Top 17 Sneaky Intermittent Fasting Tricks

Today we are going to give you some great tips on how to make Intermittent Fasting Easier.

17 tips to be exact.

That is unless you count the bonus “secret” tip at the end that will probably change your life #justsayin

You see back in my younger days (2.5 years ago) I used to be a Average Frustrated Dieter (AFD).

I brought my pieces of chicken and broccoli along with me in little tupperware boxes everywhere I went. I even carried a huge kitchen box of those cute little meals with me everywhere I went.

It would have been pretty sexy if tupperware purses were the rage back then.

Thankfully I kept learning, reading and applying different techniques.

Which then lead me to one my favourite things in the whole wide world…

Intermittent Fasting.

I’m not a “guru” type of dude or anything like that so take what I have to say with a grain of salt.

I’m just a collection of people I’ve learned from such as Martin Berkhan, Brad Pilon, Ori Holfmekler, Roman and many many more.

These tips have also been based off of the findings of what I’ve experienced as well as hundreds of others who have tried it in my fitness boot camp business.

I’ve been blessed with a great group willing to try out my wacky fitness projects.

I’ve had a first hand look at how beneficial Intermittent Fasting when done on a large scale and it’s really cool when the girls come up to me and say that using IF was the easiest way they have ever lost weight.

I also believe that you can and should take different philosophies and combine them together.

Not one style fits everyone.

Even Bruce Lee wasn’t confined to one style which eventually lead to the creation of his own brand of Jeet Kun Do.

I’m not comparing us to Bruce but like him we should choose not to be confined to any style.

Understand that IF does not work for everyone. There are no absolutes in life.  There are so many ways to be successful at this weight loss game and this is one of them.

The reason I choose Intermittent Fasting as my modus operandi is not only because of the benefits you get from doing it but also because…

This Stuff Works

I recently took a survey with my list of Ninja subscribers and what I discovered was that there were still some difficulties while following the IF principles.

So I came up with my top 17 Intermittent Fasting Tips to help you get the best out of your IF experience.  It will definitely help make things easier for those just starting out.

This blog post is for all the current and former AFD’s out there (BTW this term was totally stolen by “The Game by Neil Strauss”)

Ninjaman’s Top 17 Intermittent Fasting Tips

1. Drink lots of water.

I’d aim for about 3 to 4 litres for a guy and for a girl 1.5 to 2 litres.

2. Drink coffee and tea to keep your appetite at bay.

Caffeine is a natural appetite suppressant.  Just make sure you don’t drink about 10 hours towards your bed time.  It may be just me but I get too wired to have a good nights sleep when I drink coffee late in the day.

3. Keep yourself busy and do meaningful work.

I get my best work done while I don’t have food in my belly.  Sort like what the creator of Dilbert was talking about when her wrote this article.

4. Get your best most productive work done in the morning.

My best work is when I wake up early, do my morning ritual and tackle my first item on my to-do list.  You may not work from home but I’m pretty sure you’ll find that you can get half your days work done in the first couple of work hours.

5. Make it flexible for you.

Create your own schedule and have Intermittent Fasting work for you instead of the other way around.  This diet plan was made to create freedom.

Not inhibit it.

6. Give it a good go for at least 3 weeks.

This is the amount of time you can determine if IF is for you.

You didn’t “try” IF until you have given your body the time it needs to adapt and that usually takes anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks.

7. Play around with Intermittent Fasting.

That’s what she said.

No really, play around with the “timing” of your eating schedule. Some people work best with 12pm, 4pm, 8pm. Others work by a 2pm, 6pm, 10pm.

Some do Warrior Dieting where they have two meals a day. Test different things, see what works for you and go from there.

IMPORTANT: Do follow a structured program for at least 2 to 3 weeks such as the one we have here before going off and experimenting on your own.  You must follow structure first and then play around with IF to suit your needs.

8. Take BCAA’s.

Why?  Read THIS.

9. Best way to integrate Intermittent Fasting into your lifestyle is to slowly delay your breakfast.

Take an hour here. And hour there. Slowly delay it to gently work it into your life until you reach a time you can live with. For me it is around 2pm.

10. Don’t tell people you are fasting.

Even though IF is catching steam as an actual way of eating, there are still a lot of skeptics/uneducated people out there who have no idea about the Benefits of IF. Keep it to yourself especially when you are starting.

11. Drink water first thing in the morning.

Most of the time when we feel hungry in the morning it is usually because we haven’t had a sip of water for the past 8 hours.  A good weight loss habit to adopt is to drink at least half a litre of water upon waking.

12.  If you do 24 hour Alternate Day Fasts (ADF) keep it to only 2 per week.

Brad Pilon on every other day fasting:

“One of my stongest beleifs when it comes to nutrition is that any plan you are on must not only be effective, but it also needs to be flexible and easy for it to succeed long term, and with every other day fasting I definetly new I was on a diet.”

13. Workout with some heavy weights you.  Wimp.

From a pure vanity perspective there is no point of fasting if you don’t intend to workout with weights.  You need to build muscle to take advantage of all the benefits that come along with Intermittent Fasting.

14. Live it up.

Go crazy when you want. This is about freedom and lifestyle. Just know you have to make up for it calorically during the next day or two.

15. Get out of the house.

There is too much temptation.

I’m a bachelor so it’s a little easy for me than it is for the mom of 2 who has to feed her family.  But you can always get creative and do something active together while you are on a fast.

16. Get copious amounts of protein in each and every single meal.

More protein leads to greater appetite control and build da musclez.

Also, It is just in our nature to be carnivorous. Back in the caveman days we used to eat Mastodans and Sabretooth Tigers.

There was no such thing as a vegetarian caveman.

Bottom Line: Eat your meat kids.

Now for the most important tip of all. This is the part where I get all “cliche” and say the most important tip of all is to “Keep Reading This Blog”….but no really:

17. The secret to getting control of your eating habits and live the ultimate Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle is….

Do not use Intermittent Fasting as an excuse to eat CRAP.

A calorie is not a calorie.

100 calories of a mars bar is not the same as 100 calories of broccoli.

Get real with yourself and catch yourself in the moment when you find yourself cheating.  Eat whole foods, keep carbs to the post workout window, fill up with veggies and eat your meats.

Remember tip #6?  Do that with your food choices as well.

Bonus tip:

Your first meal sets the context for the rest of the meals of the day.

Make sure your first meal of the day is as healthy as possible because it will set the tone for the rest of the day. Following this one tip and it’ll make eating 10x easier for you.

Intermittent Fasting does not have to be complicated and I hope that these 17 tips helped you out on your journey.

If there is one thing I learned about IF it is this:  If you let it become a part of your life you’ll probably experience a freedom from having to think about food all the time.

I’m a guy so my brain can really only handle one thing at a time 😛

Talk soon my friend,

Ninja Dan

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  • Rob L says:

    Quick Q here Dan,

    I did the calculations for my on/off days and for IF, one thing that doesnt change is the amount of protein. I weight 150 lbs with 23% bodyfat….and everyday I have to try to wolf down 290 grams of protein in an eight hour eating windor… which is 3-4 meals total… Does this make sense? I only have 112 lbs lean muscle so Im trying to get rid of the belly fat while strength training 3 times a week…

    Do I need to eat 290 grams of protein a day?

    • NinjaMan NinjaMan says:

      You definitely do not need to eat 290 grams of protein a day. I’d stick with a gram per bodyweight. If you haven’t already I’d get Brad Pilon’s book “The Truth About Protein” and that should give you the definitive answer on how much protein you need.

      It’s really not as much as you think.

      • Rob L says:

        Hi Dan,

        I do agree with you that I dont need that much, but my friend has been doing lean gains for a while and this is the calculation he gave below… mind you Im trying to lose my stomach fat and work out 3 days a week and 3 days cardio…. Any clarifcation would be nice because I was literally stuffing myself within the 8 hour period!

        1158p | 369f | 1106c = 2,633 Calories
        290p | 41f | 277c = 607 Grams

        44p% | 14f% | 42c% | – Ratio in Calories

        OFF DAYS
        1158p | 264f | 264c = 1,685 Calories
        290p | 29f | 66c = 385 Grams

        69p% | 16f% | 16c% | – Ratio in Calories

      • NinjaMan NinjaMan says:

        Anywhere from .7 to 1 gram of protein per bodyweight should suffice.

        Read this:: How much protein do you need to build muscle?

  • @Rob L
    You could probably do with reducing your calorie intake on your training days. In order to promote fat loss you need to generate a calorie deficit. On your training days you are probably actually in a state of calorie surplus. My reasoning for this is I would be very surprised if you were burning nearly 1000 calories on you training days. Considering you are training for at least 3 days a week, that is 3 days of the week that you are in a surplus, which simply means there is no fat loss of these days. It is hard to recommend an eating plan without knowing things like you goal body weight/body fat % and a break down of the training you are completing. Hope this helps a little bit.

  • james says:

    This is where I believe things get confusing for the average person, especially the AFD!

    #16 you say to get copious amounts of protein because “More protein leads to greater appetite control and build da muscles.”

    But then reference ‘How Much Protein’ to suggest less is better.

    The way I look at it is that you want to eat lots of protein for the appetite control and fullness. If you’re getting 1-2 grams/kg BW then you’ll get the fullness and you’ll easily cover the amount necessary to build/keep your muscle.

    Not having a crack at you Dan, and I think #6 should be #1!

    • NinjaMan NinjaMan says:

      Thanks for the comment brotha. Just a guess but 290 grams of protein may have been a little too much for that lad. I didn’t really do these in order of importance but I agree that having lots of protein would be right up there at the top.

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