April 24, 2024

While providing the first aid, it is important to call an emergency, and if conceivable, convey the casualty to a clinical association right away. Erste-Hilfe Kurs Führerschein gives all the necessary information first aider should know:

  • the fundamentals of giving emergency treatment to casualties;
  • a rundown of conditions wherein medical aid is given;
  • signs of infringement  of imperative frameworks of the body;
  • rules, strategies, procedures for giving medical aid to casualties comparable to the points of interest of a particular circumstance;
  • methods of moving casualties.

The emergency treatment supplier ought to have the following options according to Erste hilfe kurs münchen ost:

  • survey the state of the person in question, analyze the sort, highlights of the injury, decide the kind of medical aid, the succession of the relating measures;
  • perform circuitous heart knead and artificial breath;
  • quit draining by applying a tourniquet, pressure gauzes, and so forth;
  • apply gauzes, bandannas, transport tires for skeletal breaks, disengagements, serious wounds;
  • to give help with instances of electric shock, heat, sunstroke, intense harming;
  • utilize the current means while giving emergency treatment to the harmed, during the exchange, stacking, transportation of the harmed;
  • decide the need to empty the casualty by passing (unsatisfactory) transport;
  • utilize a medical aid pack.

A person providing assistance is advised to accomplish erste hilfe kurs munche to quickly and correctly assess the situation. It is necessary to assess the condition of the victim, diagnose the type and recognize the features of the injury; determine the type of necessary first aid, the sequence of measures for its provision.

It is of paramount importance to correctly implement the entire complex of emergency resuscitation care, taking into account the condition of the victim. The person should be aware of how to temporarily stop bleeding by applying a tourniquet, perform artificial respiration, and a closed heart massage.