June 14, 2024

Generally, any parts of baby teeth or permanent ones can be cracked as a result of various reasons. The severe kinds of visible cracks that usually accompany a lot of pain fall in the category of emergency problems that require quick treatments; otherwise, the following consequences may put your oral health at risk. Therefore, as a dentist at same-day emergency dentistry in Scarborough says, if you feel extensive pain when chewing food or having things with various temperatures, there’s a possibility you have some minor dental cracks that are nonemergency. It means you can wait a short time until your regular appointments and get them solved. This useful essay will reveal some clear symptoms that indicate your permanent teeth are cracked, and urgent appointments are necessary to eliminate the risk of further problems.

All Signs that Indicate You Break a Tooth

Believe it or not, you may have one or more fractured teeth without realizing them because some minor dental fractures don’t cause pain or bleeding. These kinds of issues are harmless and don’t require quick treatments, but you should remember that if you leave them untreated for a long time, the cracks can worsen and lead to urgent conditions. More extensive kinds of teeth fractures are usually accompanied by the following symptoms:

– Experiencing unbearable pain when biting food is the primary sign that indicates your tooth is broken.

– Swollen gums is another common symptom that may be seen when a permanent tooth is severely fractured.

– You may suddenly realize your teeth are sensitive, especially when you have food and beverages with various temperatures.

– Continued dental pain can be a common sign for numerous oral conditions, but those who have recently received a sharp hit to their face and head should make urgent dental visits to see if their continued pain results from their broken teeth.

Is It Possible to Avoid Broken Teeth?

However, there are numerous ways to fix dental cracks; it is the best idea to avoid the conditions that can lead to this problem:

– However, our teeth are considered the strongest parts of our body; they can easily break if you bite on a piece of hard or crunchy food.

– Knowledgeable and sophisticated general dentists commonly advise their patients to give up negative habits that can lead to severe oral conditions. One of these negative habits is teeth grinding which some people do at night unconsciously. Unfortunately, this adverse habit can increase the risk of dental breaks.

– Physical injuries that may occur during car accidents or while you are playing high-contact sports are considered the main underlying reason for dental fractures.

Diagnosing & Treatments

Fortunately, nowadays, all essential tools are available for those dental professionals who are experts at providing urgent dental services to diagnose the severity of your dental fractures as fast as possible. The invisible conditions can be easily diagnosed by taking x-rays or asking about your other symptoms. All trained and skilled urgent care providers initially try to pinpoint the primary source of your pain, using specific kinds of pain relievers, then they will think about all available options they have to fix the problems. The mild issues will be straightforwardly solved with dental bonding, while more severe conditions require root canal therapy before covering the injured parts using restorative methods.