April 23, 2024

If you’re battling an addiction, going to treatment might be terrifying. You could be anxious about how your family and friends will react, how much money it will cost, and the recuperation duration. There is no one-size-fits-all treatment plan for addiction. Your therapy and recovery from dependency will vary from that of others; it’s important to recognize this fact. There are many basic therapeutic options that you may choose from based on your specific requirements. Rehab programs often last the following amounts of time:

  • 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day rehab programs.
  • Long-term programs such as sober living homes.

Consider your long-term goals while choosing a therapy program. This will help you make an informed decision. Most addicts require at least 3 months of therapy to become clean and develop a long-term recovery plan. Research shows that longer treatment sessions provide the most significant benefits. Initially, long-term treatment programs may look intimidating, but they may really be the most beneficial.

There are benefits to each program kind, and it is vital to consider them all.

A Thirty-Day Program’s Benefits

An excellent place to start counseling is with a 30-day program. A more extended program might help you determine whether or not you should participate if you don’t know the time it will take you to recover. In addition to addressing any physical symptoms of withdrawal you may be experiencing, this program will help you establish a plan for preventing a relapse.

It’s also a time to figure out a course of action for therapy and follow-up care. A 30-day program is simple to commit to since it is the least period recommended for therapy. It’s common for insurance companies to fund this kind of therapy since it’s often less expensive than other options.

A Sixty-Day Program’s Benefits

With a 60-day program, you’ll have additional time and assistance while in treatment. Addiction treatment includes both detoxifying from the substance of abuse and counseling sessions to address any underlying familial, behavioral, or environmental issues that led to your addiction.

More time to detox from alcohol or drugs and actively practicing long-term recovery-enhancing healthy habits are two key benefits of a 60-day program. You may be able to pay in small monthly payments even if your insurance doesn’t cover the complete 60-day program.

A Ninety-Day Program’s Benefits

At first glance, a 90-day program may seem intimidating. The more time you spend in therapy and getting help, the greater your chances of staying clean are. These programs are the best of the three in terms of success rates.

Aside from your initial intake and examination, you’ll also go through a detoxification process, counseling and self-help groups, and creating an aftercare strategy. This strategy is advantageous since it helps you to adjust to a drug-free lifestyle over a longer length of time. In the future, you’ll be better equipped to resist temptation and notice any potential triggers. Serious or long-term addicts can benefit from this approach.

Taylor Recovery Offers a Wide Range of Therapeutic Interventions

As part of a continuum of therapy that starts with medically supervised detoxification, Taylor Recovery Center in Houston, Texas, provides dual diagnosis inpatient alcohol and drug treatment. Families may also benefit from our 12-step programs, which aim to help patients recover from years of alcohol dependency by strengthening their bonds and bringing them closer. If you’d want to discover more about Taylor Recovery Center’sprograms length and rehabilitation services, please contact our admittance team today.