May 27, 2024
detoxing from alcohol

As human beings, we are likely to surround ourselves with individuals who are like us in many ways. Many ask how we can keep up sobriety after detoxing from alcohol when we are around friends who are drinkers, too. As you choose to be sober, some of your friends might feel cagey or doubtful of your intentions or just think you are not exciting anymore.

Peer pressure encircling sobriety and alcohol consumption can be deep. Fortunately, staying sober around friends who drink alcohol is feasible. Read on these amazing tips to remain sober around drinkers.

1. Make new sober friends

You do not need to break friendships with your old friends only because you have quit the bad habit. But, if the mutual connection with these friends was alcohol, you might need to look closely at the perks of keeping those relations.

If you used to hang out only because of drinks, you might be comfortable choosing to make new sober pals.

2. Create solid restrictions

It all depends on you whether you want to create healthy restrictions with the people in your friend circle or not. You do not need to quit visiting cafes, or attending parties, only if you can pick non-alcoholic drinks and if you set up ground rules. Tell your pals beforehand that you have quit drinking, tell them what type of support you want, and make clear that you are dedicated to keeping up sobriety.

3. Make a list of reasons

At times, as your friends pressurize you to drink, it can be difficult to bear in mind why you are doing this. Thus, it’s best to prepare a list of reasons. You can keep that list in your wallet or make it on your mobile phone. The only person who knows why you strive to quit this bad habit is you. Do not let yourself be spoiled by a mate who does not know the complete story.

4. Be prepared

Some friends might support your choice, while others might think indifferently or react negatively. Being aware of certain possible reactions will help make sure that you are not ambushed and can deal with them. Also, glance at the 6 tips to stay sober for your first year in recovery.


Those were a few tips that you can try to stay sober around the drinkers. In case you want to learn more about how to maintain a sober lifestyle, contact the best sober coaching centers.