How To Communicate With Your Confinement Nanny Effectively In Singapore


When people hire a nanny in Singapore, they are usually stay-in nannies or nannies staying at your home. They become a part of the family. And in a family under one household, communication is crucial.

Unfortunately, communication between the employer and confinement nanny in Singapore is a struggle in many households. Besides the language barrier, the unfamiliarity with each other is also a hindrance to communication.

This article will discuss how to form effective communication between employers and nannies.


Miscommunication happens when both parties do not lay out expectations and boundaries on paper. What are the expectations?

Expectations are the things or services families expect from the confinement lady in Singapore. Will she cook? Do household chores? Take care of the baby? What is her scope of work?

Boundaries, on the other hand, are the things the nanny or the family cannot do. For example, if the contract states that nannies should have their weekends off, then the employer should not run an errand with their nanny on those days.

In case the lines blur between the expectations and boundaries, the nanny and employer can revisit the document that sets them.


There should be transparency and honesty between the nanny and the employer. Nannies must tell their employers if they are having difficulty with their tasks or if challenges arise.

On the other hand, employers must be transparent when it comes to the nanny’s salary, benefits, and compensation computation. Transparency and honesty are the core of a strong employer-employee relationship.


Employers must have a scheduled meeting with their nanny or confinement lady. It could be each night after the shift of the confinement lady recommendation or once a week.

At the meeting, the employer and employee can discuss the things that happened during the day or week. What were the challenges the nanny faced? During this time, the employer can suggest a resolution to overcome these challenges.


Besides a scheduled meeting, employers can also use daily logs. Daily logs are easy-to-fill-out forms that highlight the activities or tasks of the nanny.

For example, the feeding section has a tick box for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When the nanny is done feeding breakfast to the baby, they can tick the box corresponding to it.

The employer can review the daily logs after the day. It is also a good way to monitor the child’s health and activity without supervision.


It is also crucial to use multiple channels of communication. Besides the face-to-face meeting or discussion and daily log books, other communication channels, including voice and video calls, chats and SMS, and emails.

It is useful, especially during an emergency, for both parties can inform each other about their current situations and well-being. It is functional when the parents are away as well.

Communication is vital in family and professional relationships. So both employers and confinement nannies in Singapore must strive for open and honest communication.

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