June 14, 2024

Physiotherapy is not only for sports injuries and operations. Open your favourite browser and search for a physiotherapy clinic near me if you have any of these conditions.

#1 Lymphedema

The lymphatic system collects excess fluids and circulates them into the body, producing swelling. Physical therapists use complete decongestive treatment (CDT), a technique that can relieve oedema and prevents future fluid accumulation.

#2 Pain in Your Back & Neck

Acute or chronic back and neck pain that appears out of nowhere can make it difficult to function normally. Physical therapy helps to relieve pain and increase mobility. Not receiving physiotherapy at a Singapore clinic can cost you your range of motion.

#3 A Limited Range of Motion

Swelling or discomfort in specific parts of your body can happen when you put too much stress on your body. It can be primarily due to the misuse of your body parts. Physical therapy can aid in bringing back the stifled range of motion. Receiving physiotherapy can also improve extension and flexion.

#4 Vertigo

Open up your favourite browser and type in a physiotherapist near me from someone that can help with your vertigo. Many people experience dizziness or lightheadedness regularly. It can lead to deadly falls. Vertigo can be addressed with physical therapy because it improves balance.

#5 Respiratory Issues

An osteopathy session at a CBD clinic can help detect and treat respiratory issues. Pulmonary rehabilitation programmes that include diaphragmatic breathing exercises strengthen the lungs to help treat many respiratory problems.

#6 Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is chronic motor impairments and unstoppable tremors. These impairments are due to neurological and progressive movement conditions. Professionals also suggest physical therapy and resistance strength exercises for treatment.

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