Your Biggest obstacle to leading a fitness lifestyle

Hey there…hope you are great!

I meant to talk to you earlier in the week but things are pretty pretty busy around here at Ninjaman headquarters.

Our main focus is to give you the best information out there to not only “look great naked” but also maintain an actual social life 😛

I’m a big believer that you can still have a social life, still be able to do the things you want to do and be with the people you want to be with….and still get LEAN.

Trust me…I’ve put myself through CRAZY things I would never do ever again in the hopes of dropping a couple of percentages of body fat.

Which kinda leads me to writing this little blog post.

The biggest obstacle to you getting back into your skinny jeans..isn’t what you think it is.

You see when I was first getting into the personal training business EVERYONE told me I was making the wrong decision. Friends, family, people I didn’t even know told me I was making a stupid decision.

I was leaving a safe corporate job…that I hated. But it gave me a steady income. I still hated it but it provided a living for me.

But I knew in my gut that my passion was in fitness and I needed to help people on a daily basis to feel fulfilled in life. I needed to help people do what I had done for myself in totally transforming my body.

Even though everyone…and I mean EVERYONE was telling me I was doing the wrong thing and leaving a good job…I knew in my gut that it wasn’t right for me. Just like how I knew my past overweight body was not right for me.

I needed to do something that I loved.  Something I could talk about for the next 20 years and still get excited about.

The only thing that drove me to succeed was a little mantra I would always say to myself.

Fast forward 7 years into the present and I currently operate the #1 Fitness boot camp in York Region that helps hundreds of women get back into their sexy confident selves again.

If I let everyone tell me what I could or couldn’t do…I wouldn’t live the life I’m living right now and I sure as heck wouldn’t be as happy as I am.

And that is your biggest obstacle.

Once you start to make changes or do things that signal to others that you are going to change…they will do whatever is possible to stop it.

It’s just something you gotta deal with.

It reminds of the crabs in bucket story: How you can put a crab in a bucket with a bunch of other crabs. Once a crab tries to escape that bucket the other crabs will just pull it down.

So they all end up getting eaten.

Just think about the last time you tried to stick to a diet or tried to hit the gym. Was there ever someone that came in with that donut and waved it around your face? Or tried to get you to not go to the gym to reach your goals?

That would be an example of a “Crab”.

And it’s really not their fault.  Almost everyone  is afraid of change. When one person starts to change or tries to make a change, they tend to get self conscious about themselves and bad feelings happen within them.

So just like crabs in a bucket…they will try to bring you down to make themselves feel better.  The sad thing about it is…some times if not MOST times…it comes from friends and family.  Those we love the most.

Now what I’m NOT saying is to get rid of friends and family because they are all crabs. We need friends and family.  But if you do notice someone that is like that…it would be best to stay away from them or spend less time with them if you want to be successful.

To be REAL SUCCESSFUL start putting yourself in the company of people who have the same goals as you and are as positive as you are.  Like attracts like and water seeks its own level.

You will have to deal with “Crabs” on your way to being in a body you truly deserve to be in.  It’s a fact of life.

Just like everything worth having you gotta persevere, drive through the hate and obstacles and move forward towards your ultimate goal.  Eventually the “Crabs” will either disappear or join along for the ride.

Oh and that mindset I was using the entire time people were telling me that what I was doing was stupid and I wouldn’t be successful…

“If someone has been successful at doing what I am attempting to do…then I can definitely do it. ”

It is a little on the “HOKEY” side of things…it’s true and it works.

Stay focused on what you want and remember that you will find obstacles in the way of other people.

Hope this blog post helped you out.  Leave a comment below and let me know what you thought of it!

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