April 23, 2024

What is the average size of the penis? Up to what age does it grow? What is considered a micropenis? In which cases can size be a problem? Two specialists in sexology answer these and other questions.

The size of the penis is related to the pleasure in the sexual act, since it is thought that the larger, the greater the satisfaction. But is it really so?

The Experts and their Opinions

A psychologist and sexologist, and an andrologist psychologist, participated in a discussion. They both answer what the average penis size is. Also, what is considered a micropenis and when it can represent a problem not only in satisfaction during sexual intercourse but also when trying to conceive.

Although for some women and men size does matter. Both specialists agree that the size of the penis has nothing to do with the ability to give pleasure because the man may have a large penis and, for example, have erection problems or could cause more pain than pleasure during sexual intercourse. The use of the τιταν τζελ works perfectly there.

The eternal debate about the importance of penis size is endless. For generations there have always been discrepancies and as a general rule, men who have a longer virile member are given greater prominence. The Internet notes that this topic continues to be a special concern for many men, as one of the most common searches on the web is: Is my penis normal?

Knowing whether or not the proportions of your penis are normal haunts many men. The data does not lie. The penis is the most searched human organ on Google. But beyond the curiosity that it may arouse, the type of doubts it provokes is striking. The majority of inquiries, exactly 60%, are from men and are related to size .

Popular opinion

  • Leaving aside the jokes that the subject may provoke, the concern for the virile member can become a disorder, specifically, body dysmorphic disorder: an obsessive concern about the size of the penis that generates a lot of anguish and complexes that require help of professionals. The Platanomelón.com platform wanted to carry out a survey at street level to find out the opinion of several young people and thus shed light on the debate on this issue.

Big or small?

Spain is the third country in the world in which more penis enlargement interventions are performed .  Even so, the majority of respondents assure that everything “depends on the people, it is an individual preference.” In the case of women, if they are the ones who carry out the search, it is usually due to “discomfort” during sexual intercourse.

Size or movement?

In addition to corroborating that the importance of size is increasingly a myth, the survey highlights another question that may end up demystifying the issue: size or movement? Respondents agree that they prefer someone who knows how to move well, to the detriment of size. The emphatic statement of one of the respondents makes it clear: “I do not believe at all that the size of the penis is decisive for a pleasant sexual relationship.”