June 14, 2024
Despite the growing acceptance and credibility of counselling in Singapore in today’s culture, some people may be curious about its benefits. If so, how will I benefit specifically? The answer isn’t black and white because everyone’s time in therapy is different ( such as age, number of sessions, and the nature of the problem addressed), but that doesn’t mean we can’t explore the fantastic range of options available. From my perspective, I have observed three positive outcomes from my time in therapy.

1. Therapeutic Attention, Tailored to Your Needs

When supporting the psychological counselling process in Singapore, I believe I can speak from experience. My experience with therapists is mixed. Those who take their profession seriously will invest in furnishing their offices with relaxing amenities like plush couches and pillows, a library’s worth of books, and tasteful ornamentation. The ones who work in dreary cubicles are probably not the most helpful. If you’re having trouble making progress in therapy, I recommend visiting several therapists until you find one with whom you click.

2. Provide Vital Information and Support

I was initially hesitant to open up to my counselling specialist in Singapore because I didn’t see how she could help me. I was so unstable and insecure that I feared she would judge me if I were completely sincere, so I was being strategic about what I said. As we worked through my issues, I found a sense of peace and calm that encouraged me to open up and feel safe when discussing my feelings. There was never any judgement or criticism from her when I sat in that red chair, and she was instrumental in my journey to overcome the stigma related to my mental illness. I owe my life to psychotherapy in Singapore. The struggle prompted me to seek advice from a college guidance counsellor for the first time. When I was a young bachelor trying to figure out how to be responsible without a spouse or an example, I sought professional help again. In therapy, I learned coping mechanisms for life’s challenges. Having a safe space where I can go to get advice, encouragement, and the occasional kick in the pants has helped me get through life’s ups and downs without becoming a burden on my loved ones.

3. Help You Learn to Tolerate and Cope with Negative Feelings

I’ve learned to recognise my feelings and accept them without questioning or judging myself as a result of depression counselling in Singapore—and I’ve also developed strategies for dealing with my symptoms as they arise. I’ve improved in that I’m more aware of the onset of anxiety and more interested in figuring out the root cause of my distress. There has been a shift in how I cope with anxiety. Anxiety is a normal part of the human experience, and instead of seeing it as a problem that needs to be fixed or eradicated, I now see it as something that can be coped with in ways that do not diminish my life. For quality psychotherapy sessions in Singapore, visit Redwood Psychology today!