April 24, 2024

With time, people understand the significance of skincare. When discussing skincare, what can be better than a body lotion? Statistics reveal an increase in the sale of body lotion by around 93%. However, wait! When you’re spending on buying skincare products, like a body lotion, apply it properly, & not only for applying it. Yes, it’s true. Several people don’t know how to use body lotion properly. And yes, you may feel insulted, but you can also be one of them. However, why worry? One can be a pro at everything if they have internet access and a willingness to learn.

Tips to use body lotion

1. Time matters

Some people, especially ladies, are so busy with their work that they don’t have time for skincare. So, what do they do? They finish off all their chores and then apply the lotion. Sorry, beautiful ladies. However, this won’t benefit your skin. Apply after bathing. It is because, after bathing, your face is wet. Thus, applying the lotion after bathing absorbs moisture, and your skin retains its glow throughout the day.

2. Start light

Some ladies take enough lotion in their hands, rub it, and put on excess lotion. The prime role of a body lotion is to help keep your skin smooth for a long. So, delete this misconception from your mind that if you apply more lotion, your skin will glow more. No! On the contrary, excess lotion will make your skin look oily. So, take a little and add more if necessary.
3. Warm it up

First of all, stop taking out the lotion onto your hands. Take it on your palm and rub it well before you apply. It helps spread the lotion. This step ensures equal application of the lotion on the skin.
4. Learn the technique

As stated, just applying the lotion won’t help. Master the art of applying body lotion to get effective results. Massage gently, and pull it upwards. A gentle massage after applying the lotion also soothes the skin. And yes, when applying the lotion, your primary focus should be smoothing the dry skin.

5. Apply on neglected areas

It’s good that you apply the lotion on your face. However, why do you ignore your elbow, foot, hands, heels, and knees? Aren’t these areas counted as your body parts? So, after reading this article, start applying it to these areas. And yes, apply the lotion on these areas at night in your bed. Once you’ve applied the lotion, wear gloves and socks to ensure proper skincare.

6. Don’t overlook the season

A single formula may not work uniformly in all the seasons. So, consider the season. Skincare experts suggest using lighter formulas during summers & richer solutions during winters because the moisture-absorbent abilities differ during the summers and winters.

7. Sun protection

Whether summer or winter, no one wants the UV rays to harm the skin. As a result, people apply sunscreen throughout the year. So, why not opt for a lotion which will also perform as a sunscreen? It will be a budget-friendly solution. In short, opt for a lotion that has SPF in it.


The article suggests daytime after bath as perfect for applying body lotion. Applicants must not put enough lotion at once as it makes skin oily. Instead, they should put a little and may add more if it is less. Instead of taking the lotion in hand, they must take it in their palm, applying it evenly and massaging the area for a soothing effect. One should not debate the difference between body lotion vs body cream but understand their merits. One should also apply the lotion on the elbow, foot, hands, and knees. Use light solutions in summer and richer solutions in winter, and look for SPF.