April 23, 2024

For many people, putting off small dental issues is something they do all the time. However, if you notice any of the warning signs below, it is time to reconsider your decision.

The fact is that small dental issues can easily transform into bigger, more serious problems. To ensure this doesn’t happen, you should know the signs it’s time to contact a Happy Valley family dentistry team to schedule an appointment.

Bleeding After You Floss or Brush

If you notice blood in the sink or on your toothbrush after you brush, it’s a sign you may be developing gum disease. This occurs when the tissues that hold your teeth in place become infected. If the issue is left untreated, gum disease may lead to bone loss around your teeth, eventually causing tooth loss. Some other signs of an issue include discharge between the gums and teeth and tender, swollen, or red gums.

Receding Gums

In some situations, gum recession is a normal part of getting older. In fact, 88% of people who are over the age of 65 experience some level of recession around at least one tooth. However, recession may also be an indication of gum disease. No matter the cause, retreating gums may expose the sensitive roots of the teeth and increase the risk of tooth loss, pain, infection, and decay. If the problem is caught early enough, treatment can stop or even reverse the process.

Dry Mouth

When your mouth is healthy, it’s well-lubricated by saliva. This helps to wash away food particles while neutralizing the acids produced by plaque. If your mouth feels overly dry, it may be a sign you are sick.

If you notice any of the issues above, you should schedule an appointment with a dentist right away. They can provide a full evaluation and help you restore your oral health.