June 14, 2024

Genetically, the AK-47 strain is now a tough and robust weed. It is much better when cultivated in indoor conditions. This is because it is more adapted to cooler conditions and is more resistant to rodents and disease. As a result of these factors, this is one of the better strains for beginners to marijuana growing. The fragrance of AK-47 is heavy and sour due to the combination of Thai, Mexican, Afghani, and Colombian varieties Buy White Ak47 Autoflower Seeds Online

Many people have now started buying seeds from different distributors and cultivate their own cannabis strains. Opposite to its intimidating tag, AK-47 is a soothing and soulful strain. The AK-47’s smell is heavy and sour due to the combination of Thai, Mexican, Afghani, and Colombian varieties. Patients like this strain because of its capacity to relieve discomfort and promote relaxation; thus, whether you suffer from anxiety, fatigue, depression, or pain, this is the strain for you! You can buy white AK-47 autoflower seeds online to start the cultivation of your first batch of cannabis.

The following are the tips and considerations you need to keep in mind while cultivating AK-47 marijuana strains.

1) Humidity

The most basic and important thing when you cultivate cannabis is maintaining the humidity level. The ideal humidity level should be maintained between 65 percent to 70 percent in the growing stage. The flowering season only requires 40 percent to 45percent humidity.

2) Avoid Bud Rot

The large and dense buds of the AK-47 strain are quite vulnerable to bud rot. The infection can spoil your whole plantation. Yellow plant leaves are one of the early signs of bud rot. Plant pruning or a warm environment are the measures you can take to avoid the infection.

3) High Phosphorus

The big buds of the plant necessitate a lot of feeding for them. Phosphorus is a very important nutrient that an AK-47 plant requires during the flowering stage. Maintain high phosphorus levels and keep an eye on bud growth to ensure you have enough time to properly flush your plants before harvest. Brownish or yellowish leaves, purple stems are some symptoms of phosphorus deficit.

The three factors mentioned above play a very crucial role throughout the life of an AK-47 cannabis plant. So, when you buy white AK-47 autoflower seeds online, make sure you follow the above tips.

One of the primary benefits of using autoflowering seeds is that it shortens the growth cycle, saving time and effort. This, along with the fact that autoflowering strains can be grown at any time of year, means that several harvests are possible per year. Though a little more costly, autoflowering seeds more than compensate their owner in terms of value, pace, and ease in cultivation.