June 14, 2024

A battle for child custody is one of the most stressful and upsetting things that can happen to a family. Who will parent your children? Does it seem like they’ll be visible to you? Having a history of alcohol misuse may lead to the loss of custody and visiting rights for a California parent. In most cases, California courts prefer shared custody, but if alcohol is a role, the court has unlimited power to act in the best interests of a kid.

The primary goal of family courts is to protect children’s rights. Regardless of whether the parents were married, divorced, or never married, the courts want to make sure that both parents are looking out for the best interests of their children. While the court takes into consideration each family’s unique circumstances, such as their work schedule and transportation needs, the court’s first priority will always be the best interests of the children.

Is your child at risk? If so, what should you do?

For your child’s safety to be safeguarded, you and your attorney must demonstrate that there is a danger to your child’s well-being. The court will intervene if there is a risk to the child’s welfare.

Disputes over child custody are not uncommon in the United States. Nevertheless, how can the judges in this state place their faith in parents who have alcoholism problems? When one parent struggles with alcoholism, it’s difficult for the other parent to build trust and cooperate.

Discover how cutting-edge technology may help you with your problem in this lesson.

If alcohol is a factor in your divorce or child custody dispute, speak with an Orange County family law attorney as soon as possible. A parent’s right to custody or visitation may be restricted if he or she is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction.

Soberlink – what is it?

In order to get custody or visitation, a parent may be required to submit to (and pay for) alcohol testing and/or monitoring. Soberlink, a cutting-edge alcohol monitoring device, is currently being used in certain California courts.

Using the Soberlink method ensures that a child’s time with a parent is spent with a sober parent. While there is no monitoring system that can be completely perfect, Soberlink does its best.

How does Soberlink function?

Because the courts could only monitor someone’s alcohol use via random tests, excessive drinking often remained unreported. Alcohol use during parenting time could not be detected without real-time testing.

To help with child visitation situations, Soberlink has developed the following functionality. The parent who is being observed sets up a testing schedule that coincides with his or her parental responsibilities. Breathalyzer testing, home alcohol monitoring and face recognition technologies must be agreed upon by the parent.

What are the advantages of using Soberlink?

Cellular gadgets from Soberlink verify each breath test subject’s identify. Monitoring of a person’s blood alcohol content is done using the cloud-based management system of Soberlink. A variety of testing options and notification preferences are available with Soberlink.

Achieving sobriety is almost always a challenge. Going through a divorce or a custody battle is just as stressful as going through a relationship breakup. In the event that alcohol is a factor in your child custody dispute, you should discuss Soberlink with your attorney. The use of Soberlink reviews may be the solution to a custody or visitation disagreement in many circumstances.