The atmosphere at Go Girl Boot Camp is very comfortable and family-like.”

Lina Whitcopp

Thornhill, ON












“My fitness life before Go Girl Boot camp was limited. I would exercise only as a  casual/social thing. Bike riding, walking and the occasional swim. Then I got pregnant with my son and my limited exercise became even less.

Very shortly after joining Boot Camp I started seeing results.Within the first month I dropped 5 lbs and 7 inches off of my body.

I now have more energy now then I did before and I feel and stronger. I can do push-ups now,real push-ups and I no longer have to ask my husband to open food jars for me.

If you are thinking of joining Thornhill Boot Camps, Do it! It will change the way you look at fitness. The classes are fun and the people are great.

Natalie Mok

– Markham, ON












“Before joining GG Bootcamps I was constantly going out to eat and never thought of exercising. I was starting to get frustrated with my habits and really wanted a change.

Then I heard about GGBC and thought I’d give it a try and I’m so happy I did. Thanks to all the GGBC girls and coaches for their support and motivation, I have managed to shed 22 pounds and 10 inches off my body.

For anyone thinking about joining…STOP THINKING ABOUT IT AND JUST DO IT!!! All the girls are here to help, motivate and support each other. Not only have I changed to a healthier lifestyle, I have also made a bunch of new friends from the GG family. I’m so glad that I joined, it’s the best decisions I’ve made.”

Yeeshin Loh

– Markham, ON












My fitness life before bootcamp was a cycle of failed attempts. I was never able to keep myself motivated and on track enough past the one or two times that I got myself pumped up for.

As of right now, working out is like an amazing drug to me. I just crave for it more and more. I try to go to Markham bootcamp classes three times a week, and I also incorporate at least three yoga classes as well. When I am in yoga, I find that the strength that I have gained and the persistence to push on in bootcamp allow me to challenge all of the poses that I used to only admire in magazines.

Although I still have a long way to go, I am now stronger physically and mentally. My energy level has increased, I am leaner and stronger, and I am in the best shape of my life since having my daughter. Being able to push through the workouts gives me confidence to challenge things that I would never have done before.

I would say “What are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose (but weight) and a whole lot to gain”. Go Girl Bootcamp isn’t just a place to go to “try” to get in shape. You get results because there are wonderful coaches to help keep you on track and make sure that you are doing things correctly to get those results. There is also the community vibe that is absolutely incredible.

On the days where I thought I couldn’t, I looked over and saw ladies ten years older than me, ladies who have just had babies, and other mothers just like myself with a crazy schedule who manage to dedicate that one hour to themselves and we all push on together.

Mae Kwan

– Markham, ON












Fitness has always been a part of my life in one form or another. But this changed about 10 years ago when life threw me a curve ball. I shattered my elbow in a ski accident and it took some time to regain strength and mobility in my arm. Just as I was feeling better, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

I am now a proud survivor but those drugs really affected my energy level and overall body composition.

Hey, when life serves you lemons…you have to make lemonade…it was time to focus on fitness, health and my own well being. It was a slow process of going to fitness and yoga classes here and there and always feeling dissatisfied.

My neighbour suggested I give Go Girl Bootcamps a try. After a free trial class, I was hooked. I won’t lie to you, workouts were damn hard and still are but I was committed and now I see big changes in my fitness and energy levels! I owe a huge Thank You to Coaches Dan, Rosie, Stephanie and Stella!

I had great success in the SI6 program. My goal was to lose 10lbs. I really didn’t think I would even lose half of that since my weight has been virtually the same for the last 5 years regardless of what ‘program’ I was on.

Well the SI6 Program was different, I lost 10.8lbs and 8.2in overall! What made the difference for me this time is without question the coaching and the support of all the other ladies on the program! I found my magic bullet at Go Girl Bootcamps.

My journey hasn’t ended yet, I’m already signed up for Round 2 of SI6!

To anyone that is thinking of joining….Just do it! You won’t regret it. Invest in yourself because you are worth it. Amazing workouts and the coaches were always great at modifying certain exercises for me because of my injury. If you are committed and with the help of all the dedicated coaches at Go Girl Bootcamps, you will reach your goals!

Thama Ravikaran

– Markham, ON












“Hi there,

First and foremost I really have to thank you for organizing this type of a workout classes(you said it ASS KICKING) I honestly did nothing prior to theMarkham BOOT CAMP.

When I joined the boot camp, I thought I will only come to the 3 weeks of free classes that you offered us, but after I started the classes I really felt good about it and wanting to see the results, I have lost about 8 lbs!

I also have to say, my eating habits has tremendously changed, I used to hate drinking water, but now I at least drink 3 or 4 bottles of water.

Once again thank you Dan”

Jennifer Cheung

– Markham, ON










“Before joining the Markham Boot camp I was inactive and did not know much about working out. I tried the gym before, but never knew what exercises to do and if I was doing them in proper form. I never stuck with the above exercises/routines/lifestyle long enough to see any results.

I love the boot camps because they are fun, motivating, difficult, and I’ve learned some great work out techniques that I can apply to my life after bootcamp.I have more energy, my back aches less when I wake up, and I’m starting to develop a healthier frame of mind. I have also lost weight and inches from my hips and waist.

If are looking to join a boot camp in Markham I would say,Dooooooo it! Only good things can come out of it, and nothing will feel better than gaining a more positive image, learning how to live a healthier lifestyle, and achieving a better-looking body.

Their trainers really put in the extra time to teach you new things for each class (i.e. advice on fat loss, nutritional tips, how to change your lifestyle, etc), and that has helped to builda very positive and motivating environment for women!

Debbie Hsiung

– Markham, ON












“Before boot camp my fitness life was pretty active. I would go to the gym 4x a week, play dodgeball once a week. After awhile at the gym I started hitting a plateau. At first, I saw the pounds shedding and then gradually…I didn’t see a difference anymore. My arms and waist got smaller but after a few years of doing the same cardio classes, I just didn’t see any results.

After taking boot camp I went from weighing 113 lbs to 106 lbs. I can’t remember the last time I was this weight! I’m definately eating waaaaaay healthier.

I look back at what and how I used to eat – digusting, blah. I would work out but think “oh, I just worked out, i’m going to have a Big Mac, it’s ok” Now, I’m definately watching what I eat, how many times I eat and just paying attention to my food lifestyle now.

I do admit, I’ll cheat once and awhile but not to the extreme. It’s more like – good carbs at night or fruit after 8 etc. I say it’s good cheating hehe.

If I were to say anything to someone that I looking for a boot camp in Markham, I would say to them….You should definately join.

If you want to change yourself on the outside with your appearance and the inside with eating healthy and feeling better about yourself thanGo Girl Bootcamp is for you. It definately helped me get my butt into gear! I feel so much healthier, lighter and better about myself!”

Cathy Izawa

– Scarborough, ON

“Before joining the Markham boot camp Non-existent, I had a gym membership 2-3 years ago and a personal trainer for 12-18 sessions but did not have the discipline or enjoyment to continue.

I began to see results when I had a personal trainer within 6 weeks but did not know how to maintain it on my own – some weight loss and inches. It was also too expensive for me to keep up the sessions. I tried some of the aerobics classes after that but didn’t feel I fit in with the crowd, nor did they feel like the right workout for me. Eventually I became so self-conscious about it that I stopped altogether.

After boot camp I dropped 8lbs, 2.5 inches from the waist, and 1 inch off my hips! It has been a personal transformation inside and out.

Come and try a class. Be prepared to be challenged, get fit and have fun in an environment like no other.

Amanda Morrow

– Stoufville, ON










“Before the Markham boot camp I played volleyball and baseball, took cardio and kick box classes at the gym, and even participated in a different bootcamp class that involved quite a bit of cardio.

I felt better about myself because I knew I was working out, my skin improved because I was sweating the toxins out and I definitely noticed an increase in stamina.

All kidding aside, I’m a full pant size smaller, my skin glows, everyone I see comments on how great I look, I have more confidence and I feel sexier. I also able to fit into a pair of capris I haven’t worn for 3 years!

Thanks to Dan, I’ve set goals and I visualize myself achieving them when I’m pushing myself through aGo Girl class. That 6 pack is going to look darn good when I get there!

I’m more appreciative of the wonderful people in my life, my health, my career and my home . A couple of times, during our cool down stretch, Dan has reminded us to relax and think about the things that we are most grateful for. It’s amazing what we take for granted until we’re reminded to stop and smell the roses. I left those classes with a goofy grin on my face and a renewed warmth in my heart. Good Stuff!!!”


– Markham, ON

“I was in fairly good shape before Go Girl Boot camps, but I was stuck in a rut. I had been a long distance runner for several years, but had to stop due to knee pain. So, I bought an elliptical trainer and used it regularly. This helped to keep my weight in check, but I didn’t feel like I had a strong core or arms. I wasn’t toned and frankly, I was getting bored with the workout.

I have seen great results from of the boot camp. Within a few weeks of joining, I already started to feel stronger. But, I would say that I started to see a real difference after about 2 months. My goal was not to lose a lot of weight (although I’m sure you would lose weight if that was your goal); my goal was to feel strong and look toned and I think that I have achieved that. My husband tells me all the time how great I look; he has seen a real difference since I started the boot camp

I am glad I joined and I would encourage other women to join as well for several reasons:

1) The group: It is a great group of women that you will be working out with. We are all like-minded individuals of all shapes, sizes, and ages. You workout at your own pace, but if you need motivation to keep going, then you will definitely get it from all of us and from Dan.

2) Personal Training: While you can do workout videos that are similar to the exercises done in class, there are some real advantages to having a personal trainer oversee the workout. Our trainer ensures that you are working out at the right level and encourages you to challenge yourself. He ensures that you are using correct form so you perform the exercise correctly, see the results, and don’t injure yourself.

3) Variety: Dan is constantly changing up the exercises and the overall routines/circuits. It keeps you from getting bored and your body doesn’t get used to the routine which means that you will continue to see results.

4 )The results: Not only will you look toned, but you will feel empowered. It takes a lot of effort to get through a bootcamp class, but you always feel great at the end. There are times when I am not in the mood to workout, but I force myself to go to class because I know people will ask me where I was! Once I get there and get into the workout, I am always glad I came. I have talked to other boot camp members and they have said that exact same thing.

Maggie Woo

– Markham, ON









“Before boot camp I hardly worked out and occasionally did racquet sports.After doing boot camp I lost a total 23 pounds of body fat.

The boot camp is so different from the gym because You are not relaying on machines to do your workout..but actually using weights and your own body to get in shape.

Therefore you see results faster and keep seeing results if you continue.

If you want to try the boot camp You definitely should join, you will definitely see results if you stick with the program and follow the nutrition plan.”

 Amanda Bishop

– Markham, ON










“Boot camp has been such an amazing experience. I had been looking for a hard core work out. I wanted to be pushed and yelled at. I crave every class even if it takes me a while to get there, once your there its like a drug you want more!I have lost 5 pounds of scale weight and 15 inches all over the body! Just a few steps closer to my goal!

Patti Stapleton

Markham, ON









“In the last 10 years fitness wasn’t a priority, I used to participate on several sports team (baseball and volleyball ) however, my career got busier and caring for aging parents took over which made less time for fitness or exercise. So, the most exercise I would get was dashing to the cafeteria for a tea and grabbing whatever was easy and fast to grab for lunch.

Results are what is really cool aboutGo Girl Boot camp. At first I didn’t lose weight which was kind of depressing since, the exercises were very hard and I felt every one of those old office worker muscles ache the next day. However, my clothes started to fit better and better and get so lose that within 6 weeks I had to buy smaller pants, tops and and jackets. I was building muscle and toning so, my body was shaping up and changing even though the scales went down slowly. I lost many inches all over and had “baggy pants” syndrome. It was embarrassing but, oh so cool to have baggy pants! Way better than pants so tight I couldn’t wait to get home to take them off.

They did a 6 week fat loss challenge and I won by losing 14 lbs of fat and 7 inches off of my body!

My life is still busy however, I make the time for “ME” now and to get healthy and in shape. Even though I thought I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the class, I’ve survived and keep going. My mind needs the break from work and all of life’s stresses and strengthening my body with the training has helped me deal with the stress better.  It’s also helped me with my gardening. I noticed this summer it doesn’t take me days to recover from a day of gardening anymore. I can squat and pull weeds and bend over and do all of those things and not be sore for several days. So, that has been a big bonus and unexpected difference this summer.

If anyone was thinking of taking the boot camp, I would say“Go for it!”  It’s not easy however, it gets excellent results and our trainer is great at keeping you motivated on your goals and striving for that next level.He’s always telling you that you can do it, just a few more and you want to succeed for yourself!  He makes it all about you and making you better! His classes are excellent and he takes the time to make sure everyone is doing the exercises the right way and why you are doing them. It’s really like having a personal trainer but, in a small group situation.”

Wendy La

– Thornhill, ON












“I definitely agree that Go Girls Boot Camp is the best boot camp in York Region! I have friends who have tried a few of the other ones, and all left with bad comments, like they don’t cater the exercises to each person’s own ability, and besides working out, they don’t really coach you on how to change your lifestyle for the better.

Our trainer has been behind all his girls right from the start, providing us with one-on-one consultations for no extra charge, and keeping us accountable with what we do outside of boot camp.

The best thing is, our trainer has been through it all – and that’s really motivating because I’m not afraid to be working out in front of someone who looks great and thinking that they’re judging how horrible I look.

Within 2 months, I was able to do multiple REAL push-ups, where as previously I wasn’t able to do even one “girl” push up. Not only has my self-esteem risen, but his inspirational and motivational talks really help me be a better person in general.

The environment there is great too –all the girls support each other and his classes are flexible, so you can work around your schedule. I have to say, I don’t think I’d be more comfortable at any other boot camp, while being able to tone my body and loss body fat – not just the weight.

Joan Sinclair, Manager

– Markham, ON

IS Purchasing & Contract Management Direct Energy












“…I have dropped 3-4 clothes sizes, dropped 11% body fat, dropped 33 lbs, and inches and all without serious dieting!

I could never have done all of this on my own without the boot camps support, consistent pushing me to expand my boundaries and telling me to stay focused.”

Linda Tam

– Unionville, ON

Miss Intelligence – 2008 Miss Chinese Toronto Beauty Pageant 











“I’ve always hated looking at myself in the mirror. I never feel I’m skinny enough compare to all those around me. But that has all change since I’ve met with my very special trainer Dan.

Self consciousness has been a problem for me for the longest time. I never liked how I looked, and I always wanted to lose those flabby stomach and chubby arms.

Some times, I’d get so desperate to lose weight I’d starve myself for days. I’ve also tried a lot of other methods in the market to lose weight like pills, special food, or the famous “only cardio exercise” training, but my weight would fluctuate with no real results. Since I have a body of muscle also, losing weight has always been difficult for me. (Yes, not even starving works). But this has all change since I met with Dan.

With Dan’s patient training and extensive teaching,I’ve lose the weight I wanted, plus gaining the self confidence. I’ve finally achieved the flat abs I’ve always dreamt of, plus learned a lot about living a healthy life. The beauty about Dan’s program is that he will not only train you physically, but will also teach you thing to do outside of the gym that will accelerate the result, such as ways to eat, ways to live and ways to think mentally.

He’s always there to give positive motivation and advice to everything you do, so you’d never feel like working out is a stressful tiring thing. Within a year, Dan has worked wonder on my body inside out. I’ve lost almost 10 inches in my overall body, I’ve also went from a size 25 to 23 waist.

With the newly gain confidence and body, I’ve challenged myself to compete in the 2008 Miss Chinese Toronto Beauty Pageant. From the competition, I’ve won the title as Miss Intelligence. But what I truly believe I’ve gain is my self confidence and a life long knowledge to healthy living. I owe it all to Dan.”

Justine Shoolman

– Scarborough, ON

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I can’t believe we were able toaccomplish in two months, what I’ve been trying to do for thepast four years! It wasn’t until we started working 2 months ago that I FINALLY started seeing results! In fact – I tried on a pair of pants I bought in grade 9…and they were too big!!

Garima Gupta

Markham, ON

Platform IT Technician








“I was moderately active person but lacked the real motivation to reach my fitness goals. I wasgoing to gym for about 6 months before joining butcould not see much change in myself. I heard my friend saying that boot camp really works. I tried to give it a chance andit did really worked for me !! 🙂

I have seen tremendous results after I joined the camp. Idropped 26 pounds in about 4 months and went down from a size 13-14 to size 9. I feel great about myself.

The good thing about this boot camp is it couples exercise and nutrition in a way that if you follow both of them religiously, you are bound to see results!!”

Vera Mercurio

– Thornhill, Ontario

 “Our trainer was a great motivator. I like the way he changes up the exercises for every session and his routines target all parts of the body. You can follow the same program on your own without needing access to a gym or expensive equipment.

The classes are fun and working with a team really encourages you to attend and push yourself to meet your goals. Having it in the workplace makes it convenient and the exercises are intense, so you don’t have to sacrifice a lot of time out of your busy schedule to stay fit. Dan also shares many exercise tips and nutritional information.”

Kai An Chiang

– Markham, ON









“I have taken the boot camp since 2008 and I love it.Before the camp my immune system was not that strong and I was getting sick all the time. After taking the camp I started realizing that my metabolism got faster. I started feeling lighter and healthier. I dropped 3 dress sizes and started to fit into pants that I got 5 years ago!

If anyone is thinking about taking the camp I say, “Just do it!”You won’t regret it at all!

Bhuuvani Sivendra

Since training I have lost both weight and inches from my bodyalmost immediately. I am also starting to feelstronger and healthier than ever before. I still have a lot of work to do but I feel that I am more positive and in more control of myself than before

Ann Hsu

– Richmond Hill, ON








“I love Go Girl Boot camps!! When I go to camp I feel that I’m being pushed to my limits and it helps that you feel a little tighter in all the right places. After taking the boot camp I was able to lose 36 pounds after pregnancy! Having a workout and nutrition plan that is easy to follow has helped me lose all the baby fat”

Sheila Hamilton

After trying to go to the Gym and never getting organized to get there, I started with the Go Fitness Boot Camp offered by my office.I had seen how much happier one of my co-worker was after starting the camp. It allows me to “leave my stuff at the office” and just go upstairs to exercise, no traveling, lockers, ID cards etc.The Boot Camps gives the best of both worlds, personal attention from a trainer, and yet the comradeship and challenge of working out in a group, which is what I need to reach my goals of health and fitness. The difference is significant….. walking up the stairs from the car park doesn’t leave me breathless, and the elevator just isn’t an option!! When I get up in the morning I am not stiff and moving around is just much simpler. I am much more flexible and don’t even think about bending over to pick things up, and of course the fact that pants I haven’t been able to fit in for about 2 years are now a wardrobe option just confirms the positive results, and best of all I just feel better all around.

Joy Alchin 

Direct Energy Employee

” I was out of shape and really wanted to see if I could handle a bootcamp class. I went for the free class to try it out and I was hooked. You basically get a personal training session 2 times a week but don’t have to pay anywhere near the cost of a personal trainer. The instructor created an awesome atmosphere where everyone is motivating each other, and giving words of encouragement.

The obvious result is weight and inches lost. I don’t believe in weighing myself all the time so I couldn’t tell you how many pounds I’ve lost. What I can tell you isI have gone down 3 dress sizes!!!!!! The increased energy level is another result I’ve noticed. I no longer find myself losing steam by 2:00 pm, but instead I am able to go all day and not feel tired.

Here’s what it comes down to; you can either challenge yourself by committing to change your lifestyle for the better, or you can go year after year thinking “I wish I could lose weight.” You can try all the “magic” diets and pills you want, but nothing is more effective and healthier then exercising and eating right. The beginning is always the hardest but if you can motivate yourself to deal with some soar body parts for a week then I promise, it will get easier. Once you start seeing results, you’ll never want to go without bootcamp.”

Cynthia Yan

– Markham, ON











“Before boot camp, I would like to say I went to the gym and I tried to eat well. However, trying to eat well also consisted of quite a bit of junk food. I was quite the ice cream and chocolate fiend, and fruits and vegetables were on the lacking side. As for the gym, it was a struggle for me to be there 2 to 3 times a week. I only went to classes and I found going to the gym was just the same old boring routine.

After taking boot camp I’ve lost 2 inches off my waist and 2.5 inches off my thighs. My face has slimmed down a lot, no more chipmunk cheeks! And I can fit into jeans that I bought 7 years ago!

I feel amazing!I’m healthier, I’m stronger and I have more confidence. This has been a lifestyle changing experience.

If you’re still thinking about taking boot camp, get off your butt and join today. You won’t regret it. In just a few weeks, you’ll be amazed at the results and you won’t look back.”

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