May 27, 2024


How to tighten sagging skin on the face is something that many people wanted to know. Besides expensive creams that many claims will help tight your face, face exercises are maybe more effective. But none of these options can restore collagen in your skin, which is the main skin component that keeps it tight and elastic.

The cosmetic industry can offer some amazing solutions that can last for months, and you can, of course, have more treatments when this period passes. Non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments are climbing on the top of the list, so let’s see what type of treatments you can consider.

Non-invasive treatment

The well-known non-invasive procedure is the ulthera facelift procedure. This treatment is based on the powerful ultrasound waves that are penetrated deep into the skin. During the treatment and after it, these waves will stimulate collagen production, which can last for months. This means that your skin will only look better and tighter until one point when collagen production will stop, but results will remain some time.

Lifting effects for a younger-looking face

This procedure is much more affordable than the classical facelift, and there is no cutting or downtime after it. If you are thinking about undergoing this treatment the ultherapy Melbourne cost from Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne is quite affordable and with amazing results.

Minimally-invasive treatment

For those who would like to achieve results fast, and to have longer-lasting results, the thread lift procedure is a great option. This procedure includes little cuts in the lower face part, where the temporary sutures will be inserted via a small needle. Your skin will be stitched up and pulled back slightly, which will give your face a tightening effect.

These threads will not only lift your skin, but they will also stimulate collagen production. This is achieved by the body’s healing response, where the large amounts of collagen will be produced in the treated areas. Your results will be visible right after the treatment, but the best results will appear after six weeks.

Injectable treatment

Your whole face can be affected by the excess fat tissue that is located under your chin. This fat tissue usually gives the face tired look, and it is very hard to remove. Diet and exercise can help at some point, but this fat is subcutaneous and it is very stubborn.

Remove your double chin with a non-invasive procedure

Kybella injections are the best option for excess fat under the chin. The procedure is done in the specialized clinics and the effective double chin removal Melbourne according to Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne can achieve your results after one treatment. In some cases, additional treatment may be necessary, but that is very rare.

With the specific acid that these injections contain, your fat tissue will be resolved and absorbed by your body.

Final word

Depending on your preparedness for the recovery period and financial opportunity, you can choose surgical, non-surgical or minimally surgical procedures. As the procedure is more serious the recovery period is longer.