May 27, 2024

Several ways are there in which to reduce lymphedema and one of the most common ways of reducing and controlling lymphedema is to use compression garments. One of the reasons why doctors suggest a compression garment is because it helps in limiting the fluid and it’s built-up. In the area where it is draining well, it helps the fluid to move in that area. Besides, the compression garment provides support and the muscles also help in pumping the fluid away rather than getting collected in one place. Compression garments are available with different levels of pressure. The fitting of the garment and wearing a compression garment mainly depends on factors like what is the amount of swelling that a person has and the affected parts. It is very important that you wear a correct fitting compression garment.

Right Size Compression Garment – 

The compression garments for lymphedema should be of the correct size and fitting. If the garment is ill-fit then it can have wrong effects like it can worsen the swelling or cause other kinds of problems. You can get a compression garment from a lymphedema specialist. You can go to other doctors also for treating or taking advice on lymphedema, but they will most probably suggest you the garments or treatment on the suggestions of a lymphedema specialist. Some types of compression garments that are available in the market are compression sleeves for arms, compression stockings for legs, compression garments for fingers and toes, then you also get a compression garment more of like a vest for the chest area and you get other types of compression garment for genital areas too.

Care & Precaution – 

A compression garment has to be worn with a lot of care and precaution. It is not like some other types of garments that you can wear and remove easily. In the early morning hours, the limb is in the smallest size, so that is the right time to wear a compression garment in the morning. But make sure that you don’t wear a compression garment and take bath, nor wear it immediately after a bath. If you try this then you may not be able to wear the compression garment. Plus, make sure that you don’t wear the compression garments by rolling them over or any other way, which can possibly restrict your blood circulation and cause more swelling.

Using a Rubber Glove – 

In order to help the lymphedema patients to wear the garments, there are several things that are available. You need to enquire with your doctor or lymphedema specialist to know the same. And, when you wear compression garments make sure to check that there are no folds in your garments and fits skin tight and straight. If there are any folds or it crushes then you can use a rubber glove to evenly make it spread tightly. Most of the patients use a rubber glove to wear a compression garment and also remove any kind of creases that has come on the garments. But this crease mostly comes if your compression garment is not of good fitting.

A cream will Not Help – 

Another important point to note is that many people feel that applying the cream before wearing a compression garment will help to easily get the compression garment fit on the skin evenly or tightly. But that is not the case. If you apply a cream then it can happen that the compression garment will not fit skintight and will be loose because of the moisture and this will not help the swelling. On the contrary, it can worsen your case of lymphedema. Plus, it is suggested that you should not put any talcum powder too. Apart from that, make sure that you get the right fitting compression garment.