May 27, 2024

The balinese massage is a perfect treatment that aims at homeostasis between body and mind. This  traditional message has originated in Bali, Indonesia. Bali is widely popular across the globe as a tourism destination. Its popularity rose to its peaks,  when a group of artists,  amazed by its charm, named the island as “ the island of Paradise”. This place is a perfect blend of Animist, Buddhist and Hindu traditions.  culture and architecture is strongly influenced from Asian countries. Likewise, the balinese massage itself is influenced by Chinese Indian and Thai practices.

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The balinese massage is a full body massage treatment that focuses on every part of the body right from scalp to foot. clients are required to lie down on a professional massage couch after which they are gently massaged by trained professionals using scented oils that best suit their preference and  type of the skin. Only the part of the body that is being massaged is exposed and the rest of the body is covered in a cloth, aiming to make the client comfortable. This technique comprises gentle and relaxing strokes as well as vigorous pressure point stimulations. 

The therapist starts treatment on the legs and then uses friction technique of massaging for the back and arms leading  slowly towards the scalp. In this technique a combination of gentle stretches, kneading, stroking, skin rolling. and pressure point stimulation is activated,  to stimulate the flow of energy and blood in lymphs.

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The balance massage focuses on creating a relaxing Calming and soothing atmosphere as the massage soothes both body and mind. Therapists  use vegetable oil that includes Jojoba Sesame, coconut, Thaitian monoi and  scented oils such as Rose oil and ylang ylang oil. Some oils essential for this type of massage are exclusively found in the island of Bali or in Indonesia only. The most preferred oil by balinese people is frangipani essential oil as it boosts the mood.

This traditional type of intonation massage from the island of Bali helps in reducing stress, stimulating blood flow, relieves strain in muscles, helps in body detoxification and softens the skin. Both men and women can receive this treatment. But the therapist is to be informed in advance of  the medical history involving any other comorbidities or injuries

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