The Truth about Suspension Training For Fat Loss

Over the course of my 11 year career in fitness you see many trends come and go.

What is “hot” now becomes a thing of the past in just a couple of months. Yet, if I were to choose one fitness trend that will stand the test of time it has to be suspension training (or TRX training).

Suspension training works your body (especially your core) in so many different ways that it has become a staple tool in my fat loss tool box

…and the friend you’ll meet in a minute is the MASTER of everything to do with suspension training. Dan Long has trained everyone from stay at home moms to professional baseball and NFL players.

Today he’s going to reveal to you 10 reasons why you need to add suspension training to your fat loss arsenal.


I wanted something different. Something that would challenge my fitness level like no other machine, free weight, or apparatus has ever achieved.

Hi, my name is Dan Long of Tampa, FL, and my great friend, Dan Go, is giving me the floor today to share some passion of mine with you about Suspension Training.

Now, some of you may have a TRX, Jungle Gym XT, SBT, or many other apparatuses that now exist these days. If not, your world is about?to change dramatically, in a great NEW way.

Let me ask you this – Do you really know how to fully engage your Suspension Trainer (Apparatus)? It’s ok. Many don’t. First, let me tell you that I’ve been very blessed to train some of the elite of our fitness/military/sport world.

Oh, you want to know who some of them are?

dannewWell, I’ve trained personal clients like: Jayde Donavon (Entertainment Tonight-TV, and Radio Host The New Hot 101.5 Tampa Bay, Robison Cano (MLB-Yankees), Dekoda Watson (NFL-Picture on Left), Mike Jenkins (NFL-Raiders), Ben Pakulski (Top 10 Pro Bodybuilder), Pauly Shore (Actor/Comedian), Dr. Phil Spiess (Top 10 Best Cancer Surgeon in the World), USSOCOM Elite Military Police for the United States 4 Star General, Army, Air force, Navy, Marines, Swat, soccer moms, lawyers, dads, and tons more people just like you.

Can you Guess why all of these REGULAR and ELITE beautiful people hired me, and to this day, are still very close friends of mine?

Well, because I bring the TRX Disney World training of fitness into all of their lives.

Yes, Suspension Training is like being at Disney World, getting on that favorite ride of yours, blasting off into the unknown, and landing safely and pumped to do it all over again, and again.

That’s the Dan Long Suspension experience.

They didn’t hire me because of me or my hair. It was my style of Elite training that brought me more clients than I could ever handle by myself.

So, I bet you’re wondering what is it really like to train with Suspension, right?

For those of you who already use Suspension, listen up. And for those of you that are just starting, get ready for the best training experience of your life.

Suspension Training shreds calories and builds lean muscle.TRX-Dan-Long

But Why?

Because Suspension digs deep, finds those hard to reach muscle fibers, and forces them to react. Therefore, activating hard to reach core muscles, and also all those stubborn fat cells that just won’t burn.

I remember when Drew Brees (NFL) told best friend, Chris Hovan (NFL), after winning the Super Bowl, “to be the best, all you have to do is master TRX.

So after that discussion, Chris and I started Suspension Training together. One day, he asked me if I had a Metallica CD. “Of course,” I said.

Then he said “Bring it on Dan.” Oh did I bring it. I have never seen anyone in my life sweat more than Chris did during that 1 hour session that day.

He was in awe, and impressed what Suspension Training could do.

Now, I’m telling you this because Suspension Training hits over 600+ muscles all at one time, while creating this fat furnace effect. You will maintain and build lean muscle while shedding the unwanted belly fat that is the hardest to get rid of.

I’ve helped thousands and thousands get in the best shape of their life, by using the Suspension Trainer, and can’t wait to hear how you joined all of these other success stories today.


1. Doing the same BORING exercises, with the same BORING equipment, = the same BORING results.  Like our boy The Fat Loss Ninja likes to say, “Suspension training brings an INefficient element to your workouts that your body will never get used to.”

2. You are working your core with every Suspension exercise while you having FUN training your target muscle groups, enabling you to get more results out of your workout (and shrink your waistline FASTER).

dan-long-pic-2-223x3003. You are engaging over 600+ muscles at one time, will blast the most stubborn fat in area’s that seems like you just can’t reach because of the after burn.

4. You’ll look 10X’s Stronger and feel 20 years younger, while training FUN Suspension exercises that WORK. You won’t put the stress on your joints like traditional weight training does.

5. You’ll gain Flexibility, work multiple muscle groups at one time, and perform exercises that you cannot achieve on any other apparatus, machine, or free weight, period.

6. You’re going from 1 muscle group to the next, in less than 1 second. No need for different dumbbells, weights, or any machines that only work 1 BORING muscle.

7. You’ll gain and maintain lean muscle mass, with long term results, the safest way with Suspension Training.

8. Suspension exercises are for all ages, from children to grandparents. Suspension exercises will keep you in the best shape of your life, guaranteed and you can do them ANYWHERE.

9. You can go from a beginner level to advanced level in just 1 simple move with your feet. So with one Suspension apparatus, it can deliver a workout for everyone’s level of fitness.

10. You can use it anywhere.  Operate with your Suspension Trainer in the park, beach, hotel room, home, garage, etc. Weighs less than 2 lbs., so traveling with it makes on-the-go workouts easy and FUN again.

As you can see, it’s training with suspension is a verifiable no brainer.  There are just too many reasons not to start integrating this type of training into your current fitness regime.  Again, thanks to Dan for letting me post on his blog and I hope after this you’ll join the Suspension Training Revolution!

Dan Long CPT, CKMT, Creator of Suspension Revolution


Thanks Dan. My friend just gave you 10 BIG reasons why suspension training is a staple part of my clients fat loss programs.

You can’t find anything better to work your entire body in a short amount of time.

You will never look at fitness the same, after you get a taste of mixing in Suspension Training into your next workout.

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  • Bill says:

    This TRX training may be something to try. I am quite sure I will not ever be an NFL quarterback (I am 47 years old and throw like a girl) but the idea of suspension training hitting 600 muscles at a time is amazing to me.

    I will need to try this out soon! Thanks for introducing it to me Dan

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