6 Tennis Elbow Treatment Aftercare Tips In Singapore


Lateral epicondylitis, most commonly known as tennis elbow, is a condition that occurs when the elbow tendons swell and tear due to overuse and constant pressure. A person with a tennis elbow experiences pain in the elbow and forearm, which may spread to the wrist and affect the hand grip. A tennis elbow treatment in Singapore can help cure this condition.

These are aftercare tips for tennis elbow treatment in Singapore:

  1. Take your medicine as instructed.

Expect to be in pain after the treatment, but typically, doctors will give you medicine to manage the pain. It is crucial to take them as instructed. In addition to pain medication, they may also give you some antibiotics to fight infection.

  1. Rest your arms.

Right after your surgery, your arms will be covered in a bandage. It will prevent your arm from moving and protect it from injuries. During this period, you can give your arm and elbow rest, which will help mitigate the pain. As mentioned, avoid activities involving your recovering arm. This tip is also applicable for golfers elbow treatment.

  1. Ice treatment.

Indeed, anti-inflammatory medication can help with the swelling, but you can also do an ice treatment. Ice can reduce the soreness of your arms. Do not put ice over the skin directly; otherwise, it will do more damage. Instead, wrap the ice in a cloth. You can also use this trick for your TMJ treatment in Singapore.

  1. Keep the incisions clean.

Never get your bandage wet, especially when doing the ice treatment. Always keep the incisions dry and clean. You can clean the skin surrounding the incision with a fresh gauze pad soaked in soapy water or saline solution. Dab the pad on the skin, not rub. Then apply a new and clean wound dressing or bandage.

  1. Keep an eye on infection.

Wounds can get infected. Among the signs of infection are warmth in the incision, pus or discharge, foul odour, slow healing of the wound, and fever. If you notice these signs, visit your doctor immediately.

  1. Rehabilitation.

Eventually, you will have to remove the bandage and splint off. By this time, your elbow is a lot more flexible than it was right after the surgery. You can attend rehabilitation sessions where you will get strengthening exercises. It will help restore your elbow’s strength and flexibility after the tennis elbow treatment in Singapore.

The last and greatest tip is always follow your doctor’s instructions!

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