Back Pain has been enlisted as the most common cause for the regular doctor’s visits apart from the common cold and flu worldwide. This is also the reason why many people above the age of the 60 have their regular visits but this does not mean people below the age of 60 do not suffer from such irritating pains. It is the type of pain that is very hard to ignore and allow it to sort itself out. One of the underlying causes of back pain is poor posture while sitting on non-ergonomic chairs, regular lifting of heavy objects and several others.

Therapies for Back Pain Relief

Fortunately, there are some remedies that we will be discussing here that can help you ease the misery.

1) Research has suggested that if the sleep patterns are abrupt and if the sleeping positions are not correct at all, this can be the primary reason for the back pain, apart from the fact whether or not you are getting a good night’s sleep as well. Try to lie on the side so that there is no much strain on the back. Also, try to sleep by placing a pillow in between the legs so that the spine remains in the neutral position during the sleeping hours. Try to sleep on a compressed mattress that is also comfortable at the same time.

2) Use a belt like the decompression belt by dr ho that you can tie to your waist for the lower back pain and do your daily chores. This will protect your back when you need to bend to pick up anything. Also, belts like this are useful when you want to improve the posture of your spine. These belts also keep upper body weight away from the lower part of the body, thus keeping the lower back stable and unaffected.

3) Massaging on the tense muscles on the back can be a valuable way to make the stiffened muscles free enough so that the backache is gone forever. Also, such gentle massages are capable of improving the function of the spine , lessen the use of painkillers for the ache and also reduces the number of days you may need to stay in bed due to the pain.

4) There are different oils that can be rubbed on the back to ease the pain by obstructing the sensations.For instance, capsaicin cream is helpful in reducing the sensations from the pain channels in the areas that have been affected. The other ingredients that can help in reducing the pain include ibuprofen, diclofenac, ketoprofen, and comfrey. Topical medications have been proven to be as effective as oral medications in preventing any type of back pain. Also, those who have applied lavender or other essential oils in areas of pain have also seen a substantial decrease in pain sensations.


Follow these completely natural methods and you can be guaranteed the fact that the back pain will be a “thing of the past”. However if the back pain still persists even after applying the natural remedies, you must not miss out on visiting a doctor as soon as possible.