June 14, 2024

Fat burners are popular supplements that are available in the market. They help you in boosting your metabolism, reducing absorption of fat and helping in losing weight. Best healthy fat burner for women are wonder solutions that can help with weight issues. A fat burner and  natural foods that assist in fat burning can expedite your fat loss journey.

Listed here are some natural fat burning food supplements.



Caffeine is found in coffee, green tea and cocoa beans. It is something that makes marketing fat burners so marketable. There are promising reasons why. Caffeine improves metabolism. It also helps in burning fat.

According to research, caffeine can boost metabolism by nearly 15% in about two hours. There are other analysis also that indicate caffeine can help the fat burning process. What is interesting to know though is the impact is seen more in people with less weight compared to people who are on the heavier side.

Supplements in the market are not the oy source of caffeine. You could opt for natural supplements also. Having coffee a few times of the day can also help you immensely.

Green Tea

The extracts from green tea are quite potent. It can give you the benefits in a capsule form or in the shape of powder. It has caffeine and polyphenol gallate. These solvent help in better fat burning.

These solvents also complement each other to burn extra fat. This process is known as thermogenesis. The process helps in transforming the system into a mode where calorie burning is easy and it facilitates in generating heat.

In another research, caffeine and extracts of green tea were blended to see its effect on the fat burning process. In conclusion, they found that this combination expedited the fat burning process by nearly 60 calories more.

A combination of both is used in many fat burners. Or like it has been mentioned before, you can go for the most organic forms and get the same benefits out of them.

When it comes to green tea, taking at least 300mg to 500mg everyday can be beneficial.