April 24, 2024

Studies revealed that people with healthy teeth and gums can increase their life expectancy by seven more years. Surprising, isn’t it? Diseases and illnesses are more likely to occur if you have decayed teeth or gums. To put it simply, if you want to live longer, you must schedule routine appointments for dental care in Cedar Rapids.

Oral hygiene is very important for your overall health. Follow the below listed practice to improve your dental health.

  1. Brushing: Most people brush only once a day, however, experts suggest that we should clean our teeth after every meal. Even if it’s not possible, make sure to always brush your teeth before going to bed.
  2. Tongue cleaning: Disease causing bacteria can be present in large numbers on your tongue. So don’t ignore it. Use a tongue scraper to clean the tongue thoroughly after brushing.
  3. Toothpaste: Don’t just pick any toothpaste, make sure to use a dentist recommended fluoride toothpaste. It helps in delaying tooth decay caused by a lack of calcium.
  4. Floss: Most people skip floss becomes it seems difficult. Learn the right way with the help of a dentist and make sure to do it every single day to get rid of the tiny food particles that a toothbrush cannot remove.
  5. Dental check-up: Schedule dental care appointments at least twice a year. Don’t ignore the importance of routine checks. They are very beneficial with plaque build-ups and early detection of tooth decay.


Take good care of your teeth and gums, otherwise, you might end up spending even more on restorative treatments. Schedule an appointment at Horton Family Dental Clinic. They are recognized for top-rated dental care in Cedar Rapids.