April 23, 2024

There are many misconceptions surrounding a yoga course in Singapore. Although it can be a rewarding experience for others, some may feel confused with all the hearsays.

How can you even begin to figure out which course of study is best for you? In this article, you will be able to get a clarification on some of the most common misconceptions regarding yoga training courses.

1. You must have experience.

Preparing for teacher training doesn’t necessitate being an expert. People don’t know that taking a yoga instructor course in Singapore is also for newbies who recently gained interest. Many people enter their programme without prior teaching experience and pick up the skills they need.

2. You need a flexible body.

A common myth is that if you want to become a yoga teacher, you must be flexible and athletic. However, when you talk with a professional Chinese yoga teacher, they will tell you this isn’t always the case. Your training takes into account the fact that each person’s body is unique.

3. It’s all about poses.

Taking a yoga course in Singapore doesn’t only involve learning asanas or poses. You’ll gain significant clarity on your thoughts and inner self. You’ll also help yourself how to heal as well as other people.

4. You need to be full-time.

There are many reasons to enrol in yoga training courses, but it doesn’t mean you need a whole day for it. Part-time programmes allow you to fit yoga training into your current job schedule easily.

5. It’s expensive.

A yoga instructor course in Singapore often ranges from S$25 to S$380, lasting 12 months. There are also single classes and 4 or 6 sessions, depending on your budget. They base it on professionals and first-timers.

6. You need to be fit.

Yoga training courses are open to people of all shapes and sizes, not only those physically fit. Practising with a wide range of bodies is critical in teaching.

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